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At the March 2021 ID@Xbox event on Twitch, Bunnyhug revealed their upcoming cutesy fishing sim Moonglow Bay, which blends elements of community building, cooking, and co-op fishing into a wholly wholesome whole.

Moonglow Bay is built by a team of just nine people and is hitting Xbox platforms and Steam in the near future. Here's everything we know about the game so far.

Glow up

Moonglow Bay Se

Moonglow Bay

It's Moonglow, bae

Moonglow Bay is an upcoming life sim with an emphasis on fishing, cooking, and community in a bright and cheerful voxel-style world.

Moonglow Bay: Trailers

Gameplay: What is Moonglow Bay?

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At a glance

  • Develop and repair a fractured community set in 1980's Canada.
  • Level up your fishing and cooking skills, while buying up new gear for yourself and your boat.
  • Play with a friend in local co-op, alongside your trusty companion Waffles the dog.
  • Experience several heartfelt story arcs, and track rumors of mythical monsters in and around Moonglow Bay.
  • Hitting Steam, and Xbox Game Pass platforms in 2021.

Moonglow Bay, at its core, is a wholesome life-sim that revolves around fishing and community building in a charming voxel-style coastal town.

You play as a rookie angler and build up various skills from fishing, to cooking, as you develop relationships with the townsfolk from around the bay. Set in the 80s, there are no phones or social media, meaning you have to make friends the old-fashioned way — through fishing!

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The game features over 100 aquatic species to fish up and document, alongside local co-op. Moonglow Bay also has a range of progression you can unlock. You'll develop your fishing skills, your cooking abilities, upgrade your boat and fishing gear, all while boosting the town's economy with your activities. Selling your dishes to locals can garner currency and also special rewards, if you cook up their favorites.

You'll also get a faithful companion, Waffles the dog, since what kind of wholesome game would it be if it didn't have pets in it?

Moonglow Bay UiSource: Bunnyhug

Moonglow Bay features several story arcs that take you further and further out to sea, exploring different aquatic environments including glaciers and geysers, alongside different types of fishing. You'll also be hunting rumored mythical creatures that live in and around Moonglow, armed only with a fishing rod and a journal.

Bunnyhug: Who is making Moonglow Bay?

Bunnyhug GamesSource: Bunnyhug

Say hi to Bunnyhug Games! Bunnyhug is debuting with Moonglow Bay, partnering up with UK-based Coatsink to publish the game. The team is comprised of just nine developers from all around the world, and you can find them on social media at the links below.

Release date: When is Moonglow Bay launching?

Moonglow Bay FishingSource: Bunnyhug

Moonglow Bay is listed for a 2021 launch, launching across Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Steam. Moonglow Bay is also launching straight into Xbox Game Pass.

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