More details on the end of Weave newsreader for Windows Phone

Yesterday, it was announced that Weave newsreader is shutting down on March 14. The news was sudden, and at the time, no reason was publicly given. However, Windows Central has been in contact with the developer behind Weave - Arash Emami – for years now and he reached out to us with details on the decision.

First and foremost, the end of Weave is not about leaving Windows Phone. This situation is not the same as American Airlines or Bank of America. Instead, Emami is heading to work full-time at LinkedIn. As he reminds us, Seles Games – who makes Weave – was mostly a one-man show.

Second, Emami wanted to convey his gratitude to you, the community, in addition to recapping the app's history:

"Seles Games was formed in 2010 when the Windows Phone platform was first announced.  Microsoft was awesome in getting us pre-release SDKs and prototypes so we could have Weave ready for the U.S. launch of Windows Phone.  When WP launched, and for a good while after that, Weave was the top ranked paid news reader in the U.S. store, and was well-reviewed through various designs and iterations for many years after that.""It was an incredible experience to develop for the platform, to meet with evangelists, platform owners, and many other great great people from Microsoft and later Nokia as well.  We could have never imagined the level of support we would received from a huge company like Microsoft.  They have enormously talented people who really care about helping developers make great products."

Some highlights:

  • Flying out to Redmond to take part in a UX workshop as part of the LG app campaign
  • Multiple Microsoft L.A. startup events, hackathons, and hands-on product demos
  • Partnering with Lazyworm Apps to launch Weave on Windows 8
  • Being asked to take part in OneNote's API launch, working with the Office team and even getting to record a sweet commercial for it
  • Every single email or tweet from a Weave fan telling us how much they loved the product, how much they use it.  Reading messages like that, those moments were awesome

Indeed, I remember covering Weave back in 2010 when George Ponder reviewed the app for our site. Weave was always a highlight of the many newsreaders available, and it is sad to see the company and product go.

Oh, and if you feel burned about spending money on Weave, Emami tells us directly:

"Regarding refunds of the paid app: we highly recommend that anyone who paid for the app to request a refund from Microsoft.  We don't know the official policy for requesting a refund, but the best method we found was to go here then click on the 'Chat' button".

Change is always hard, but we wish Arash Emami all the best at LinkedIn (maybe he can fix that app, ahem). We thank him for his early support of the Windows Phone platform and we were glad to promote his app during that time!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • The blackberry passport is lookin mighty attractive right about now....   wp seems like it's dying even faster than bb And now, i will read the article
  • So a developer gets another job, and this is indicative that the platform is dying? I think you should read the article first.
  • I think he should sell the app on flipppa or something. Why kill it
  • Daniel, how many articles a week are on windowscentral regarding popular apps leaving?   Also, why can't they just leave Weave as is?  Why kill it?  It's one of like 5 apps that I use on a daily basis
  • good point make it open source ... 
  • Many are also developing new apps for WP, also with Windows 10 around the corner many companies has expressed a big interest of developing universal apps which will work on ALL Windows platforms at once. The developer probably have a demand from his new employer that he can not run a business beside his employment at Linkedin and his app is tightly connected to his business account so if his business disappears so will his account do after a short while. But he could give away or sell the app with code of course OR even sell his company so the account remains the same.
  • Hardly anyone is developing or will develop for Windows 10.  How many were there for Windows 8? Exactly,  Universal platform is not a selling point to developers as no one uses Windows Phone anyway, so now you're left with Windows tablets, which again, no one uses, and Windows desktops/laptops, which everyone hates the Windows 8/10 Metro interface.  Developers are avoiding it like the plague.  
  • Stop speaking for all devs. Here's your tin foil hat....
  • mvierling: Where do you get your facts from?  I have facts myself since I am also a developer and working with others in networks. There is a reality, Windows 10 is NOT about Windows Phone, its about all Windows 10 hardware platforms once you develop within Universal App platform. That is a huge market. Windows is still the most popular business OS and has increased a lot popularity now with latest 8.1 and lack of support with older Windows releases. Companies and government are often very careful to have support agreement and Wndows 10 has gained a lot of interest. Being a net-troll and telling everyone that everyone hates Windows 8 and 10 is so stupid said, where do you get those facts from except from your own anger which comes from lack of knowledge? The old Windows 8 got a lot of critics of course for the lack of the traditional startmenu, guess what? In Windows 10 you have a more traditional start-menu again and the rest looks very similar to Windows 7 except much hotter GUI / UX experience. I know for fact that several government departments where I work is going to upgrade to Windows 10 if they just can make sure to move their tools into that environmnt which so far looks promising.
  • roxpace, thank you! Well said! I wanted to add this into reply to mvierling: Fear of change has always been a wall when there's been a UI change in Windows. Program Manager replacing Executive, Start button replacing Program Manager, Tile Start replacing Menu Start. Every one of those changes caused some grumbling. People want to stay with what's familiar. This is not new by any means. Windows 8.1 itself is gaining notable traction in the Enterprise space (I do migrations, and see this picking up steam in the last 3 months alone as XP moved on and 7 passed the expected mainstream support end date. My source: My workload on workstation migrations went from about 500/wk to nearly 2,500/wk since week-ending January 9th). And like most Enterprise adoption, big migrations are never right out of the gate fter RTM. Most wait until the first service pack, and still require testing over a period of time to work out issues, recode apps, get fixes from 3rd parties, etc. to minimize issues when they move users over. The general time to grow to large adoption rate is 18-24 months after RTM. As that Enterprise adoption grows, it will also drive the consumer space to some extent because people want what's familiar, will experience new hardware with corporate hardware refreshes, and simply wanting a new feature they use or see at work that they want at home.
      Plus, with the retiring of XP and many still using it today in the Enterprise, many are looking to migrate to something newer. Windows 7 SP1 is already technically out of mainstream support (24 mo after last Service Pack release - last SP release was Feb 2013) so the only current option is Windows 8.1. That fear of change also drives Enterprise organizations looking to hold off until Windows 10 since it's  close to release and  closer to what people are familiar with. The less you have to spend to train people on new interfaces, the more time they are productive. As a result, the old style menu being an option is preferred for many, so holding off to Windows 10 has many benefits for Enterprise on cost savings plus some of the newest features. And as roxpace notes, and most any developer who keeps up knows: the Universal App platform is a big win. No more coding one app for each platform or having bloated code to detect platforms and use respective APIs. No longer will you need one SDK for phone, another for Desktop, and another for console (Apple for example has different SDKs for Apple TV, iOS and OS X, not one universal SDK for all 3). This is the biggest chance for small startups, one-man dev teams, and the all-around little guy to get their foot in the door before the big companies get on board. It's a make or break time now since one app that works on phone, tablet, desktop and console (or any mix thereof depending), the first one to the table wins. (And apologies for the long comment post.)
  • Actually, whether or not everyone likes it, is irrelevant. The fact that most people will use it, whether work or home, is what matters. Many businesses are interested, Windows tablets or laptops are used by many, and this translates to into developers being very interested in universal apps, which will translate into more apps for WP. Oh, did I mention Xbox? So, you're opinion is noted and respected, but sounds more like personal bias that you are putting on others. My opinion, people are to stuck on the idea that if it's not Android or iPhone, then people will not like it. You know what, that may be the case. But, at the end of the day, many don't like change and I understand that. At this point, I've been with WP from the beginning and would not change willingly to any other OS. I owned a LG G3 for about a week. It was the replacement phone I was sent, after I cracked my screw on my Lumia 1520. Great phone and the newer version of Android is nice, but I wanted my WP back. It's what I like and use to. After putting up a fuss, they sent me my new 1520. My point is, change is what kept many people from want to experience or like MS's new vision. You like what you like, but being different doesn't come without trials and tribulations. In the end, it will be fine.
  • Windows is the #1 desktop in the world, covering something like 95% of all desktops. Developers aren't avoiding Windows (any version).  Windows developers will still develop for Windows... we're not all jumping ship for another technology entirely, as many of us have years or decades of experience on one platform, and you don't just throw that away.
  • many companies has expressed a big interest of developing universal apps Expressing an interest and actually building the apps are very different. How exactly will universal apps attract iOS and Android developers to the Windows platform(s)? Nobody has been able to tell me. All I read is 'they will come!'
  • EBUK, I am surprised you cannot figure it out. In its simplest terms. Its means your phone app is now available to all Windows tablets and PCs. Your Windows app, is now available to all phone users. Not only that, but the new visual studio will also have Xamarin inside, which means without too much effort (they say) you can target iOS and Android. Imagine that, 1 source project - multiple targets. There is no gaurantee, people (ie: stupid humans) will still follow branding, trends, what their friend has - and the best products don't always "win" (see VHS vs Betamax). But its MS's next step in trying to be more successful in the mobile space. I hope they are, as Apple stuff is super expensive for what it is, and Android is totally horrible to use and I hate Google spying personally. Windows FTW ;)
  • But Metro Apps have failed on Windows 8.x and Windows Phones have failed. Just combining those two failed markets does not make Universal Apps any more attractive to developers.
    It is stupid to suggest that Universal Apps will solve Microsoft consumer offerings, but consumers have rejected all Metro styled Apps already. You simply cannot sell "Universal Apps" to consumers, if they are not coming to your market.
    Xamain are the true 'universal App' platform. We get 90% code reuse on our C# based iOS and Android Apps all developed in Visual Studio. Microsoft Windows apps developemt is a distant fourth place after Android, iOS and Web based presence.
    Time to face reality.
  • Youre just applying your own hate, and dressing it up as logic. No one is saying merging the 2 sets of failed numbers = a good number. You missed the point with your red mist on. It will just be easier for developers, and make it more likely they will undertake a development effort and instead of 2 efforts, they make 1 effort for at least 2 markets - possibly more with iOS and Android. You don't like Metro, but that hate is diminished with 10 and its Desktop version of the Metro start screen being the new start page. And on 10 on phone, the full screen background will effectively make WP looks the same as iOS and certainly cleaner than awful Android. You don't sell Universal apps to the consumer, MS have provided it to appeal to developers and people consider developing a Windows app be it phone or tablet (or even Desktop store in 8 or 10) If you bothered to read my original comment, you will see that Xamarin will be in VS going forward will it not?  
  • It might be because once you join LinkedIn, you may be expected not to have any other source of income. I don't know for sure but many companies does include some clauses that say something like you should not own another company or doing freelancing kind of stuff. So that might be the reason for him to shutdown his one man company and the app for good.
  • How many articles on windowscentral about new apps coming or nice updates to existing apps? Its not all one way for sure. Thye platform continues to grow slowly in number of users and apps available despite a few high profile apps leaving.
  • Why would he do that when ignorance obviously comes so naturally to him?   On another note, is there any chance he would be willing to hand the code over to someone else to develop?
    (or is that even possible?)
  • Rudy!!!
  • Why BB? Just go Android or iOS.
  • I can't stand ios and Android is meh
  • Yeah, but BB OS is amazing. LOL
  • Actually, it is pretty sweet.
  • Yeah BB itself is nice, they just have a weak eco.
  • well in this case he found a job ... so congrats to him ... but WP is really dying platform. 3%market share is owned by rubino  and 1% is shared among us :P 
  • In your dream, WP is dying. Keep dreaming but it never gona happen
  • its already happening ... after 5 yrs also market share is less than 5% 
  • After two decades also Linux is under 5% in market share. Do you think Linux is dying? Judging by your opinion, dying for the past 15 years??? That's one heck of a slowest death!!!
  • well if you are happy with 5% linux and WP sure be happy :) even BB is still alive 
  • Why of course I will be happy :-) I am not some one who use most kinds of smart phone apps and hence whether WP is at 5% or 50% or even 0.5% is irrelevant to me :-) I am happy as far as it suits my needs. I know this is not the point you are making though. My point is that with core base, Linux is still rocking. WP also needs only the core base. However, we have more than just the core base in WP now. 5% looks small but still it accounts for millions of people using it. Not many companies are successful in enticing millions of customers for their products even in the span of 5 years. Xbox first seen the world in 2001. It became a hit only after Xbox 360's release which was more than 5 years in space. Microsoft might be slow even last to a market. However, they have all the resources required to make a name for them in that market if they are willing to. With Windows Phone, I see a willing Microsoft.
  • Well Apple has what 10% 15% of market share and they made quadruple what google with its 80% made. Same with MS.
  • Linux still has millions of users, but they would grow significantly if Microsoft provided apps and services to that platform. Still, Microsoft chooses not to. I know of another situation that is very similar to that, but it involves Microsoft and another company.
  • It doesn't make Linux dead is my point. Glad that you agree with me on that. Linux has survived and can survive without Microsoft. Likewise, ....
  • are you out of your mind! Linux doesn't compare to WP, as it is open source and non-profit, but WP is closed source, and meant to be profitable for MS. Linux is driven by Community of geeks but WP is driven by...... well... MS and fanboys. Linux will see better consumer base if they got their GUI right, currently Ubuntu sucks, and debian has a really old UI. it is much more suitable for hackers and geeks not for Kids. you should compare to macbook, it has slow adaption rate.
  • Come on. You completely missed the context. It is not comparing WP to Linux. The point is that just because some OS has less than 5% market share after 5 years doesn't make that OS a dead one or a dying one. And I took Linux for comparison to say that even though it has less market share, it is not dead by any stretch. Same case with WP. As long as WP is good and Microsoft is determined to make it better, WP will not be dead is my point.
  • If windows 10 doesn't make lumia profitable Windows phone will eventually die. Currently MS is loosing money, and they can't keep going on like that. Linux never meant to be profitable, it is open source, it has nothing to do with market share, it is mainly community driven. Linux is dead for dumb consumer to begin with, but lives for geeks, and steam. "As long as WP is good and Microsoft is determined to make it better"
    None of them is true, WP 8.1 lacks a decent first party music player and video player. and most of their services are US only. and their android apps are far better than their WP apps. their determination does not matter if they don't do anything about it soon. I hope(prey) they will push their resources to WP and Windows 10.
    I just don't understand their US only policy, when rest of the world is more profitable for them why US!! US never showed any support for WP at all. Look at your US banking apps, while other country's bank's shows much more promises. their MS Band is not available anywhere outside US!! are they really that poor to not afford it outside of US!!(don't give me that "it is just to show their platform" argument). their xbox music and video, is not also available, where itunes and nokia's music store is available. are they even trying! Microsoft store with signature pcs are not also available outside US, i have a apple store near my house and a nokia centre but no Microsoft, they are just pathetic when comes to GLOBAL! just loook at their bing user voice page, the first topic is GLOBAL availability. Their WP will never become successful if this keeps up.
  • I stated Xbox precisely to explain that if Microsoft is determined, they will keep Windows Phone alive. Xbox, for a decade, was actually at a loss for a Microsoft. Microsoft lost lots and lots of money with Xbox that it will lose with Windows Phone, even if you add a few more years. Yet they invested into it and now look where Xbox is. Microsoft can keep on going like losing money in Mobile, if they wants to. Linux is community driven. Yes. But don't tell me that the community never cared about reaching masses. The very reason for Ubuntu to come to life is the idea of making Linux reach the masses. And don't tell me Linux never meant to be profitable. Redhat? Is that a MNC or a non profit organization? And they both are lot more than alive even with less than 5% market share. With Windows 10 for phones, Microsoft position Windows Phone as a better option for BYOD and thus getting into Enterprise. Redhat became a billion dollar company by focusing on Enterprises. Windows Phone just needs to break even in order to be alice, in your eyes. Face it buddy. WP is good. Sure the default music player and video player are only OK. But try running a 720p MKV file in a 512MB Android. You will know how good Xbox video is. Try using a 512MB RAM Android(one which is not rooted or one that is running anything lesser than a kitkat) as a daily driver. You will know how good WP is. Lumia 720, a phone that is released 2 years back with 512MB can beat most, if not all, Androids with 512MB RAM. US centric, however, is a different story. I will be happy to see Microsoft go global. But this we need to live with, I guess. Until Microsoft change its focus.
  • xbox already lost this gen to sony, they lost a lot of their money, but with their overpriced game and a brain washed community fans and some awfully overrated exclusive bullshit they will survive. But WP has Nothing, nor a big community fan base, no exclusive shit, They can't keep going on like this, Paul Thurrott also said this in a podcast. Windows 10 is pretty much their last chance, if it fails.... they might use cyanogen mod. "But don't tell me that the community never cared about reaching masses"
    community is the masses, and especially it is a community for geeks not for stupid people, who can't even install an os. "Ubuntu to come to life is the idea of making Linux reach the masses"
    Yes true, but it failed, i personally don't like ubuntu, it is easy but but too much bloated, and their unity is a mess.
    Linux it-self was never meant to be profitable, not talking about forks or other organization using it. the code itself is open and any one can do anything with it. "Face it buddy. WP is good"
    I wish i could but so many basic thing are just not good yet, windows 10 for phones got some of it right, but still nowhere near a decent OS. Some things require just too many steps, it's just not good enough. nowdays all android phones come with 1GB ram, even entry level phone comes with 1GB ram, while MS was so stupid to think that 512MB would be enough to handle windows 10. look at the resuming screen of 512 MB devices, they are so real, And Android kitkat runs way smoother . i have used moto E, it is probably the best experience on android ever. It is way better than any WP at that price point, specially windows phone 8.1 has the resuming screen which still not fixed on my sis's lumia 520. yes WP with 512 mb ram can beat android with 512 ram, but whats the point! now every android phones ship with minimum 1GB ram, and runs butter smooth. "US centric, however, is a different story. I will be happy to see Microsoft go global. But this we need to live with, I guess. Until Microsoft change its focus."
    I hope they do it soon. I am eagerly waiting for a lot of their services, in stead they are focusing more on US, the country that hates them.
  • Xbox in no stretch could be said lost a lot of money in this generation consoles. Actually, they made loads of profits. You can simply check the quarterly earnings report since last year and you will know. Besides, a decade back, it was not even in the gaming consoles competition. But now, it recorded second best number of consoles sold. That should tell you how a determined Microsoft could win. And kitkat running on a 1GB RAM in a buttery smooth fashion? Seriously? My bro's Nexus 4 with 2GB RAM has lot many resuming screens. And you are saying it runs buttery smooth in every 1GB devices?
  • After those 5 years the number of smartphones has increased a little. So the number of WP's has...? Do the math...
  • WP is declining, the market share actually dropped from 3.5% to 2.75% in 2014. Its pretty clear Windows Phone has failed.
    So called "universal apps" doesn't help Windows Phone any more that those hopes on Mango, WP8.0, WP8.1 etc.
    Keep dreaming. We gave up on WP apps development 18 months ago.
  • LOL that's a funny comment actually... Wonder what part of the market share Rubino is responsible for.
  • Let me get this straight you think WP is dying so you choose to go to BB who had less marker share than Windows. Brilliant
  • Sarcasm.... but I was serious that wp seems more out of touch than bb.
  • You're right about that. Some people are in denial about what 4% market share means.
  • At least BB is trying to make a unique handset instead of releasing 500 versions of the same cheap low end device.  WP is a horrible platform to be an enthusiast of, apps are leaving in droves and the company releases no interesting hardware.  It will go 2 years between true flagships with the 1020, while they have released hundreds of vitually the same garbage phones.  Why develop for a consumer base of prepaid cell owners; they can't afford apps and can't afford the products that might be sold through retailer apps.. 
  • You will stop laughing if and when BB recovers third place. With such a dismal market and declining market share, just about any new ecosystem could steal WP current third place.
  • In regards to the various apps and API's seemingly "leaving" as you put it.. It's just common procedure to announce the end of development for Windows Phone 8 specifically because usually they are gearing up for Windows 10 and universal apps. In this case, I wish Weave and the various counterparts that have made it my number 1 goto for Windows/Microsoft news for years now all the best!
  • Hmm, this ships seems like it's kinda low in the water. Might be sinking might not. I guess I'll jump on that blowup floating toy over there with the giant hole in it... Great logic.
  • you're whining bcoz Microsoft hasn't got a flagship and released right
  • *says he's leaving WP because of lack of apps*
    *goes to platform where you have to find an old .apk of Netflix for it to work* LMAO, I don't know why people are falling for the obvious troll.
  • Wish him the best at LinkedIn. Probably a nice raise. Glad to see great contributors like him on Windows.
  • I agree with Daniel R. .. Rudy H has done well for platform and has done apps for major sites. Proof that the best companies will stick with windows platform.
  • Just leave and go take a class in comprehension.  People change jobs all the time for bigger and better. Doesn't at all sound to me like the developer has turned his back on the platform. 
  • Obvious troll!
  • One sinking ship to another
  • Seems newser!
  • First smart guy. Newser is phenomenal.
  • Well I think he should wait.for windows 10 actually :/
  • He got another JOB. It has nothing to do with the platform.
  • Getting another job might be worse, without selling the app, and if it was very popular, it is saying that this app was not valuable enough to sustain a job for a developer or even produce a product worthy of selling on the market. So I guess the question is, other than Rudy, are there any App developers for WP that are making decent income?
  • Well, maybe Rudy should take over the app
  • I know a lot of ios and android developers who have a handful of apps in the store yet employed in a company under completely different domain other than mobile app development.
  • So it is just a hobby right now and without being snapchat or instagram no way to monitize app development as a career?
  • If you are dedicated enough, if you have an idea that would reach masses, if you are the first to do that or if you "reinvent"(not in Apple's term) an existing idea, if you have a team of devs working towards your goal/vision, then yes. You can have app development as a career and won't require additional income. For all those who just do it as time pass or those who just do spend little time on their app ideas, you will need more than an app dev career. It doesn't take a special individual to be successful. It just takes a special idea to be successful. It is possible by any site to be as successful as facebook. But how many such sites exist in the reality?
  • With this thinking pretty much all Android developers should be beggars. It is pretty wide open knowledge that most android users don't pay for Apps. Vast majority pirate them.
  • No no no... He should have waited for Windows 10 before getting a job ;-) Both are completely related and thus you cannot differentiate :-P (For any whose sarcasm meter is broken because this is online, the above mentioned words are result of being sarcastic)
  • Haven't you read the article.
  • he should make this app open source and let community support 
  • If I recall correctly, Weave runs on Azure, if so there are costs involved with keeping it would take a bit more than community support.
  • those are minor things can be worked out ... such as putting ads etc ..
  • + 925 I was thinking the same thing.
  • Even if he let the community support it, there must be some one who should actually maintain the community. And honestly, if he can manage an entire community, definitely he can manage a simple reader app no problem. Problem might be either time or new company's policy or both...
  • Really, people are requesting a refund? Come on. I remember when it first came out too. Time sure flies. Best of luck at LinkedIn! Thanks for your app!
  • They shouldn't get a refund.
  • Yes. The official policy is no refunds. I've bought apps that are now gone and it hasn't even crossed my mind to ask for a refund. I enjoyed them while they were there. There was no guarantee when I bought them and I accept that.
  • Seriously...time is money and all that. Give me my value for the dollar on whatever the purchase is and I'm happy! (like the small group of idiot customers at Costco who steadily force them to tighten their return policies - arghhjkufdbklgfdj)
  • Agree. Weave was the first app I bought on my Omnia 7. Well worth the countless hours of newsreading. Trying out Nextgen reader now. Peace!
  • Congratulations and all the best
  • Is it possible to leave the app published in store.
  • It's a server/client app, he'd need to continue to maintain the servers
  • Requesting a refund is a unique twist. You pay for the app, not the ongoing service unless it's built-in as a purchasable option. Has he thought about selling the company?
  • "Has he thought about selling the company?"
    Yes, he looked into it late last year.
  • That's what I thought. I thought he was trying to also get his API out for developers that may want to use it for their own apps.
  • While I now use Fuse & NextGen reader, I was a Weave user when I purchased my first Windows phone.
    Classy exit on his part. Best wishes to him
  • Try Magnify News Reader for once
  • I did. Didn't like it.
  • I'm a Fuse user too. I installed Weave when I first got my 920, but prefer the Fuse design. My only wish is that Rudy would create a synced Win PC app for it.
  • Try Central News Plus+ too!!!
  • Can't stand Fuse (hate the "Pulse" design), but NextGen might grow on me. Fedora is a nice lightweight reader (though lacks sync or import)
  • Daniel pls reply which one is better 730 or 630... U have hands on with both devices so ur opinion will be great.... Sorry for offtopic
  • Ofcourse the 730. 630 doesnt have a front cam, no flash, no proximity sensor which means that brightness will not autoadjust itself and it will be difficult to asjust it everytime manually.
  • The 630
  • 730. The 630 is a budget phone with less quality and missing stuff like ffc, flash and dedicated camera button. I know because my friend got one and then she wanted to trade her 630 for my 620 which has all that stuff plus glance screen and a better screen quality.
  • 640
  • May he bring the linkedin app to life for WP.
  • Yes please!
  • The current LinkedIn app is depressing and doesn't even work anymore.  I really hope he can convince someone there to completely rewrite the app into a proper Universal Win 10 app :D
  • Hope this happens. Not updated since freakin 2013....
  • So why not just open source it?
  • No use. It is a service based app. Even if the code is open sourced, some one really has to put a server and maintain it. It is just a reader app albeit a good one. If any one is interested in investing in a server and maintain it, I am sure they can write a simple app UI, may be with a little difficulty.
  • I'd be up for it. I've got an Azure account with a free monthly allowance of £150. So I'd be interested but I've never used weave.
  • Well... You need to talk to the dev then :-) may be you may keep weave alive with new ideas and design :-)
  • All that talent off to LinkedIn where there's no support for the app?! I hope it's to get it fixed. Good luck to him
  • Now reread all the whining pessimistic comments from yesterday... If he'd have just said something like that with the first announcement it wouldn't have left such ambiguity. Regardless, good luck to him.
  • Not really, even after clarifying in this article.  There are many pessimistic and ignorant comments from people who didnt even read the article.   It's nice to see a dev talk great things about the platform and surprisingly the harsh community.
  • We were cool community. Time made us harsh man ;)
  • And we still see people wishing he would wait for Windows 10. SMH
  •  I've enjoyed this app on Wp and W8.1 to ever think about asking for a refund. Good luck to him.
  • Weave was one of my first downloaded apps on my old L710. Sure, time flies so fast. Good luck with your new job!
  • um.. its an app. just let it live? wtf you gotta cancel it for.
  • Maintenance of servers I guess...
  • Servers.
  • Servrs are like code, you just let em do there thing unless its poorly designed and needs that level of support.