More pics of a T-Mobile Touch Pro 2

In case there were any doubt that the HTC Touch Pro 2 was coming to T-Mobile, the causes for concern appear to be shrinking.

Here we have but one of a number of pics of a T-Mobile-branded Touch Pro 2 from [via] The pictures aren't of the greatest quality (sigh). But at this point, if T-Mo doesn't release the TP2 sometime this summer, we'll put down our Windows phones and use a Crackberry for a week. We're that confident.

(update: fixed to say Touch Pro 2.  D'oh!)

  • Is it T-mo Europe though?
  • See any European keys there?
  • Well, if you look at the European Page for the Touch Pro, it looks like the same keyboard:
  • Hmmmmm. Looks like the originating site has crushed under the weight. But you make a good point. Here's where we'll need to look.
  • I see! Thanks for the details
  • Sorry, Is it Touch Pro 2?
  • Ah, you mean Touch Pro2 ya'll....
  • But as other people are pointing out....this has the same specs at the Diamond2, however, the Diamond2 has a better camera.... Is the slide out keyboard that beneficial for the extra coin you'll have to cough up?
  • Don't forget the TP2 has a 3.6" screen versus the Diamond2's 3.2"
  • The screen caps show 188MB Program Memory? What happened to the other 100MB?
  • fixed the title there, thanks guys!