Minecraft-clone Survivalcraft now available in the Marketplace

Survivalcraft in the Marketplace

Into Minecraft? Of course you are. That also means you're an addict! Admit it, you builder block junkie. Well, the bad news is there is no official Minecraft game for Windows Phone (though we could envision that happening someday), the good news is there is an unofficial clone now available.

Survivalcraft, which we mentioned a few days ago,  is now available for a modest $1.99 with a free trial. From the app description:

"You are marooned on the shores of an infinite blocky world. Explore, mine resources, craft tools. Build a shelter to survive nights. Possibilities are infinite in this sandbox survival and construction game.This is the first release of Survivalcraft, and many more features are planned for later updates. With each new update the price will go up a bit. Purchase now while it is cheap and get all the updates for free!"

Sounds like a cool way to kill some time on our phone, so we're gonna give this a try. Hit us up in comments, especially if you're a Minecraft player, and let us know if the game is yay or nay. Grab Survivalcraft here in the Marketplace.

Thanks, Peter S., for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Already noticed a 'bug,' sand doesn't fall. :P
    This game is great, I'm glad SOMEONE decided to make a Minecraft clone for Windows Phone, and I hope it improves over time, just as Minecraft has.
    <strong>Note: The trial goes for a whole 2-3 minutes. That sucks!</strong>
  • its a great game. i play minecraft aswell, and survival craft is a perfect clone :D love my windows phone a little bit more since that release ^^
  • sweet as!!
    Loving this, but why oh why is this game so adictive! 
    But at the same time... why the hell cant i make a pick axe? O.o
  • Just purchased, going to give it a go right now :)
  • Control scheme is awful and the UI really needs work. If it was ad-supported I'd say it would be passable, but I'm not shelling out $2.50 for a game that clearly steals the Minecraft textures while butchering anything which wasn't directly ripped from the original game.
    Also, the game looks terrible. Minecraft for Android looks much, much better. Won't be a purchase until the developer does a complete overhaul of both the UI and graphics.
  • If you go into the settings you can up the resolution and it looks better, but on "full" it runs a bit slot on my mozart, not sure on newer faster phones though.
    The UI for me isnt too bad, it could have been ALOT worse, and i cant really see how it could be massivley better to be honest...
    Ad support would take up far too much space on the screen and make it unplayable.
  • My love for Minecraft made me cave in within an hour.
    I think it's a pretty bad layout and design, I'll probably post a mock-up of something better for the forum.
  • Wow, the trial period is quite short.  Can someone tell me if this is true survival mode, i.e., do creatures come out at night?
  • Skipping. I don't support people profiting off of clones. Make something original or atleast expand upon Minecraft.
  • I get what you mean, the way to think about it though is that WP7 doesn't have Minecraft, and I dont honestly know if it'll happen ever (but who knows), this is as close as we can get currently and it is certainly better than being without anything. Does it live up to Minecraft's name? Not exactly, but its the only clone we have, use it as a place holder for if and when we get the real deal :)
  • Finding this alright for a clone. Can't see the official app coming any time soon so can't see the problem other folk filling in the gaps. No different to other 3rd party apps (BBC app). On a side note, a list of crafting items be great. Like how to create a simply pickaxe!
  • Anybody know how to make an additional light source in this game?  Deep in caves it is hard to see!  I can't find any coal (not sure where to look, I've never played Minecraft, just an FYI :)).