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More HP Elite x3 videos promote the Windows 10 Mobile phone as the future of computing

HP has posted some more videos promoting the upcoming Elite X3 smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile, with execs from the company and Qualcomm all claiming it will be the future of computing for business.

The videos on the HP Business YouTube channel feature HP's President and CEO Dion Weisler and the company's Vice President for Commercial Mobility & Software Michael Park. Both Weisler and Park claim that the HP Elite X3 will offer business customers more than just a phone or a PC

Another video features Steve Mollenkopf, the CEO of Qualcomm, who again says that the HP Elite X3 is a game changer for businesses who want a full PC on a mobile device. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor will be inside the 5.96-inch Elite X3, along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, plus a fingerprint reader. HP has still not announced a release date or price for the Elite X3.

  • That awkward moment when the partners are trying hard sell Windows 10 Mobile devices but Microsoft doesn't give a **** about Windows 10 Mobile devices.
    Edit: Lol, look at the butthurt fans and the downvotes. Guys, I am a fan myself, I'm butthurt myself because next year i cant buy a windows phone as they're exiting the market and the OEM here take advantage of the OSs superior optimization and feed us third grade hardware. I don't want to buy an android nor an iphone. I love the OS it would be better if MSFT showed some more interest and better commitment. And give us groundbreaking features.
  • How do you even come close to that conclusion?
  • Please, isn't it clear? It pulled the support for low and mid range phones in markets like India and Brazil. Nadella wants their phone division to make phones more like a business device and as a companion device.
  • Yeah that's why hp has released elite x3. It is for enterprises
  • I agree with you DarkRyd, don't listen to these fanboys. I was a fanboy of Windows mobile a long time ..
    But their progress is way too slow.  It's clear that phones has become a secondairy thing, and their apps and Windows itself  has become their primary objective. 
  • Exactly, thank you. Their progress is too slow for mobile sector. The competitors are doing great job. Win phone had great potential though.
  • "I agree with you DarkRyd, don't listen to these fanboys. I was a fanboy of Windows mobile a long time ."
    Can you all stop with this "fanboy" shit? It's such a crutch of an argument to put down people you disagree with simply because they prefer a platform. It's so juvenile and just weak. You can do better, use your words to form an argument, not labels.
  • Ha! At least I know when Mr. Rubino joins the comments, he actually has something to say. Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830
  • Usually, yes, but his response here contributes nothing to the original discussion. (nor does mine)   EDIT: Oh snap! I wrote this reply before reading on and seeing Daniel's on-topic reply further down
  • Let's say that this site is in need of some moderation, badly... And why you can type **** while I can't?? :D
  • Are you the real daniel rubino ?
  • The fact that the op got downvoted to oblivion because he shared his opinion and was anti windows, shows that there are fanboys though. You clearly ARE a fanboy as well but you're too embarrassed to admit it. Just because you don't like a certain word, doesn't mean it's not true or applicable to you. Accept it and move on little fanboy.
  • I bet they are concentrating all their time and effort on the Surface Phone right now. The Surface Phone must 'wow' people and redefine what a Windows phone is and can do. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nah it's just a demonstration apparently
  • ​What makes you think Winddows 10 Mobile will work better on a Surface Phone? What is wrong with the hardware  of 950XL? An octacore beast, sporting the newest technologies and hardware and being maybe faster than current iphone or galaxy, is running a faulty OS. So, it is not a device problem, it is software that cannot work with high end hardware.
  • I think at the moment they are polishing Windows 10 Mobile and the 950 is for fans that want a new high-end phone right now. They will release the Surface Phone when Windows 10 Mobile is good enough in their opinion and after that they will keep improving the OS. Owners of the 950 profit as well, because they get the same version of Windows 10 Mobile. I think the 950 is a stopgap solution. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He's a long time reader of REM's Aditya
  • Just ready this
  • MS cares more about Windows phone than Windows Central does, apparently. How long has it been that links don't work in their WP app? Two years without a fix? How long has their website been basically unusable on IE mobile? Basically forever? When WP users need to turn to an Android, iOS or Win desktop device to properly interact with Windows Central, it's obvious that the people over at WC either don't care about Windows Mobile, or they don't use those devices to interact with their own website or app.
  • That's because the old WC developer stopped developing that app ages ago. Hence why new people were involved in the making of the Win10m app. So the old 8.1 app won't likely be updated again. That doesn't mean they don't support the platform anymore, it's just that you're on a old platform when a new version of the OS now exists :p +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • 90percent of people are still on the old platform. They've had two years. No excuse.
  • "90 percent" sorry where did you get them statistics? Because it is known that that is extremely false. Also let me just emphasise what I already said. "The Old WC developer stopped developer developing the app ages ago" which means they don't have the means to update it. Also they probably don't have the resources to support the 8.1 app anyway. Considering they are working hard on Win10M. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Windows central sucks, you should know this by now
  • That's like saying Microsoft doesn't care about PCs. Microsoft is not here to make hardware either mobile or tablet or PC. They make software. It's up to the OEMs to do this and HP (with a ton of Microsoft support) is doing that with the Elite x3.
  • So true I agree
  • There's no truth to it at all. Microsoft is not here to make hardware either mobile tablet or PC? Then WTF is the Surface line? Is Panos Panay out of a job? Has HoloLens been cancelled?
  • The Surface line of products is a high-end benchmark for which other OEMs can aspire.
    Also, in your post, you named almost all of the hardware products that MS manufactures. Think about HP. They have the Elite line, the Pavilion line, the Flyer, and many more that I can't think of right now. Each of those product lines contains numerous variations depending on its target audience. HP also has tons of office-centered products like printers, ink, etc. So, compare that to MS's four products. Comparatively speaking, HP would be considered a hardware manufacturer, while MS would be considered a hardware dabbler. ha ha
  • I don't disagree with the prowess of he's hardware lines. But for my taste (and I used to buy a 5k gaming rig every year) the surface line created a complete ecosystm that combined with Xbox is a way of life that I want to live. Heck I don't even own physical media anymore so a master Xbox with streaming slave units that all ties back to the same build quality and firmware ease of use that surface provides drives me more and more to wait on the sp device. Also ms would not work with hp on all those great features and not keep some in house. Just my 2cents. The Real Batman on XBOX @KrisPetrin on Twitter
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  • HP also has manufacturing channels and direct sales partners that Microsoft does not and will never have. People forget to mention that HP sells a computer "every second" according to their PR spin.
  • "HP also has manufacturing channels and direct sales partners that Microsoft does not and will never have" Wrong,, it got all the setup from Nokia, ofcourse its outside of US, but still is there, a pretty sting one indeed  
  • Then WTF is the Surface line?
    They are high-end, premium, aspirational devices that represent the best of what Windows 10 can to. They are meant as a demonstration platform. What they do not do: They do not compete with entry level, mid-range laptops, lucrative gaming PCs and laptops, Ultrabooks, enterprise desktops, consumer desktops, servers, compute sticks, smaller tablets, etc. Availability is also limited globally to a select few markets and retail outlets. Even your precious HoloLens is a demonstration device. Microsoft's Holographic computing is an open platform for all OEMs to jump in and make their own holographic computer. I mean, you literally can go back and read the original announcements and interviews about Surface 1 to get this information. It's not a secret and you are way behind on this information.
  • Wow. So now all of MS's hardware products are just demo devices for OEMs. Surface, Surface Pro, and Surface Book don't compete with laptops and ultrabooks. Okay. I mus thave misheard MS when they said SP3 can replace the Macbook. What they really said was "This is what OEMs should make."
  • "Wow. So now all of MS's hardware products are just demo devices for OEMs."
    No, they always were. Once again, go back and re-read the original Surface 1 information, interviews, etc. and how they framed it. You're just late in knowing this, nothing has changed. The Surface line is by no means cheap, or for those on a budget. Nor are they gaming devices, or a desktop PC. They run light dual-core processors not quad core and only the Surface Book has a (mild) GPU in it. They are but one area of computing.
  • This is just plain stupid, and its clear now you're only writing to feel smug about what you're saying. I hope this site starts including a disclaimer with all new MS hardware annoucements that the products are only meant as OEM baselines and should not be considered for consumer purchases.
  • Maybe it would help if you imagined it as an exclusively first party Nexus-like product like. Intended as a beacon for OEMs to draw inspiration from, but a perfectly functional consumer product in its own right. If you look at all of the Surface-inspired 2-in-1s coming to market, I think you would agree that it's doing a decent job of it.
  • maguro, stop the logic... :) You are replying to a seething, angry, bitter little man that has NO interest in anything but being a negative ******... it will do you no good... Coming to you from my Nokia Andryod Phone
  • man..?
  • "This is just plain stupid, and its clear now you're only writing to feel smug about what you're saying."
    And you are just ignorant to what is common knowledge about what Surface is to Microsoft. Don't blame others for your shortcomings. Your comments cannot make up for the reality of the situation.
  • Sad that you went this far when really you only said what you said because you wanted to make DarkRyd look stupid. To claim that MS isn't here to make hardware is just ignorant and wrong. You know it too, but just want to feel smug. If what you said was true MS wouldnt advertise Surface and have their own custom stores selling them inside every Best Buy in the country.  
  • Dude, what's your problem? You don't have to dig too deep to find MS on the record saying that they are a "software and services" company. Hardware is peripheral; outside of Xbox, they aren't a major hardware competitor. The Surface product line only serves to generate interest in the Windows platform, which they have done a great job doing. However, make no mistake, MS does not want to compete in hardware, because manufacturing is an added cost in both resources and time. I'd wager that Surface sales don't significantly affect MS' bottom line.
  • Keep moving those goalposts. Maybe senpai will notice you.
  • yo MEthod you drinking n commenting again? save that energy for your woman at home..hahaha
  • Dan, just ignore the savages. Posted from PornHub
  • You people and your down votes are killing me. Thank God no one gives you a loaded weapon. Posted from PornHub
  • Daniel,
    Although I agree with the facts you have stated I do feel that the surface line is coming full circle with yearly updates and bi-year impressive upgrades. And that makes them a hardware competitor hence the stance on replacing your MacBook does 2 things. It legitimizes their desire to get into hardware sales by attacking a rival (apple) and allows them to stay clear of portfolios like hp while using them to help build the eco system. In a sense they are having their cake and eating it too. Mark my acer Xbox is coming. (I know nothing) only that I suspect a future where Xbox is a console gaming ecosystem and hard for Sony to catch because of support from acer/hp etc... But surface, lumia(for now), band, hololenz and Xbox to Daniels point demonstrate the ecosystem of the future in todays world with often times tech no one else thought of or cared to design. The Real Batman on XBOX @KrisPetrin on Twitter
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  • I believe the OEMs will be saying to microsoft, "why should we invest in your platform? prove to us it is worth our time" so then MS say okay we'll make surface line to show you how it can be done, how they can create their products to cater to customers with the windows platform. Also with the surface line being marketed to a very high end, more affluent customer base (which is a minority market) it leaves all that remaining 95% (guess) of the market to their OEMS to soak up. and it means that can compete with Apple to steal their market share which also falls in that high end computing devices end of the spectrum which I'M SURE their shareholders will be pressuring them to do since no one else is doing this very well, (at least in terms of large scale marketing).
  • That may be how they framed it to keep OEMs from revolting, but you know Microsoft had visions of Apple sized sales and profit margins through high-end hardware in the back of their mind. Their hardware really has two possible scenarios they would like to see play out.
  • 100% correct.  They're a demonstration line meant to drive and inspire.   Always have been and will continue to be...they'd be happy to break even, nice to make a profit, but they're goal is to push OEM partners to make great devices and drive Win10 technologies forward.
  • They had to go after Apple in order to convince OEMs that the Windows platform could hold up to the competition.
  • I wonder what's the purpose of Xbox? Second rate console now and with PSVR even more.
  • Very
    Rectum Coming to you from my Nokia Andryod Phone
  • Exactly, Dan is completely right. And he also illustrates my point. The amount of interest they show towards pc and tablet they show it at least half of it towards phone and make exceptional devices and show what Win10M is capable of. And also windows 10 mobile is beautiful. They should add some more groundbreaking features. Because this sector is very competitive.
  • Yeah. This time i agree with you
  • I understand Microsoft's devices being high-end, premium, aspirational ones to represent the best of what Windows 10 can do and not an attempt to take the market from OEMs, what I really don't is this low global availability and the markets they chose: they sell Surfaces on Portugal and Poland, both on the low end of first world countries, but not on Brazil, India, China, all three with bigger markets than the aforementioned European countries, and even freaking Japan? What the hell? Surfaces' premium prices should be reason enough for OEMs not to worry about Microsoft stealing their sales, this really isn't needed and only pisses off the fans of the brand.
  • A positive sign that HP is actually touting a device but I'll be surprised if it lasts.  Until there is a killer wm powered device out there that brings back the loyal & converts the sceptics, the OS as a mobile platform is in hibernation/life support.  I expect this to be the Surface Phone and with it still being a distant dream I don't really regret moving over to Android (at least temporarily).   Main problem for Microsoft I feel is that with so many resets & false dawns on the OS, Windows as a mobile OS is so tainted by negative press it's not a battle they can really win anymore (at least on the consumer side). Hopefully if they can really push things in the business market it may have a knockon effect, but I think realistically it's going to be at least a couple of years until it could be seen as a serious alternative for consumers. Not only that but not allowing the OEM's to have much input on customization of the OS is always going to make it second fiddle for most.  Like it or not, OEM's love selling you junk. They had a great inroad to kill it with the consumers through XBox but only allowing select developers, lack of multiplayer etc it's fallen flat on it's face.  Sadly usual story of so close but so far :(
  • Agree and would add that if the Surface pro 3 was released at the same time Windows 8 was we would love in a different world right now.
  • The surface line like a phone that we might see some day is like an iphone a high value product that costs more than others but yea these products at least get the job done and pretty well!! But they are no hardware company to make all kinds of phones for all the needs of everyone, low - mid - and high end phones thats where partners like hp come in to fill these holes becuase MS cant make phones for all our needs, apple doesnt make cheap products either and they dont even try to at least get companys to fill those holes :3 
  • They want to inspire the competitors with their hardware, not to dominate the market with it. If the new mobile devices will be successful, all the OEMs will make similar ones, just like everyone is making now 2-in1s.
    As for the Elite X3, I think they are waiting for all the features included in the Anniversary Update to be completed
  • Good question because his title is, "Head of premium devices"and surface does exist. Are they shutting down that division;No? As I've said before, enterprise users are consumers, they're the same; many people are being paid stypens to use their personal phones for business use (these people want apps). I've tried keeping iOS and android out of the organization as long as I could, but I can't do it anymore; there's several apps that my EMS, fire, and police divisions can use that save us thousands of dollars over purchasing x86 applications. While there's no problem with MS highlighting business features and targeting them, the fact still remains that they still need even the business apps like Arc GIS and many more that are on iOS & Android; health apps, education apps, and others which aren't currently on WP. So they can skip the so called consumer space but it will be the same mistake Ballmer made years ago with mobile to begin with. Windows mobile was in the enterprise years ago on palm devices, etc, yet Apple and Android were able to take over then and they will now because Satya is under estimating the importance of apps in the enterprise and ignoring consumers. I think he should put the same effort in with developers as he has personally done with salesforce, sap, and even Linux. A personal touch. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  • Surface line from Microsoft acts as Nexus line for Android. Microsoft wants to show what OEMS can actually do with Windows. That doesnt mean they are a hardware company like how Apple is or for that matter even HP.  It is a reference for what others can do. But that being said microsoft cant match the inventory channel which these companies have that you can cite them as hardware company as of yet. 
  • You just don't get it, do you? Let me break it down to you, Google is a search and ad company, they make or partner to make the Nexus and Chrome book line of hardware! Quite simple! That inspires and set the bar for OEMs like Samsung to come up with Hardware and innovations on that side! So does MS with its Surface, HoloLens, etc. hardware! Clear now?
  • What OEMs will pick up the baton though? HP is the only one making a high end phone. This also screams of beta testing where if HP doesn't sell enough of these they will move on to something else. No way HP keeps this going if it loses money.  
  • Alcatel is also making a high end windows "superphone". It's called idol pro 4
  • I haven't seen anything special from them yet. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  • Yeah, they've given enough free money away to their current CEO. I'm starting to feel the need for Bill to come back and take over the reigns! We'll see in time. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  • Depends on how desparate the chair holders get. For a "cloud" guy, Satya hasn't really boosted the profits of MS cloud division. Under Satya, MS will become more like IBM than the MS we love.
  • That's the point, he's partial to Cloud because he helped create azure which is Cloud based. My question is, what's the difference between Ballmer focusing solely on office and windows back in the day and ignoring cell phones and Satya now focusing basically solely on Cloud and minimizing the importance of Microsoft cellular phones and getting apps on them. HP is the only serious US cell player making a compelling WP. One OEM partner with no cell Carrier support isn't going to cut it; this is no different than what Nokia was doing years ago. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  •   Sad state of affairs we live in. Baller was better, he ate the 1 Billion lost on Surface and a similar size lost on those red rings on the 360 and look at how the Xbox and Surface are doing today. If something isn't successfull today, Satya will give it the boot ASAP. He has little faith in the products he sells  
  • Thing is, HP has a megatonne of enterprise support, they stated they already have order interests upwards uf 100k, and that statement was just a week or so after the announcement. If the device actually does what they're promising (run x86 apps with their emulation platform, all the while offering superb quality and performance for the native UWP platform) they already have orders on hand for more of these phones than most Android OEMs sell.  And if HP does well then the other big enterprise companies will have to do the same (Dell already is suprising me that they haven't already). And then if the HP device sells well you'll see consumer verions come out as well.
  • hii daniel, i am a WC reader !! 
    i would like to know, where do we get notification if someone votes our comment or replies on it !! 
    I'll come back to this page to see your answer !! 
    hope u will reply me :) 
  • My whole experience for Windows phone is the tiles UI.
    Unfortunately I am now on Android. But loved the tile UI so much that I use a Windows 10 theme on the phone. It is not equal to original UI but still gives the same feeling. "Hence, for me it is the software which I like about the MS not the hardware" I used to think like this before.
    Now MS is pioneer in hardware to. Just look at its latest hardware, and not only his but for the latest hardware of the world. The one and only "Hololens". Man I am in love with this device.;") Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I guess they no longer consider themselves a Devices and Services company? Fine by me. I always thought that was dumb.
  • Quite right! They are now "Mobile First, Cloud First". So why would they care about Windows 10 Mobile? It's not like it's related in any way to the first half of the company's mission statement.  
  • They care, enourmously... what is continuum other then a f*** tonne of care to mobile >.< They just don't to sell hardware, neither do their shareholders as they invested in a services company (it never was sold as a devices company, where'd you pull that from?). Also Mobile in the context of their mission statement is from Mobility, not the form factor, but the ability to do your work, whenever, whereever, on whatever OS, hardware, planet you want.
  • Dan, I agree with you, but the problem is, is that Microsoft doesn't have the same level of OEM support with windows phone that they have with the PC. Satya has waved android royalties' for Samsung and many others to preload free office apps which for die hard ios/android users mean nothing because they'll keep using google docs, hangouts, iOS pages, etc over office. The premise of a user seeing how great office apps are and making the jump is flawed and has been tried. With mobile sales slowing with both iPhones and iPads, where's new revenue coming from?
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  • Except most android buyers aren't die hard fans, they just buy what's available. And if MS office is available on that phone they'll keep using it instead of switching to, exactly, google docs.
  • If they have a ton of MS support for the Elite, glace screen licensing should be a given then.
  • I hope their phone will be called the surface phone
  • If you're talking about the elite x3, while its a nice device, it's no surface line worthy devices. Surface design is elite above HP's elite x3.... No pun intended. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  • I don't mean to pick on you Mr. Rubino, but it's just that I've seen this "argument" used many times lately that "MS is a software company." Considering MS bought up an entire hardware company (Nokia), doubt they can still call themselves purely software anymore. But even if MS was still a purely software company, what bothers me is that this point is only brought up when there are issues with their hardware. When there are issues with their software (which is basically the entire problem with Windows 10 Mobile), nobody brings this up, and instead try to give some other excuses as to why it takes them forever to make a stable OS (which they've succeeded in doing in the previous generations). I understand that they had to start from scratch multiple times, but after the first or second time, we started to get tired of hearing that excuse, especially since we begin to feel like once the OS is stable, they will refresh and start the process all over again. And I think OP was trying to say that MS doesn't have mobile as priority compared to PC, which I believe you also agreed with multiple times in the past (I'm pretty sure it was in one of your Ask Dans, which I've been wondering where it went). To summarize, shouldn't the fact that MS is supposedly a software company, combined with the fact that MS has been making mobile operating systems for far longer than Apple or Google, mean we should be killing the competition by now? Instead, we are currently doing the complete opposite, and Windows 10 Mobile has a pretty bad reputation among tech reviewers mainly due to the buggy, supposedly RTM, OS at the time of the Lumia 950/XL release. Due to the reasons above, I personally think it makes sense for us to be a lot more critical of MS, especially when it comes to software. Thanks for reading!
  • Criticallness is paramount to MS' software side, and I will criticise them to no end. They need to do a lot more work on optimising UWP for mobile systems, it even begins having problems on a surface device, let alone on my phone it really starts deteriorating. But they are working on this, some may say to slowly but they're doing their best that's for sure, as optimising for low performance also benefits their high performance segments.  Hardware wise MS really doesn't want anything to do with it, the Nokia buyout was an act of desperation by Ballmer to copy Apple and Nadella under the guidance and wishes of the shareholders/board has gotten rid of that. Calling that Microsoft killing Mobile is just wrong, they were just removing stuff they never wanted, even less needed.
  • For the mobile software side of things, I always joke about how their team of like 3 people (I hope that isn't the case) are working hard everyday to get these bug fixes and features done for us. I just think that if MS was as serious about mobile as Apple and Google, they would have a giant team working on mobile, and by now we would likely have the Surface phone in our hands. Considering how much money MS has, I feel like they can afford more funding for their mobile division. It would be a risk/investment, but if they're not taking it, it makes us wonder exactly how serious they are about it. I criticize MS's software, hardware, and overall decisions all the time, which apparently gets me tons of downvotes, but I just think treating MS like they're so fragile and inexperienced is not helping any of us in the long run.
  • I clicked on the ! Not knowing what it meant. I actually liked this post. I accidentally reported it. Sorry buddy. LOL
  • It's that they aren't *focusing* on win10mobile for now as Redstone2 is more based on mobile and they haven't even released Redstone1 yet. They've also said that they're relying on other OEM's to make win10mobile phones right now as they are apparently working on the alleged Surface phone. Where in any of that does it give you any idea that they don't care about Win10M? What about their efforts on making continuum and UWP? If they were to not care for the platform that it was made for then it would have been in vain. It's just that they're focusing on PC on Redstone 1 which is understandable as PC has much more high consumer market.
    +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • oh and i have seen some great 3rd party phones being released with windows 10 :D i want that japanese phone with the 2 back covers and contnuum to be available here so i can grab it :P
  • I do hope some of the phones made in Japan or other countries do end up spreading to other countries :p have seen some good spec phones but from other countries :) +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • You do realize that Windows 10 Mobile build 14356.1000 came out just a few days ago, right? For a company that "doesn't give a duck" about an OS, why update it then?   Sure, this year may not be fully Mobile-based, but they still keep it updated with new features and bug fixes.
  • Dude, I am running that in my phone, my primary phone. I have been an insider from day one. They did a good job with new build. But that's it? They don't show commitment to their own OS. It still lacks many feature and still didn't fix so many existing bugs.
  • Bam. Power of Windows 10 there. Sure, bugs can still exist, and they do, thankfully it's just a pre-release. However, this is Windows 10, which is going to keep evolving and get better with more features and refinement. Just as any scientist will say,
    "nothing's perfect, something can always be better," and with that in mind, we have the Feedback Hub just for that case. The Windows 10 you see today won't be the same Windows 10 you'll see at the end of the year, nor will it be the same when a new Surface (phone, tablet (hopefully a non-pro and a pro), and book) line gets announced.
  • haha, yes it will evolve and you as a Microsoft sheep will pay for they half baked products. Not only the OS isnt ready for now but the damn app are missing too! Why should I buy a HP X3 for .... lets say 899USD (wont be a cheap phone anyways)... so why should i pay for it when 90% of popular app doesnt support WP??? How the hell should I enjoy the benefits of A+++ HW when the SW is pure ****??? WHY??? The promises are nice but we are waiting since WP 6.5 and not much changed
  • Even if you try to recruit others to your cold corner. People are smart. They will buy wherever they want/can afford inspite of your bitterness!
  • Who paid for W10 so far?
  • BECAUSE IT'S MADE FOR ENTERPRISE! They don't want snapchat or the simpsons game or what not crap. MS has always made their software for enterprise, even windows XP was made for bloody enterprise not for you. They do not, and never have, directly targetted consumers with Windows (they did a few times, it failed -> windows 8 for example). When will you and others understand this, MS has always been a enterprise sofware company, look at what they make money from; Office (for companies, individual people really don't need the raw power office offers), Azure (consumers can't even use this directly) and even Windows (group policy editor, not really for consumers...almost nothing that windows can actually do is used by consumers, it does a lot more than just run some games and programs).
  • Man, I went to Android ( non preview OS ) for 2 weeks and almost shot myself in the head it was so painful!
    I'll take a few bugs on a pre release OS! Sent from my super awesome 29.99 Lumia 640
  • Funny, I am on Android and I love the fact you can get all the services I got when I had a Lumia 625 running WP 8.1 Denim, I love Outlook, OneDrive, Office, Office Lens, Skype, OneNote, Bing Sports.  The best software on Android is from Microsoft.  I even use HERE maps offline instead of Google Maps, in fact I disabled all Google services except youtube and search since Bing outside US is not available as in a PC.
  • A lady I work with broke her Lumia 928 so she switched to her husbands android phone, she is alreadymissing WM even though she was probably on WP8.1.
  • Man after reading your comments I had a realization. I actually figured out what is the secret behind the windows a Insider program.
    It is to build the army of such people who talks about bugs no matter what, and eventually they will exit the OS, shift to other ones and create chaos for them. Hahaha.
    Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What a moronic argument. Is Microsoft not trying to sell PC's because they're leaving it to the OEM's? Besides, you obviously didn't watch the videos. Terry Myerson is in one of them and in all of the videos they talk about callaboration.
  • Nope. Their PC market is very well consolidated. The same thing cant be applied to Win10M. It needs extra effort.
  • Don't know why you're getting downvoted, you're absolutely right, there are 300 million Windows 10 desktop licenses, and how many Lumia devices did Microsoft sold last year, its ridiculous for app developers to take Windows Mobile seriously with those numbers.  Time to bring plan C and fork Android, or Windows Mobile will be at 0.1% global marketshare in less than 1 year. 
  • Elaborate, how is plan C supposed to help? 
  • I don't care about his conclusion. I am enjoying the down vote party at Windows Central - fine entertainment it tis! Posted from PornHub
  • Upvoted "Love for your Signature"
  • Proper respect! Posted from PornHub
  • DarkRyd I gave you an upvote.
  • Microsoft is more interested in supporting OEMs than being the 95% share of hardware for Windows. If that's what you mean, I agree. 
  • Microsoft doesn't care about Hardware that much I'll grant you that but the software is another issue. Once the mobile OS and the desktop OS become effectively one there is going to be a really good reason to revisit Windows OS phones/computers. Phones will converge with computers and the information will all be in the cloud. 
  • Office is free on android and iOS, so what's the point if they aren't making money from the software? If they're going to just get revenue from windows 10 alone then their sick value will hit rock bottom fast. Don't mention cloud revenue because they have much more competition there than they had when the windows OS was created. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  • You are missing the point.  They are selling this as a mobile PC that btw can also make calls.  Also, they are focused on enterprise customers, not consumers.  Exactly what Microsoft has said will be their focus going forward.  HP collaborated closely with Microsoft on this.  You must not have been paying much attention.  Just think of this like any other Windows devices that HP sells, not as phone.  That is how Microsoft and HP are looking at it.  It doesn't need sell millions to be successful. 
  • The problem is that it's not a mobile PC in the common understanding of that.  It's like a mobile Windows RT, which is not good enough.  When you connect to a monitor, you need to be able to run full desktop applications, otherwise this won't succeed. It does need to sell millions to be successful, otherwise it won't make a profit and there will never be an Elite X4.
  • calm down bro, ms isn't exiting the smartphone business !! 
    it has just changed a lot !! 
    like surface series, they will few flagship phones & then let oem's do the job of making windows phones for consumers or business !! 
    & just let us give them a lil time under nadella too.......we gave them chances under ballmer !! ,now let nadella have some time & see what he can do about the WM !! so far he looks good......n yes, he has taken some really tough decisions !! 
  • The problem is that partners like HP are lying when they say "HP Elite X3 is a game changer for businesses who want a full PC on a mobile device"  Continuum does not support x64 software, it is not the full Windows 10 OS, you don't even have a way to be productive without the virtualization, but what is the goal of Continuum if you're going to connect to another remote PC.  The Intel Compute Stick with Intel Core M3 is much better choice, this has same CPU that comes on the MacBook 2016 which starts at $1299. But Intel is selling the stick for just $500. Its much better than this Continuum half baked idea.
  • It's not about being butthurt, it's about you not trying to use some little logic, Microsoft doesn't give a **** about SELLING windows phones, but they care about windows 10 mobile (see windows 10 mobile developments in the latest months). So your statement is just wrong, nothing to do with being butthurt.
  • For me your angst towards how MS is or isn't promoting w10m is a perfect argument for why the strategy had to change. People are butthurt because they cannot buy a Windows phone. Why can't we? Because partners have not been making nearly enough devices. Exactly why the retrenching and shift in strategy was needed. MS does not and has never wanted to be the primary device vendor for windows. Now HP is building a dream phone and still people are upset. Not fast enough blah blah. Don't like the strategy fine, but I think it's the right direction for MS and I love what HP is doing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree with you and didn't down vote! Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  • deuces.
  • Its not like no other device uses those specs....
  • Which is beside the point. They are obviously pushing Continuum here and as far as the chipset, there are a lot of MDM and business security features coming with Anniversary Update and this hardware that have not been done yet on a Windows 10 device.
  • I bet u right 100%
  • Releasing a consumer version with a tablet dock and upgrading to ink seam like the likely next steps. Kudos to MS for driving in this direction with hp and kudos to them from backing off phone production so a device like this can exist....but at some point I'd still like to see a Panos P attempt at this class of device.
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  • I would just be ok with an X3 with a decent camera, somethings tells me the camera will be avarage since this is aimed at business (and I don't see triple led flash :) ! )
  • A device that has both iris and fingerprint scanner, a bunch of enterprise features? I don't think so
  • This is close to what The surface phone should be. Though, I expect the laptop piece to have a detachable tablet and a phone device to support ink. If Microsoft Would build a surface phone. That would be my expectation. Oh and a Lumia camera in tow.
  • If only intel kept making their mobile cpus, could get a real mobile surface device. Up to the magic software techs in redmond that made x360 backwards compat to develop a way to virtualize running x86 apps from the windows store.
  • They may be more pricey, but Intel does make the m3, m5, and m7 which are stronger cpu's than the atom processor. It's probably doable to use them since they don't require fans.
  • They still consume too much power to be a viable smartphone CPU.
  • Did you know that surface hub and hololens also if they have x86 cpu cannot run win32 apps?
  • and 5.2 inches would be good :P
  • I need one....
  • Phone looks beautiful. The first true example of what Windows Mobile 10 will look like running on a great device...
  • I have to disagree. My 950 XL has been nothing short of great to me. :) Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Ok they better not just be hyping without giving a release date and/or price by next week or people are going to be seriously deflated. And all you commenters about MS ignoring windows...I'm starting to wonder if the Chinese are trolling Windows Central. Wasn't there an article about them upset with MS pushing Windows 10 because it's more pirate resistant? Darkwing Duck is onto you!!
  • Only if it had a camera as good as 950..
  • Only if it had a camera like 950
  • I hope the OEM's pressure Microsoft this time.   Microsoft: Windows Phone isn't our focus this year
  • "Windows 10 Mobile phone as the future of computing"   Ahahahahahahahahahah
  • There he is... whew, thought you left.. Coming to you from my Nokia Andryod Phone
  • Oh come on dj you can do better than that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or 5x)
  • ahahahahah a guy with no life ahahahahah
  • DJCBS predicted long ago something most of us never expected, that Nokia would at the end finally be launching smartphones using Android. Pretty sure that when Nokia relaunches flagships with Android it they will be on the top 5 companies in marketshare, just mark my words and wait for 2 years in Summer 2018 and you'll be suprised. 
  • That was very likely to happen and everybody knew. If you didn't expect that you didn't read the agreement between MS and Nokia. This being said he is the typical guy that predicts all sorts of doom then when one of the things he said, out of the 100 he predicted turns true, he forgets the other 99 stupid things he said. Like the old granny saying everyday the she is not living through the night and then when she actually dies everybody says "she felt that she was going to die tonight! god was calling her" LOL
  • Ahahahaha! They will not make any impact and just waste money! Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
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  • Who,  Microsoft?  yes.  We know.  They are just wasting money with windows 10 mobile.   It is the new blackberry....The CEO has other things on his mind,  and the platform pays the ultimate price.  By being abolished to the depths.  Satya, Congrats on cannonballing the best mobile platform into the abomination that we have today.   I have to goto apple to get a device that has all the services/apps/accesories I want,  and the security/smooth OS that windows phone was until you got your grubby paws on microsoft.   The stocks could be way higher if you just took your head out of your ass and saw the potential with windows phone/mobile.  Alas,  You were to blind by the mobile first cloud first mantra you were spewing that you took your eye off the ball.   Just as Jim did at BB.  He was caught up in his dream of owning a NHL hockey franchise in waterloo/hamilton,  that he took his eye off the ball....and look where Blackberry ended up.  Canned....once just a shell of its former awesome self.  Now,  Microsoft will never tank like blackberry just because so many people use windows as a computing platform.   HOWEVER,  Microsoft had an amazing mobile platform and just flushed it down the toilet because satya did'nt see the forest for the trees! 
  • Go back to android central and keep bragging about Nokia and their upcoming lagdroid device. Posted from the Windows Central app for W10M BETA
  • That phone itself will probably have more marketshare than all the Lumia devices, I was a Windows Phone fan, really was but all the apps that I liked on WP are now on Android so what is the reason to stay on Windows Mobile if it has much less app support than Android? 
  • Using the same logic, why are you still here posting about Windows Mobile? Coming to you from my Nokia Andryod Phone
  • So leave.  Don't you have lagdroid central to all sit around and circle jerk each other about your amazing lagdroid phones?
  • I still don't understand why Microsoft destroyed Nokia, when Satya Nadella released NokiaX which was for starter devices, they should have instead launched the McLaren Lumia 1030 with Nokia X and it would have been a game changer, all Nokia phones should have been able to be relaunched with Nokia X and run Android apps and we would be talking about 9% marketshare, carriers happy with Nokia phones and best of all, customers would be happy since their phone would be able to get the best apps from Android but on a Nokia device like the 1030.
  • Damage control, Nokia was in deep sh*t because they went late to the smartphones party (like MS) so they joined forces and tried to do something new, even with this strategy Nokia mobile was still in deep sh*t so MS covered their mess with money (best deal ever for Nokia) and took upon themself the burden to close their activity while keeping the few hundred best engineers and the needed knowhow. Summing it up ;)
  • Nokia wasn't in deep shiit until the burning platform/windows phone move they made. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oooook ^_~
  • Glad at least one person in these comments understands that! In my view MS hoped for the best and planned for the worst and that's what any smart business needs to do. Posted from my Lumia 950
  • Oh good God, MS did NOT destroy Nokia... you JUST mentioned they are getting back into the smartphone arena... how are they destroyed... you people are fools and say whatever flys out... Coming to you from my Nokia Andryod Phone
  • Well I am really looking forward to the release of the X3. I am not an enterprise user but I do want a top end device. I tried the L950 and did not like it so reverted back to my low end L650 for day to day stuff and until something better came to market. The X3 looks like a good device from a huge OEM partner and this is what Microsoft needs more of. It makes good sense for Microsoft to provide direction with aspirational hardware but concentrate on what they excel in...making software. That said, I love my SP3 and am so glad Microsoft designed it! No company can be all things to all people so it makes sense to concentrate on quality!
  • totally love MSFT software i mean the UI on the phones is incredible and the lacks of apps is tolerable, my only issue is with the OEMs marketing for awesome goodies to go along with their products.... like i said before can i get a lifeproof style case thats not some off brand, cool MSFT VR for our phones etc point for me to buy high end phone if i cant use it in every aspect of my day.. all in all i think MSFT is doing great with side as far as software, jus hope mayb this starts bringing in the crowd 
  • it basically has all the apps one would use !! 
    no one from android/ios installs all the million apps on their device !! 
  • I think Microsoft don't even need other oem's support since they able to make great hardware by themselves, sure support is always welcome but nit would be silly like u someone says Apple would need same lol
    I think Microsoft just focusing to polish Windows 10 atm onse Redstone is out officially they will pump in more devices as well as other OEM 's
  • That's not the point. It's not that Microsoft thinks they need the support, it's that they don't want to be the primary source of Windows phones. They're taking a Google-esque approach. Microsoft will develop and release premium hardware to showcase Windows 10, then let OEM's pick up the slack. Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830
  • +1 Someone gets it! Posted from the Windows Central app for W10M BETA
  • Nobody is going to pick up the slack because there is no slack. Windows phone devices just don't sell. Any of these little phone manufacturers making devices now will not be back after they inevitably flop. This strategy will never work because the phones have never sold and nothing has changed.
  • Oh boy I'm glad someone had something useful to contribute to the comments section. No one here is picking up on something no body actually said just to start an argument. Windows Central Universal Application for Windows 10
  • Your spelling and lack of punctuation makes your posts extremely difficult to read. Your post literally makes no sense. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's always difficult to tell for certain who a reply is aimed at. Care to shed light on the situation at hand? Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830
  • It is too BIG!! At nearly 6", it is a mini-tablet, not a smartphone!!
  • 1520 was 6" and it was the best smartphone I ever owned.
  • Thats not what she said....
  • She fuc*s mini-tablets?
  • I hope the Elite offers all the radios like Google does with its Nexus line. That way I could finally upgrade from my Ativ S Neo on Sprint.
  • Regardless of whether this device sells or not, one thing is for sure: It will not save the dying platform that is Windows 10 Mobile, unless of course Microsoft does something about it, but they won't.
  • Interesting device! Our platform is in dire need of exciting hardware.
  • Holl
  • Kh new ha
  • The long game is going to pay off. Depending on the price point I would buy this for my subcontractors, which would solve so many little issues I have with all their different platforms and providers. No need for a separate desktop, laptop or phone, and full integration w my systems.
  • It's time to announce release dates and stop playing around. This phone was announced at the beginning of the year and still no date or price. What is the point
  • I was an windows phone fan for last 5 years and used lumia800,630 and last Lumia 640 Xl.Recently i updated my phone to windows 10 and the real trouble started bank app is not available in windows phone and have to use the EDGE browser to access my bank account .the stupid edge browser always freezes in L630 and 640 xl.I have to open my pc to access my account.Thank god someone stolen my Lumia 640xl and had to buy a new phone i ddint have a second thought and bought a Android Marshmellow Moto G4 plus.The microsoft apps like skype and Outlook is lot better than the Windows 10 apps and i dont think i will come back to windows phone any time soon
  • This is not a soccer mom phone.. It's for business. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And now back to the article... Did anyone notice the two different prototypes used in video #2 with Mr. Park?  They slipped in the first few seconds in a late production edit me thinks.
  • Some of the footage was from the February announcement and promo videos, no doubt.
  • For some reason, the fingerprint sensor ring at the back is still missing on these renders even though they're being promised to come. It's just odd that it's often missing.
  • i want this on my desk at work to replace my desktop, laptop, desk phone and cell phone
  • Excited to use a de-featured Windows RT?
  • I love the standing docks vs the plug in hub/docks that this phone supports
  • Not sure yet if I'm willing to give up Glance, double tap, or a camera button but I want this phone. Depends on the price. Camera not that big of a deal anymore. All my photos end up compressed on crap social media sites anyway. Lol.
  • You might not have to give up Glance, since that's a Windows 10 Mobile feature instead of a Lumia feature. If HP included the necessary hardware it should be supported.
    And if Microsoft is testing double-tap-to-wake for their current Windows 10 Mobile devices it makes sense that this phone might support it eventually too. Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830
  • Hope not. Glance is one of my favorite features! Posted from the Windows Central app for W10M BETA
  • I do love my Glance Screen. We'll have to see. Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830
  • Wait so it's official that Glance is a W10M feature, when this is happened? I probably missed about this article. Glance setting is still under Extras instead of being part and visible natively in the Settings app if the device supported that feature. Double-tap-to-wake also needs to be really as part of W10M feature-set too, actually I think Lumia features should be just part of W10 as whole as a feature. With this every W10M and other W10 devices will equally benefit from this if supported.
  • The Glance Screen has been properly organized into its respective category in Settings in RS1. Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830
  • If there is no button w10m places one on the lock screen now. I think they should steal the double tap power button from Nexus/Google. Works quite well Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I upgraded my girlfriend's cheap Lumia 535 to Windows 10 Mobile last month and that now has double tap to wake as well as double tap (menu) to lock. So I don't see why the X3 can't have this feature! Although many enterprise users (or their bosses) will still need their finger on the back for the reader, but it will still save 1-2 seconds so HP should definitely enable this feature. Those seconds add up after all lol!
  • No dedicated camera button? Is HP serious? I thought they were changing. You know what, I probably just going to go ahead and buy a lumia 950xl and just sit on on until Microsoft reaches the surface phone 2 with X86 capabilities, or just KNOW the first one is going to be stupid like the first four Surface efforts and the first band.
  • I actually like my 1G band.  Just sad it doesn't get any of the same updates the 2G band gets but it still does more than anything else on the market at the price I paid ($79 @ BB).
  • Same here. My Band 1 is still going string. I wear it every day. I love the look of the band 1. Really stands out compared to others.
  • Same here. My Band 1 is still going string. I wear it every day. I love the look of the band 1. Really stands out compared to others.
  • First four surfaces? Do you mean surface 1, 2 and their pro variants? Because surface 3 and 4 are great (hell, my surface pro 1 is still kicking and is the ****. Besides the battery life and stupid charger) -Vigor
  • Why would they put a camera button on a phone that general consumers won't be buying? People here cannot seem to grasp that this is an expensive enterprise solution, and very few members posting on this site will even manage to get their hands on one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Most enterprise devices (including many Blackberry's) had the camera completely removed from the device.  There will be many enterprise clients that will disable the camera completely for security.  So yeah...a camera button is not wanted or desired on an enterprise device. HP is completely serious.  A Lumia 950XL is a consumer device...yes, you should buy that.
  • Video deleted?
  • Got my card ready to buy it
  • Lol. More than smartphone and PC. Is HP also located in legal weed state?
  • WHat are you even saying... dude, its PUFF PUFF PASS, you forgot the PASS part... Coming to you from my Nokia Andryod Phone
  • That phone is the thing
  • This phone is obsolete before it's released....
    The Note 6... 7 will have a 823 (22% more powerful than the 820) and 6 GB of ram. Plus the Note has a stylus. Windows phones seem to always play catch up instead of lead.... sad Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If the performance is optimized and top notch with the 820 (the 810 is fine!) using continuum...which this is all about, then why does it matter? They're not stating "we have the top processor in the whole wide world". They're saying they have a powerful chip that can handle the needs of the user -Vigor
  • They're saying W10 is still a catch up, not a leader Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No it won't be obsolete. It's by far no where near obsolete even if newer devices will have a 823. Like the 800-801 it'll be a minimal increase #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • And our "buddy" Paul Thurrott,continues to crap all over Microsoft, Windows Phone, HP, Windows 10 mobile.....
  • Paul is a realist. You want him to fluff up the Windows Phone situation like they do here, but he won't, and that's why he's respected by general tech enthusiasts. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would own a 950xl and a 950 right now if they had the apps I need for work.  I LOVE the xl.   but I need square payment and some sort of full voip.  There is a second system for payemnt but they want way to much money to provide the service.  and VOIP....not sure.
  • "Shut up and take my money" but seriously release date please this will be the reason I leave Verizon, I am sick of their lack of options. And a VZW rep will say, "they need to submit the device for cert" and we know that means that vzw could care less about supporting a phone they can load 10000 apps of bloat and CPNI release programming info to sell to marketers.
  • All of this looks absolutely great, but until the day that I don't have to carry around two phones (WP personal and i6 work) on a weekend to pay for a damn cup of coffee, deposit a check, or get into a ball game, then I have no interest in W10M again.  I just ordered a LG G5 so that I can do all those simple tasks as well as connect my Band 2 with my personal phone considering my HTC One M8 W10 has been given the middle finger by both MS and HTC.  MS Senior Management is incompetent in their messaging and media relations as a whole.  Where is that Starbucks app that was supposed to released a few weeks ago???  Where is the BofA WUP app that was coming out in March???  I have Windows desktops, tablets, 2in1, Surface Pro 3, and Xboxes for each tv, but I am given no choice but to move to Android for mobile (which pisses me off!).  Get your relatively minimal app gap in order (about 10 apps on my iPhone that don’t exist or suck on W10M) and get a real marking team and you may have a fighting chance of maintaining your relevance and market cap.  Ciao Windows Mobile for now.
  • Thanks Nadella.
  • Re: vhyr,
    Go to, read the entire page, and install "never10" by Steve Gibson. It's free. I'm surprised there hasn't been an article about it on Windows Central. Steve Gibson is well known and respected.