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Fitness and staying in shape always have the same problem for people looking to get started in living a healthier life: where to start. In some ways, it's a good problem to have because choices give you levels of commitment. For instance, do you want a big rubber wearable that tells the world "hey, I exercise!" or do you want something subtle that also looks nice with a flair of creativity?

Misfit tries to solve one of these problems through their Shine 2, Link, and Flash activity trackers. By hitting lower price points (below $100 and even as low as $20) Misfit has also opened the fitness gates to people on a budget, who do not want to commit financially to a new genre of technology.

Misfit recently released two new apps for Windows 10 and Mobile: Misfit and Misfit Link and they are our focus today in our first Gems series.

Get fit with Misfit


Admittedly, Misfit's hardware offerings are a bit tough to differentiate from each other when you exclude price. In a nutshell, Misfit's trackers are flat circular pods that can be worn on the wrist, clipped to your shirt or shoe, or worn around the neck as a pendant.

Here is the breakdown of the different Misfit products sold today:

  • Shine 2 - Following up on the Misfit Shine is the Shine 2 addresses a few concerns of the first generation with a new design meant to keep the tracker from popping out. Shine 2 is also more accurate than Shine 1 due to the inclusion of a built-in 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis magnetometer. The LEDs are also multi-color, and the Shine 2 is even thinner than the original. Shine 2 is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum for a premium experience.
  • Flash - Flash is essentially the same as the Shine 2 regarding functionality, but the materials used is medical-grade rubber and plastic. Instead of multi-color LEDs, you get a single Red. Because of the materials, however, you get more color options for the tracker and band itself with bold yellow, red, blues, cyan, black, and pink.
  • Link - Similar to Flash Misfit Link is a both an activity tracker and "smart button" that utilizes the new Misfit Link app. With the button, you can do multiple functions like control your music, external devices, snap selfies, or even flip through a PowerPoint presentation. What makes the Misfit Link so appealing is its $20 price tag making it the most affordable wearable to date on the market.

All of the Misfit trackers share the same design language including no actual display. Instead, you tell time and activity tracking via twelve LED dots like a clock face. While telling time is possible it is not quite as glance-and-go as a standard watch. You can double-tap the Shine 2, for instance, and it will blink the dot for the hour followed by the minute one.

The LEDs are subtle and extremely minimalist, but I'd be lying if I said they didn't look kind of cool. This experience is particularly the case with the Shine 2, which has multiple color LEDs that elegantly "dance" in the display area.

No wires, not scared of getting wet

Perhaps the biggest selling points I can think of when it comes to the Misfit trackers come down to two areas:

  • No charging – Forget about plugging in your Misfit once a day, once a week, or even once a month. These devices take a standard watch battery and last up to six months. This is truly a set it, and forget it wearable.
  • Water resistant – Because of the closed nature of the Shine 2, Flash, and Link these devices are water resistant up to 50 meters. Wear it in the shower or the pool.

No charging and being able to wear it in the shower are two serious differentiators for many users and is worth highlighting. These abilities make Misfit's trackers very hands-off for any maintenance. You just put them on and do your thing. In a world of smart everything it is a nice breather not to have to worry about daily maintenance tasks for another device.

Light and elegant

People who follow me on Twitter likely know that I exercise regularly and try to stay active. I use many different fitness trackers and what I can say about the Misfit series is they are comfortable and more reasonable to wear.

The Misfit Shine 2 just becomes part of your wrist thanks to its extremely light weight and low profile.

I did not think I'd appreciate just how non-intrusive the Shine 2 was until I wore it for a few weeks. Compare against a Fitbit or Microsoft Band 2 and the Shine 2 becomes a part of your wrist. It is extremely light and has a very low profile. For many people those are important attributes. They want to track steps, but not look silly.

Spice it up with a new band

Finally, one last note about the hardware is while the Shine 2 comes with a medical-grade rubberized strap it is perhaps not the most elegant design. It gets the job done and is sticks with the minimalist aesthetics, but you may want something more.

Luckily, there is a vast assortment of third-party replacement bands on the market. Since the actual tracker is a flat disk, you can just pop it out and toss it into another wristband, pendant or more.

I picked up a PUGO TOP Milanese Loop strap for $30 that not only adds a higher-quality material (thin, metal loops) but also adds a beautiful bezel with Roman numerals to aid with the LED clock. Frankly, I love this setup.

See at Amazon (opens in new tab)

You can find all sorts of different accessories, neck pendants, and more giving you a lot of flexibility for design and looks.

New Apps

Misfit recently released native Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile apps for all of their trackers bringing significant upgrades in performance and their new 2.0 app design to Microsoft devices.

The apps run quite well with Live Tile support giving users updates on their current step progress.

Due to the nature of Bluetooth pairing users will have to choose one device actually to do the syncing. However, you can run multiple instances of the apps on various devices to see details about your activity for the day.

The main Misfit app is broken down into four areas: Activity, Sleep, Dashboard, Devices.

The Activity area presents a graphic layout of your activity including "points" you have earned while trying to achieve your daily goal e.g. 7,000 steps. You can also see your estimated calories based on your steps and physical attributes like height, weight, and age. Besides steps, you can see your activity in miles traversed as well and jump back to previous days to compare. Day, week, and month view are also possible to get a bird's eye look at your overall activity level.

Sleep is uniquely calculated by assuming you sleep between the hours of 7 PM and 5 AM. Now, assuming you sleep beyond 5 AM the device will keep measuring until it detects a set amount of activity to pop it out of that stage.

Once again, what makes Misfit's trackers different is there is no mode setting. It counts steps, activity, and sleep without the user doing anything. The tradeoff, of course, is that accuracy may be off for some things, and you cannot record specific activity like weight lifting.

However, that is the point too as Misfit is aiming these devices a people who are looking for "light" activity tracking i.e. a cost effective, low barrier pedometer that also looks beautiful when you wear it. Additionally, since you can clip the tracker anywhere, bicycle riders can put it on their foot for more accurate data than when on their wrist.

The Dashboard area of the app presents data like Best Day, Goals Met, Best Streak, Average Sleep, Total Distance (with clever statistics like "3.1% of the California Coastline" or the moon's circumference to add context).

Finally, under Devices, you can manually sync the tracker and configure various settings like enabling clock, the order of the display (e.g. clock, then progress, or progress then clock), and the position you will wear the device (wrist, collar, foot, pocket, or freehand).

Overall, I found the Misfit software to be quite good, and it was even easy to pair with my Lumia or PC.

Unfortunately, there seem to be some limitations in this initial release of the software. Specifically, social features are missing as is support for notifications and alarms. I attribute some of these restrictions to new software but also some current Bluetooth limitation with Windows 10 that will be addressed in a future update. Otherwise, the app is very similar as the one found on Android and the iPhone.

Joining the ranks of Misfit's wearables is also a new app called Misfit Link. Link is best thought of as a companion app. You don't need to have it, but it does add some unique functionality to your wearable.

While it works better with the Link hardware (due to it being a plastic button), you can add a third tap option to your Shine or Shine 2. Some of the services include If This Then That (IFTT), Ring my phone, music controls, snap a selfie (initiate shutter), or Presso clicker.

Misfit Link

Most of the features work quite well e.g. music controls. You can set it so when you triple tap the Shine 2 it will pause/play your music, or skip to the next track. Even the remote shutter function works quite well. I could not get the ring back feature to work.

The triple-tap is a bit odd of a gesture to do, but it works. On the actual Misfit Link hardware, it all works a bit better as that device is a button that has three different clicks (one, two, and three) and a long press to customize various tasks and giving you more options.

Still, it's neat to see Misfit add even more features to their trackers although I think the main Misfit app could likely handle some of this if you are using just a Shine or Shine 2.

Should you get one?

I have to admit that I am always pleasantly surprised using the Misfit trackers. While I tend to use more robust wearables with far more features, there is something elegant about a Misfit Shine 2 and its simplicity. You get steps and sleep tracking along with some interesting data all without dropping a lot of cash. Plus, you get a device that is truly worry-free with no charging and the ability to wear when swimming.

I think for people looking for something basic, but also that looks nice – especially with those third-party bands – the Misfit Shine 2, Link, or Flash are all worthy choices. The apps sync well with Windows 10 on PC (with Bluetooth) and Windows 10 Mobile. While the apps are currently missing a few features, all the main ones are there including the new Link app for extra functionality.

Overall, Misfit provides unique and high-quality trackers to the market, and they are ideal for casual users or those on a tight budget.

Note: Due to deadlines, we were unable to test and try the new $99 Misfit Ray (opens in new tab), although we plan to follow up with that device later on.

Day 1 Sweepstakes:Misfit Ray or Shine 2!

Misfit Ray

How to Enter: Log into Windows Central and leave a comment on this post. Tell us how a Misfit Ray or Shine 2 would help you with your fitness goals! At the end of your comment you must also indicate you are posting as an entry into the sweepstakes, or use #sweepstakes.

Full rules and regulations can be found here, but please note that due to sponsor restrictions, the sweepstakes is only open to Windows Central readers in the US and Canada.

The sweepstakes is open until July 15th, and winners will be announced on the blog shortly after the close date.

The Prize: Five super lucky Windows Central readers will take home their choice of Misfit Ray or Shine 2!

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  • Misfits like an perfect product ! I will use it with my "lumia 1520" . It would help me to take morning exercise daily ... #sweepstakes
  • I swim a lot, so the waterproof functionality would help me reach my fitness goal. #sweepstakes
  • This will really help with my 2-step. Shine on. #sweepstakes ​ ​ ​ ​
  • This will keep me motivated and sticking to my goal is much easier thank to the misfit.  The best part is waterproof #sweepstakes
  • I have been on a journey of a whole lifestyle change , as I am working at getting a Pancreas Transplant. I have been a T1 Diabetic for 39 years. I had a work accident and severed my lower backbones, because of that I lost a lot of mobility and gained over 75 pounds. Now I am working with a PT and riding Bike and have lost 20 pounds. I watch what I eat also , a low Carb , fresh as possible. It is a lifestyle change that I am loving. A Misfit 2 would be an amazing addition to my journey.  “I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • Love the Shine 2 Design! #sweepstakes
  • Would love to always have more accurate health and fitness information with the misfit! #sweepstakes
  • This would be great for my P90 workouts #sweepstakes
  • It will motivate me in keeping my goals. I had to have my foot rebuilt after injuring it on the job & have put on quite a bit of weight beings as I have been unable to move around much. I think this would motivate me. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • Either one of them i want to try. I like the design of each of them. #Sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Logging steps and all that. #sweepstakes
  • Sounds like a perfect birthday gift for me in July. #sweepstakes
  • the misfit would help my goal by being waterproof so i can use when it rains #sweepstakes
  • Being able to monitor my progress would motivate me to a healthy fitness lifestyle #sweepstakes
  • I love that it is such a fashionable, yet easy-to-afford fitness tracker. It's great to have a device such as this not be too expensive because it allows the idea of fitness to reach more people in different social classes! Personally, I love that it can control my music, something I've always wanted while at the gym. My broken Band 1 could never do that! #Sweepstakes
  • Well I could certainly use one of these seeing as my replacement Fitbit Charge is now falling apart! #sweepstakes
  • My better half has been looking at Fitbits, but I think she'd like this better.  The designs are much better I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry.  #sweepstakes
  • great looking little device. #sweepstakes  
  • This would help me achieve my weightloss goal! Love the app & the features are awesome! I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry #sweepstakes 
  • It's well within my budget and basic is good.  I like basic and could handle a few tunes to toddle along with me.
  • The Misfit would keep me on track and motivated to do better!! I posted this comment as a #Sweepstakes entry
  • I would love to win this misfit. It would help motivate me and encourage me to get moving. I posted this comment as a #sweepstakes entry
  • My wife has one of those fitness bands and tells me how hers helps her stay active. The Misfit would be a fashionable band for me to wear at the right entry price point. #sweepstakes
  • this would help me with my fitness goals! #sweepstakes
  • would be awesome to be able to actually track workouts and get feedback.  workouts would be a lot more fun. #sweepstakes
  • I think it would help motivate me to do more! #sweepstakes
  • I can certainly appreciate the stylishness and it being waterproof.  I'd probably work it into different scenarios, swapping places with my MS Band.  #Sweepstakes
  • As a disabled individual, my ability to get adequate exercise is limited. However, being able to track what I do get, attribute each day's accomplishments with how I felt that day, and seeing the comparison would help me to boost my personal attitude toward exercise and keep my outlook a little more positive when I can see my progress. Thank you for this opportunity. #sweepstakes
  • Awsomenes comes again, i love Hidden Gems #sweepstakes
  • I would sure love to try one to help me with my goal to lose weight. #sweepstakes
  • My exams are about to finish, as result leaving me a lot fat, this would help me get in shape again,I'd able to check my daly status and help me improve myself.I'd set daily targets and exercise even more with the help of this. Thank you for this opportunuity. #sweepstakes
  • I really like the longer battery life! And i think misfit is doing done really cool things! #Sweepstakes
  • I have a Band 2, but a Misfit would still help me out... By giving it to my girlfriend. I tried convincing her of getting a Band 2 for herself but it's bulky for her. The simple style and great features (not to mention awesome battery life and water resistance) would definitely interest her. Once she gets a fitness band, we'll be more competitive as to who is trying to be healthier #Sweepstakes
  • I've been looking for somehing to take the place of my Gear S, my wrist feels naked. A pretty minimal way to get back on track...#sweepstakes   Oh yeah, I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry :)
  • I really want to monitor my sleep activities. I'm worried that I might not get enough sleep #sweepstakes
  • I find this device really useful. It would help me track my activities and sleep, trough the beautifull app they made. I really need it in my life! #sweepstakes
  • Great for monitoring activity and sleep
  • I would love this, here in South Africa gear like this is not cheap so winning this would make my exercise life so much easier to monitor #sweepstakes
  • Could be something to enjoy on my daily travels to work or when I walk my daughter to and from school. #sweepstakes
  • Does the Misfit Ray even support Windows Phones? I was given a Ray as a gift & when setting it up as a new device on my Lumia 550, there app didn't even list the Ray as a usable device. Also there website only lists Android & iOS as compatible with the Ray
  • I'm a big fan of fitness tracking devices, but really didn't know much about this one.  Thanks for the information---I'll check it out!
  • It would help me monitor my sleep activities and adjust accordingly. #sweepstakes
  • They are beautiful and amazing! They would really help me getting in shape, it's harder when you're on your 30s    #sweepstakes
  • I'd love to be able to combine one of these with my Vitality account to collect points for my fitness activities.  Good on Misfit for continually (slowly) supporting Windows!
  • Waterproof sounds great as well as the set it and forget it options. #sweepstakes
  • Looks like a good, waterproof device that I can use to track my laps in the pool or don't have to worry about if I get caught in a rainstorm while running!  #sweepstakes
  • it would help me reach my fitness goals by shoing me how much more activity i need to achieve per day #sweepstakes
  • I have difficulty sleeping so Misfit's Tracker could track my sleep and I could determine how much sleep I get and when I am waking up in the night. #sweepstakes
  • This would motivate me to get out more as a reminder on my wrist at the fraction of the cost!! #sweepstakes
  • It would help me reach my fitness goals by being waterproof. I currently have the Microsoft Band 2. #sweepstakes
  • It help me tracking my sleep everyday. #sweepstakes
  • I think it would hold me to being accountable for working out regularly! #sweepstakes
  • I like the idea of not having to charge it regularly. I had a FitBit, the band broke, and I kind of just gave up on it after that. Having to charge every couple of days meant it often got neglected. Being water-resistant is also a plus as I could wear it to the pool. I also like the basic watch look - something missing on my low-model FitBit. #sweepstakes
  • It would help me to know if I am meeting my goals for that day. I posted this comment as a #Sweepstakes entry.
  • A new Misfit would be great, first as an upgrade from my Flash. Second, as proof to my sister in-law that Misfit isn't just a knock off FitBit! #sweepstakes
  • I love the sleep traking feature and that it's waterproof #sweepstakes  
  • It looks like a nice product. #sweepstakes.
  • I'd love one of these trackers because as a cook, I cannot wear a watch, so i could just put it in my pocket while at work. #sweepstakes
  • Like the idea of waterproof.. hope it holds up in the wash.  ooops  posted as an entry into the sweepstakes #sweepstakes.
  • It will motivate me to keep exercising every day.  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #Sweepstakes 
  • I really need something to motivate me and help track steps taken and other fitnes related goals so this seems to be exactly what I need.  #sweepstakes
  • Greta products thanks 
  • it's some how good for anybody to know how much he have activity during days and sleep quality at night!
    the price is perfect but lake of meassuring heart beats and :-? I don't know it measures sleep quality or just count the sleep hours! :D
    btw 20$ for link is just good #sweepstakes
  • Question! is there any different between link ans shin?! except the click on link!? :-?
  • I'd like to try the Misfit because I have sleep difficulties. I think this would help me track my sleep, which would help me acheive my fitness goals. Plus, it's waterproof! #sweepstakes
  • A Misfit Ray or Shine 2 would help give me motivation! #sweepstakes
  • "flat circular pods that can be worn on the wrist, clipped to your shirt or shoe, or worn around the neck as a pendant." Sounds interesting. The replacement battery in place of a charging system seems nice. I guess that would depend on the battery life. #sweepstakes
  • I'd love to have a simple tracker so I could keep track of when I'm moving enough and push myself to move more regularly while at work. #sweepstakes
  • I would use it to see how it competes with my Band 2. #sweepstakes
  • Would help be stay responsible for keeping myself moving by keeping track of my movement #sweepstakes
  • One of these will keep me on track with my summer fitness progrmme,
  • This would help me reach my 10,000 steps a day goal as well as watching what I eat #sweepstakes
  • It would keep me motivated and on track #Sweepstakes
  • Having a fitness watch like this will keep me motivated to stay active! #sweepstakes
  • I need to stay accountable somedays for my lack of motivation to get up and move. I'm getting older so I need to pay more attention to that sort of thing. #sweepstakes
  • Sometimes I need a bit of a challenge to get me going. Having this would give me the boost I need to meet my daily goals. I would love to use it in summer to help me get in great shape. I'm entering the contest. #sweepstakes
  • Normal fitness trackers are too bulky to wear for long periods of time for my liking. The Shine2 sounds like a good option. I'd use it to merely track the number of steps i'm doing each day. #sweepstakes
  • I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes Entry. A Misfit Ray or a Shine 2 would help me with my fitness goals since I started working out intensely 4 and a 1/2 years ago. I've had no way to track waht I was doing short of just checking the clock. It also monitors my sleep which can be disrupted due to an illness I have. #sweepstakes
  • Shine 2 will help me stay on top of my fitness goals and be consistent!  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #Sweepstakes
  • it would be awesome to own one i could use it while swiming!  #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes Entry since I checked to see that Misfit is multiplatform...I could use both the activity and sleep tracking, not getting any younger but should try to stay in better shape.
  • Would love to have some water resistance #sweepstakes
  • My dad has MS and has begun counting his steps to help fend off the condition from worsening. A tracker like one from Misfit would be a huge help! #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am 38 years old, been heavy my entire life and it is starting to affect my health. I am at the point that I need to do something. I have started walking daily and i think that having something like this would help keep me motivated to keep moving and keep going. #sweepstakes
  • Wow! I like when company give love to windows 10 mobile. I'll try it. #sweepstakes
  • I have been thinking of getting a Fitbit, but haven't actually taken the dive yet. It would be good! #sweepstakes
  • I've had my eye on both of these babies for a while! A free one from WC would be icing on the cake! #sweepstakes
  • Since I have a REALLY hard time setting and keeping goals, this would light a fire under me to get motivated and move more often! #sweepstakes
  • I'm conflicted on the Misfit's. Last time I tried one, the experience was very lackluster. The app was garbage (and it was made by Daniel Gary who makes the new Windows Central app), syncing was hit or miss, and the device was quite confusing. It would be nice to give it another try though to see how they have improved.   #sweepstakes
  • All older people should find this tracker much more inviting. I appreciate that it is economical, fashionable, lightweight, and low profile. Would love to wear something that feels like a part of your arm!
  • #sweepstakes I'd like to try one of these.
  • #sweepstakes I'm trying to lose weight and this could really help me. Thank you
  • #sweepstakes This would be perfect to help mewith my goals.
  • #sweepstakes I'd like this for when I go walking.
  • I love how durable it is!! I could definitely use it to track my activity level and let me know where I need to make adjustments. #sweepstakes
  • As a coach, it is important to me to stay fit to try and set a good example for my athletes. As I am not looking to get massively muscular and just to get and stay in better shape, the shine or ray would be perfect for me! It is also great that I can take it in the pool for my workouts!
  • #sweepstakes
  • It would keep track of my steps at work. #sweepstakes
  • As a person with chronic illness, this would be great to track my light exercise and challenge me to do more.  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #sweepstakes
  • Need it for running and tracking my sleep #sweepstakes
  • Because I'm a lazy nerd who is lazy and fat and would like to do something physical in his life but can't stay away from technology #sweepstakes :)
  • It would certainly help me track fitness a lot better than the other trackers that I need to & forget to charge! #sweepstakes
  • Wanted to get started on getting in shape and just get walking. Geting step tracking is a good start. #sweepstakes
  • Good
  • I really like the no charge aspect.
  • My chief concern is accurate measurement of fitness activity. If Misfit can achieve this, I will be a fan and integrate this into my regimen!#sweepstakes
  • I love one to get me up and moving around more. I also like that it's waterproof. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry #sweepstakes
  • I like the notion of a wearable fitness tracker such as the Misfit to track my sleep cycle because my cycle is definitely odd #sweepstakes
  • Well, I never had a smartband. Maybe it will finally make me move more every day. I will use it as a very good steps tracker and maybe go swimming, play games outside and see how much activity I do. This will help me for my health. This will stimulate me to do more every day OUTSIDE! Having one of these will be pretty great for me!  Oh, I can track my sleep too! Fine! #sweepstakes
  • An activity tracker is a great motivator - I think it would also help keep me accountable to myself and assist in setting fitness goals.  #sweepstakes
  • I've been looking into the Misfit Shine 2 for quite a while. I know they've made improvements to the band, hopefully I'm lucky to get one! #sweepstakes
  • Would love to be able to track my exercise in the pool & my sleep at night.  Having fibromyalgia either device would be learning experience to take better care of myself #sweepstakes
  • i already own the Misfit Flash, and i'm in love with it. the real upside of this product is the face that you don't have to charge it everyday, so achieving my goals just becomes that much easier. i would love to win the Ray or the Shine 2!! #sweepstakes
  • My daughter recently started child-parent swim lessons. Having a water resistent fitnes