More Gandolf Pics, Speculation

PalmInfoCenter has more photos of the Gandolf, this in the PalmOS flavor. A few new pieces of information:

  • It does, in fact, have a touchscreen (at least in the PalmOS variety)
  • It's thicker than we thought. Also confirmed: it's ugly as sin
  • It's much thinner than previously expected, though it does appear to be a bit taller.
  • It looks like it uses the standard Treo "Athena" connector instead of mini-USB

All in all, it looks like it belongs to the low-end Zire family of Palm devices - meaning this is likely the long-sought-for low cost Treo.

As far as what this means for the Windows Mobile version of the Gandolf, well, this looks different than the other spy-shot we got - take a look at right. When I posted that rumor, I wrote that I expected the Windows Mobile version to be Standard-Edition (read: no touch screen). This new shot is definitely a touchscreen version. I sincerely hope that Palm is planning on making the PalmOS version the thick monster at top and the Windows Mobile version this slightly-better looking one at right.

There's a lot of money to be had selling to the low end crowd, so I don't really want to rain on Palm's parade. ...but here's the precipitation anyway: this new shot isn't what I wanted to see.

The anonymous source provided a set of images below of the Treo 800 as well as a short video clip (coming later). He says the screen is a touchscreen and is smaller than the display on a Treo 650. He goes on to describe the keyboard as "very smaller" (sic) than the Treo 650 and 680 and that the keys are a soft translucent plastic. The source also says the overall form factor is smaller and thinner than a 650.

Read: Treo 800p Live Spy Shots

Update: Video after the break, read on to see it

Update 2: If there were any doubters out there - note that Palm Legal has made PIC take down their pics and the video, which is no longer included after any sort of break because, well, it's gone.

WC Staff
  • There's more discussion on the Gandolf here:
  • I don't know, I think it's a step up in terms of form. I'm glad to see the redesign of the nav buttons and the removal of the scratch-paint prone of the silver around the screen. Agreed that it's plenty think, it must be a security device.
    I'm not too excited about white electronics, but if they can make it in white, they can make it in black.
  • Palm has an unparalleled talent for misgauging consumer expectation and market demand. That's the one thing they really are successful at.
    As if the Foolio weren't the child of folly, they have yet another debacle in the works. Now Palm has taken the Treo's worst qualities and...worsened them.
    An already too small sqaure screen is now even smaller. A keyboard that is, for many, too cramped and awkward to type on is made smaller still. Those two features are the perfect complement -when not squinting at the tiny screen you'll be straining to focus on Lilliputian sized keys.
    What ads insult to injury is the damn thing is still a brick. Has Palm been living in a vaccum over the past three years that they are apparently unaware that Smartphones have gone on Slim Fast? Just like the current Treo line this product is two years behind the industry.