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Mixer Create beta hands-on: Mobile streaming done right

Alongside the big Mixer rebrand unveiled by Microsoft was news of its intention to allow folks to broadcast from their smartphones. Well, their Apple or Android smartphones, anyway.

Mixer Create beta is available right now on Android, though it's still MIA on iPhone (applications are now being accepted to take part in its beta), and we've fired it up to take a look at what it's all about.

Barebones Mixer

Mixer Create

To view Mixer content you still need the regular application, Create is purely for broadcasting. While this means you have two Mixer apps on your phone, it also means that the addition of broadcasting support hasn't overcomplicated the existing Mixer app.

Eventually, Mixer Create will allow you to stream your iOS and Android games to Mixer directly from your phone or tablet, which is pretty neat. There are some superb mobile games out there nowadays, and why wouldn't you want to stream something like VainGlory to your followers?

Mixer Create has recently been updated to add game streaming to the initial offering of a Periscope-like service where you just broadcast yourself.

Create is basic but it works well

Mixer Create

Once you're logged in, you see a very basic representation of your dashboard with fields to change your stream title, the title of the game (or web show) you're streaming, and the rating (because kids don't need to be seeing you swear into your phone).

There's a handy little toolbar with some key shortcuts on there, like muting your microphone and accessing your chat. But otherwise, it's just you front and center, or whatever the rear camera can see, because a single tap flips between both.

Mixer Create

One thing you must do is turn off the option in settings for showing chat while broadcasting. Otherwise what you see above happens. When you're streaming a game, things are a little different, at least.

The quality seems good, though while you can save a copy of your broadcast for on-demand viewing later, it has been hit and miss for me. Create uses Faster Than Light (FTL), Mixer's super low-latency technology, which is particularly useful for broadcasting yourself and interacting with an audience.

Game streaming

Mixer Create

The game streaming feature is the big deal about Mixer Create existing at all, and a recent update added it for the first time. And it works incredibly well. If you ever had doubts about how good the FTL protocol is, try streaming from your phone and watching it on your Mixer channel in a web browser at the same time. It's insane.

With the addition of game streaming comes some options to change the resolution of your broadcast, or just let Mixer work it out on the fly. You can now also pause the game broadcast when you go into chat.

But chat still needs work. I'm not sure if there's a way around it, but since Mixer Create just records the phone screen and then broadcasts it, when you go into chat the window rotates and people see your keyboard. It's a little messy.

What's also messy is how Mixer Create handles audio. It broadcasts game audio as it hears it through the microphone and speakers on the phone, not directly from the game. So if your phone has lousy speakers, your game audio broadcast will be equally lousy.

Again, I don't know if the limitations imposed by mobile OSes allow anything other than this, but I hope so for the future.

The actual game streaming part works really well. You can have your camera on or off, and you can move it to anywhere on the screen. You'll get a little notification bubble that tells you how many chat messages you have that are unread and a button to access the game bar.

While there are some rough edges that I hope can be improved upon, the core performance is exceptional.

Future seems promising

Mixer Create is well done and extremely easy to use. For broadcasters on the go, this could soon become an important part of their content creation, and while we haven't given it a proper run out yet over cellular data, the FTL protocol at the heart of Mixer is doing a tremendous job.

A Windows 10 app would be nice, though ...

Download Mixer Create beta from the Google Play Store (opens in new tab)

Updated July 3, 2017: We added information on streaming games following the updated version of Mixer Create.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • But not available on Windows Mobile..Thanks Microsoft
  • Don't worry, as the article says, "the future seems promising".......
  • ...for this app... on Android!!!!
  • coming soon ™
  • Wen in india?
  • W10M in a month.
  • Minimum 6 month or never coming..
  • wm is dead time to just give up im mad too. 
  • Don't be mad,  its only a something else and enjoy what you can actually do on that...instead of promises of Coming soon™
  • It isn't about "just a device" -- it is about Microsoft creating a great multi-device platform (Windows+UWP) and then largely ignoring it as a first-party option for their apps.
  • Joe,  the thing is,  Microsoft did NOT create a great platform.  They created a huge mess.  This is shown by the sale volume of windows 10 mobile devices.   After the 1020 era,  sales TANKED!  Consumers did not buy,  hell,  even their target enterprise did not buy.  FAILURE!
  • Platform is ok, but apps gape is only the problem i think
  • Coming soon ™
  • "Thanks Microsoft"?
    You know there is a single man in charge of Microsoft that could change their 'other platforms first' policy in a simple, one sentence email. Nadella
    If UWP is suppose to be a good path for developers, or if Xamarin is supposed to be a good option for developers, why doesn't Microsoft lead the way? If the developers at Microsoft avoid Microsoft tools and platforms... well, who will ever believe in them?
    It's not the app gap that is the biggest threat to the Surface Mobile (if it ever appears), it's the commitment gap, lack of fire, lack of fight, and lack of passion from the CEO position.
  • Nadella doesn't make these choices.. There's an entire board and shareholders that decide... And besides... Look at the mess that is Android... Almost nobody makes any money off it, why aim for that when they can aim for a profitable market when the system is ready? Just keep improving it until it is ready.
  • I doubt they did a shareholder or board vote for determining which mobile platform they would launch Mixer on first.
  • No, that was already planned before they bought the company.
    Beam already had a plan for what was to be developed next.
  • They bought it a year ago. They had time to add a Windows version, unless UWP and Xamarin are slow and complex.
  • Hmm develop an app for the major mobile OS, or drop it in favour of developing an app for a mobile OS with almost zero market share.
    Good idea.....
  • By avoiding UWP and Xamarin for consumer apps, they are telling the world of developers that their OS doesn't matter (even to them), and their tools for cross-platform development are not worth the effort (even to them).
  • This is a mobile app... Let's target the biggest groups.
  • The fact you say "This is a mobile app" displays the mindset that could doom the Surface Mobile. Microsoft needs to blur the lines between mobile and desktop apps into a new hybrid app world (UWP). By going Android/iOS first, Microsoft is displaying disbelief in their own stated strategy, and their lack of faith in their cross-platform development tool, Xamarin.
  • They are, but the blur is not ready. As long as Ios and Android require specific mobile apps... Companies like Microsoft will have to abide.
  • But it is a "mobile app" as they don't need a broadcasting app for Windows 10.
    So the Mixer team would have to develop an app specifically for the W10 mobile.
  • No, but which platforms they are focusing their money on.
  • "which platforms they are focusing their money on"
    Microsoft is clearly "focusing their money" in Google's Android platform, and not the Windows platform or their cross-platform development tools.
    Imagine you're a Microsoft rep trying to help close the "app gap" by asking third party app developers to build UWP apps, or use Xamarin for cross-platform mobile development. The first statement a third party developer will say is, "you are asking us to do something even your own development teams don't do, so go away".
  • These decisions are made by shareholders and board members.
  • These decisions are made by Terry and his team. The Board of Directors at Microsoft doesn't convene to make these decisions and the shareholders even less. When Terry and his team make these decisions, however, they make them with the shareholders in mind because unlike what fanboys like to think, Microsoft is a business and the only thing that matters is to turn profits to distribute to the shareholders, nothing else. And the shareholders only care if money is entering their pockets in return for their investment. They don't give a rats a*se about anything else.
  • They outline the direction of everything.
  • Where is Steve balmer when you need him.
  • Away. And let him stay there.
  • Yo I messaged Mixer on Twitter and they said they are making a Windows Mobile app
  • Post the tweet
  • Coming soon ™
  • Token angry comment about lack of Windows support.
  • Seems justified to me. Microsoft spent the past two BUILD conferences bragging to developers about how easy it is to port apps from iOS and Android to Windows 10, and how easy it is to make UWP apps run across all Windows 10 devices. As this is a Microsoft product and Windows 10 has 500 million+ active devices out there and it's supposedly so easy to port apps, then why is it so difficult for them to bring this app to Windows 10 devices, including phones?
  • There are two factions at Microsoft, this one is the Nutella camp
  • Yep, they need to put their money where their mouth is and start with the apps they OWN.
  • MS obviously isn't done with mobile, so you would think these apps would also come to mobile regardless of makes share.... I'm sure Mixer will come to mobile, but there's no rush, well, because of market share... But, MS will bring it to It's own platform when they are ready...... Still super frustrating for fans, though.
  • Is it really difficult for a company of that size and the financials to back it to at least have simultaneous releases? It's extremely frustrating that more people are becoming interested in this platform when they see my Lumia 1520 or 950 even today, but then i have to ask them about what apps they cannot live without and ends up making them stay with iOS or Android. Devs are going to do what Microsoft themselves are doing and that is not develop for this platform until they start leading by example. Every time a first party product becomes available on a 3rd party platform first, it reinforces the idea of obviously they think it's pointless so why should i care about it? Mixer is yet another first party product releasing first on a 3rd party platform. They could easily just not publish the others until UWP version is complete. "Best on Windows" should have been "Last on Windows" or "Not on Windows"... Should be at least a simultaneous release.
  • Worst app for Windows every time.. Wait and see as one year or more.coming soon ™
  • Is it not justified?
  • [Insert obligatory post about why apps always come to everything EXCEPT windows platforms]
  • What, do you think it's funny?
  • Ummmmm.  Yes. Yes I do.
  • If you think that's funny, perhaps you need to get out more, just a thought ;)
  • LOL You came here to complain on a month old post. Maybe YOU should get out more.
  • You do realize that it popped up as a recent article and some of us don't look at the comment dates to know how old the article is right?
  • Yeah we just updated the old post since it's better than having an old post and a new one with only half the information. There's even a line in the post saying such a thing ;-)
  • You think that most of the commenters actually got as far as the update line? "Mobile..." "Android..." grrrr!
  • Yeah, only came here because someone salty replied to a month old post of mine. Wasn't about to reread an old post. Sorry to anyone I offended, since I didn't realize WC went green and started recycling their articles. 😀
  • Why is this article here? I'm trying to find a logical reason. Seriously, this is not sarcasm.
  • Because it's a brand feature for one of Microsoft's big new gaming services. We're gonna be seeing a lot more of the service in the coming weeks on Xbox and Windows.
  • Hope to see it on mobile. Wp might be dead but we keep getting new apps.
  • How is it dead?.... Explain.
  • It's dead because microsoft cut a big 6ft deep trench for it....GRAVE.  You cannot go into any service provider here, or any store for that matter and purchase a new windows mobile device.  Microsoft are not developing a new unicorphone to "save" windows's OVER.   they have moved on,  you should too!
  • Why should we, exactly? Our phones work great.
  • yes they work "perfect" plugged into a keyboard and monitor.   WOW...what an awesome feature for a moible phone.  Since you have no idea on how a phone really should work,  your dead platform phone will be ok for you.  Just like windows windows RT tablet still "works"  but is RT still alive and kicking?   NOPE!  it's dead...RT=windows mobile.  Its the exact same can play around with words and symantics all you like....but w10m is now DEAD.  
  • Works perfect even without Bluetooth accessories.
  • jus stay in your parents basement wiht your phone all day...sure it will work "fine"  do anything besides continuum...which is crap,  and its useless.  w10m is garbage.  Such promise with it and 100 percent failure.
  • Microsoft owns Mixer. Mixer is on Xbox and streams games. Mixer Create is a new app for that. I don't see how that is hard to follow. Seriously, this is not sarcasm.
  • Oh, that's why the picture of the article is an android phone, insert sarcasm!!!!!
  • So I guess the site also shouldn't discuss new products from Razer, Dell, Lenovo, etc then?
  • Daniel....don't even try to explain to them.  it's in one ear and out the other!
  • This is becoming android mobile website
  • No it's not.  It's about microsoft....wether it be apps developed by MS,  windows 10 desktop, Xbox, etc.   Just because it does not cater to the fanbabies of windows think its all a conspiracy.   
  • wooh hoooo fanbaby truth downvotes!
  • The vast majority of Windows and Xbox users use an Android or iOS device. Pretty simply if you think about it ;)
  • Yesterday was the 4th of July and it's easy to repost an old one than to come up with something new when you were drinking beer and eating hotdogs all day yesterday.
  • Not on our platform so why should I care or use?
  • Yes.. True
  • We need two MS related sites.... One general site, and one MS site.
  • Maybe a rebrand to Microsoft Central? I mean, Microsoft loves to rebrand, why can't WC? 😆 Obviously unless they takeover the device you carry the most, Windows will slowly slip into irrelevance whether we like it or not (and i do NOT like it). Windows was supposed to be the center of everything Microsoft but obviously not the case currently as most Microsoft news in mobile is about another app or service on iOS or Android with Android overtaking Windows I believe not too long ago.
  • i could have just went to android central for this. wtf guys?
  • Go here or there, it's fine.
  • I think we should all chill out about windows Phone and stop thinking there's a future for it. We should all accept it already and move to iOS or Android. Moreover we should be telling Microsoft to port all the good things about Windows Phone and it's apps to these ecosystems.
  • or everybody just use whatever they want, nobody else cares what phone you or I or anybody else prefers to use. This should also include people not saying "waaaaaa it's not on windows first". This app isn't important to me, if it's that important to others then go use Android but those people don't need to announce it to the world.
  • Serious question, Daniel.... Since this is also Android news that's helpful to Android fans, did it also run on Android Central? Is that what you meant by your comment?
  • It did not. Microsoft/Windows/Xbox users care more about Mixer right now than random people using an Android phone.
  • I see.
  • fanbabies don't get that because they are hyperfocused on the death of windows mobile and they think there is a huge conspiracy here at wc.   Thats why you don't see.
  • Lol they both are under mobile nation.So, they don't have any whether you use this or ac
  • You could but I didn't write it for them so you won't find it.
  • Hehehe, try say that to Colonel Bowden and your comment is deleted
  • Is this service actually seeing any significant usage? Apart from the rah-rah WinCentral articles there doesnt seem to be much mention of this streaming service anywhere else, and its not exactly brimming with content when i searched for a few games.
  • The E3 stream had about 200k viewers on Mixer.
  • Begins to be more and more just Microsoft Central....
  • WPCentral --> Windows Central --> Microsoft Central
  • Eventually it'll just be Central.
  • Android/Ios Central --> Mix Central...
  • Well, I think it is???
  • In spirit and content this is already Microsoft Central. That's fine though, sure the name doesn't match but that's not a big deal
  • Thanks for reading the article and leaving a comment to stimulate conversation.
  • Hahaha...Android and iOS...and you wonder why they keep making articles on hoe to get off this ship that Nutella rammed intentionally straight into an iceberg? Until you guys get on board with them having to dump this greedy lame duck CEO, it's only going to get worse. "Hey, Microsoft is only a software company! You need to realize that!"....Says the guy who owns an Xbox, Surface Tablet, etc. Get real. There is one major problem here and he is all about him making a buck at the expense of the long term health of this company. Get on board or you are part of the problem.
  • Longterm health of microsoft would have them leave consumer space all together you people are to fickle.
  • I'm realistic. You people are appologists
  • Actually, saying that Microsoft is just a software company cannot be an excuse in the first place, because Windows on phones is a software, not hardware. We're not asking them to manufacture Windows phones, all we're asking that they keep Windows 10 Mobile alive - whether they make Windows phones themselves or let the OEMs do it.
  • Wont happen. A stand alone surface phone wont save anyone. Will be too expensive for us. Wont get market share. A way out as been sorely pointed out to iphone or android in the one windows forum that is windows central. The "how to change" mantra... Read the signs friends.. We are in denial a long time now...
  • We? I'm not in denial. Everything i have said is dead accurate.
  • Yeah, I don't care a lot for this article if it's not out for Windows, sorry. Everyone else's mileage may vary.
  • Yep.. It's still called "Windows Central""... This isn't even on Windows, is it?
  • At this point I'm just waiting to see what the Note 8 has to offer. I'm really tired of Microsoft.
  • If you want better microsoft integration (yes,  I tried the others and MS services for data storage etc are the best),  get the iphone.   Its a much better experience.  
  • Who the **** cares. Fk Android and iOS
  • It's part of the Windows ecosystem.  Don't be petty.
  • I would go to another website if I wanted that news
  • Surely by that logic you can go to another site that focusses purely on Windows PC and Mobile instead of using WC? If it's that bad and annoying then why still use it?
  • He had to give us revenue by clicking on the post and leaving a comment. Thanks for stopping by!
  • Here... We do not care about nothing MS does that is not for in house use. So... No, not the place, offending fans all over day by day. If you want us to get out no need to push, we know the way to the door thank you. Waiting on nokias arrival to Portugal. Thats it.
  • Nokia 3 already available (do NOT buy that one. Seriously), Nokia 5 and 6 arriving by the end of July ;)
  • cry fanbabies cry!
  • Your Vainglory link just takes you right back to this article, fix?
  • Making Mixer a competitor to both Twitch and Periscope (and, really, Facebook Live too) seems like a good idea as it probalby shouldn't be too hard to incorporate broadcasting features into a streaming service. However, I really loathe the fact that it requires a separate app. I hate that trend. Put it all in one app. It's far less confusing and far more convenient.
  • Yes and no. I look at it as if I'm just wanting to watch some mixer content, then the main app full of all this fluff might be a little offputting. That and doing it this way is definitely easier to build out the features while leaving the core app well alone. Who knows, the endgame might be a merger when it's all working properly!
  • Good to see it on a Microsoft mobile terminal.... MS, you are doing the right thing... For us to let you go. Forever.
  • Oh and by the way... This was sent from my dying and lagging every day more lumia 950 xl.. Sad the way you dealt my money MS... Not one peny more. FY.
  • Just reset your 950xl. Come on, some of you people talk like none of this stuff happens on any other phone. It's bull! Go to Apple forums or Android forums because you won't find it on YouTube or in MSM. Those "journalist" won't say anything bad so as to not upset the milk cart. You really think they would say anything bad about a company that gives them paid trips and free devices not to mention the scoops on new tech. It's like these sick ads Apple has with the shot on iPhone bull. You try and take shots like that and tell me how they come out. Windows 10 Mobile is a beautiful platform on that many agree. Most people are just too lazy to learn anything new or give up comfort to really better themselves or the world.
  • Yes..such a great platform the WORLD is clamoring to get on board.  .0000000001 percent market share speaks volumes...down from 5 just 2 years ago.  speaks volumes again.  Windows 10 mobile is garbage.   without apps, stability,  or devices.   time to take off the rose colored hololens headset there bebochek and come back to reality.
  • Damn this is getting confusing. Mixer, Mixer Create, Remix 3D, Story Remix, Paint 3D...
  • Moderator - pleave move this to Android Central...
  • Lol... They aren't
  • Not happening. Editors rank higher and the editors are happy it's here. Move along.
  • ******* mobile is dead...get it through your heads.  DONE,  OVER,  Dammit Jim,  I cannot revive it!   DONE!   move on!
  • Ssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • I think MS doesn't know what to do with their products. mixer is PC/Xbox... But yet twitch is on PS4,Xbox, and PC. If they want to have a chance they need to be on everything! Something goes For MS Edge, it needs to be able to be downloaded from any device, Phones, Macs, and maybe even the PS4 (if that's possible).
  • Phil Spencer hinted he'd be OK this being on PS4, but then that's not entirely in Microsoft's hands anyway. PS4 isn't the open box of wonder that the Xbox is with its access to Windows Store apps. But I agree, if Microsoft is serious about Mixer it should be accessible on every platform that matters.
  • There they go with that bullshit again. Do they have any shame. Once again stop trying to manipulate people to going over to the other phones. There is no reason to mention any other system but windows. So now we must make this a big deal. Expose Microsoft for what they are doing. Gonna make a offer to pay peoples cell phone for 2 years to switch to windows phones. Starting there and spreading the word that Microsoft and Windows central are trying to pull some ****. Once again **** you ndroid and **** you pple we don't want them and never will try another way to con and try rule if they are not then why not only have windows phone and only Windows thing on here? Evil *******
  • The Playday......This site is now powered by FANBABIES just cried an entire resivoir full!  ha ha....MOVE ON!
  • i tried this it was fun as i was seting up to game stream i did a random start stream like this. 
  • I was about to look of mixer app then i notice its just android. fml
  • This app isn't even on Windows 10. What is Microsoft smoking?
  • Not the right stuff
  • What is Microsoft smoking?
    Probably the same stuff the team who named the Xbox One X, or decided to rename Beam to Mixer. 
  • Wow... No Windows 10 App? This Is Very Bad On Microsoft's Part. I Purchased This So Called High End Phone (950 XL) And For What... Just To Still Fall Behind Android... Shameful
  • When you bought that 950XL you were already years behind Android. I don't understand the surprise...
  • Lol ☹
  • A Windows 10 app would be nice, though .................
  • If it's not for Windows, I don't really care.
  • I seriously starting to regret all the years and money I've put into Microsofts ecosystem. Everything I have is running Windows (pc, tablets, pi, phone), Im paying for O365, Groove, XBL, Games Pass, I've purchased probably around a few thousand paid apps throughout the years for wm2002->w10.
    If I weren't so damned invested in the ecosystem I would've switched INSTANTLY to iOS, but there is waaay too many paid apps that I'd have to pay for again, which would make me a poor sob. Microsoft has really messed up with mobile, which is a shame. They were on the rise (at least here in Sweden) and now you're lucky if people know what a Windows phone is :(
    Even replacing the screen on a 950XL is more expensive than getting a brand new 950XL, if you're lucky enough to actually find them anywhere...
  • They are still selling in Russia for about $500 and I think you can still get them in the US. The L950 seems to be sold out and same with the L650 but there are a few 550 left. L650 got great reviews here and many people still use Windows Phones. Funny enough you can still buy a L930, and 1520 new here.
  • I would NEVER buy a phone that did not have support, warranty etc.   I would run far far away from that....screw windoh's's dead,  done,  over with,  dammit Jim I cannot wake hiM!   Do NOT buy any windows phones that are old models....setting yourself up for massive dissapointment. 
  • I messaged satya on twitter and he said they are making the ulitmate phone....
  • ive tried create a few times. problem is i check vod to save. but it doesn't untill it works i dont see a point to use it. i like to download my vod's for possible late uses!
  • We best just hope for an enthusiast WP fan that make an app for us. Like Unstream for Twitch