Alleged photos of Nokia EOS 41MP PureView Windows Phone leaked with slight camera hump to boot

Today is as great a day as any for some fabulous leaks and boy have we got a beauty here. Remember the Nokia EOS device that has been touched on numerous times in the past? We've got some images that are believed to be of the shell and innards of that very Nokia handset.

Rum: 8

The rumor-mill has been running wild about this Lumia device, with its super-awesome-badass camera. 41MP imaging sensor seems to be a sure thing, and AT&T is reportedly releasing it very soon. Today an unnamed source has just sent something much more solid to Chinese tech site WPDang: some pictures of EOS that looks quite convincing. Let's have a go through them.

The above shot shows the alleged Nokia EOS (yellow version) ripped apart and exposing its inner-magic. The grey smartphone beside it looks to be a Lumia 920. EOS looks to share the same overall look as the current Nokia flagship Windows Phone, which isn't a bad thing.

Close-up shot by itself. The black, round item is the cover for the "camera hump". Like the Pureview 808, the camera module of EOS is going to be noticeably bulky, therefore Nokia has attempted to mask the excess mass as much as possible, while keeping the aesthetics at a high standard. I for one feel as though the round hump is better looking than the rectangular one found on the Pureview 808 though.

That's a pretty large hole. And see those two little dots near the bottom of the phone? That will be how EOS connects to Qi wireless charging cover - just like the Lumia 925. In other words, it won't have Qi support built-in.

Another side-by-side comparison with Lumia 920. If you have no trouble handling the 920 single-handed, EOS won't cause any problem.

Side view comparison. Two observations:

  • The camera hump won't be as high as that found on the Pureview 808. It won't affect grip when handling the device.
  • Overall, the EOS is about as thick as Lumia 920 (excluding the hump, of course).

So, what do you think? Going all out for this little monster? Or hold back and wait for the rumored bigger & more powerful "EOS V2" by the end of 2013?

Source: WPDang

Kane Gao