Monument Valley for Windows Phone generates just over 30,000 downloads in first year

Developer ustwo has revealed some sales and download numbers for its hit mobile puzzle game Monument Valley. It shows that the Windows Phone version, which launched in late April 2015, had been downloaded 30,497 times in its first year.

The development team posted a detailed breakdown of Monument Valley's download numbers on Medium. It should be noted that the vast majority of downloads for the game were either for free or for reduced sale prices. Indeed in its second year, over 11 million of the game's 23 million downloads came from the free version in China, distributed by iDreamSky.

The Windows Phone version, which costs $3.99, has never been made free or put on sale in the Windows Store since it launched over a year ago. If it had, we suspect the downloads numbers would have been much higher.

Download Monument Valley from the Windows Store ($3.99)

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John Callaham