Microsoft's Xbox revenue up 27% in FY15 Q4, with 1.4 million consoles sold

Microsoft's Xbox division apparently had a solid period during the fourth quarter of its 2015 fiscal year. The company said that revenue from the division was up 27% compared to the same quarter in 2014. It also stated that it sold 1.4 million Xbox consoles worldwide during the quarter, which is up from 1.1 million consoles compared to the year before. As usual, Microsoft did not break down which of the consoles that were sold were of the Xbox One, and which ones were from the Xbox 360.

Microsoft said that the revenue growth was"based on strong growth in consoles, Xbox Live transactions and first party games." Platform revenue went up $86 million, or 10%, which Microsoft said was "driven by higher volumes of consoles sold, offset in part by lower prices of Xbox Ones sold."

Xbox Live transactions revenue went up by $205 million, or 58%, which Microsoft said was due to "increased users and revenue per user." Revenues from the company's first-party games went up by $63 million or 62%, which was due in part to sales of Minecraft across a number of platforms.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham