Monument Valley for Windows Phone generates just over 30,000 downloads in first year

Developer ustwo has revealed some sales and download numbers for its hit mobile puzzle game Monument Valley. It shows that the Windows Phone version, which launched in late April 2015, had been downloaded 30,497 times in its first year.

The development team posted a detailed breakdown of Monument Valley's download numbers on Medium. It should be noted that the vast majority of downloads for the game were either for free or for reduced sale prices. Indeed in its second year, over 11 million of the game's 23 million downloads came from the free version in China, distributed by iDreamSky.

The Windows Phone version, which costs $3.99, has never been made free or put on sale in the Windows Store since it launched over a year ago. If it had, we suspect the downloads numbers would have been much higher.

Download Monument Valley from the Windows Store (opens in new tab) ($3.99)

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  • And their revenue from Windows was 1% overall.
  • Would've been a lot higher, with a lot more downloads, had they bothered to implement Xbox into the game. Sadly, they did not and now they like underestimate the user base of Windows Phone.
  • No one can integrate XBox in game on Windows Phone. Microsoft does not give access to this feature for everyone. So it is not developers fault. 
  • Actually they do give access to everyone, but there is an application and review process.
  • A very strict review process, and on top of that there are fees associated with the "certification".
  • No it wouldn't because windows phone owners are tight arses and they won't spend money on good quality apps.
  • ^ this.  Majority of marketshare is entry level devices 
  • -30% fee from Microsoft (like apple and google....)
  • With only 30k download able to get 1% revenue against 800k download from Amazon with 3% revenue mean something. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • if Microsoft Store have batter payment system with support of (Debit, Credit, Net banking, wallets, Gift cards ) world wide....I'm sure that Monument Valley at least get 1M Downloads. :)
  • *better
  • You missed debet*
  • Not really. The majority of windows phone users use cheap phones and are less likely to make purchases. IOS users were the most profit comes from are all premium phone users.
  • totally agree with you....but a better payment system makes lot more difference....not 1M but at least 20-30k more from earth. :)
  • totally agree with you....but a better payment system makes lot more difference....not 1M but at least 20-30k more from earth. :)
  • Still better than Android users... they don't pay for games even when they're not free >_<  
  • Not exactly, I think. I'm rockin' a 535 since last October, but I already bought I think more than 50 apps / games in the store. Before, I had android devices for years, and I only bought ONE app on that platform (I just pirated all the others I admit :D ). So I think, if people like the platform they're using, they're more likely to buy things in its store, than if not :D Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • I'm still waiting for Windows Store gift cards to be available here in India and I'm unable to purchase apps because of that. Google has Play Store gift cards available everywhere. Learn, Microsoft! Sigh.
  • yah!! exactly....same with steam gift cards. They are available every where....but Windows store gift cards xbox gift cards almost overpriced as double.
  • You missed carrier billing, one major payment option here in India
  • carrier billing in India!! which carrier supported?
  • Idea!
  • ok...buddy....TYSM....le me check...
  • and what if I want to buy Game from Windows Store on PC?
  • Never thought of that but that won't be a problem for WUP apps...
  • Why cant these details be shown in store.. Would have been easier to know..
  • Just like in Android.
  • No.. Better than Android.... It would be better if exact number is shown instead of in thousands or millions...
  • Microsoft doesn't want anyone to know how many times an app has been downloaded, because the numbers are incredibly low compared to iOS and Android.
  • Yeah i agree with that. But its better than what we think. When i see reviews of some free apps there are around 2000 reviews, that makes me think that there might be max 10,000 downloads but in reality there might more than 100,000 downloads. Showing the reality is better than hiding it and making people think worse.
  • Yeah i agree with that. But its better than what we think. When i see reviews of some free apps there are around 2000 reviews, that makes me think that there might be max 10,000 downloads but in reality there might be more than 100,000 downloads. Showing the reality is better than hiding it and making people think worse.
  • 30,000 x 3.99 still profit.
  • 30,000 is not bad, look many free games like it. (e.g. Evo Explores) Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM
    Build 10.0.10586.318
  • That would be over $119.700 in download payments with Microsoft taking it's 30% $35,910 leaving $83,790 for the developer. The developers should already own the tools needed to develop the app and if they made modifications to their existing code then it should take significantly less man hours than starting from scratch. Honestly, this is pretty good considering it's one of so many puzzle games available; personally have a hard time when scouring through so many trying to decide which one to choose and often get frustrated and just pass. Puzzle have ate just likes the many runner games to me, there's just to meant to choose from and only the top ones like subway surfer will even get downloaded, any others should be considered hidden gems and high download/purchases should not be expected in the beginning. They simply don't have the media generating buzz factor. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  • Do you know the diffference between profit and revenue?
  • Not bad for a paid game, what developer would not want that !!
  • My thought exactly!! Side note, I have, and love the game.
  • yeah, they can't expect a lot of new downloads for a game that's been around long before and a lot of people played in other platforms. I have it on my Android so I will not buy it again in Windows.
  • I'm one of them, that game is amazing, although it is quite short.
  • Seems hard to equate that across platforms. My first experience with this game was a free download from a Starbucks coupon code (their weekly free offers for iOS). Then I paid for it on Android, but mainly because my tablet came with $25 of free Play Store credits (and I used some of that to support developers that made good apps). Then Amazon Underground came out and made it free anyway. So what percentage of the users of the other platforms "purchased" this game without ever actually paying a dime for it? Sounds like 100% of WP customers paid out of pocket for it.
  • Over 8,000,000 of the iOS downloads were during the free download week according to the infographic, I think the figures for Android are all purchases, but the Amazon ones could include Underground free downloads
  • I'd imagine they negotiated a different commission with Microsoft other than the usual 30% too with the popularity of the game on other platforms. 30% is the standard but I don't doubt you can negotiate that if you are bringing something popular to the store.
  • If it is true, it s real shame. There re developers over there that put lot of efforts on wp and died cause of that 30%
  • Look at the graph above it - they seem to have made about 40-50k/day in revenue from the iOS store that week. So there must be some very good way for them to monetize it even during a free download week.
  • I bought it too. Would be nice if it had came to windows tablets (PC in general) too, even if it wouldn't have made a huge difference to sales, cross buy would be nice for users. I think I've read before it's because they didn't think the game works on non touch and horizontally oriented screens
  • Challanging game
  • I love this game!
  • Never heard of it, but I'm sure there'll be several thousand more purchases after this article.
  • I can't find it on the windows store top pay apps. There are so many Xbox live games. For a game that I have never heard of and not even on the top paying that is not bad. Also does not show up on best rated, less than 500 reviews. They have never been free, they have not been marketed on windows so don't expect the same outcome.
  • 30k download is extremely low and it is indeed due to the fact they did not offer a trial. This not only dissuades users from downloading, the app will not appear in the most browsed lists in the Store list (free list). NOTE to devs: If you want to increase your downloads by a factor of 10 (I'm not exaggerating I've been a WP dev since it launched) make the game free but lock all levels above the first one. An in-app-purchase for the full app price will give the user the full game.
  • Or just use the stores built in trial feature? EDIT: this is a serious question seeing as you're a dev for the platform as well.
  • That is definitely an option, but your app is still listed under the "Paid" category, which has less visitors than the "Free" category.
  • I would still try it, paid may be a barrier but having a trial or demo is definitely a great thing to have... Games are a bit different than the standard app I feel so the option I think is vital. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 950!
    Step off, haters! U-U
  • Since you're a developer, I mean no offense but is your app very popular? If not, how many downloads do you realistically expect and over what time frame do you decide to pull your app (specifically a paid app)? Another factor I think developers of the most popular apps should take into consideration is that windows phones users who watch TV and see app commercials or news sites advertising these apps only see and hear the fact that the app is available on Apple and android devices therefore never think to check the windows store. I've seen or heard advertisement of popular apps like this that are on windows phone but never mentioned so many don't attempt to look at all. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  • Yes, I have well over a million downloads. For the apps that I use my suggestion for get 1000 downloads a day
  • Not having a trial did not stop it from being downloaded 11.8 million on iOS, and over 13 million times on Android.
  • Good point, but iOS and Android have VASTLY larger user bases. More importantly, strategies for the different stores are different (i.e. Apple didn't have trials before), knowing the customer's behavior in that specific market is crucial.
  • No, not having a trial didn't stop the game from being downloaded. However, a massive chunk of those downloads were because they offered the game for free. Free will always win over paid.
  • .
  • $3.99 for a game with no trial and no discounts like on the other platforms and they still managed over 30,000 downloads and a 5-star rating? That doesn't sound bad to me and it probably would have had more if there were a free trial with the option to upgrade to the full game.
  • Only 30K. Lol
  • Good game
  • I am one of the many people who are waiting for this game to go on sale or at least for it to get a trial of some kind (it really intrigues me). I -could- try it on a different platform before buying it on WP, but I'd be less likely to just to avoid going through it again or paying for it twice and I'd rather support the dev on WP.
  • Well I just paid for it, but I feel like people just want excuses to say "see? We can come up with a poor excuse to just pull out because things aren't like they are in the other places because we don't do it the same on purpose just so we have a reason to leave..."
  • I feel that way too. I've seen any number of large companies that make Windows apps and never tell a soul about them. Then they never update the app and their reviews tank from the few people who do download their half-baked offering. In the end they just pull the app and cite that it's because of "lack of interest". More like lack of effort on their part. It's why myself and my other Windows-using family members have ceased to care just how many "big" apps are available because we don't think they deserve our business.
  • It is a great game...but so short. Like really really short. I did buy it in it's early days based on footage videos. Would have been nice to see it extended though. Definitely would have deserved that price tag.
  • This game has great ratings, but whether the game is $3.99 or 99¢, I appreciate the opportunity to try a game first to see how it performs and to see if I enjoy it. I bought an Amazon Fire over the holidays, and Monument Valley is a free app (with no ads), so I downloaded it.  Guess what?  I've had the game installed for over five months and I've only played one level!  Maybe I will venture to complete additional levels some day.
  • I don't mine paying for this game though!
  • 30,000 but what is the market of Windows Phone? On the other hand, I don't recall to have seen it that often on the banner of the store. And we have, I think, something which looks similar to MV: Evo Explores from Stamped Games. And I think it is something relatively common: on the android platform, the huge number of phones is the cheapest one, on Windows Phone (I don't speak about W10M yet), it is/was the 520. A cheap phone, and most of the time, people who but cheap phone will not buy app/games... Often because they don't feel the need since they have free games/apps. Just to comment about a comment: yes I found weird that in France, we don't see any MS/Windows gift cards, while they are supposed to exist. But the competitors, yes, no problem. At every cash register in supermarket for example. And we saw over the last 12 months a decline of sales for the Lumia/WP (don't look for any reason other than it seems they didn't even try selling them), so it is logical that MV didn't perform.
  • What no xbox branded ones
  • It okay ! We are very small group :((((
  • Bought it, $3.99 was absolutely fine by me!
  • The big takeaway is that sales figures are relatively better on WP than on android - Direct Google Play sales come in at just over 600k compared to 30k on WP, or 20X - but assuming WP market share is around 3% and Android around 75% then that's 25X the number of active phones available. And that's without any discounts having been made on WP when the graphs on the link show a clear spike when the android version was discounted to 99c. Obviously that doesn't include the Amazon store, or the clearly bigger sales figures via idreamsky but it implies that if you give Windows users an app, they are more likely to buy it (and pay more for it too). EDIT - another look at the figures shows Google revenue being 17%, Windows 1%. Obviously the outright total sales on WP wouldn't sustain them without being on ios but shows that on a per user basis Windows is more profitable.
  • I got this game for Android but from the Amazon Underground store when it was free. I believe Android Central did a story about it. I only played it once and removed it from my device. 
  • the game was shown on Netflix's 'House of Cards'
  • It's an amazing game, but there is very little repeat play value. I have played through again, because it is beautiful, and art. But by the time they'd released for Windows, I'd already played through. That has to be a factor here.
  • IMHO, any app or game that does not support "try before you buy", will not bring serious revenue to it's developer. Windows Mobile users are not Android sheep, they are very selective and concerned about value for their money and quality. Although the game has been highly praised, I will not buy until I see proof it runs smoothly on my Windows Phone and that it makes sense in my screen size.
  • Well that's still $120k in their pocket.  Don't think they would complain about that since the other platforms the game is free for most of the downloads.