Radar and Titan to get dock accessories + hands on video

Not much to say here outside of "awesome" but according to Engadget, both the Titan and Radar will have some sweet dock accessories to complete the package.

Put us down for two, please.

Also, they had this hands on video with the Titan. We were worried that at 4.7", this thing would be huge and while the screen in ample, it actually looks like a manageable device. We're actually torn between both phones so we think we'll just buy both at some point--Radar for Monday, Wed, Friday, the Titan for the other days. Sounds like a plan!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Titan please please please come to Tmobile or Sprint and it is a buy. Do not like the screen resolution i wish Samsung came with something but it isnt THAT bad...I guess. hahahaha
  • The Engadget video is quite funny. None of those guys seem to be very familiar with the Windows Phone OS. :)
  • 'Not much to say here outside of "awesome"'Are you mental in the mind? The Radar barely outspecs an Optimus 7 and the photo makes it embarrassingly obvious why the dock is a gimmick. No? Go on, look again... OK, everything on the screen is sideways. Don't try and sell me the fact that with this magic new device I can use it as an alarm clock for I will punch you in the face and arms for mistaking me for a muggins - my phone does that just fine right now without a attachment that enables me to gather dust.I bloody love WP7 but its hard to convince others why. They look on the internet and the first things they find are:- obsequious and sycophantic blogs like wmpoweruser, which as far as I can tell is an IT project made by blind 12 year olds with head injuries that has been allowed to go on for far too long- HTC 'design' team, ruining the aesthetics of the GUI with horrid gaudy tiles and altering the size of the same yawn inducing phone
  • Well you don't have to buy it buddy, im just glad there's a little more effort put into the accessories for Wp7 there is far to little out there, specifically HTC accessories and just because others like it and you don't, doesn't make them mental, the fact that your willing to do that makes me better than you so id like to say thanks I need a confidence boost every now and again also, if by "others" you mean the general population who are idiots of the highest calibre and swayed by hardware/software terms they don't understand then you must bring out the fancy looking apps and flashing lights to get there full attention, which isn't to hard depending on where you are but honestly I try pushing Wp7 on everyone I no most of whom still have dumb phones looking for there 1st smart one, its easy to sway people towards at least trying a Wp
  • What's the point of a landscape doc if the OS won't accommodate?
  • See our hands on video.
  • err yes it does have twitter integration
  • I wonder if I could do a simple modification to that dock to fit my Trophy?............*Gets power drill*
  • This is just sad and pathetic. Even the HTC announcer doesn't know that Mango has integrated Twitter. What the **** man?Edit: I am not a fan of only being able to have 6 applications open. I did not realize that was a limitation.
  • Try it. You won't notice the "limitation". It's the last 5 or 6 apps you used. MS is also open to increasing that on user feedback. I think most people will really like it--I do.
  • Probably because you are focused on "apps". WP is all about integration, so the OS is always open. Not much need for 6, or even 3 apps open at the same time. And as most everything, except games, open in a second or two anyway, not a big deal. Also, no need to be tethered to a power supply 20 hours a day.
  • I want the Titan !!! Can't wait