Momento+ photo app for Windows Phone is now free for a limited time

The developer behind the well-reviewed Momento and Momento+ camera apps for Windows Phone devices has announced that the 99 cent Momento+ app will now be free to download for a limited time to celebrate the app's first anniversary. The app will remain free until the end of Sunday, January 4.

Momento+ has a number of features that are not included in the regular Momento app. Here's a brief breakdown:

Users may add different details that depict the situation of a particular moment. Momento+ also supports two new categories of moments: Weather and Magazine to complement the previous categories offed by Momento. Users will also find various filter effects, frames, and even stickers that they can add to their captured moments. Photos that have been edited can be saved to users' mobile phones or OneDrive, which later enables them to be sent through various social media networks. Currently, Momento already supports 11 languages including English, Indonesian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazil, Russian, French, Italian, German, and Mandarin.

QR: Momento+

John Callaham
  • Lol that is not possible mate! Need 8xx chipset! And app is not free! Still costs 0.99
  • Just downloaded for free. Lumia 620
  • Just got it for my 1520 that kicks the shit out of every other phone. I feel better now.
  • I want fast Lumia camera for my 1020 , please...... :(
  • me too but I find using Microsoft default camera app, it starts very quickly, so that's what I use when I need the camera to start up quickly.. besides that I use Lumia camera and hope to get enhancements too
  • Try Camera360 Sight...very fast!!!
  • It will be there soon
  • It's not free. Not yet, at least.
  • It's free for me in the UK
  • It became free. I checked later. :)
  • Mine keeps saying the item is no longer available when I try to download it
  • I was thinking to buy this app. Great
  • No it is free . At least for some phones like 525,520,730,735 and many more
  • Free for me L925 (India) thanks windows central (y)
  • Just down loaded free no problem.
  • For my L520 it's available and free
  • It's free for me. Gracias.
  • No 2Gb RAM support ... Not Free ..
  • I think you have to change the region to US
  • Haha thnx buddy.. But I knew it takes time to get free for everyone.
  • What do you mean by no 2GB RAM support? It works fine for my 1020.
  • Free on my Icon
  • Downloaded...
  • I can download with my L930 here in India
  • Eh a bit off topic, but speaking of Momento, anyone got any polished alternatives to Momento/Day One on iOS?
  • That's the million dollar question & unfortunately I can't find a journal app on WP (or Windows for that matter) that's even half as good as Day One. Most are pretty bad, others get abandoned by their developers. As far as Momento goes, its pretty awful. I don't know why WC even features apps like this. The saved resolution of your edits is only 480 pixels, which is unbelievably bad quality.
  • Great, gotta keep lugging around two devices still. Perhaps I'll make one when I get enough motivation... & It does? That's a bit low res, extremely even...
  • Go for it man! I can't believe no developers on Win/Win Phone have jumped on life journaling bandwagon. Android has several quality ones that'll even import all your Day One entries (Journey app for instance). Its a huge black hole for us & a market that def needs filled.
  • Lumia 1520. Panama - Central America US Marketplace Downloaded!
  • Lumia 520 - indonesia marketplace free. Downloaded
  • Yep, and this app is from indonesia too!
    Ohh yeah try selffina too!
    It's a perfect financial app! IMO
  • Hell yeah. That's rights dude
  • Got it thanks dev :)
  • Nice, download it first. Will try it in the morning, I'm going to sleep. Already 1am at Malaysia.
  • Downloaded fine in UK on my 620.
  • Downloading and terima kasih to the developer! Selamat Tahun Baru! :)
  • Ada burgerkill. Gwa demen ama lagu loe yg judulnya burgerkill - berkarat.
  • Yaelah :)
  • He must be kidding, right ?
  • Biade puang.
  • @Amir Yep, that's what I thought. ;)
  • @Yzdhsn I think he was only joking. xD
  • @Sofyan I'm in no way affiliated with the band - alesan gw pake nama ini gara-gara nama mereka kedengeran kayak nama salah satu fast food company (Burger King). :P
  • Thanks for the info! Gonna download it now...
  • I don't need it.. Just click on install cancel download free forever :D
  • Lol. You ruined it.
  • Seriously ?
  • Nice to be able to get it for free. I've always wanted to try this app.  Thanks dev.
  • In UK it's not free..
  • Downloaded on my 830 for free, a very feature rich app, thx dev.
  • No not yet free on my lumia 730(India).
  • I got free on Lumia 620 in India without changing region to US
  • Change to US if you want to download
  • Thank you.. It works..
  • Change to indonesia if you want to download.
  • This:  
  • Keep's crashing on my 1320...
  • Its not free here in the philippines
  • oh yes it is! just keep trying and refreshing
  • An app with lots of features . But keep crashing if you try to use the features. This is a badly designed app. Not worth buying.
  • the same goes with the regular momento app too, but what i did is uninstall and reinstalled the app and everything is working fine now  =)
  • Fantastic app! Just downloaded it for free on L1520.
  • I have a 1520 and it is shite.
  • Good app worth trying out
  • This app is just awesome :)
  • Dùng ko thích lắm :)
  • Still free for me and its now Monday 5th :)