More pics on the Nokia EOS Windows Phone find the light of day [Updated: new images]

Update: We've added some new shots of the EOS below that have been published over on GSMArena.

Earlier today we shared some leaked images of what is reported to be Nokia's EOS Windows Phone. It didn't take long and a few more pictures have surfaced highlighting the 41MP camera.

ViziLeaks posted two images on their Twitter page showing the backside of the phone and the Pureview Camera. If these photos are accurate, the camera will have a huge (by smartphone standards) flash, what looks like a focus assist light and maybe a retractable lens cover.  

Or is that just glare hiding the lens?.

Nokia EOS Windows Phone

Still no word on when we'll see more of the Nokia EOS, Codenamed Elvis, but rumors still have the Windows Phone with AT&T for testing. July is currently the rumored, odds on favorite, launch window.

And based on these photos, the Elvis can't get here quick enough.

Update - here are the new shots, published over at GSMArena:

Lumia EOS

Lumia EOS

Lumia EOS

Update: One more image from Vizileaks has been posted to Twitter. The Lumia EOS is lounging in the grass below. 

EOS Lumia in Grass

Source: @Vizileaks; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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