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More pics on the Nokia EOS Windows Phone find the light of day [Updated: new images]

Update: We've added some new shots of the EOS below that have been published over on GSMArena.

Earlier today we shared some leaked images of what is reported to be Nokia's EOS Windows Phone. It didn't take long and a few more pictures have surfaced highlighting the 41MP camera.

ViziLeaks posted two images on their Twitter page showing the backside of the phone and the Pureview Camera. If these photos are accurate, the camera will have a huge (by smartphone standards) flash, what looks like a focus assist light and maybe a retractable lens cover.  

Or is that just glare hiding the lens?.

Nokia EOS Windows Phone

Still no word on when we'll see more of the Nokia EOS, Codenamed Elvis, but rumors still have the Windows Phone with AT&T for testing. July is currently the rumored, odds on favorite, launch window.

And based on these photos, the Elvis can't get here quick enough.

Update - here are the new shots, published over at GSMArena:

Lumia EOS

Lumia EOS

Lumia EOS

Update: One more image from Vizileaks has been posted to Twitter. The Lumia EOS is lounging in the grass below. 

EOS Lumia in Grass

Source: @Vizileaks (opens in new tab); Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Yummy!!!
    I'll hopfully have my 925 this month then Elvis2 by next year on T-Mo.
    EDIT: It's fake!
  • +41MP :)
  • Highly doubt it's 41Mpx, more like 20 for now. Current SoC does not support >20MPx and I do not yet see Nokia using the S800 SoC which supports upto 50MPx.
  • The original Pureview also relied on an extra dedicated graphics chip, so why wouldn't this baby use the same setup? The SOC does not necessarily have to do all the imaging numbercrunching right? :)
  • Because the WP hardware design does not allow for additinal/dedicated processors in current hardware.
    That and the fact that it says XX (=20 in roman numerals)
  • Tell that to the htc 8x.
  • It also says "XX mega pixel" under the lens - XX is 20 in Roman numerals.
  • Yeah, and 'XX' also gets used on prototypes when the final details aren't wanting to be revealed too early!  The 808 PureView prototype had 'XX' on it, so I think you're jumping to unfounded conclusions.
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  • Awesome!
  • Lol
  • Yeah, but you bought them that way!
  • A Nokia camera with Windows Phone built in. This thing looks to crush.
  • Is that a camera in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
  • I see theyve gone for the Deathstar look!
  • That's not a moon
  • it's a Nokia EOS!!!!
  • As big as that thing is, they could've put a freaking real digital camera lens on it with zoom.
  • That's what I was thinking but they have a little lense
  • Actually its sensor is so much bigger then a normal point and shoot a zoom lenses would be way bigger (as in the distance from the sensor it would have to be for a telephoto effect on the telephoto side of the zoom). They could have gone with a p&s sized sensor and a zoom but I prefer better then p&s quality prime personally.
  • Ah, but lossless zoom was what the 41MP 808 PureView was all about. Put BIG sensor in and zoom in without the zoom hardware.

  • Nokia has already done this with the N93. I had that phone and the optical quality was amazing, but low light noise characteristics weren't great. It had a 3X optical zoom lens, and you can also zoom it in and out DURING video recording. It was amazing. But it was also big. I'm guessing that's why they stopped trying.
  • Hmmm, I wonder if this will have built in Neutral Density Filters like my N8 does.  That is actually a useful feature!
  • What is that?
  • It is just a tinted piece of glass that darkens the entire photo.  Most cameras have aperture blades that allow you to reduce the exposure of a photo, but phones do not.  (except I think the N93 may have)  Once you reach the fastest shutter speed possible and still need to darken the photo, the ND filters activate and come to the rescue.  It also slows down the shutter speed during video recording in bright conditions, to help capture more fluid movement characteristics, instead of the stuttering effect all phones suffer from.  
    The N8's ND filter was on a motorized wheel that would drop down in front of the camera lens when conditions got too bright.  And when you were finished using the camera, it would drop a lens cover over the camera to protect it.  
  • Even N73 had that when ever i pointed it towards a light source a black cover used to immediately fall from up over the lens
  • I t also had optical zoom
  • N8 has built in ND filters? Another reason I'm sad I never owned one.
  • I still have one and I never knew it had that.
  • ^This.  I still have mine - in mint condtion - and will use it when I want to take better shots than what my L900 can give me.  Otherwise, it sits in a drawer...
  • ND filter was built in from the start in the 808 pureview, I see no reason to omit it in this beauty.
  • I'm digging this phone, bump or no bump.
  • I agree. So, I'll bump your comment.
  • DAT Bump
  • I'd actually love to know why the bump is that big.... I mean area not height... its a good bit bigger than the 808... It'd be nice if they had a cd-changer style lens swap system... 1x, 3x, 5x or 1x, 1.5x, 3x..... i know that'd be overkill  on a lossless zoom pureview camera but it'd add to the greatness none the less
  • Maybe because it's faked?
  • Too many leaks to be faked.
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  • Pregnant phones are beautiful too
  • Lol. Pregnant phones! I love Nokia phones! Best cam on a phone !
  • It gives birth to beautiful pictures!
  • Super
  • It is a lens shutter just like nokias N8
  • I hope that it is a lens shutter. That would be pretty awesome.
  • I'm intrigued as hell about this.
  • +1
  • Same here! To say the least. 
  • Wouldn't "XX Megapixel" mean twenty? I'm not sure why else they would put two x's.
  • They probably "X" out the MP number so they could reveal that info when the phone is announced.
  • I believe the X's are symbols of unknown values. They knew the mega pixel count was going to be more than 9, and designed taking that into account.
  • They usually put "XX Megapixel" on all phones that are in the prototype/test phase. To hide the true capabilities until it is officially announced.
  • It just there instead of the real res., it's somewhat usual with prototypes.
  • I was hoping for XXX, implying it can see through womens clothes. Maybe later this year.
  • @Mike you made me lol real hard
  • This is the 20 megapixel variant for Italian carriers.
  • You should check with your carrier to make sure you don't get hit with Roman charges.
  • I think the 2 connecter points are for a case with wireless charging, I don't think it will come with it, like the 925
  • That was already announced earlier in the day.
  • I wonder if this will be their strategy going forward to reduce bulk as well as to ensure that they are not setting themselves for failure if Qi does not become the defacto standard for wireless charging now that a competitor exists.
  • Such an interesting idea. And if that's the case, then maybe they will just market to both at the same time.
  • How can that phone have built in wireless charging with a bump that big? It wouldn't sit flush on the charging pad.
  • Not if the connection is made using the bottom half of the phone.
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  • Only the tits are fake dude.
  • Nah. Just her tits. Believe me, I know!
  • Agreed...Sadly.
  • EOS = End Of Samsung. End Of Sony (Their phone cameras are no match to Nokia).  IT'S REAL. :D
  • Or Exceptionally Odd Shaped. :P
  • La forma me recuerda al N95
  • I will... pass.
  • Would have to be a fairly serious photographer to want this. Then again, if your are a fairly serious photographer, cramming a decent sensor into your phone is not a huge priority as you already have a decent camera.
  • But you don't take your huge camera with you everywhere, do you?
  • No, but would i take my huge phone instead?
    Besides, with compact apsc sensors cameras becoming more and more availbile...i don't know what catagory this would fill.
  • The phone is about the same size as the Lumia 920 which I take with me every where, so that is a yes.
  • I dunno, based on the picts i've seen, the hump does protrude fairly significantly. Making it a lot less pocket friendly. My 920 is bare able to fit in my pockets as is.
    Which quite frankly would be fine if this camera was able to truly compete with other compact system cameras. But it doesn't. As other has said, its a 41 megapixel sensor...but still a small sensor. Just can't compete with even old micro 4/3rds or new class apsc compacts. 
    Don't get me wrong, i'm sure it will blow other camera phones away. But if it's really about getting the "picture", why wouldn't you go just a little further for an image that is significantly better than any camera phone could produce?
    That all being said, i've found the lumia 920 images to be really really good.
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  • I was thinking the same thing!
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  • I could use the extra buldge in my pants
  • Lul
  • have you even read about N8 and 808? They have a larger than compact cam's sensor. The only thing is behind is probably a deticated picture processor and a big lens.
  • I use a otterbox defender with the belt clip anyways. Pockets don't matter
  • Well, whatever category this fills, I'm definitely on it.  :)
  • Compact APSC? That' an oxymoron right there. The best point and shoot period on the market is the Sony Rx100 with a 1" sensor, and it is over 40mm thick. The 808 and EOS have a comjparable 1/1.2" sensor and stacks up pretty well against the best in the P&S market. This is probably 14-15mm at the most, and it is a full-fledged smartphone. You are stupid if you think there's no place for something like this. A similar sensor to a $600 P&S camera in a smartphone that is still relatively thin. It's only been a few years since there were 25mm flip phones and 20mm candybar phones, and yet you think this thing is impossibly thick? There are lots of photographers who have said screw it and are using pocketable and smaller cameras like the LX7 and RX100, because portability and speed are far more important than marginal image quality improvement. No one had a problem with the 14mm-18mm thick 808 Pureview, and this one is way thinner, and packs the same punch of a camera, with OIS most likely too.
  • I have a serious camera, but even when it is with me my L900 is still more convenient to take photo's with rather then take it out of the camera bag, switch on, take off lens cap and take the shot.
    A Lumia EOS phone would be awesome for 90% of casual photo's, and as a video camera, but like my serious camera I don't want to be watching the used space constantly on holiday when I can just swap in SDCard #2 and carry on instead (or choose a 64Gb SDCard and probably never have to swap).
    This phone, especially without its charging case is nothing great in the looks department, for that reason I really hope they have the SDCard there as there are no real looks to spoil!  Otherwise I'll probably wait for EOS #2...
    I would seriously splash down £550 right now though if this had a SDCard instead of waiting.
  • I am a parent. My Lumia 920 (like everyone else's) takes just awful, awful pictures of my kids most of the time. However, the PureView 808 takes great pics. If I can get an 808 running a supported OS, color me happy. Anyone wanna buy a heavily used 920 in July?
  • I'm in the same boat. Video capabilities are great but would love to take decent photos with 920 for a change.
  • Do you have the Pro Shot app? I have an active ten-month-old and have managed to get some excellent pictures tweaking the settings on the app and using the Blink app as well.
  • I don't know if you are being sarcastic but the 920 takes some stunning pics. I am parent too and i have taken some of my best pics on this phone. As i said if you are being sarcastic, then bravo if not, then get phone checked out.
  • For real cause my 920 pics are stunning!
  • Same here, I have a few complaints about the camera on my L920... but it is a camera on a PHONE, and it takes better pics than any point and shoot I have ever owned.  It does not fit in the same category of the pics that my video camera can take, but that thing has 3 CCDs and a fairly powerful processor to take fast pics even in changing lighting conditions.  It also gets terrible battery life, and doesn't fit in my pocket.
    Meanwhile the 920 is on my person at all times, and does a great job in my poorly lit house, and a phenominal job outside.  Still stoked about the prospect of my next phone having an even more stellar camera, but in the mean time I am not complaining about what I have got.
  • In bright light, when they hold still, it can take some decent pics. My wife has an 8X and her camera almost always takes better ones, though.  There is a severe bug in focusing on the 920 where you can actually watch the phone auto-un-focus when you half-press the shutter or tap the target on the screen.  Sometimes, a reboot fixes it.  This happens on all four 920s "in my circle" so it's not just my phone.
    This unfocus problem does not happen while video is running, which results sometimes in clearer single frames from a video than a snapshot.  Video in the 920 is truly excellent.  Thus, the problem is probably at least as much the software's fault as the hardware.  But firmware revisions haven't really improved quality much, so Nokia don't seem to know how to fix it.
    There's a great review of how bad the 920's camera is on allaboutwindowsphone, which takes cellphone photography more seriously than any other blog I know.  Check it out and see how badly it performs under nearly all conditions compared not only to the PureView 808 (which crushes all comers) but even the aged classic Nokia N95.
    Of "big time" phones on the market, the 920 almost unequivocally has the worst camera "on average" although in certain cases, as you say, it does take the cake.  It's just not often that I have bunch of kids holding totally still in dim light to make the 920 "shine."
    That said, the PureView 808 is a wonder.  It takes better pictures than my Lumix.  If Nokia can pack an 808 into WP8, I'm definitly interested
  • regarding the auto unfocus, I would like to recommend for you to use app called ProShot. This apps inludes many manual setting including manual focus so I can focus a really close object now.
  • Some people have different standards. I'm guessing you are one of the ones who still think the 3GS takes amazing pictures.
  • I'm also a parent and mine and my wife's 920 take incredible pic. No matter what time of day it is and what environment. U sure its a 920 or are u using the LG thrill.
  • Why would it be an LG Thrill? Unless you are trying to be insulting? The 920 gets plenty of complaints about soft image quality, even after updates. Maybe your standards are just low. I know plenty of people who can't tell the difference between their old tube television and a new HDTV.
  • If it's white, I might be interested.
  • A serious photographer wouldn't want this, no matter how many MP it says it is the lens is still really small.  Is the 41 MP achieved through software or is the sensor actually 41 MP?
  • Nope, it's really a 41mp sensor. The magic however, is in the software. The 808 used over sampling in order to create great low light shots, and uses the extra pixels to allow for lossless zoom.
  • Thanks Sherlock. The sensor is 41, they didn't do the bump because it's full of unicorns and cookies.
  • Phone Guy... you gotta do your homework. The top serious photographer sites cover the 41MP sensor very well.
  • Yes, those sites do cover the sensor very well..........for a PHONE.
    No site i've seen that has matched the pureview against at least a micro 4/3rds (and up) sensor and came away believing this was a serious replacement for a larger sensor camera. And believe me i wish it was so, i would LOVE to leave the camera at home. I would LOVE to have one device do it all. But it's just not their yet. At least based on Nokia's 808 sensor. Who knows, maybe Nokia has significantly improved the sensor size since then, but that is unlikely.
    If you really think you can replace your compact camera with the pureview, then your drinking Nokia's Kool-aid.
  • That just means you haven't read the articles. And I'm not talking about theverge, cnet, etc. If you actually read them you would see that NO ONE believes this is a serious replacement for a larger sensor camera. However, they do all share the sentiment that the tech is seriously close! Remember when our phones didn't browse the web very well and had only WAP service and slow processors? Heck remember when they had no cameras at all? Look at this tech as iterative processes instead of one thing taking over all or nothing. And for the record, I drink Technology Kool-aid! Not Nokia.
  • ^this
    I've been very happy with the quality of my 920's photos and video.  What trumps it for me is the conveneince of not only always having the camera with me, but with the fact that it's part of my phone.  That means I can instantly share, post, etc.  Oh, and my pics get automatically backed up to SkyDrive.  And that's not even getting into the constant innovation we are seeing in software like the Lens apps for panoramas, best-shot, and so on.
    The fact that the 808 even gets close to a serious camera means that this Lumia EOS is going to be a serious contender.  Coming close to serious camera AND the instant cenvenience?  That's a win win in my book.
  • Agreed. But the 808 is already a serious camera. :)  I have the 808 and 920, btw.
  • +100
  • Yes yes yes,  the pureview (and i am talking about the 808) is GREAT for what it is, but let's not delude ourselves into making it something it is not.
    Even years old micro 4/3rd cameras destroy the pureview 808.The reason being sensor size and optics.That is something that no amount of software can emulate or correct for. The only way for a camera phone to achieve similar results is to have a larger sensor in the body, something the 808 did. It is however still a very small sensor comp aired to even micro4/3rds (it's about half the size). Add in that even m4/3 sensors themselves are half the size of full frame (35mm) sensors and you get a better idea of how small that sensor still is.
    Because of this you will never see a large sensor a phone.  It would take up too much space in the body, and even harder to rectify, a large sensor requires much larger optics to be able to cover the whole sensor. It's a problem with how we still take photos. A pedicel of glass projecting light on to a film or sensor plane. Until that changes, don't expect much from small devices.
    Shoot, if they can find a way to have the 808 sensor and mount it on a stabilizer like the 920, that would be amazing...........for a camera phone.
  • Never say never with technology. Just think. Just about anything with a LCD screen these days are more powerful than any of the earliest mainframes! They also had vast power/space/cooling requirements...the storage media wouldn't fit into today's refrigerator. Nobody here is fooled into thinking it out paces your precious "4/3" camera. But guess what? It's getting close because technology companies are caring more and more about mobile optics and photography. At the current pace I anticipate your points raised will be relics in a few short years.
  • Nah, I can say never in this instance. Your thinking about this as a problem to be solve by technology and are forgetting this is about physics and light.
  • Your forgeting that technology can overcome restrictions made by previous technologys with regards to physics and light. For example look at graphene and how that would affect the amount of light absorbed by a lens. You can have a much smaller graphene lens with the same amount of light intake from a large lens.
    I don't expect it to happen now, but in the near future.
  • I believe the same discussion occurred when we first started seeing digitial cameras and look how that turned out. The practicality lured many in before the cameras themselves could perform or outperform the traditional SLR. Then look at how serious photographers use small point and shoot cameras to capture certain moments then think how this would merge. Nobody from what I can tell is suggesting the EOS will take over heavy lifting but it will take over some of the casual work for some who use point and shoot. Taking pictures is as much about the creativity as it is about the technology being used.
  • Old cameras distroy 808? Assuptions. 808 has similar pictures to $4000 Canon ESO 5D Mark III
    So why would I pay $4000 to get similar pictures? My 808 takes very nice pictures in 38 mp and in 8 mp pictures look crystal clear because of oversampling.
  • Well I'm not a serious photographer so all my pics are with a camera phone so Nokia's Kool-Aid is definitely being drunk up by me. Lol
  • You are too hung up on sensor size. While important, its not the ONLY factor. Oversampling essentially means each pixel of the final image is essentially 4x the size of the physical pixel and arguably with better noise resistance. You dont understand the tech and yet have the temerity to bash it openly?
    Go read up more. The only reason I'd not ditch my DSLR for this is the grip and zoom. Agreed, I give up a little bit of image quality, but I personally find it acceptable since its ALSO a phone, which I am bound to have with me, nearly at all times.
    Also, GSMArena had a blind test not very long ago where the 808 got the better of an Olympus 4/3. Whats your argument now?
    Like I pointed out earlier, you dont have much info about the 808. If you really think you can get away with half-baked claims here, then you are probably drunk.
  • Sensor size is 2nd only to lens optics. If you can't grasp that, then you've gone too far into the hype bubble. You do realize the 41 megapixel image is DOWN SAMPLED right? The opposite of what you've stated so check your math on that one bro. The amped up megapixels helps with noise reduction and pseudo zoom functions. It DOES not simulate a sensor 4 times its size. Where you came up with that, I don't know. Listen if your can accuse someone of being drunk or bashing technology he doesn't better be damn sure you know what you are talking about. What do I think about the 808 getting the better of an Olympus? Well I call BS. That's what I think. That was judged online by instagram loving simpletons. By people that can't tell the difference between aperture and shutter. Its pretty clear (if you care to look) that the Olympus is better in noise and rendering.
  • You know what I think? If SLR zealots have to bring up SLR Camera X and SLR Spec Y in the same breath as the 808, then Nokia has succeeded into bringing something very advanced to the table as far as mobile devices go.
  • Or more likely Nokia has effective PR. Which in the end is a good thing too.
  • Yes effective PR, but not much PR was there for the 808. Heck, Nokia made it hard to buy. What is out there are tens of thousands of pics taken with the 808 (some of them mine) that are posted on Flickr. Proof that it is as good as hyped, is out there for anyone to see.
  • Nokia has pushed pureview as a brand. This has been a focus for them, even back with the 808 and to be clear, I think the 808 is a great camera for a phone. My issue with people perpetuating the myth that this is a pocketable replacement for a more dedicated camera. That simply isn't true.
  • Well it simply isn't a myth. Maybe you just would rather keep your head in the sand. There is a large enough contingent of folks who use the 808 as their DEDICATED camera. It simply IS true that it can be a replacement camera. Are you OK? Is this a cry for help?? If you feel that you just HAVE to lug around 20 lbs. of camera+stuff to best the pics in that link then Nokia has got it right! Proof is in the pictures there, and not some comment post on WPC.
  • Guess what, I own a sigma dp2m and that's it. Was never arguing for SLRs, or even against the 808. I sold my gear years ago and have been on a compact high quality camera quest for years. Both digital and film. You name it, I have bought and sold it. Both With the exception if the 808. Though it was in my list for sometime. After looking at countless photos on Flickr I decided that the dynamic range was lacking and the lens a little soft. For what I shoot anyways, it might be totally fine for what you do. I am just trying to temper the over the top enthusiasm for this technology cause quite frankly they way people are amped up for it, they will only be disappointed.
  • Ok I understand your position, but why are you trying to temper people's enthusiasm for this camera phone? It's already proven to deliver in that area better than any other phone.
    It's a year later and we have companies (including Nokia) are still trying to best the 808.
  • I should say I have a Lumia 920 and love it. I think the 808 is one of the first real advancement in hybrid camera/phone. But I have to think there are other people like me that thought it was the holy grail and then saw that yes, its pretty good especially compared to what else is out there, but not good enough for me to sell off my one remaining camera. I don't see what's wrong with moderating expectations....shoot, I hope I am wrong. I want the EOS to have the 808 sensor with the stabilization of the 920 and if Nokia can also find a way to bring real narrow depth of field to a smaller sensor, I will be the first in line to buy it and will eat my words. There are just fundamental rules of physics and light and optics that make that really unlikely if impossible.
  • Cool. Well I have both the 808 and 920 (I have a nice thread in the forums discussing one over the other). So, what I'm saying about expectations is that, assuming this new phone gets the same or better sensor as the 808 then there is no need to moderate expectations since the technology has already been released and consumed.
  • IT IS A PERFECT REPLACEMENT FOR DEDICATED PONT'N'SHOOTS for a majority of the people. About time you agree to it. 
  • I'm talking about compact system cameras. Ricoh GRD, Nikon V1/2, Sony rx100, Olympus series, even the canon s100 or pentax q's out there. Most point and shoots you get at the local bestbuy are junk.
    I don't care about the majority of people. The majority of the people out there are happy with their crummy android phone cameras.
  • Okay. Fair enough.
    Do note the comparison here: a phone camera versus a dedicated mini-dslr (thats how I like to call them :D). Doesnt the rx100 cost several times the price of the 808?
    While I can perfectly understand your point of view (I have a 600D and love it and its never going to be replaced by any phone camera as far as I can see) But I dont have it with me all the time for simple reasons of practicality. Thats why I am excited. The 808 was known to deliver very similar results as DSLRs in most general cases (like when you go out with your friends, like when you want to photograph your little cousin or your cat) and costs less and is way more portable, not to mention that I like WP and this is going to be WP8 phone. 
    So essentially, now I can have my phone and a very good camera for the price of one of them and most probably have it at hand in the random moments when I would have otherwise wished "Damn! I wish I had my Canon with me". Thats why we are excited. While it may not cater to your very specific use case, it catters perfectly to a lot of people including me and if this is going to be what the rumors indicate, this is very well my next phone .
  • The rx100 is the cheaper one. The rx1 is the $3k one, which is way way out of my range. But even the Sony can indeed still be a little pricey though. I get your point, your going to have a phone on you anyways, why not have the very best in class because your not one to have the camera no matter how small on you at all times. For me, I don't mind carrying a smaller camera as well as in the end of worry about being disappointed with the image quality of the phone later. So I guess for me I saw this phone as aiming for intense photographers, but thought wouldn't those people be carrying something already that is better quality? But I guess that wouldn't always be the case and it would be nice to have a EOS then
  • The way I've always looked at it as an amateur photographer is that the camera is just the tool for capturing the image. You could have a 60MP sensor and still get crappy pictures compared to someone with an 8MP camera phone. It's the photographer, not the camera that gets great looking images.
  • Before you call BS on what I say, check this out for yourself. See for yourself how the 808 and the Olympus are neck and neck in terms of IQ:
    You have got it wrong. The 38mp image is the full resolution image, whereas the 5mp result is the UPSAMPLED one. Essentially, when you capture 4 pixels worth of data for a final pixel, you are UPSAMPLING, not downsampling.
    Also note that when you do capture 4 pixels worth of light info for one final pixel, the effective light is 4x that of one pixel should you choose to use it (the 808 doesnt do this by what i see). So, the sensor element size CAN be physically as much as 4x that of a single pixel.
  • Also what do you mean by pseudo zoom functions? It's legit. Here's an example.
  • Nah. Its digital zoom. If its not done thru optics, I call it fake. Though I will admit to being a snob about that....
  • Sigh...yes, digital zoom but not by the pixel doubling methods that you're calling to be fake.
  • Its digital zoom, but not the one you think it to be. Each pixel of that image still corresponds to ONE PHYSICAL PIXEL. The digital zoom here uses the ridculous resolution of the 41mp sensor to 'zoom' in from the 4:1 mode to 1:1. Note that 1:1 mode (sensor pixel to image pixel ratio) is what you have in any other camera anyways, and that includes every single DSLR as well. This is not optical zoom, but this is not pixel blowup. I suppose its clear to you now. :)
  • You can absolutely replace your compact camera with the 808. It is that good.
  • try to put your SLR into your Jeans pocket. This phone does not equal a decent camera. It equals an SLR.
  • No it doesn't.
  • It's closer than you think. There is a law of diminishing returns that limits how good pictures can be, and the gap is between an SLR and an 808 is quite a bit smaller than you might guess.
  • I have tried your suggestion and put my slr in my jeans pocket and it would seem that women find me more attractive now. Thanks!
  • LMAO :D
  • Yay for cod pieces
  • Where is a "like" button when you need it.
  • Haha, it definitely does not equal an SLR.  
  • Sure it does not, but as a wise man once said "the best camera is the one you have with you" and when I don't have my canon 5d mark II this thing will do. And it will do much, much better than a regular phone camera which would be the only option at most times. Besides even if I have my SLR I will still take another photo with my phone just because I can instantly share to social networks and to individual's by email.  
  • You shouldn't be defining what a serious photographer is. There are news organizations that have fired their entire photography team and trained their reporters to use iPhones. Like the Chicago Times.
  • Wrong. First off it's the Chicago Sun-Times, not the Chicago Times. 2nd, it's being widely misreported that the newspaper is switching to iphone photography. That is not true, yes they are having some of their reporters learn how to take better photos on their phones, but that's for when they are in a pinch. The real story is the Sun-Times has laid off their internal staff and are now using freelancers who, guess what, will still be using pro gear. But i guess that's not as sexy a headline.
  • Looking forward to Nokia smashes all the competition with this one!!
  • Thought they already did that...?
  • They did that in low light photography because of optical stabilization in the 92X Lumias. But, in daylight, some Android phones and iphone 5 can compete. With a sensor like that, Nokia will have a clear edge over all.
  • Not only the 92X .. I've got my Lumia 720's camera shot some awesome low light photos, for any other competitor in the same price, this camera f**ks them so hard !!
  • The verdict on the Sony Honami is still out. I trust their photography cred more than Nokia. They have the best P&S camera on the market after all. I wouldn't discount the Samsung S4 Zoom as well. It actually has a zoom lens, something no amount of megapixels can compete with.
  • Relatively speaking, this is significatly thinner than I thought it would be. Can't wait for the refined models of all these devices next year. I'm gonna have some great options.
  • Looks like glare but still pretty cool nonetheless
  • Is that protected by granite lol that looks like a rough surfacing.
  • Sorry, but that device is just plain ugly. It packs some awesome Nokia camera tech, which will destroy any smartphone camera, but it's ugly nonetheless... :(
  • It's not gonna be a slim attactive model with a large camera hump. What do you espect,a skinny super model?? Get real 
  • Really! Can't get a big booty with big tits on a skinny model. skinny models(S4,HTC) is great to look at but the big booty& tits chick(Lumia EOS) is much more fun to play with. Lol.
  • So go with a 920, 925, 928, etc. Plenty of good choices from Nokia with great cameras.
  • Trade off
  • Dude I'm sure this is prototype body shell. I'm sure it will look better once they add color to it.
  • I agree with the other comments here. Remember the 925 leaked images? They made the 925 look awful and something no one would want with a super large bump. When they revealed it at their event however, it looked stunning.
  • The 925 still looks awful.
  • Glad to see it in another color other than yellow. Gonna be upgrading in July so this may work out nicely!
  • Looks interesting should give Samdung crapple bitches a run for there money
  • Probably just get them running their photocopiers full throttle, actually. HTC too judging by their attempt at OIS and "Ultrapixels".
  • General the Destroyer?
  • Hell yeah that guys a cracker makes me laugh with hes ranting ! Lol
  • Hello Nokia fantard!
  • That's definitely a 20MP.  I doubt the XX is a placeholder...
  • It is. Nokia has used xx or C00 for ages on its smartphone prototypes.
    Also some of the old E series phones featured XX on the back of the camera module.
  • Can you tell by the pixels and having seen quite a few xxmp cameras in your time?
  • I heard a rumour before that Nokia was scaling EOS down to 20 MP.  I hope it is not true.  It would be a great disappoint if EOS is anything less than 41MP.  Sony is working on a 20MP camera for their next phone.  That would take the thunder out of EOS.  Nokia could build a 20MP camera into their future phablet or tablet, but certainly not the EOS.  That would be a big screw up.
  • I think he makes sense. The 41MP beast is impossible to be used on the current Qualcomm chip. The new 800 Qualcomm chip to support such a high pixel count won't come until Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Phone 8.1 won't be released until Fall / next year. Houston, we got a problem..
  • Why couldn't Nokia add a separate addtional DSP processor to support the 41MP?  HTC added a custom chip to do the camera processing on the 8X....
  • From what I heard before is that when the 800 Qualcomm chip will come in the EOS2 a second chip will be added to support the low powered state, but the 800 will be the main chip for the heavy tasks. Tha's when we will see 41MP. I do hope not too many people get their hope up too much and then are dissapointed on the reveal.
  • The 808 has a separate processor for the camera. Nokia will probably use it in the EOS as well.
  • That's what I was basing my guess off of.  Seems legit in a way, but as always at this point it is just speculation.
  • It is. who knows, you might actually see the 41MP chip. looking at the hump, there should be enough space for the chip used in the 808.
  • Yes, haven't you heard: the new standard is to use Roman numerals to confuse consumers even more! /s. C'mon man, brain on.
  • I don't understand how you know that. (Not really being a smart @ss. Just curious how you'd know that.)
  • Start a Windows Phone news website and spread your insights with the world!
  • Why would it not be? The surface area of that circle is even BIGGER than the one on the 808 Pureview. If you are talking about thickness, the 808 was just a thick phone PERIOD, sensor or no sensor. Nokia wasn't good at making thin phones, and they are still experimenting. The move from Lumia 920 to 925 shaved off 2.2mm while keeping all the same components. The 808 is even fatter with thicker plastic than the 920, an indictment of Nokia's poor engineering in making things skinny only just a year ago. It can definitely lose a lot of weight without much effort.
  • I don't like the design
  • Me either!
  • If it is indeed a 41MP camera, I won't mind it looks like a potato.  :)
  • It's just ugly. Instead of redesigning a whole new shell to accomodate the very large camera, they went the lazy route and just gave the Lumia 920 a hunchback. Even all the specs are the exact same as the 920. At least with the 925, they actually bothered to try making a new design from scratch, which allowed it to achieve the 8.5mm thinness. Apparently we know where all the R&D has gone to over the last 9 months. It's definitely not to build a new shell and new phone to match the epicness of the pureview camera, that's for sure. Same pathetic 4.5" screen and 1.5ghz dual core.
  • One thing I hope Nokia doesn't do is make too many operator exclusives again & stop limiting itself in the markets
  • YES YES YES. I'm even on AT&T so I get things day one, but the exclusivity needs to stop.
  • They can stop exclusive deals but att won't sell the phones for $99 bucks anymore.
  • I just got chills. Or is that the AC? Either way I want a camera that doubles as a smart phone!
  • Its a 41. The XX is there just for show. Rumor has it there is a built in shutter door that protects the lens. This is so my next phone
  • Clearly a retractable lens cover or a shutter door if you will. Just like 808 and N8 before it.
  • July? Well, Happy Birthday to me!!!
  • Happy birthday Bob! Hows Judy and the kids? It was nice catching up with you last week. I hope the gonorrhea I gave Judy has not flared up. Anyway, see you around!
  • LOL
  • An EOS with some small updates/upgrades on Verizon 4-6 months after this launches is perfect for me.  Plus, by then Nokia will have ironed out any early bugs/issues this phone might have.  Convinced Verizon to replace my wonky 8x with a Lumia 928 today so my upgrade is still available for an EOS bad boy later this year or early next year.  Good things
  • how did you manage that??
  • I just got a Nokia Lumia 920 this week on upgrade, should I take it back to the store and wait for this one? WIll AT&T help those who just got the Lumia out so that we can get the phone?
  • Take it back At least you know it's coming to your carrier. Wait a few more months.
  • This is why I have been holding out. Now I just hope it really comes out in July. I can't take much more of my first Gen focus!!
  • Dont count on at&t giving a hoot about WP users, they get the devices but dont offer the same deals they do to iphone users. EOS is rumoured for next month, if you really want it take the 920 back and wait, if not stick with the 920, still a great phone.
  • No they won't.
  • I got a 920 a month ago. No regrets. What are you going to fall back on while waiting for the EOS?
  • Tough deciision, but if I were in your situation, I would take it back and wait a few more weeks until the new device hit the shelves so that you can see it up close.  Then I would do a comparison between the two:  aesthetics, size, etc; whichever one has the features and design I could best live with using for the next two years, that's the one I'd get.
  • Mine is barely a week old. Will keep as a spare for wife or myself when I buy the EOS on launch day. P.S...can't wait to get XBOX One too.
  • Has anyone heard any rumors if they combined the 41MP tech with the OIS tech for this phone?
  • I thought that was a given seeing as how it wouldn't make sense not to have it.
  • That's what I want to know too.
  • Umm yea.
  • (Raises hand) I want one!!!
    You can just tell that this phone means business! 
    Year of Windows Phone. I can just picture Apple and the Android OEMs worrying themselves senseless when EOS graces us on Earth.
  • Nah, but they are having their PR people get ready their campaigns about how their bullsh*t is better.
  • If this is AT&T exclusive, I will RAGE.
  • If you mean rage in a bad way then you better get your rage face ready.
    If this monster was coming to T-Mo I'd GLADLY pass up on the 925 to get it. But there's no way T-Mo will get this onl a month or so after the 925.
  • I want one
  • My body is ready.
    i hope my pants are too...looks like it might catch the pocket edges....
    And Nokia...WORLDWIDE ROLLOUT PLZ not this BS exclusive stuff.....
  • Sorry but Nokia needs exclusives so that way they can make more money and they don't want to take the risk of losing money since they are in a tight spot
  • I don't think its 41 mp. Cause WP doesn't support quad core until next year or am I wrong.....
  • GDR3 release supposed to give 1080p and quad core support, by end of year.
    And snapdragon 800 apparently supports up 55mpx camera imaging.
    If they're coming out with 2 variants as rumored, the second version would most likely be the 41mpx/quadcore/snapdragon800 beast we all hope for while the first one coming out in July or whenever is either Snapdragon 400 (which was just recently announced and said to support windows phone 8) or a dual core snapdragon with the lower mpx count.
    Unless of course they got MS to implement quad core support earlier than expected (which would be a good thing)
    its gonna be like another lumia 920 refresh.  check out the page.
  • Incorrect. The processor you linked only supports "Up to 13.5 Megapixel". While we don't know what MP count this next Nokia will be, it has to be more than 13.5MP considering the sensor size.
  • That's why I put the link its the only quad processor compatible with wp8 until Christmas at least this is gonna be another 920 refresh. Or its fake.
  • What you are saying doesn't make sense.
  • Quad core processor may not be required for XX MP. 
    Nokia 808 was not quad core, but ofcz it was symbian. 
    I won't be surprise if Nokia and MS can work out some high MP, may be not 41 with a 
    dual core processor. They can even have an additional graphic chip like 808 had. 
  • it will probably have dedicated imaging chip like the 808
  • I thought that dual core processor can only support up to 21-22 MP.  You need Snapdragon 400/600/800 to support 41MP lens.  So it is very interesting to find out what does XX means.  We just have to wait and see on 7/9.
  • Incorrect just a bit.... Snapdragon 400 = 13.5MP
    Snapdragon 600 = 21MP
    Snapdragon 800 = 55MP
  • You are right.  Snapdragon 800 is the one processor Nokia has considered to use for EOS but found an issue with the power consumption.  I don't know whether they have resolved that issue or not.  There is a chance that they are forced to go back to dual-core processor.  Then XX would then mean 20 MP.  It is kind of clever that they use this XX symbol so they can end up going either way.  Anyway, I'm sure that Nokia will come out with a new 41MP 1080p model next year with the quad-core processor.
  • Why would Nokia use Roman numerals in a megapixel numbering scheme? Who does this? Nokia sure hasn't, nor has any other device manufacturer than I can think of. The MP number has always been numbers. If we're speculating, I think it's better to speculate that they do not want to reveal the amount of megapixels to a competitor, rather than using an archaic and confusing numbering scheme for a camera.
  • They will most likely have the same setup as the 808 with the dedicated GPU.  FYI-Nokia always uses XX on their prototypes.  The N8/808 was told to have the same prototype XX's on them... It doesn't mean roman numerals. 
  • Therefore, XX has got to mean "twenty"
  • Then why not just spell twenty out rather than roman numerals?? They've never done that, so don't assume it has got to mean "twenty".
  • I still don't like the lense bump. I would prefer the body to be pushed out to make the whole thing flush. Then have more battery and the Qi built in.
  • I agree with this. But, imagine if NOKIA did that... not samsung, nor apple (companies who get praised for garbage), they would be vilified all to be damned!  
    Nobody, and I mean nobody would avoid writing and crying about how "big and heavy" it is in their dainty little hands that are only equipped for iphones and laptop keyboards.
    At least this way they are in a way accentuating why it is the size, weight, and dimensions that it is. It's all in the camera. 
  • This ^
  • I'm guessing the lens bump would not be there when you add the Qi backplate to it to enable wireless charging.
  • I think the lens needs to be bigger
  • physics comes in the way of using a big ass lens unfortunately. Check out photos of the galaxy camera and you should get an idea
  • I prefer aa real camera with a Phone build in. LOL
  • What is this devilry!!!!
  • this will be awesome camera, but i dont like how device looks
  • I don't know why but the top pic looks photoshopped to me for some reason
  • 41MP is not supported on the current line of processors available to Windows Phone. You can bet on half of that at best assuming this was even real.
  • 41mp is reduced to 8mp...
  • Keywords being "current line of processors". I would guess most are assuming a newer SoC would power this phone.
  • ...which is so misleading as there are many phones out there that don't use the ISP on the SoC for digital output/processing. It's basically why Broadcom is still in business with their videocore GPU's. I wish people would get this straight. ISP processing through the SoC uses up more battery life than actually needed when compared to a separate GPU doing the processing.
  • Very interesting. Thanks.
  • Shut up and take my money
  • CHIIIIILLLLLLLLLLL Nokia Chiiiiiiiiilllll
  • Moar!!!
  • Nokia is throwing all these pictures for people to leak them out before the launch of Lumia 925 world-wide.  I believe this is to make people think this "EOS" is going to be butt ugly with huge hump and make Lumia 925 look like super-model.  So people will buy Lumia 925 rather than waiting for this EOS.  This is my personal belief, otherwise why would they release these pictures just before Lumia 925 starting to ship.  I guess, its a very smart move by them.
    On another note, people have too much expectations from Nokia.  Nobody is complaining about iPhone 5's stale design or Galaxy S4's ugly body.  Those are still selling in huge quantities and I guess even Motorola Razr is also beating in sales even though there is no inspiring design.  So, EOS maybe the spec war weapon for Nokia.  They will say, we beat the competition in pureview and megapixels and it will become a phone for photo enthusiasts who can't carry DSLR everywhere and finds its own niche.
  • Nokia is not releasing anything. These are leaks, most likely by one of the testers or someone inside Nokia but not official leak. EOS and 925 are designed for two very different people.
  • Amazing how much clearer the "leaked" pics have gotten. Posed and compared to others. Pics from all sides. Pretty sloppy security if this is truly the case.
  • Not really...if this phone is in AT&T hands now, then I would have no doubt that we would see quite a few leaks.  It's sort of like how a music album/movie leaks onto the internet.  Once it is distributed out, then the product is open to a whole new type of people...and the more people who see this device (which is highly anticipated nonetheless), then more than likely you will see some kind of leak.  Happens everyday...
  • Or you can think that Nokia enemies/haters are purposely leaking info at this stage, just close to 925 global rollout to thwart 925 sales. Which theory sounds more logical?
  • I think nokia wish to crush all their competitors with this phone, specially camera wise lol
  • If you mean to literally crush them physically then yes, this phone would be good for that.  Sales-wise, I doubt it.
  • This won't be outselling the GS4 anytime soon.
  • Unless this is nextgen hardware (S800 SOC) it's 20 MPx max.. 
  • Incorrect. Snapdragon 400 = 13.5MP
    Snapdragon 600 = 21MP
    Snapdragon 800 = 55MP
  • Wrong. Unless it has the same setup as the 808. I swear if we had most of you guys as engineers at Nokia, we would never get anywhere.
  • Ultimate Phill Dunphy phone! 
  • im guessing same specs as the 920 except a gigantor camera?
  • I'm glad they kept the Lumia 800/n9 design. I knew they weren't abandoning the design. They save it for their flagship phones I guess to keep it fresh.
  • muahaha soon you will be mine, have been waiting for this phone since the 808 was announced, can't come soon enough.
  • It also looks bigger then the PureView 808 so It will have more than 41 MP?
  • It will be bigger for sure..
    The 920 is already bigger in terms of volume ( 99 cc vs. 95.5 cc) and its also heavier than the 808.
    The 808 is at 169 grams with a 4 inch screen and a tiny 1400 mAh battery.. they better use some really thin plastics in order to make up for the larger display and the bigger battery.
  • Does anybody else think a slightly thicker phone with even a bigger battery (maybe just empty space) so that there was no hump would have looked better?
  • NO!! Because all this freaking idiot reviewers would be like "oooo my pussy hands can't hold this much power!"
  • me !!!
  • I never understood why people say they 920 is too big or why this phone would be too much to manage in the pocket. I wear skinny jeans and it fits fine in my pocket and I seriously doubt this will be much worse.
  • Because the industry dumbed down people thinking skinny is better and yet throw on big bulky cases like Otterbox or oversized battery packs and think that is "cool" *shrugs*
  • Holy shit YES! ^^
    Then those same people proceeded to write, and regurgitate that same tired garbage about how big and heavy the 920 is. 
  • Sorry, I LOVE my 920 but I do wish it were lighter and less bulky. It does look a bit ridiculous sometimes and I don't wear skinny jeans but you can often still see it. Is that a 920 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • All the more reason for people to notice it more... I'm actually surprised to see how my 58 year old mother hasn't complained at all about this on her 920.  -and get this...the 920 was her first smartphone!
  • That is my biggest giggle whenever I see people with diePhones and 'i break when dropped"Sungs. nice , thin, light phone with this gargantuan rubberized case on it that makes it look like an Altoid box.
  • If this is real, that 41MP camera with OIS, low light capabilities and great camera apps would mean another good step forward from Nokia's camera competition.
  • If this phone is released in July with the same processor, RAM, and OS version as the 925/8 it's a big FAIL. New hardware like this needs new software so that reviewers can have something else to talk about other than just the camera. Notification center, custom text ringtones, Amber, more accent colors, and Quad are a must. Imagine if it came preloaded with instagram? All the instagram teenagers will have nothing to bitch about now.
  • Amber? What's that?
  • The next update for Windows Phone 8 is Windows Phone Amber. 
  • I can die now
  • With a wireless charging case its going to be Otterbox thick
  • Hey , can't you see? It's a 20 mp cam! (pending review of roman number theory)...
  • Its not.. Nokia used the XX designation for the 808 as well. Its just there to hide the numbers
  • Lens cover would be great as I would hate for that thing to scratch, and it will probably be easyer than on other cameras due to its size.
  • I prefer the 808's hump =/
  • Me too.
  • Since the sensor is so large I will put money on there being a SD card :)
  • I hope
  • Money. Thrown.
    Taken. Not.
  • Butt ugly.
  • I want this phone. Maybe in August.
  • Not for me!  But I can see some people would want it as a camera phone!
  • CGI
  • Wow
  • Suddenly, I'm not bulging anymore:-(
  • Great
  • A retractable lens would explain how this phone is thinner then the 808 with the same camera (lens has to sit a certain distance from the sensor unless they went with a wider angle lens or smaller sensor).
  • Might as well buy a camera.
  • gsm arena
    got these photos
  • I love this phone
  • It looks much better from those angles.
  • Thanks for the link
  • Not aesthetically pleasing big ol bump
  • Yeah, more like a camera...
  • The camera bump will be minimal once a wireless charging cover is snapped on. I just hope they're able to make it lighter than 920.
  • Just a random note, but the body of this (when you look at the other photoes also ) 
    is actually based on the 900 shape and not the 920 ( I own both). the top and bottom are pill shaped (symmetrical front to back) not arced like the back of the 920. So its a thinner phone overall potentially.
  • I'm a little disappointed if this is the real deal. Looks just like the 920 with a big hole cut to accommodate a new cam module.
  • Disappointed over leaked prototype photos?
  • Release date is around the corner, would prototypes be leaked or the real deal?
  • How many times have their been leaked photos that don't exactly line up with what's released? Also, how do you know it's around the corner?
  • They are prototype photos (the GSM arena photos are not)  - FYI Nokia likes to use XX as markers for prototypes so competitors can't actually see the MP.  The N8/808 both had them. 
  • The back of my 920 doesn't seem to look like that at all. This one seems to taper off towards the bottom.
  • Wanted to buy a camera, might as well get this, my L820 severely lacks internal memory.
  • I love Nokia design, but this is just plain old ugly
  • It's a lot better in black than that yellow monstrosity.  Black is slimming, you know.
  • Oh snap... This is it
  • Wow, I love it already
  • Verizon please....
  • Argh!! Kill it with a stick! :P
  • Looks like a Lumia 900 with a large camera bump
  • What are we talking screen size wise?
  • One thing that riddles me is that 925 was just released last month and Nokia said it would be a global phone
    Now they are releasing eos in July
    Why is Nokia killing its own phone sales globally?
  • Who said this will be released in July? I missed the official release date statement from Nokia.
  • "Niche" screams all over these pictures. I will buy this because I've been waiting for a good 808 replacement. Go sift through the rest of the comments here.  You will see... Either people will go for the hump on this phone or people will opt for the 925. 
  • Unless there's a snazzy new color, I think I'll wait for late-year Lumias.
  • Ewww tbh looks ugly as fark :/
  • I was hopping that after almost 2 years of development the camera bump was going to be smaller. Guess I was wrong. Anyway, the photos produced by it must be fantastic and nothing else will come closer! Can we expect it to have great lowlight performance and OIS, or it's LossLess Zoom PureView only? Because if this is going to be the two PureView stages all-in-one, this is going to be F*CKING AMAZING.
  • Best thing Nokia can do with this is position it as a cheaper, more elegant alternative to the Galaxy camera with a better OS and phone built in. It's not for me (I really don't like any of nokia's designs) but it will be interesting to see how they market this.
  • Ok if a REALLY nice case comes out to streamline the back to hide that ugly bulg I'll get one
  • I hope this is a quad core phone. :/
  • Holy shit that is fantastic looking. The bulge isn't too bad at all, and it'll def be a head-turner like my 920 was when it came out.
  • +1.
    I'm really wishing this was coming to TMo in the US.
  • That sure is ugly...
  • Its a camera with a phone OS
  • Does it say 40 mega pixels in roman numerals?
  • As much as I'd just be happy with a Lumia 720 with higher res screen and processor if they bring this thing out in cyan I'm gonna have a tough time resisting it... #want
    It's such an exciting month for Windows 8 devices! Can't wait to see what they announce next week to combat WWDC some...
  • Love it!
    Looks like  My Old Nokia N8
  • Playing Halo on this would be phone heaven! :)
  • Would of been great if they used the 925 design although my my 920 suddenly looks new again, think ill get the 32gb L925 as it looks very svelte and wait to see if eos2 (feb14) looks more like a 925 than 920. Damn that huge circle and no built in qi
  • It's weird...first people complained that the 920 didn't have the 808 camera or that they didn't just release the 808. Now people are complaining about the huge circle. I'm pretty sure if they could've avoided it, they would've bit based on current limitations in tech, you get what you see. If you don't want a killer camera then this device isn't for you and Nokia has plenty of other good phones with great cameras as well.
  • See... now that just makes too much sense. You already know half these people don't use logic. They just blindly complain at the current phone's lack of being "perfect" while not really know what "perfect" is.
  • New pics seem to confirm no microSD slot, what a missed oportunity by Nokia, if it turn out to be true. Just a really stupid move, and you can bet that will be a mojor criticism of the phone on every tech website imaginable.
  • There's always gonna be something to criticize...mostly just being a windows phone it'll get criticized, but for some reason Nokia seems to shy away from using micro SD on the major phones.
  • Maybe they want to cut cost of rearrange all the internal part, since the EOS is basically Lumia 920 with enhanced camera performance. If the phone is equipped with at least 32GB then it's not really big issue.
  • i find 925 ugly as hell, but this one is AWESOME!
    love it! i love how the bump was placed in it.
  • Nice! But ughhhh please put the USB port to the top rather than the bottom.
  • Completely agree
  • I was going to get this off contract but without a micro sd slot I'd have to pass and just stick to my Lumia 920, but hopefully they include one. I don't understand how you can make a high end device without a micro SD slot.
  • They're trying to push people to not only use SkyDrive, but to also buy more storage if you're not one of the people who have the 25GB plans.
    You may not like it, but that's the way things are going.
    Not that google is the standard by any means, but that's why the nexus lines don't have SD slots either.
  • I am glad I am up for a upgrade
  • Its a phamera!  So I guess the automatic lens cover is underneath a plastic cover which can get dirty, kind of defeat the purpose......
  • I doubt AT&T will let me upgrade to the new Lumia since I'm still under contract :(
  • The problem I have with the July rumor is that att, to my knowledge has never released a windows phone that month. They are usually November/April launches.
  • I really hope the final product looks nothing like this the lens on this is so small it doesn't justify having that big hump... I don't get it....
  • Nice reveal for hump day.
  • So they basically took the 920, removed built in wireless charging, and just added the big camera? Hope they do a little more than just that...
  • The Vizileaks account just showed up today and everyone is taking it seriously.
    These pictures all look fake or some mockup that someone made out of a 920 and spare housing.
  • i didnt like te design.. looks ugly.. phone has to look nice n metal instead of plasticy n cheap
  • First thing I thought when I saw the design is that I got to be soo careful when I put down this phone to a table or such hard surface since the lens bump just make it looks like will easily scratched.
    And I hope the bump will not be something annoying when we hold the phone on landscape orientation.
  • The wireless charging housing would cover that baby bump. What's the problemmo?
  • Like the Nokia N8, you'll forget about the extrusion (and might even like it) once you use the camera. My GF still gets asked frequently if she wants to sell her Symbian phone wherever she travels. Addis Ababa; Seems like everyone has iPhones but she pulls out the N8 and the questions start. "I've always wanted one. Where did you get it? Will you sell it to me?" Never fails. This new phone will be interesting to watch happen.
  • this is ugly, its not as pretty compared to the 808 pureview. The 41MP is not worth the way this looks. I'll stick to getting the 925
  • What's with the ugly massive circle to house the little camera?
  • This is a prototype, that's why it says XX Megapixels. The final build will probably be better.
  • So ugly
  • It's looks....different. I want to hold it first, before drawing any conclusion. 925 too is said to look better in person than on any pictures. Since it's for at&t, it's nice to have 920 as a fallback option (I hope they will not stop making them quickly.) :P
  • U notice that it is running amber on the last posted pic? You can see the tap to wake up clock! This is legit!
  • I wish they would have made the hump more gradual, looks a bit disconnected to me. Excited to see and hear more though!
  • Hate the hump....there's gotta be some ID and ME solution to that.
  • Curious-- how does the Pureview 808 photo quality compare to a decent point-and-shoot? Is it comparable, better, or still just a cellphone (albeit a really nice cellphone picture)?
  • Well, with a bigger sensor than most of consumer compact camera, beside with pureview sampling technique to reduce noise and enhance quality (or zooming in). I can say 808's better than most of consumer compact out there.
  • You can easily search for 808 photo sample around the net. Most of the results are great quality photo with really sharp details.
  • it looks like a L920 with a bump... :/
  • Interesting...the screen simes 16:9 which is totally new or Nokia's Lumias. I don't mind the phone being 11 inches thick again. But those huge bezels have no excuse. With that size the phone should have at least a 4.7 screen.
    Excited nontheless!
  • Lounging? More like slumming lol
  • Well it looks like Nokia learned from their mistakes with the 920 and moved the FFC away from any gaps :)
    I hope EOS v2 is a real thing because I really want this camera with a 1080p AMOLED screen, and maybe they'll up the screen size to 5" since they won't have to sacrifice any PPI. That would be an instant buy for me! I also hope for a much larger battery...
  • I think it looks great, especially when compared to the 808 and the concept design that popped up last year. Sure, it has a large bump for the camera, but it looks significantly slimmer than the 808, and not terribly unwieldy. And best of all, it should be here just in time for my contract to expire 
  • Hmm just me but id choose slimmer profile with a decent camera rather than a Camera with smartphone capabilities. The 920 camera is more than enough already that hump is going to bother you after long usage. In that sense, the 920 is still the most complete phone I've ever used ;)
  • I dunno. I was thinking this would be my next phone based on my contract being up in a few months, but I wanna hold it first (and see the production design confirmed) and see how the hump feels. Hope they up the specs compared to the current 920/25/28
  • 4.8 to 5.0 inch 1080p screen,SD card slot,removable battery,notification light.This is what I want from Nokia, not another camera phone.Bought a used 920 off Ebay and will stick with it until Nokia or another manufacture steps up and makes a phone that will really show off what WP8 can do.
  • imo it looks ugly :(
  • Man the camera cover is ugly. The circular design doesn't fit the rectangular angles of the phone's silhouette. They should have kept the camera compartment rectangular like the 808. With that being said, it's cool to see such a high end camera on WP.
  • Agreed, I really dislike camera humps on phones, but if it really has to have one the 808 looked much better than this.
  • Has anyone called this woofer a 'PukeView' yet?  Because if not I'm staking my priority claim to it.
  • Day one buy for me IF it doesnt have carrier logo like in the pictures. I really like att but man i want a clean looking phone.
  • I hope this is an early mock up. From my rough eye calculations it looks like it may be as thick as the 808. Wasn't the thought along that Nokia would find a way to make it somehow smaller for the Lumia? The camera on this "EOS" looks like it adds another 1/3rd of the 920's 10.7mm thickness, putting it right around the thickness of the 808 at 13.9mm's. I'd like to see something a bit sleeker. I'm not sure the most people are ready to be accepting of something like that, even with such an amazing camera.
  • I think it looks beautiful! 41 mp in a device, this is what I have been waiting for people. Cant wait for them to take my money. I think im Ready for that Nokia kool-aid!
  • That is a Lumia 920s. Respect for Nokia and what they did but they could've changed the form a bit. 
  • I think this phone looks ugly. What Nokia should do is make it a limited edition phone to test the waters. I daresay apart from serious photography officianados, there won't be much market for this phone.
    Nokia should not make it their next flagship device. Because it just won't sell as much. You can have your 520's and 720's that are selling well, but the real business will always come from the 920's. Nokia should just put a smaller camera on their flagship to make it better looking.
  • Nice Camera, Nice looking phone and it is slim for what it is but what the heck is with those bezels. I mean just have  alook at the pictures vs galaxy s4 and you will relaize that samsung has managed a 5" screen in the same size body. Look how nice the bezels look on the galaxy s4 and look how much space is lost and how ugly those huge bezels look on the lumia.
    I currently use a lumia 720 and preferred it over the 920 and the 820 so don't come back and give any troll bullshit, all I want is Nokia to be more 2013

    and this is why a lot of people choose samsung over nokia, because it looks expensive with minimum bezels
  • Totally agree.  I also with the live tiles took up more of the screen.
  • Well I currently carry around a 920 and an 808 pureview! Looks like I'll finally be able to take just one device out with me.
    Although - I'll miss Gravity there still isn't a twitter app to match it on WP!!
  • Who cares about megapixels.  Anyone with a decent amount of photography knowledge will tell you that megapixels are only one small part of taking quality pictures.  If the in-camera processing (proper lighting, exposure, metering, rendering, etc...) is sub par than 41 mp is all fluff.
    But if Nokia gets it right and the camera software/hardware takes good advantage of the image sensor element, then they'll have a winner.  It will be the only way many people are going to overlook the awkward hump on the phone.
  • One thing it certainly needs though - especially if it has a 41MP sensor - is a larger memory than the Lumia 920! Ideally it will take SD cards, my Pureview 808 is damn near full with a 64GB SD card in it.
  • I'm gonna say this. With megapixels this size, I better be able to take a picture of Venus!!!!
  • Hmm its only XX MP ... 20 MP pureview.
  • The X's are just variables for whatever number they will eventually put there.
  • Can you say, 'Niche device'? 
    If this is real, one of the few times I've seen an outright ugly phone released from Nokia.
  • It might take a great picture but, it looks like a 920 with bulk on the back. No thanks. I'll stick with my 8X or 928 till the 8.5 or 9 devices start hitting the stores...
    Cool for someone who needs that much of a better camera...
  • I'll just say one thing; with megapixels like that, it better take pictures of Venus or Mars!!! :)
  • EOS is a camera phone!  Not for me since I not into cameras and photography but many are!  Good for Nokia to try this angle for increase sales.
  • Anyone know if it has hdmi connectivity?