MLB will not update At Bat Windows Phone app for 2015 season

Fans of both Windows Phone and baseball will surely be disappointed by MLB's latest news. The league will evidently not be updating their At Bat app on Windows Phone 8.1 with support for the 2015 season. The app was recently updated on iOS and Android for the new season.

For those hoping for support for the new season, this is surely a let down. For now, you can still use the app as-is from the Windows Phone Store. You can still log in with you, watch videos, and check out highlights from the 2014 season. If you still want to use the app, you can find it at the link below.

Download MLB At Bat from the Windows Phone Store

QR: at bat

Thanks to Ty K. for the tip!

Joseph Keller
  • I'll just say this but that equates to hating
  • Yeap. This really sucks. Well there's only one thing left to do. Let MLB know how you feel and hopefully they'll change their decision.
  • Not a sports fan at all, but I submitted my request!
  • This and also download the app if you no longer have it. Show them some volume on downloads along with those requests. Delete it later but check out out.
    Thanks for the link... Going to request now.
  • By asking everyone here to download it, you are only providing them fake numbers. If they chose not to update the app for the 2015 season, it could only be because few people actually used it.  Downloading an app that you don't intend on using, and then deleting it to prop up numbers is wrong. 
  • I never said don't intend on using it. I replied to the guy that said this really sucks. I also said download it "if you no longer have it".
    I know usage counts, but everyone is like "I'm out of here" and "I'm done!". Why not actually download and use the app if it breaks your Windows phone experience that much?
    Where are you getting that this is falsifying download numbers?
    Context is important. I appreciate your comment... I just feel it's misplaced.
  • It's "wrong"? There are ethics in app installs now? 
  • Cop out much? Last I checked ethics is not restricted to certain fields.
  • Cop out? I'm not sure what you think I'm copping out of. Anyway, unethical is a bit dramatic. I'm my perspective, it's a vote. 1. I'm voting my interest in having the app available. 2. I'm voting that I'd rather not have the outdated version. I'm still unclear what ethics you think are being violated.
  • DONE.  It does no harm and may do some good. Always vote.
  • I just use your customer service link, Thanks.
  • Submitted! Everyone please do this no matter if you keep up with sports or not. It will help keep our app portfolio on windows phone growing.
  • Done! :)
  • I just keep wanting to lean towards these announcements being poorly worded. I could see a company saying that they were not going to update the 8.1 app, fully knowing that there will be a Windows 10 version of it released, yet not mentioning it as its a future product. Whatever.
  • This is totally different because its based on the season. The baseball season will be halfway over at best when W10 launches, so in this instance it wouldn't make sense to wait for W10.
  • No it not hating. It is about Win 10 Spartan browser and a new way to kill off the expensive way to up keep the apps and costly constant apps up date like google Play store or Apple App Store force developers to do. Think about all the services apps that all they need is a wrapping in the app store and all the cores of the app are host on cloud somewhere and can be update by developer at the backen just like One Drive app. That the apps store model MS will use in Win 10 Universal app they keep referring to.
  • Oh by the way . Such the apps in Apple App Store or Google Play Store model are of the idea that it secure, but by now you know it is not that secured. It only the way of Apple try milk money out off the apps developers and monopoly manipulation.
  • If being stupid wins an award, congrats, you're a winner.
  • Not enough that they're not updating, they've also killed live TV and radio broadcasts. And yes, I've complained to MLB.
  • Nope its called a US 5% Major League market share FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Now I don't feel so bad about Formula 1 and MotoGP ignoring Windows.    
  • Can't stop the bleeding it looks like..
  • Who can't stop the bleeding❓
    Tell me who can't, please.
  • Oh c'mon, you know who. The simple fact is, WP is on death row. It is only a matter of time.
  • Who knows there are probably greater forces at work, this is starting to smell rather fishy to me.
  • Rarther obvious what extra forces and also Microsoft themselves don't help matters either! Having said that it still better than the alternative! I will not go to either one of them ever!
  • No it's not. At least in Europe and B2B market. It's hard to be a US resident WP user.
  • I have to agree here. Windows phone has some really good apps that I just wont see anywhere else (readit, flash sports, 6sec, 6tag, etc.) but for other apps its either released and hasn't been updated since or its stopping support. Bank apps are leaving, some game apps aren't continuing support, and being an mlb fan, this might be it for me. Yea there are other apps that can be used...but how much longer till those stop being supported? Damn I'm gonna miss this phone...
  • I think I meant to reply to Joey86. Don't jump ship. Install the app>Rate it and review it> Send feedback. Jumping ship just gives them a reason to not develop for us. It's kinda messed up how people that like the platform are leaving because they can't install an unnecessary application. I use the mobile sites before giving up something I really like. I won't be forced into changing my device for an app.
  • Now its not for an app. Its for apps man
  • So, you have to work to be a WP user.....
    That's not smart.
  • Critical applications for work aren't unnecessary... Get real.. Let's be honest here, and not try to downplay this issue just because we're fans.... That's not realistic....
  • Sports app built in works great
  • It does, but you should still support the others so they support us.
  • Same here. I feel suffocating with WP. WP die soon and relief us for being waiting for a loong for something good. Poor MS can't beat goog anymore
  • Dang... I'm not even that negative, dude.. Lol
  • Haha
  • I'm super critical, but this guy is literally barricading himself in his moms basement with a year supply of spam, and a 55lb drum of kooliad.... It's not THAT damn bad... Lol.
  • Maybe. However, I will stick it out. I'm not all that partial on Android but, if I had to switch, it would be very hard to decide which one to go to. I would be back in the same boat before I decided to go WP. I would really like to see WP and BB thrive. I hate the idea of only two options in phone OS. I'm not expecting a miracle, by MS grabbing at least 10% to 12% would probably be enough to get continued support for apps and get new apps aboard. The sad thing is, BB user base has is only slightly smaller than WP yet, they get more support. I can't help but feel that much of this is just people not liking WP for various reasons. I guess people don't like options as much as they say they do.
  • Also the more of us the just get mad and say"I'm done" the more they justify there pulling of the apps. Don't exacerbate the problem. I like the OS and want to try out some of the latest apps but it won't make me leave a platform I love to get them. Vincent this wasn't necessarily to you... Just was responding to the last post
  • I speak for the US, but people have to know about it before they can hate it.
  • Doom and gloom talk about it being hopeless really helps?  How does Windows Phone compare to the Fire Phone, BlackBerry, Tizen, ...? Keeping a good thought and the right attitude. Best Wishes
  • And, what does that help?
  • What?
  • Lol... I know who... Just making sure we're not being naive here..
  • You can't DENY that Apps leaving the store is a BAD THING! Gotta pull your head out of the sand.. look at the writing on the wall. I am long on Microsoft but this is alarming. I really love Windows/Windows Phone... but Phone is dying faster than Microsoft can do anything about it.
  • Until windows phone is no longer existent I will not go to the horrible non tile crap phones android and iPhone produces
  • I agree, if we don't see a flood of returning and new apps by the end of this year I'm going to have to switch to android for my phone needs.
  • Actually you should pull your head out of the Sand... If you notice Microsoft is taking a calculated step by 1. They are focusing on lower end devices that have features and are more reliable that consumers who couldn't afford if they bought an Android or iPhone. 2. Incase you don't follow business Microsoft is buying up some very popular App companies that bring along more developers. You also think that because these Apps aren't on the Windows platform yet is because why try to develop an in a rush that they'll have to update in few months for Windows 10. 3. Developers for the major Apps are probably working on a strategy to develop Apps for Windows 10 since they will essentially only have to create a single App that works across all Windows devices, but I'm sure Microsoft has made them sign confidentiality agreements meaning that will not mention development for Windows 10 and instead have them say no development on Windows 8. 4. Do the freaking math Microsoft Windows has about 90% of the when it comes to actual OS's not mobile platform OS's. So once the Enterprise users update to Windows 10 IT Managers, speaking first hand experience, they will begin to reevaluate their mobile devices platform since it would be more cost effective, increase productivity, and manage all the devices without having to pay for 3rd party software from companies to provide those solutions. Essentially it make it easier to work in one ecosystem across a verity of devices on the same platform.
    But most People and Wall Street Analysis would disagree because they only think about what is the must have device is and profits companies are making. I saw first hand how the cost of buying iPhones for all company employees and replacement's cut into our bottom line and it led to a very tight budget for the IT department.
  • Again?... The same old BS about what MS is trying again.... Lol... When it works then come wake me.. Until that you stay excited... That's you❗
  • Everybody, stand up and bow down, rodneyej is here!
  • Haha. Too bad his "wake me" is just a tease.
  • Lol.
  • I'm always here... That's the problem.. Lol.
  • I'm actually with this line of thinking though. It is a sound strategy. Whether it works or not, I don't know, but their plans for universal apps makes a lot of sense. I would be working on applications or at least have a plan in place for Windows 10 adoption if it takes off. Companies that are not even thinking about this... just ignoring Windows, are thick in the head.
  • Right. Wake up me too
  • Whose gonna wake me to wake you❓
  • Deluded!!!!!
  • Fact is Windows 10 will simply be the NEXT STEP for Enterprise desktops/laptops -- MAYBE SOME Tablets... In SEVERAL years from now. Mobility is LOCKED. Signed, Sealed and Delivered Apple Wins! - InTune may have a shot with MDM. Way too many Fortune 500 companies have spoken and made a choice. They have embraced the Apple Tax and are fine with it. You think they will pull out this FAR into it? Yes, Microsoft has purchased some great app companies that make great apps. So Microsoft can make great email experiences on iOS and Andriod. Maybe it will bleed into Outlook. Look you guys FLIP OUT and take this stuff personally. We are on the same team here, I want Microsoft to be a leader again... I just don't see it. Facts are facts. I am no stranger to being on sinking ship. I can see the rats. I was a Nokia Symbian fan.
  • Can't argue with that....
  • But you also deny that more and more apps keep coming even as a few high profile apps leave. Any major apps leaving is a bad thing for the platform, but that's only part of the story. MS is still hitting hard and bringing more apps to the store and the result is a consistent net gain. If WP sales pick up again, you'll see some of these come back. If not, this platfrom may crash and burn. Its far from over right now though.
  • Exactly..... We're beginning to see some extremely sheepish behavior in our own community... These so called fans will try to make light, and justify, anything wrong with the platform.... IMO that's detrimental to the platform.... The best thing that could happen to the platform would be for the media, and it's fans, come down hard on MS for years of failing to create awareness, and excitement, for WP by not investing in proper marketing..
  • Marketing....whatever the problem, or whatever Company doing great praise marketing. Low on cash, blame marketing while slashing their budget....sometimes you just can't win.
  • Yep... Now you're beginning to understand.
  • Jeez... Its painful being a windows phone user. All the apps I want or care about don't get updated or aren't even in the store at all.
  • It's like a religion, you just gotta believe and keep the faith...
  • No, it's not at all like a religion. It's just a freaking cell phone, not a way of life. 
  • That there... written by me earlier... is what some folks call Sarcasm!
  • At least a cell phone is real :P
  • So is a a throat punch to your god damn larynx...
  • Feels good. More please!
  • Hold on, let me grab a ball bat....ok, hold still..... chin
  • Not really... it is just technology; open you eyes and buy what feets your needs.
  • I'll be sure to "buy what feets" for my needs....smmfh
  • LMAO. SMMFH got my laughing hard.
  • That got me rollin. Good stuff.
  • One big problem is the windows store itself. I have tried to search the store for this app and could not find it. The 2014 app still works fine for the new season. Thanks to the link provided in this article, I now have it.
  • I contacted my baseball team and they gave me the name and email address of the head of MLB's mobile division. Send an email to Michael Santeramo at and let him know what you think of MLB's decision to drop the Windows Phone app!
  • Why must Windows always be dropped but not surprised at all
  • I'm done.
  • On top of this we have no NHL or NBA app. NFL is the only sport that cares about windows phone.
  • Insult to injury, remember we did have an NBA app... But no one knew it existed because it was UK only and they pulled it because of a low number of users -_-
  • At least we know the NFL apps rent going anywhere because of the partnership with Microsoft. If some of these other apps font come back/along by the end of the year imma have to make a switch which I really don't want to do. Come on Microsoft offer reach arounds if you have to but get this done.
  • I think the reason why NFL cares about WP is because of all the money they're giving them. NFL wouldn't be using Surface Pros if MS didn't strike a deal.
  • Yeah. I love my Lumia Icon, but the app situation is going from bad to worse. Can't recommend a WP to anyone unless they're a first time smart phone buyer looking for a budget phone without contract and don't care at all about apps. Anyone else is bound to hate me for suggesting it... ​
  • Yeah, I stopped recommending Windows Phone a while back. I love the metro look, but now that they're killing that in WP10, not gonna stick around after 8.1.
  • True. I love windows phone but have no confidence to recommend it at all...
  • +1 I love the platform. But you can ONLY say so many times... WELL YOU DON'T NEED THE APP... You can *insert the work around*. We can't even get a flagship!
  • Stopped saying that 6 months before I left (got the iPhone 6).
  • Yeah.  I've had three consecutive WP.  I'm on a Next 18 plan on my One M8.  By the end of 2016, I'll be somewhere else.  WP is all but dead at this point.
  • I convinced my mom to buy a 1020 and I'm always back pedaling or having to show her a "workaround" to get what she needs. It shouldn't be so hard.
  • I'm in the same boat, she always asks if I can get her an app that my step-father has on his iPhone but most of the time it has to be a 3rd-party app or a nothing at all... 
  • Its because Microsoft is generating zero buzz with their low end phone rollouts.  I have no issues with releasing low end phones but they need some high end stuff to generate at least a little buzz about the platform.  Ive been waiting 2 years to get a decent up to date 1520 like phone (first it wasnt available on my carrier, then when it was it was WAY to old).  In november if they don't have a decent 1520 like phone with the latest processors and such I probably wont ever look for another windows phone.
  • I love me a spec whore...cant pay her enough. I only say this because I agree....don't worry the nay Sayers with their budget phones will be along to say "you don't need all that horsepower for WP". ...until they play My Little Ponies and their phone locks the fuck up cause it cannot handle it.
  • Man, this really sucks. Such a lack of quality sports apps on windows phone that I still used ESPN text alerts for updates until they just shut those down too
  • Ya, I'm pissed about that too. It's bad enough that they are ending the alerts and they add to our misery by not updating their crappy ESPN apps for windows phone. Some people have the apps they need but not ms. I want ESPN streak for the cash and all the other sports related apps. I've been all windows for a long time now but I've been seriously considering making the jump to a different OS. I really don't want to though
  • Don't. I installed ESPN just so it shows one extra user. Stay strong brothers. Haha
  • After using it for a day I'll keep it. Just slow for some reason. My connection is fine, but videos are slow to load.
  • Maybe they're currently developing for the w10 version...
  • Lol
  • W10 will fix everything, it may not!!
  • Haha yeah, Windows 10 will fix everything!
  • Yeah, that's what they said about WP8
  • If they were, they would probably say so
  • An universal app.
  • We've gone from wait for windows phone 7.5 to wait for windows phone 8 to wait for windows phone 8.1 to wait for windows 10 for phones over the course of 4 years 3 months and some change now. I don't require that many apps, but the ones that are missing are annoying (medical ones and now MLB 2015). Here's hoping Windows 10 is the sweet spot,  since they're giving it away for a year.
  • I'm not really an app fiend either but sometimes I almost want to say enough.   No SiriusXm. LinkedIn is crap compared to Android version. Urban dictionary (Social Ebola version) has been abandoned. Many other apps looking like iOS/Android-no more metro/pivot style anymore. Tired of seeing services with apps advertised on TV that are ios and android only. Instagram beta forever (I use 6tag obviously). Soundhound acting wonky lately.. But despite all this I still love WP. Must be a glutton for punishment..    
  • Nope. I want this platform to succeed as much as the next guy, but Win10 isn't the savior it was once thought to be. Sadly.
  • It's not even released yet. How do you know? The buzz will decide if it is a savior or not. People follow the hype more than they do substance.
  • Wouldn't the 2015 MLB season be over before Win10 gets to the masses?
  • We went from getting it late, to getting it relatively early, to not getting it at all. Then again, MLB did have local broadcast calling the OS "Windows Mobile" last year...
  • Chase Strike One
    Bank of America Strike Two
    At Bat strike three
    You're out! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I'm not out. I have websites to get the same info from. Built in Cortana and sports info.
  • Lol, clearly there are a lot of people like you who are commenting who don't know what this app actually does.  Let me know when you can stream games in Cortana.
  • Do you even know what this app does besides showing scores??
  • That only qualifies as a humorous comment
  • Seems like you're already out.
  • Been out for over a year. As much banking and finances I can handle on Android, I'm mad at the development progress for WP. Can't say I miss it even though I do. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Can't say I blame you, although ironically the WP faithful leaving results to even less users which in turn is killing WP.
  • Your the person who uses those two banks and is the one who watches baseball?
  • I use Chase. Yes. I use quick deposit and quick pay. Yes. That's my main bank. I also used Capital One (no longer now) and SSFCU. None of which is on WP. It is what it is. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • And it's you're Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I think it's getting to the point where we as users (who are left), deserve someone from Microsoft to acknowledge this. Tell us they are going to try to work on this with the dropped app's owners/developers. This is simply getting ridiculous.
  • I've been with the platform since 2010. Samsung Focus to Lumia 920. Got a  520 and 635 for free from the Xbox Music deals. I love the phone, I can't imagine life without Cortana, word flow, or the tiles. But this whole app gap is seeming pretty real now. With the news of no MLB 2015, I'll be honest it leaves me feeling defeated/deflated. I completely agree with you that MS should address the issue. I'm not sure what they could do, they can't buy everything, they can't make an app for every service that doesn't want an app, and I mean the medical app section has been dead since day 1 (No lexicomp, uptodate, journal club, or guideline central). Let's hope Windows 10 adds in an astronomical amount of APIs and attracts developers due to MS giving it away for an entire year.
  • Universal apps won't save the platform.
  • It seems to me, the biggest problem is the lack of official apps. If we get them and the apps have quality who knows what will happen.
  • It goes much deeper than official apps. WP needs apps for local tv stations, museums, amusement parks, restaurants, thermostats, movie theaters, on and on and on.  The OS is beautiful, but not beautiful enough that it makes it worth giving up all those apps I need. 
  • I have been with the platform since the 7 release... Had a Focus, 900, 920, now on a 635. They can't but everything but they DO have pull. They have LOADS of CASH - and CASH has LOADS of pull. I'm sure its not something the right amount of money won't fix. I am starting to think these developers/companies look at Microsoft as down on thier luck and want to put the screws to them for money. I really REALLY hope they right the ship. I HATE Andriod. I guess if they finally do pull phones in terms of mobility - I would go with Apple. It's sick thinking this.
  • Let Microsoft swallow her pride and adopt the blackberry way of running android apps and we'll end this craziness of "lack of apps". Windows 10 should please address this issue.
  • How has supporting Android apps worked for BlackBerry so far?
  • WP isn't blackberry, so your argument is moot. 
  • You've missed the point of my reply, probably due to a myopic, Windows-centric point of view. In the BlackBerry community, the abiltiy to run Android apps was seen as a "magic bullet" that would somehow get more users onto the platform. So far, it hasnt worked the way BlackBerry hoped it would, and I doubt that it would work for Microsoft or Windows Phone either. To your point, WP is not BlackBerry 10, but they do have one unfortunate simlarity. Through arrogance, short-sightedness, poor decision-making and poor execution, BB10 and WP have largely become irrelevant to consumers and to developers. Yes, WP is in better shape than BB10, but how long with that last? If the angry comments here are any indication, the idea of currently available apps not being updated makes people angry, angry enough to jump ship. 
  • I don't think people left BB because of lack of apps, I think the BB design lost its appeal and people left, cos at some point in time BB had a considerable user base. My point here is that if "these angry WP users" could run these apps in any way, they may not consider jumping ship. Insist on running strictly windows, then I totally agree with you, the platform would be a desert in no long time.
  • I believe it's mostly Apple and Google teaming up and trying to kill Windows Phone because if they don't they'll be the ones hurting in the end. Once Windows 10 is launched on all devices things will turn around when these developers realize what Windows 10 will offer that Apple and Google can't.
  • I believe it's mostly Apple and Google teaming up and trying to kill Windows Phone because if they don't they'll be the ones hurting in the end. Once Windows 10 is launched on all devices things will turn around. When these developers realize what Windows 10 will offer that Apple and Google can't we'll see a big influx of apps.
  • The only thing Apple and Google are doing is ignoring Windows Phone. Nobody is "teaming up" on anybody. You're simply trying to blame WP's failure on somebody else. 
  • Got an iPhone 4 in 2010, switched to the DVP in 2011 because I had faith in the platform and it had Xbox Live. Since then, I got the Lumia 900 and 920. Since then, the platform is still struggling and lacking a lot compared to its competitors. I mean, WHAT HAPPENED TO XBOX LIVE?? It's just GONE now, a useless feature on Windows Phone. It was a huge selling point in Windows Phone, and Microsoft blew it! Same with Microsoft Office, it's better on iOS. Windows phone has no advantage over its competitors anymore. When I was with Windows Phone, all I kept hearing since then was "it will get better!". First, WP7.5 would fix everything, then WP8.0, because it fucked all the 7.5 users, and was supposed to fix everything. Then, 8.1 came out, was supposed to fix everything. Everyone who uses Windows Phones keeps WAITING AND WAITING and thinks it will get better, IT WONT! Left when the iPhone 6 came out, best decision ever. I would leave.
  • Another nail in the coffin.
  • Sad but true
  • No high end phone, No NHL, no Sirrius radio, now no MLB...  I hate to say this but if this doesn't change with Phone 10, I'll be an android user.
  • Galaxy S6 Edge
  • See you later. Cortana shows me sports news great!
  • When Cortana hits IOS and android ill welcome it with open arms.
  • Dude, your reply is not even remotely relevant to his post. Cortana displaying sports scores has nothing to do with MLB, NHL and Sirius. Time to take off the blinders. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah Google now does the same thing. You act like Cortana is the best thing in the world but other platforms have had something similar for years. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Again, do you even know what the MLB app does besides showing news? Stop thinking Cortana does everything when in fact this app does more than that. Do your research.
  • It won't change. Leave, trust me.
  • It hurts.. Ouch.
  • Perhaps I don't see it right - but an Update on three OS only for a new season seems like very bad programming. Just change the backend databases... Do it once and all apps are up to date?!?
  • This^.
  • Yup.yup.
  • This has been a problem with At Bat since they've been serving up mobile apps. It lead to massive bootlegging when you had to pay up front up. Now that they got the pay wall in-app, I'm sure there was a slight drop off.
  • I knew it honestly my Lumia 830 should be my last Windows Phone.
  • The lumia 920 was my last, i switched cuz of the app-gap :(
  • The App Gap and the Market share is getting to me back then none of that really mattered to me. Just waiting for the next stupid thing to tick me off.
  • My last WP no high end devices nothing from Microsoft its just the same old coming soon.well I'm not waiting anymore
  • Oh ffs, give me a break
  • It honestly feels like any momentum and progress the platform had made with apps is being reversed.
  • Agreed!
  • Yeah, when I jumped into the Windows Phone world in May 2013, things were looking promising. They've seemingly reversed course. This does not bode well. I am nervous about the future.
  • Same here
  • Took us forever to get Angry Birds.
  • I look forward to Clash of Clans on WP next year, it will be great. 
  • The future? There is no future for WP. WP is dead. It has NO advantage over its competitors. The only reason many of you guys still use it is because you love Microsoft and are loyal, and/or heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • I guess Microsoft has stopped paying developers maybe.
  • This happened last season.
  • No it didn't, last season we got an updated At Bat at the end of spring training. The previous season we didn't get an update until near the all star break.
  • Keeping my 1520 until W10 to see how app situation plays out. If it gets worse, it will be time to switch...unfortunately.
  • I agree I spend so much time defending windows phone but the situation is getting worse and worse... I will be pissed if I have to switch to android
  • I feel ya i was doing the same thing, but now i might buy an iPhone...
  • I agree. Time to start looking elsewhere.
  • It only gets worse when you switch. Let them know that you want the app. Sucks, but the only reason they aren't making it is because we aren't using the apps we do have. Get to it. I use Bank of America every day to check my balance. I use the app and I send feedback through the app every now and then. It's still active in the store but was supposed to be removed March 1st I believe. Anyway, just keep using them, send feedback occasionally and if they leave, they leave. Just be sure to get all the apps you are concerned about on W10 once it drops. If you don't then you're sending the same message as if you left the platform.  
  • YES.  I think "some" of the doomsday commentors don't really want any improvement.  They want to complain and rarely do they say that  they have personally done anything to help the situation.  Some of them, when called out will stubbernly say, you shouldn't have to do anything.  Take action, if you really care.  One of the first posts gave the MLB comment form.  I wrote to support windows phone and so far, I have one other friend writing too.  Writing to the proper authority and commenting does no harm, and it may do some good.  Especially if more people would take action and really participate instead of wringing their hands and complaing. Just my thoughts. (and actions!) Best Wishes
  • It was always an awful app to begin with
  • Yes it was. It used data in the background like crazy, disabling background made it even crappier.
  • There is always one
  • Bad app is better than no app. It's a great app on other platforms. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Why do people who want to leave the platform feel like they owe a duty to inform the world of their choice? If u want to leave please do!!
    No one cares not even Microsoft
  • Your wrong Microsoft mobile care if they dont then Microsoft is stupid, selling phone its a part of making money, if every apps get down like all those apps we have already lost until now nobody will buy a WP... What is the utility to have a smartphone who can just do Call, SMS, GPS and taking some pictures??? Windows 10/WP 10 won't fix anything.... I dont know what is wrong with Microsoft but they are not in a good way to keep his fan, they put Here map on android and IOS for free, they want to put Cortana for android and ios too, everything's who can help wp to get more fan is going free to others competitor !! WTF ??
  • Read your comment again
    Then ask yourself this question
    Does Microsoft care about its mobile division?
    The answer is in your comment
  • Well at this point i guess not, you are right i have the answer in my own comment!! But why Microsoft is still going on with WP10 if they don't care about losing their customers and potential buyers ??
  • Is there one Microsoft /WP app that is still unique to our platform?
  • All Lumia apps, for now we still have Cortana !!
  • Might be a good time to buy stock in Samsung.
  • Agrees.. Ppl keep thinking The others Will care about.. Or they are trying to receive some attention (that they doesn't have in their rl)
  • Why would it be problematic for someone to be a voice of dissent, when no one complains about those typing praise? We all are invested in the windows ecosystem. The "Complaints" are reassuring for me, knowing others have similar sentiments about the loss of apps.
  • Well said Chuck. 
  • Probably because they feel so emotionally invested in WP. They've supported it for years and rationalized staying on the platform, and now they can no longer rationalize it. So they look to release their attachment to it by finally voicing how they feel, thus allowing them to get rid of some baggage and stop rationalizing.
  • I'm hoping this is because they along with bank of America and chase are planning windows 10 apps
  • That seems unlikely. I imagine it's easy to port an app from WP8 to Windows 10, so why kill off your apps months before Windows 10 launches? Doesn't make sense.
  • That doesn't mean pull your app from the store or stop developing it. That means update it with universal capabilities
  • Nothing coming from Bank of America, rest assured
  • The industry don't want a third player in the game sad but true .
  • We need MLB and NHL apps. This is ridiculous. The fact that companies don't get that they can build a universal app for windows for all devices is ridiculous.
  • Or perhaps it's down to the devs... working at / or contracted by the company.
  • It's not even the devs, it's businesses who don't want to waste resources on a WP app, even if they already have c# devs on staff (hello chase bank)
  • Why do you think companies "don't get it?" The windows store on desktop isn't all that trafficked, either. Tablet and pc users can simply use the browser. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Flash Sports will let you watch pretty much ANY sports event for free.   Check out "Flash Sports" for Windows Phone
  • Cool app and usefull......
  • Wow, where has that app been. The ratings on Flash Sports are bananas.  Thanks for the heads up Andy Osteen.  AtBat, kick rocks.
  • "Flash Sports will let you watch pretty much ANY sports event for free." For free and illegally, that is.
  • The end is near...
  • Glad I cancelled my subscription earlier this month..
  • sorry for at bat....
  • Been a Windows Phone user since the early Windows 7 days, no more of this. Here I come Note 4
  • We don't need weak soldiers here anyway. Step off.
  • Haha so windows phone users are soldiers now? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I knew some wouldn't comprehend the comment. You're excused.
  • I've had the LG G3 since August and frankly it is awesome. Especially with lollipop and Aviate launcher. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Honestly Microsoft should just allow android apps strip them of their Android dependencies replace them with windows counterparts. Wrap them up in a nice windows ui bow, the perks of this compared to blackberry would be that we will have universal apps for them and a bigger market to push for
  • Android apps isn't the answer. That would be the final death knell.
  • agreed with that...
  • The last thing I want are Android apps.
  • Windows Infinity
  • They raised the price this season too. While iOS has an updated app, the rating is poor due to the cost.
  • Cortana shows me news I want to follow and sports teams. Not sure what the issue is here.
  • The issue is that you can listen to your teams broadcast (when I'm working out) using your phone.
  • In Minneapolis, most of the Twins games are broadcast on local FM Radio.  We just listen on our Windows Phones using FM radio.
  • Depends. In the UK I rely on MLB.TV for my fix. If I can't use this app for that, it's an issue.
  • So what's happens when Cortana his the other OS's? Which she will. And I bet sooner rather than later.
  • Lol. Do some research on what the MLB app actually does. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Re: CyclingNut, May I ask, what are you trying to say?
  • The MLB At Bat app includes radio broadcasts of every game, and if you subscribe to you can stream television broadcasts as well. Also includes extensive highlights and video clips. It's a great app that does more than scores and alerts. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • This is why developers don't code for us. Cause we don't bother to check out their wares when they are made available. Give them a try. If it doesn't offer anything for you, then delete it. But the attitude that you simply have no use for it justifies their (and through word of mouth, other developer's) decision to not update or in the case of those other developers, not write for Windows at all.  
  • Think is time to hack my 1520 n try to put the Droid on
  • Wat M8?
  • And the biggest laugh is they vent here and not directly to Microsoft or the entities that choose not to develop for windowsphone. Stop supporting the businesses that don't support you instead of fussing about it
  • Exactly, baseball is boring anyway everytime I watch a game I fall asleep.
  • No, it's not boring, it's actually better if you play it too...
  • Agree with eric12341
  • RE: captblaze: Agreed.  Let MLB know how you feel and ask them to support their fans on Windows Phone.  Take the time to let them know.  It will do no harm and may do some good. Best Wishes.
  • No, this is backwards! Support them and if they take it away then of course no longer use it. The way you said it, they won't bother because through word of mouth we all ignore them. Then they say "there is no demand". Then other developers hear that and say, "Well MLB couldn't find an audience, why should we waste our time?"
  • Do I sell or stay. Nokia Lumia 930. UK. Or jump back to iphone
  • Had the same problem 2 months ago, so i took the One m7....
  • Sell. I was originally an iPhone user with the iPhone 4, then switched to the dvp, then 900, then 920. Waited FOREVER for a true successor, and it never came. Got the iPhone 6 on launch day, never looked back. In fact, ever since the iPhone 6 came out, MANY people that I know who had WP's also left, and people on this site and other sites, including Tom Warren. Trust me :)
  • Up to you. Really I would first see if there is anything specifically you want on iOS that's not on Windows Phone. Most of everything WP has. WP is in a saddish state, and I am hoping it's going to get better. I have several phones and switch between them and I have always favored WP but I switch between them now and then for my job. What I would do is get the IPhone, use both, use the one you favor the most and keep the other as a backup. Or sell it...
  • Wow, what happened to thinking positive?
  • Honestly I think we'll see a WP app by the time the season starts or soon after. It's been late before - I think it didn't launch until June during the 2013 season. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • This is nuts
  • I understand people being upset about this, but can't you get ask the same info from Cortana? If so, then what's the problem? I still don't get all the complaining about no new high end phone. It has been repeated over and over and over and over that a 1520 successor will come with W10. I'm honestly surprised that we're getting anything at all (the 640 and 640xl) before then. Although I am with those of you who are fed up and considering jumping to another platform. I'm not real big on apps but the few that I want -- local stores, SiriusXM, my bank, etc -- aren't there. I love WP. I think it is by far the best platform and has the most potential, but if no one is going to do anything with it, then what's the point? If W10 doesn't turn things around, I'm done.
  • The MLB At Bat app lets you listen to live audio of games, and watch live video of games. It's the only way to do that on your phone if you pay for MLB.TV.
  • Where's the supporting info for this story? Every year MLB has released apps for Android and iPhone first, then the Windows Phone version comes along at or after Opening Day. I think the 2014 app came out in late April. Just because it's not on the page doesn't mean it's not coming.
  • Just got an email reply from MLB saying that they won't support Windows Phone for 2015. Fuck them. The Red Sox just handed the commissioner $31 million for nothing in the Moncada deal and they can't spend a couple hundred thousand on a few developers?
  • Fuck baseball. Why watch other people play a game and get rich while you're still trying to figure out how to pay a bill. Fuck all that bullshit. Let MLB take a walk. Support those that support you.
  • That applies to every game in the world then? Screwing MLB is neither an option nor a solution
  • " Support those that support you." Guess what Director4u2c...? They feel the same. Since we don't use their app, they won't continue to support us. So use the app. Read the news headlines, close the app. I do it following my favorite team. I don't pay extra for the other stuff, but that doesn't matter. What you say just goes to kill the platform. I used to feel the same but no longer. We have to show demand. I believe that the shift to universal apps will make a difference since the market there is simply too large to ignore, but we have to use the applications to justify them coding them.
  • I'm not struggling to pay my bills, just want to watch baseball.
  • Windows central,Daniel its time for giving those app n reviews article a break coz its time for a morale boosting article for we the wp lovers..this definitely hurts.And from now even if someone drops support don't notify us coz that will hurt even more.. #heartbroken
  • That's true, somehow....
  • Ignorance ain't always bliss
  • Asking Daniel to only post sunshine and lollipop news here is fucking retarded. If you're that sensitive, stop reading. 
  • I'm a European windows phone user, and I don't see any problem with app availability. Both my banks have official apps. On the rare occasion that a retailer does not have a WP app, using the website instead works fine. There are plenty of third party apps to choose from too. I think Windows phone is doing just fine, the app store is growing overall you know.
  • It's somehow different in Europe...
  • I agree with you Europeans.
    But here Stateside it matters alot because lol Baseball US pastime.
  • My UK bank took a while to get an app, but now it has, I am elated with it. Quite simply the most useful app on my phone. There are missing apps though. I know developers tend not to write WP apps, but surely they write W8 & 10 apps for the PC? I can't believe they ignore the PC platform, so surely we will pick up some universal apps that way. Is there an MLB app for Windows?
  • I am in Europe and my bank doesn't have an app for windows phone. Also other local apps are missing.
  • I am in Europe and my bank does have an app for windows phone. You want a poll?
  • Same here. Looks to be an US only thing.
  • At this point, adding Android apps might save the os.
  • This is a really hard disicion for Microsoft..
  • I'm starting to think that too. I was totally against it they should just pull the plug instead.
  • After all, that really helped pull Blackberry out of the hole they were in, right?
  • Yeah this is bad. Been with Windows Phone since 7...and a huge baseball fan. A few years ago, they didn't update the app until August, which was downright insulting, but now they're just kicking the platform to the curb. The only way I can speak with my wallet is to not renew this season for the browser-based access... If I didn't despise Apple and distrust Google so much, this is what would make me I don't know what to do. I just don't want to use the platforms this works on. Beginning to feel like a fool for sticking with Windows Phone on pride alone...
  • Idk lol I'm the same way with Apple and Google.
    But I'll go with *grinds teeth* Google.
    Apple don't want to because of my coworkers majority iPhone and everything Apple users.
  • If you worry that much about what your coworkers use, you've got issues. 
  • I'll probably do but regardless I'm sticking til then.
  • ❤Love my 1520 best phone I've had... its paid has Iphone6 Plus, could get a iPhone I just don want one... Probably could get used to it but don't like is the OS. I'm not a fan of android, I had Notes 2 and 3... I'm fortunate to where I can afford any phone or laptop I want... Just bought a dell XPS touch screen I5 laptop for work. I'm hanging with Wphone to wait and use and experience full functionality with Wp and Windows 10 working together, etc. and hoping the eco system/app unification launches and makes the windows system relevant to developers...and for all us loyal users. We shall see....
  • Don't know if you're trolling.
    But funny how it's just phones but don't have that hope like you do anymore.
  • Again. In public via twitter and facebook. Publicly chastise them and make them feel stupid and bad for their decision. That's the way to change their stance.
  • I did too Brett this fn blows
  • Just did MLB and Windows
  • Extremely disappointed to find this out AFTER renewing my subscription.
  • This is me, exactly.  Both my banks stopped supporting their apps, Bank of America and Chase, Snapchat locked all accounts using third party apps... and now after paying for years of MLB.TV, including already paying for MLB.TV Premium this year... no more At Bat support.   What. The. Fuck.
  • Apps are overrated! I switched to mobile websites, in most cases existing apps are slower and give you not the same data as the mobile website. With more websites html5 ready there will be less need for apps. If you think about it, apps are a really a pretty inefficiënt way of accessing data that is already available through a mobile website.
  • This is true... OF Windows Phone apps.. Especially the junk ones companies/devs toss together to just say they have it. This is NOT the case on other platforms. I am not trying to troll - being honest. Sometimes APPs are King. Perfect example - Starbucks App. Starbuck's website BLOWS - regular and mobile. The APP makes it so much easier/faster to reload the card. I still use the plastic card in the store. Banking is the same way. The mobile websites in some instances do not work well - OR AT ALL. One of my credit card's have IE Mobile blocked totally.
  • Can we have an article on what we should do to incite some support targeted...? Can we at least have a universal hashtag that we all use to reach out to the companies that are leaving us. #cometowindows #dontleavewindows #imapersonandiusewindows
  • The good news (Minion Rush, BofA, etc.) just keeps coming for Windows Phone.
  • Ummmm. They just dropped updates for minion.
  • That's what he meant, he was being sarcastic.
  • And blind fanboys claim 2.7% market share and falling is nothing to worry about......
  • It's bad enough not having an app available on WP, but it definitely feels a lot worse when an app comes to the phone and then the developer stops supporting it.
  • I'm desperate trying to get rid of my icon. Windows phone is slowly, but surely dying. Windows 10 isn't going to save it. Gave Aul and Belfiore just aren't the people with the awe inspiring minds that Microsoft needs. I can't wait to get back to android.
  • Send it to me
  • Send me $300
  • Didnt they say this last year too but eventually updated it?
  • Not really. It was 2013 when an At Bat app wasn't even released until August. But in 2014 they announced in February that the 2014 app would be available in March, and it was.
  • Oh okay. Thanka for clearing that up
  • This marks the end of WP for me. How many apps are going to leave this platform? If MLB with unlimted resources is not going to support it then why would smaller compaies? As sad as it will make me I will not be buying another WP in the furture
  • Love my 1520 but I'm outta here when my contract is up in 2016.
    I was looking forward to my phone, tablet, and Xbox playing together but Windows Phone is dead, MS stopped support of my RT, and I'll probably get PS4 next week instead of the Xbox One I was going to buy.
    And don't even get me started on the Band. Does MS even know what they're doing with that thing?
  • I own PS4 and Xbox one. I like the One better, but honestly, both have weak game libraries. My 360, PS3 and Wii U get way more play. Also: RT support hasn't ended. It'll get some variant of Windows 10. That said, you can't possibly have expected support to last forever. As much as I agree Microsoft is taking way too long to get their shit together, it's clearly starting to gel. That said, I still think Windows 10 is a step in the wrong direction.
  • I'm wondering if they actuly said they were not updating the app for windows phone? because the last 2 years they had released the windows phone app right around the start of the season of even a few weeks later ? I don't see anything on the website stating that they will not be updating the App? I do know I'm sure MLB would like some of the cash MS has thrown at the NFL but I don't think that is going to happen for them  
  • I've sent two emails asking them for updates. They said Win Phone will not be supported for 2015
  • Meh. Just ask Cortana for scores. Faster than an app anyway.
  • As has been said many times in the comments above, that is not at all what the app is limited to doing.
  • this fucking blows, no other word for it, more and more, i am thinking about moving to another platform. i love wp but, bank of america, sftcard and now this ? It never ends with WP does it ? I can only do this for so long...
  • Well fuck you too
  • I don't know what's going on but when I was in Best Buy today the shoppers were all in the Windows computer section buying laptops and desktops so the Windows market is alive and well.
  • They show on their website that they made the app available for the Amazon Fire Phone?!  Seriously?  If they release it for Amazon, they have to release it for Windows Phone.  Where is the proof that MLB actually says they aren't making the app for Windows Phone?
  • This is an example of an organization sticking it directly to Microsoft, in protest. Microsoft is slow and developers are losing patience. Both Android and Apple come out with new versions of their OS, along with flagship devices EVERY SINGLE YEAR... AT THE SAME TIME OF YEAR. Microsoft strings people, and developers, along for years, always with the promise of it being better the next time. Only for it to fail miserably again and again.
  • The Fire Phone app is an Android port.  It may even be the exact same app, since the features and styling (Material Design) are exactly the same.
  • HAHAHAHA...The Windows mobile platform is so irrelevant that it's beyond comprehension.  
  • Major irony - I was just on the website (mobile) and saw a Microsoft ad for a Lumia 635. Microsoft should step in and pay for the app development.
  • Well, screw them. I won't be buying MLB.TV or R.B.I. Baseball 15 this year, regardless of game quality (though last year's game was total trash, and I expected to pass on this year's because of the likelihood it would also be terrible).   I love baseball over any other sport, but I'm not going to pay them to not offer me services.
  • Microsoft the other day did mention about allowing websites to be port and turn in to apps with the new sdk and api wrap that made it function just like regular apps, and those websites route to Azure so it fast to load. It kind of web
  • Web app on steroids.
  • WP in the U.S. is dead. MSFT is better off concentrating on the rest of the world.
  • I don't see alot of wph commercial on tv here in the us I can't do without my l1520 I know its better but when the masses see Android n iPhone on tv all the time what do u expect them to buy win10 will do alot but will it be too late
  • I've often thought Microsoft needed to do a better job of marketing the phones and the OS. When you look at sales circulars for Best Buy, Fry's and others, they may have one or two whole pages of Android phones plus a page for Apple stuff with one WP shunted off to the side somewhere. I also feel Microsoft should make a fuss when a company that has a WP app along with Android and Apple but doesn't mention it or have the WP Store iconography in the ad. I also feel like they should take a page from the Apple playbook (especially since they now own the Nokia D&S division) and when they announce a phone, have it available within two weeks of the announcement.
  • It sure didn't stop them from automatically renewing my subscription. There has to be some recourse for taking payment and not providing service.
  • The hits keep on coming. WP is dying and unless W10 is a miracle the death will be complete soon. The worst part for me is that I despise iOS and Android. I don't know what I'll do.
  • Blackberry, Tizen, Amazon Fire Phone, Sailfish, Firefox, or maybe Ubuntu? Have fun with them?  
  • We are the 3%!!
  • 2.7%
  • I don't care what any of you say, this is just more reason for me to stubbornly hold out. I will not let cheap, lazy companies think if they just ignore us we'll go away. I won't switch devices, and I won't stop publically calling them out for being full of shit. There is no reason at all for a major sports league like this with tons of money to not support ALL of its fans.
  • Re: KeegdnaB42,
    Very well said. I agree. My decision is made.
    Best Wishes.
  • Sadly, I'm forced to keep an old iPhone lying around for apps like MLB and Nikon camera control. I never use it as a phone, but toss it in my luggage when I travel. MLB is much better on my Lumia 1520.
  • Same here. My wife's old iPhone 4 for banking apps not on WP.
  • Galaxy S6 will be out soon. Guess it's time. I wanted to love you Microsoft.... but you didn't love me back.
  • The writing should have been on the wall when the "Big Announcement" over a year ago was Instagram...and well it's now pretty much a 1970's lime green pinto in someone's front yard propped up on cinder blocks. Last year it was both IG and AB that kept me on windows. When I was up for a new phone, I almost got the 1520. I have big hands and it was perfect. I have a pal at MLBAM who told me it didn't look good for this year, so I abandoned this platform for reasons why others said. I got sick of having to go 3rd party apps. I got sick of paying for these 3rd party apps that I paid for that were pulled and I was out the money. Sure you say 99 cents is no big deal, but it adds up. There is nothing wrong with WP, I miss it. I'm a guy and as guys we like visuals. I miss the ties. But I have moved on. All 4 platforms have issues. The only issue here is the lack of APP support. It sucks, but life does that sometimes.
  • Pretty soon all the major apps wont be updated for this phone anymore
  • Fine. I won't watch as much baseball this year then nor buy any of the products baseball brings every year.  AtBat, kick rocks.
  • The app store for WP has always been its Achilles heal, everyone knows that going in. The OS is by far the easiest and most efficient, and it's improved tremendously in the last 12 months. I believe we're at least 24 months away from any significant turnaround. When Windows 10 launches it will take time for developers to respond to changes in the market, if any occur. Hopefully, Windows 10's universal app model that extends across all devices, including Xbox, will shake things up in Microsoft's favor.
  • Hearing news like this is always disappointing because it not only drives consumers away but also developers
  • I guess we all know now what a 3rd Party candidate feels like in a 2-Party system, huh? You say you want a revolution? Well, you know. We all wanna' change the world. The answer is, the simplest one. As Mr. Wonderful or Lyle Lovett would say, it's "M-O-N-E-Y". Subsidize development for these giant companies like Chase, BOA, and even MLB. Who cares that they ask have enough money... You do too! Give them so much money to bring apps, keep apps updated, and keep new versions coming that there is a significant "pain" if they decide to attempt to delist their app. Then, pay for it all in the arena where you are king... Software and Cloud licensing. Chase uses your software, BOA does, and MLB does as well. Jack up Enterprise licensing fees because with your commanding market share, YOU CAN. Talk to Apple about how to ethically justify this large margin when you have controlling market share. Then, on the flip side, GIVE AWAY software licenses, cloud licenses, and flagship mobile devices to app developers (and Microsoft business partners, and your own employees!). You want your devices in the hands of as many people as possible! Guess what will happen? Soon, when your mobile platform and store grows exponentially, companies will feel naked if they don't have a Windows Phone app (Windows 10 at that point). It will cost a LOT of "potential revenue", but that was Balmer-thinking. During that era, I brought my Lumia 1020 to a Microsoft workshop for Office 365 and of 10 Microsoft employees and 15 fellow Microsoft Partners-- I was the ONLY ONE with Windows Phone. Seriously? Seriously. Sadly. The rest iPhone and 4 Droids. Not kidding. To catch up, you MUST spend and GIVE. Your employees and partners MUST carry Windows Phone. They will only do so if you get the app developers and big companies on board! (Hey, that box below my feet reads "S-O-A-P".)
  • Agree, but we have the 3 stooges as ceo, Nadella, elop and Belfiore
    I just start to laugh when i see them
    Belfiore and elop are Stan and olio :D
  • Yes, you have something there with the lack of a true "front man" for the platform. None of the three you mentioned have the ability to grab an audience and hold their attention. Just reference the Windows 10 announce video to see the press typing away with indifference, not making comments, applauding, or otherwise engaging at all.
  • I don't see how W10 will fix the app gap, PCs have full fledged browsers so you don't need an app there and seems unlikely that people will devote resources to making apps essentially just for windows phone users
  • They don't. In Win 10, all the services apps will be very in expensive to develops or up keep. Because all they need is the wrappers like One Drive app, all the content or core app are being run and host in cloud. Think as Web apps but more advance and enhance by Spartan Browse Wrapper.
  • In win 10 the apps that need develops and features adding update are the apps workable off-line like games apps, all other apps like services apps and communication app which required on line connection, don't need to constantly update to add features. It only do at the Backen to update features. You don't need to update your store apps all the time.
    Plus all you need is 8 or 16 gig storage phone will be plenty, unless you have alot of games app on your phone.
  • People with PCs and tablets running Windows 10 have a browser and can already access these other services through that browser, there is no incentive to make an app when you will be making it to get the windows phone market share.
  • Small tablets all the way up to the Surface need apps for when you don't want to use the mouse or trackpad. I know I sure as hell use them over the browser any day, as long as they are complete.
  • That stinks!
  • Haven't you folks figured out yet that it's going to take a CEO with a real set of balls to make the Windows phone platform a "needed" platform to the consumers. He is the one who has to be able to convince the shareholders they have to demand more for Windows from those who use it.... and it won't be a easy sell neither. Right now they are letting the platform die a slow death and giving away the store to get their services on as many devices as they can. To reverse this trend it is going to take a change in leadership. They don't want to upset their enterprise users and they are going to have to do just this to leverage Windows phone. Windows 10 isn't going to change this trend only make it worse than it is now. Cry me a river if you want but then build me bridge to get over it... Posted from my HTC M8
  • Yes, i agree me too Nadella, elop and Belfiore go home!
    You are creating only troubles
  • Do the Seattle Mariners owners know that a lot of their fans and season ticket holders and their families will not be able to watch live games on their company provided phones. If not somebody should tell them.
  • Seriously, Microsoft needs to contract with all these corporations than quite likely use Windows software and services a discount for making and supporting official apps for their platform. Make it worth while for them to support Windows devices.
  • Yes, but it seems MS don't care
  • But what the f..k is doing MS in his own homeland?
    It seems a sinking ship, but of Course it's not
    Wp has millions of users, why they ignore it?
    My guess is that wp is used mostly by business users, so no apps download, no games etc..
    Just mail, office, meteo, vpn and stop..
  • No, WP is not used mostly by buisiness users. 
  • Exactly. Was looking for a Cisco VPN app to connect to work servers last week. Of course it's on iOS/Android but not WP. Just brutal app support.
  • So this not explain my guess is ms suing everyone like kyocera or Samsung?
  • Working on another Lumia 500 series phone exclusive to inmates at a prison work camp in Tonga.
  • Let me see here you need a software update? Maybe I am too old and is stupid, but shouldn't this be data driven? In all my years of working in the industry I have never seen an application requiring a software update for a new year, this may very well explain why apps cannot be written for Windows Phones, the so called developers hired to write iOS and Android apps are complete morons, this is like Y2K all over again.
  • You simply do not understand how this particular app works. Maybe you should download it and see?
  • I can't believe I am saying this, but I have been a Windows mobile/phone user since the HP Jornada, and I am just today starting to consider switching to the iPhone. I still love the Windows Phone UI, but there are just so many apps and accessories available for the iPhone that aren't available for Windows Phone, I just don't know how much longer I can stick with Windows Phone.
  • Windows phone app system is awful
  • STRIKE 3!
  • Well, I'm at least able to stream using my Playon TV app.  This is a crappy work around but at least it something.  The least MLB could do is offer some type of html5 radio player or something.
  • Great.
  • Either everybody - including Microsoft - are waiting for Windows 10, or everybody - including Microsoft - have left the idea of a Windows Phone for dead. Based on how vigorously MS is supporting iOS & Android and pushing Windows 10 on PC, I'd say the latter.
  • Submitted a content about their lack of support.
  • I have already written, commented and complained to MLB. They delayed Windows last year until the season started. I have had a subscription since year 1 when MLB was supported through MSN. I guess they have forgotten that MSN was Microsoft, hint Windows. I am not buying a different OS phone, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to stomach all of the defectors. Where's our Microsoft support? We need lovers of Windows Phones with cojones to bitch at the defectors. BofA recently texted me to keep using their app and watch for some news. Not holding my breath, yet...
  • That's good though. I use the bofa app also
  • I know this has nothing to do with the page but on there is a partition for Snapchat on windows phone if we can get that to 25,000 we might get a reply from Snapchat as of when they start making a app for us, thank you please sign it we need as many as possible WE NEED SNAPCHAT
  • I think it's time Microsoft takes the plan to allow Android apps to run on Windows Phone out of the drawer. I think Microsoft just took entirely too long to get to the single code base of all devices with Windows 10. It is possible that companies stopped making and updating their apps in preparation for Windows 10 and the ability to write once an publish across all Windows platforms. I'm not entirely convinced as more companies turn to browser based support. It'll be interesting to see if apps comeback after Windows 10 or not. If they don't I think the writing is on the wall for Windows on phones which is a shame because it is a great platform. 
  • Relax people, Win10 will cure AIDS.
  • I think it's a bunch of crap, Not being able too watch MLB on my phone WTF. What did the Windows phone community do to the MLB. I guess I'll just watch it on my surface pro 3. ​ ​
  • If there is an app there is the modern one to send the message.
  • I never said don't intend on using it. I replied to the guy that said this really sucks. I also said download it "if you no longer have it".
    I know usage counts, but everyone is like "I'm out of here" and "I'm done!". Why not actually download and use the app if it breaks your Windows phone experience that much? Delete out later refers to if it sucks and you just don't like it. Over downloaded Urbanspoon in the past but didn't like it during all its iPhone hype years ago and then removed it within a week. That's not false downloads, I tried it then moved on.
    Also, there is that service FreePrints that pulled their app plans until the WP community spoke up. Here's the cool part: I had never heard of it and now my fiancee and I both use the app (she has an iPhone). We had never heard of it til that moment and now we have both become customers. I used MLB for news until the baseball season ended, forgot about it, and now that I see this I'm redownloading it and using it again. I want my vote counted and if anyone is reading the article perhaps there is a chance they are like me or possibly never heard of it but want to try it. Where are you getting that this is falsifying download numbers?
    Context is important. I appreciate your comment... I just feel it's misplaced.
  • For everyone saying that we need these apps, then get into the store and download it. If you have no intention of using it, then don't. But download it and try it out if you feel you need it. Lamenting here does nothing.
  • At least we're getting RBI Baseball 2015 for Windows. (and the Xbox One)
  • As a premium subscriber to this is highly disappointing considering the fact they tout the fact that you can use the service on "over 400 devices." This is so ridiculous. I don't even see the app in my store any more!
  • Has there been anything official saying there will be no app?  They did not list the app on their site last year either.  Then it came out later in March. I have emailed them a couple of times and am waiting to hear for sure.    
  • I just got a reply. They said no support for WP8 for 2015.
  • As Ron Burgundy might say, this app drain issue is really's getting out of hand fast. I have primarily used a Lumia 928 for the last fourteen months with occasional use of Android, and it is clear which way WP is going versus the competition. At Bat has always been a favorite and I purchase a premium subscription via annually. Now, that subscription will be useless on the 928. Plex is another mainstay. While the version of that app installed on my phone still works, I and many other users cannot update to the latest version because of WP Store issues that MS refuses to own up to. Bank of America--one of the biggest financial institutions on the planet, where I happen to keep my money--has abandoned development, instead directing customers to use IE for online banking. But it doesn't work via the browser. Sling TV is another subscription I've picked up and am app for WP and I can just about guarantee there never will be one. I'm not going to stop doing business with all these outfits because they refuse to develop for the platform I've chosen. It's finally time to accept the fact I made a poor decision buying the 928 two Januarys ago and move on. I really, really want to support a third-option phone OS, and from a hardware standpoint the 928 still rocks nearly two years after its introduction...but to continue doing so would be depriving myself of additional value the top two platforms provide with their versions of the apps which are either hindered by or altogether absent from WP. I may take another look at MS mobile once 10 for phones is official and app development ramps up, but for now I just can't keep compromising.
  • I agree with you. However, I do believe there are more positive than negatives. We have five windows phones in our family and they were all bought off contract, and they were all relatively inexpensive. They all run extremely well and are more reliable than any phones ws ever owned. IPhones, HTC Android phones etc.. I keep a 99.00 galaxy tab 4 and tether it to my phone whenever there is an app that I really need. Believe me, this is not ideal, but it works. The more people that jump ship, the worse it will be. I really hope windows 10 fixes things. For now, I can deal with it.
  • The last update to the app was November 14 2014.  Ver 2,2,0.3  Isn't that odd?  In November 2014.  Not even 4 complete months ago? Reviews rate it at 2.9 out of 5.  Some unhappy comments. Interesting. Best Wishes.
  • I am not a big app guy and the lack of apps don't bother me. They have what I need and like. This however kind of irks me. When I first switched to WP they didn't have At Bat. They did have some other baseball apps that I just didn't like. I was ecstatic when At Bat first showed up. For them to not update it now kind of sucks ass. I won't leave WP over it but it is rather disheartening. I hope they do decide to update it if they get enough feedback about it. 
  • That sucks butt
  • I'd advise everyone to download the app, even if you dont use it just so we get our numbers up its prolly wont change anything, but its worth a try delete it after a few days I do that with alot of apps, just so they see downloads ally bank, progressive, Dish  etc
  • Their more junk phone variants than users strategy is working out swimmingly!
  • There is a lot of frustration being directed at mlb, but this is really all microsofts fault.
  • Lol no its not. MLB updated the iOS app and Android app as well. If they didn't update the Android app would that be Google's fault?No clearly they made this decision on their own. Microsoft shouldn't have to babysit these developers in order to satisfy their users. These developers should just get off their lazy azz and do the right thing. At least I can say they still have an app for WP.
  • MS failed to significantly increase market share over the past 2 years, something that is certainly going to impact a developers decision to make an app.  Blame it on any specific reason you want, but MS has failed for a multtude of reasons and the buck stops there.
  • Seriously. These type of updates should be taken care of at the backend. After carriers, lazy and stupid developers are Microsoft's biggest problem... Actually. Useless developers is probably a bigger problem. They obviously have to much "power" in organizational strategic decisions.
  • Sadly these stores will become more frequent in the months ahead. WP is circling the drain. I'm not saying it will go away entirely, as it will be propped up at the low end, but its days as a viable platform are numbered. As promising as W10 is on paper it wont be able to right the ship.
  • I just got a reply from MLB. They explicitly state no support for WP8 for 2015. They did not say no support for WP which makes me hope they will support WP10.
  • Maybe they are saving their effort on this for a universal app instead of a proprietary one for the phone.
  • This is asinine! MLB is foolish to alienate users of a device that are, on average, wealthier and predominately business executives and owners. The only thing that will get MLB's attention is to cancel your subscription (which I did) and email them at and CC your local team.
  • I contacted my baseball team and they gave me the name and email address of the head of MLB's mobile division. Send an email to Michael Santeramo at and let him know what you think of MLB's decision to drop the Windows Phone app!