More photos surface of the LG Fantasy (or is it the Miracle?)

Some time ago we reported on mocked up images on what the upcoming LG Windows Phone, the Fantasy, could look like. We've also seen a few blurry photos of the Fantasy that surfaced over at XDA Developers Forum. To add to the confusion, it is our understanding that the Fantasy is now the Miracle and the Fantasy may be an entirely different phone all together.

Miracle or Fantasy, we are seeing some less blurry photos of the new LG Windows Phone that appeared on a Romanian online trading site. So far, all the images we've seen since December have been consistent and the mock up images look rather spot on.  It's just the name that seems to get a little confusing.

We expect the LG Windows Phone to sport a 4" WVGA NOVA display, 1ghz second gen CPU, 8gb of internal storage, plus a 1.3mp front/5mp rear set of cameras. Hopefully all will come into focus on LG's new Windows Phone later this month at the 2012 Mobile World Congress.   Until then, enjoy the name game.

source: GSMArena (opens in new tab) via: PocketNow (opens in new tab)

George Ponder

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  • Nice phone
  • To be honest, this phone looks completely different than miracle - we saw a few days before. This phone does not have shiny borders and the edges of this phone are not as much edged as the miracle phonto. So.. are you really sure, that this one is the miracle? :)
  • This better go to virgin mobile or another prepaid
  • This better go to virgin mobile or another prepaid
  • This would be a nice phone for my father, but he's an HTC fanboy and he's getting a Radar. Think he would be better served with this one. Does HTC have a middle class 2nd gen phone?
  • Isn't the Radar considered a "middling" second-gen device? I know some people with it, and they consider it top-notch. Are you looking for something cheaper than the Radar?
  • The Radar is a very, very good device.  If your Father is mostly a internet cruiser, and uses his phone as a tool, with the usual texting and phone calls, he will be extremely happy with it and there is no reason to wait on this LG in my opinion.  But, you know his needs, so be sure to verify he does not need a lot of media storage or top notch specs anywhere else.
  • I like LG's devices. The specs are not impressive on this one, but the only one that would turn me away is the lower-end storage. Otherwise it would be just fine!!
  • I really hope LG has the Fantasy and the Miracle as 2 seperate devices.  Last I heard, the Fantasy was a 4.3" screen and CDMA compatable.  This Miracle is a low end option.  Not enough to get people excited.