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More hands on photos with the HTC TITAN II from CES 2012

We managed to sit down with HTC to go over their new flagship Windows Phone, the TITAN II landing soon on AT&T. The 4G LTE device sure caught a lot of us off-guard specifically due to the inclusion of a massive 16MP camera. The meeting was very productive as not only did we get to play with the phone more (always an exciting "geek moment") but we found out some other relevant information that we hope you folks will find interesting:

  • The TITAN II is not replacing the TITAN. The plan is to sell both phones in the same market with the TITAN II augmenting AT&T's offerings to customers with different price points and features. In other words, the TITAN II is the high-end, premium version for customers who want that feature set. The TITAN will be a lower-priced offering for those who are okay with HSPA+, etc. It's an interesting and we think smart move for both HTC and AT&T.
  • As we mentioned in the video test, the TITAN II features a secondary processor for the camera--we're a little fuzzy on the exact details but it explains why shooting at 16MP feels no different than shooting at 8MP, with zero lag
  • We passed on the info about the SRS stutter bug as well as the microphone/sound issue that quite a few of you have reported. That info should get to their engineers for further investigation.
  • No word on those docks for the Radar and Titan, in fact, it's probably best to forget those
  • On HTC using but not always announcing Gorilla Glass--in short, they want some wiggle room in case of during production they switch to an alternative scratch-resistant screen due to cost or supply issues. What you need to know is that basically all high-end HTC phones have Gorilla Glass or its equivalent on board.
  • The HTC TITAN II is an AT&T exclusive. No word on world-wide release though we can expect some announcements at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month in Barcelona--as HTC considers that to be one of their big events. Perhaps an international version of the TITAN II will be announced or something similar.
  • The push for 4G LTE devices is driven a lot by AT&T wanting to get people off of their overloaded 3G network, so devices like the TITAN II and Lumia 900 are highly welcomed by the carrier
  • Like Nokia, HTC doesn't seem keen on 32GB memory devices. Everyone is pushing for the cloud.
  • The HTC TITAN is selling very well world-wide and they're very happy with its performance

And what about our second experience with the TITAN II? If HTC and AT&T are aiming for this to be a premium version of the TITAN we think they did a pretty good job as the new changes really give the device a more classy feel to it. The curved glass near the bottom is a really excellent engineering feat and the Super LCD on the TITAN II is even better than the TITAN I (better contrast, brighter). We're pretty excited about getting our hands on this as our daily driver--that LTE is quite the blast to use, especially when web browsing.

More pics after the break...

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Swwwweeeeettttttttttttt :)
  • We passed on the info about the SRS stutter bug as well as the microphone/sound issue that quite a few of you have reported. That info should get to their engineers for further investigation.
  • why put a screen protector on a phone with GG. It makes the phone look really washed out and worn.. 
  • I'm with you.  No screen protectors, no protective cases.  I'm not that worried about it...
  • I've got both on mine.
    My screen protector is used more for glare reduction than protection. It works great!
    I put my Titan in a CaseMate Tough Case. Again, not for protection, but this time for the grip. It was constantly sliding out of my hands, and with the rubber backing of the Tough Case, I can hold onto it firmly now. The added protection is nice, though.
  • The Titan is the most slippery phone I've ever had, I can't believe they released it as it is. A lovely phone let down by a couple of issues.
  • If the Titan II isn't replacing the Titan, than maybe they shouldn't have named it the Titan II...  perhaps the Titan LTE.  This may just cause some confusion and may actually hurt Titan sales if both are on the same carrier.
  • RIGHT!
    Yeah they did it with the HD7 and they can do it with the TITAN, put on [t-mobile] and call it the TITANs
    Because yeah, both on the same carrier, at the same time, sounds like trouble.
  • Nothing to see here. . . .
  • The screen does seem a bit better.  The black level goes up when you view the Titan off center, on the diagonal, and the Titan II looks like it improves that.
  • Yous say: HTC does not seem keen on 32GB. Everybody is pushing for the cloud.
    There is something you need to understand about cloud.
    A good cloud system only works together with important local storage.
    Indeed, cloud cannot work efficiently without local storage in parallel. This is how Dropbox works. Once new files are added in the cloud, your hard disk is also updated with the same files, so you can have an easy and immediate access to them.
    This is also how Skydrive works: If you add 1,000 photos in Skydrive, they will immediately appear on you WP7 album. Your WP7 phone will also crearte a local copy of such photos. Even you delete the 1,000 pictures in Skydrive, you will notice that a local copy of the 1,000 pictures will remain in the storage of WP7 (until you turn off and restart the phone, which will delete the files).
    Think about it: if you store for instance 10GB of pictures in Skydrive, your 8GB windows Phone will stop working properly and it will tell you that your device is Out of storage !!! Try it.
    Conclusion : the more you are using the Cloud the more you need local storage.
    If you are using the maximum 25GB Skydrive storage, you will also need huge local storage on your phone (for the local copies of the files).
    The assumption that Cloud "replaces" local storage is the most stupid ever. They must work together.
  • I don't think photos you upload to Skydrive are store on your phone, at least at full resolution.  Otherwise you wouldn't have an option to save the pictures to your phone.
  • The save to phone option is there for those of us that don't want to put our data on a stranger's server.
  • TheFlew,
    You misunderstood me.
    Indeed, photos uploaded to Skydrive will be also stored on your phone and will use your WP7 local storage (even if the local copies of the pictures are not downloaded at full resolution).
    Easy to check. You can reproduce this experience:
    - Go to Skydrive on your PC. Upload several pictures in a Skydrive folder.
    - On your WP7 phone, go to Photos / Albums. You will see your new folder with your pictures. Start browsing the pictures. WP7 will download locally a copy of the files.
    - On your PC, delete the folder containing the pictures.
    - Check your WP7 phone: all the pictures will still be here. There's a copy of them on your storage.
    - The photos will be removed from the storage only when you turn off the phone and restart it.
    CONCLUSION: if you upload 15GB of photos to Skydrive, then try to access from your phone, all the WP7 phones currently available on the market will have troubles: They will all display the Error Message "Not enough storage. Delete somes files".
    It means 16GB local storage is a joke. Since it is not enough to contain your local files (music, videos, etc) + the files coming from the 25GB of Skydrive cloud.
    I really hope people will understand this. Cloud implies more storage.
    Think about how Dropbox works: the files added in the Dropbox will be also be copied on the hard disk of your computer.
  • Not only that, but not everyone has unlimited data plans, which are also capped at some point anyhow. For ODM's, and Microsoft, to say they are focusing on "cloud", I want to smack them upside their heads. A premium device should have all aspects looked at, including storage. Also, it doesn't help that the Zune client on the phone doesn't play music from your Skydrive NATIVELY, and it can take about 10-20 seconds to load a song from the marketplace when using SmartDJ.
  • AT&T again?!! What the heck is wrong with HTC? Hello! Verizon customers would appreciate some love.
  • Why do people think phone OEMs are randomly releasing phones and the carriers are like "oh, that might work on our network, I guess we'll sell them in our store now."  The carrier REQUESTS the phone from the OEM.  Only in certain instances is it up to HTC (i.e. if the CDMA version of the radio chipset is not available yet, but has been requested/ordered).
  • Then complain to Verizon. They can pick up any phone they want, but they're too busy mucking up Android phones with a thousand different UI's & putting their branding all over them (DROID) to be concerned about anything else right now. And just FYI, there's a reason why they originally passed up the iPhone exclusive: Because Apple wouldn't allow them to put their crappy branding all over it, their own App Stores, etc. Same thing with WP7. But since Google's a circle jerk free for all, thats why they love them.
    My advice: Switch carriers.
  • Not everybody can just up and "switch carriers". First, I prefer to have cell coverage, hence the reason I'm with Verizon. Second, the majority of my family is on Verizon, so it makes sense to stay with Verizon.
    I plan on complaining to Verizon. I support WP7 that much! I have no problem taking my complaints to them. I think we all should be voicing our concerns/complaints to the carriers, especially if they continually fail to provide devices to the users.
  • Verizon and Sprint have made it clear they just don't care.
  • Then it comes down to us to call them and complain and ask them to reconsider the support of WP7.
  • Wait! No Dock?
    You mean I have to put up with this stupid charg cord where my hand should be for a farging dock that some idiot thought would be a good idea (not that I'd buy it) and the thing isn't even coming to market!
    Titan and T-II need:
    1. Kick-stands
    2. Stereo speakers (with the processing of the Surround)
    It's not like they don't have the room!
  • Man, this is making it tougher for me to decide whether I go HTC or Nokia!
    Oh and it's "They're", not "Their"  (Last bullet point).  =)
  • Cloud storage is fine for people who never venture out of the city or into large office buildings and who also have unlimited data plans.
    I am not one of those people.
    I can understand AT&T wanting to encourage their users to rack up bandwidth overages, but I fail to see why I should play along with their little fantasy.
    Cloud can be good, but not as such. Not if it means they limit your local storage.
    At the moment it looks mainly like a conspiracy between Microsoft (to promote Skydrive), Carriers (so they can charge the bandwidth) and manufacturers (they make some savings manufacturing smartphones with poor storage).
    Who can seriously believe that cloud is more convenient than SD Card/internal storage? Internal storage is fast, secured, convenient and so easy to manage.
    Cloud depends on the network. You cannot stream. It's unusable in the subway, the train or the plane or when you are abroad on holiday. How silly.
    Anyway, I refuse to waste my money in a smartphone that has only 16GB storage. I  just cannot accept it, and I know I am not the only one.
    I'm not buying any new WP7 phone until they release a 32GB version.
  • Everyone wants you to use the cloud except for the carriers who want to cap your data.
  • Actually the carrier wants you to use the cloud as well.  That way they can charge you for going over your data cap...
  • FYI, I have the Titan dock and it works great.  It's my nightstand alarm clock now.  I got it from eXpansys USA (although I'm still waiting for my case).
  • This is the part where T-Mobile says "Hey loyal customers, we've heard you concerns about getting better Windows Phones. We will be releasing the HTC Titan on our network next month." And that's the part when I use my I mean, come on right?
  • If they're going to sell both at the same time, then it is not a smart move to call it the Titan 2. That immediately signals that it replaces the original Titan. People would then have to explain that it doesn't. If anything it should be called the Tital+.
    Confusing the everyday customer is never a good idea. There are enough angry android users that suffer from the same thing.
  • I like HTC phones, but I just hate their incredibly fugly back covers.