Mixer launching streamer review system September 4, new moderation tools today

What you need to know

  • Mixer says its new streamer review system will launch September 4.
  • The system is meant to screen new streamers before they can start streaming on Mixer.
  • Mixer also launched a new set of content moderation tools for streamers to use today.

In July, Mixer revealed that it would be stepping up its efforts to combat toxicity across the its platform, and it's taking further steps on the front today. The streaming service announced today that it will roll out its new streamer review system on September 4. Additionally, streamers will have access to some new content moderation tools starting today.

The streamer review system is a way for Mixer to screen new streamers before the get started on the service. "The goal of Streamer Review is to improve validation and monitoring of new streamers on Mixer," Mixer said in a blog post announcing the process. "Streamers will need to login with their Microsoft account to enable additional screening of new streaming accounts. There will also be a 24-hour waiting period before a streamer can start their first camera-capable stream."

Current streamers will also have to go through the process, but Mixer is offering them an early opt-in period to avoid disrupting their streaming schedules. From August 28-September 4, current streamers will be able to revalidate their stream keys by selecting "Get started" in the "Broadcast" tab. From there, you'll have to watch a Mixer Safety video and then undergo a 24-hour review period.

In addition to the streamer review system, Mixer launched some new chat tools for streamers today. You'll now be able to set restrictions for who can access chat on your streams and set the chatbot moderation level based on giving more leniency to followers and subscribers.

Finally, Mixer reiterated that the Mixer Create app will be retired from mobile app stores on August 28. In its place, Mixer recommends using the Streamlabs app.

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