Minecraft Bedrock Edition will get capes with the new Character Creator, and much more

At Minecon 2019, Microsoft and Mojang detailed the upcoming Character Creator for Minecraft's Bedrock Editions of the game.

The Character Creator is a new tool for building your very own skins in Minecraft. The skins will function across all Bedrock versions of the game, namely Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, iOS, Android, VR, and Nintendo Switch. They include more advanced features, such as animated clothing and accessories, 3D facial features, and hair and beards with physics, rather than being a static painted skin.

Mojang also announced that equippable Capes will arrive for the Bedrock Edition for the first time, along with the Character Creator, which prompted such an explosive response that it crashed Discord's servers.

The Character Creator tool will feature over 100 free items, but will feature some premium-tier cosmetics which seem to be available from roughly $1 in beta. Some cosmetics will be available only as part of in-game challenges. For example, they will award players with long play-times with a special long beard to show off their dedication to the game. Players will be able to set up five unique characters, and use them across all Bedrock versions of the game.

There's no word as to when it will be available, but it's currently available in testing for Xbox Insiders on the Minecraft Windows 10 / Xbox betas.

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