More Gandolf Pics, Speculation

PalmInfoCenter has more photos of the Gandolf, this in the PalmOS flavor. A few new pieces of information:

  • It does, in fact, have a touchscreen (at least in the PalmOS variety)
  • It's thicker than we thought. Also confirmed: it's ugly as sin
  • It's much thinner than previously expected, though it does appear to be a bit taller.
  • It looks like it uses the standard Treo "Athena" connector instead of mini-USB

All in all, it looks like it belongs to the low-end Zire family of Palm devices - meaning this is likely the long-sought-for low cost Treo.

As far as what this means for the Windows Mobile version of the Gandolf, well, this looks different than the other spy-shot we got - take a look at right. When I posted that rumor, I wrote that I expected the Windows Mobile version to be Standard-Edition (read: no touch screen). This new shot is definitely a touchscreen version. I sincerely hope that Palm is planning on making the PalmOS version the thick monster at top and the Windows Mobile version this slightly-better looking one at right.

There's a lot of money to be had selling to the low end crowd, so I don't really want to rain on Palm's parade. ...but here's the precipitation anyway: this new shot isn't what I wanted to see.

The anonymous source provided a set of images below of the Treo 800 as well as a short video clip (coming later). He says the screen is a touchscreen and is smaller than the display on a Treo 650. He goes on to describe the keyboard as "very smaller" (sic) than the Treo 650 and 680 and that the keys are a soft translucent plastic. The source also says the overall form factor is smaller and thinner than a 650.

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Update: Video after the break, read on to see it

Update 2: If there were any doubters out there - note that Palm Legal has made PIC take down their pics and the video, which is no longer included after any sort of break because, well, it's gone.

WC Staff