Minecraft showcase: Check out Hogwarts from Harry Potter in this awesome map

Minecraft Showcase Hogwarts
Minecraft Showcase Hogwarts (Image credit: Floo Network)

We here at Windows Central love Minecraft and the many beautiful things you can do inside of it. If you're looking for a faithful recreation of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I can promise my result will look closer to Hagrid's hut. The incredibly talented team over at Floo Network, however, have accomplished actual magic: they built Hogwarts in Minecraft, and now it's a playable map you can go check out.

I love seeing people pull off cool things like this.

Floo Network appears to be a small group of passionate Minecraft players that have been hard at work, bringing Harry Potter to Minecraft in all its glory. While Hogwarts is the headlining feature of this fantastic map, other famous Harry Potter locations like Privet Drive, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and more are all here in Minecraft. Floo Network also says the plan features quests, adventures, puzzles, and a whole host of secrets to discover (which is to be expected of our very fickle friend, Hogwarts.)

Based on the map's gameplay trailer featured above, and their more extensive walkthrough video that they showed in August 2019, the map is filled with absurd levels of detail that should delight any Harry Potter fan. Even better, it's built on a vanilla map and is a full-scale RPG adventure that people can jump into. It's fascinating to see what people can do in Minecraft, and every day someone else raises the bar.

Minecraft Showcase Hogwarts

Source: Floo Network (Image credit: Source: Floo Network)

If you're interested, Floo Network has more good news for you: the first playable Alpha is available right now for you to try out. Even better, it's completely free if you want it to be. Floo Network lets you pay what you want, meaning you can take it for a spin and then donate to support Floo Network in making this map bigger and grander in the future. You can grab it from Gumroad right here.

Seeing projects like this does show how flexible and versatile Minecraft continues to be a decade after its initial introduction. With more powerful tools, including command blocks, teams like Floo Network can go above and beyond with their creations, leading to adventures that feel larger than the games themselves. On top of that, it's also awesome to see what people more creative and talented can accomplish without needing a massive budget behind them. Sometimes, people are amazing.

Are you impressed by this rendition of Hogwarts in Minecraft? Excited to go and give it a whirl? Let us know in the comments below.

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