More on the Verizon XV6900 Touch

Well it looks like the Verizon Touch that surfaced last Friday is coming a might bit quicker than we expected, given that Engadget Mobile just scored a bunch of pics and details. Check out their Gallery to find out that, uh, it looks identical to the Sprint version (except for that white thing).

No word yet on what they'll be putting on the TouchFLO cube, but it does look like there's a shopping cart on the Today screen. In other words - expect it to be Verizon-alicious just like the Sprint Touch's cube is Sprint-app'ed up. Bummer, we were hoping for more customization - like, oh, a 4th side to the cube to add our own links.

Specs are out of the box too - EVDO (duh), WM6, 2 Megapixel camera, and the GPS is turned on in this one! Hopefully Sprint will follow suit on their version very soon, as expected.

WC Staff