The folks at Mojang have taken the wraps off of the next big update to Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Editions, titled the Discovery Update. That name is no coincidence either; there's a strong emphasis on exploration in what's been revealed about the update so far.

Minecraft's Discovery Update will bring loads of new stuff to Pocket, Windows 10 Editions

If doing a little Indiana Jones-style roleplay is up your alley, the Discovery Update will have a new woodland mansion to explore where you can hunt down treasure. The update will also pack some new enchantments, including Frostwalking and Mending, which let you walk on water and keep your weapons sharp, respectively. Oh, and the highlight? There are llamas. Yes, llamas.

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Here's a closers look at some of what's coming in the Discovery Update:

  • Adventure in Woodland Mansions: Trade with the new Cartographer villager to get treasure maps, follow the map, and journey to the woodland mansion. Battle Illagers – the villagers gone bad – to claim fantastic treasure.
  • Exploration: Beef up your storage with Shulker Boxes, Encounter Llamas (!!!) (OMG) (SERIOUSLY OMG) in the wild and make llama trains, Dyeable Beds, Smelt ingots to reclaim materials from tools, build colorful structures with Glazed Terracotta or Concrete blocks, and enchant your equipment with Frostwalking or Mending.
  • Add-Ons: Movement will become data-driven, meaning you'll be able to create remixed movement properties in your Add-Ons.
  • And adding a third gameplay mode, Adventure Mode, for folks who like to make custom games and scenarios.

The Discovery Update will pack version number 1.1, which is the first big update since The End update landed in December. There's no word yet on when 1.1 will land, but it's already in testing for Android players in the beta. Mojang says it'll have more to show off concerning the Discovery Update as we draw closer to release.

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