More video of the Verizon Imagio

That last video of the Verizon Imagio too little, too dark for you? Check out this one from Wirelesszone, where we see it put up against the BlackBerry Storm for a size comparison and 8 minutes of video goodness. We were hoping for a better look at the on-screen keyboard, because we've been told it's as good, if not better, than any on-screen keyboard out there. Of course, there's only one way to test that ...

Phil Nickinson

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  • "I've got some really cool, um, thing in front of me here". Seriously, why do people who don't seem to know much about smartphones (or how to navigate them) or even Win Mo for that matter get their hands on with these devices? She'd be better off playing some music and quit the narration. Although when she declared " blackberry storm" I should've known...
  • Yep, you got it right. BlackBerry OS user doing a WinMo OS review. Comparison? Like having an illiterate read for you.
  • I'm sorry to keep cutting on this lady that I'm sure had good intentions but thos nails!
  • "HTC does this nifty thing where they round the corners of their phones"
    Really?? I just can't comment on this... I just couldn't watch this whole video.
    It's torture watching that lady who knows nothing and has a very annoying voice. I knew it was a cool phone, but this video doesn't do it any justice/
  • Horrible video
  • Oh, come on guys, she didn't have the manual....LOL
    How could you possibly review a winmo phone without the manual or specs???.....Oh wait, you would need to use your brain a little bit and then you could do it.
    Her reviewing a Ferrari:
    I got this cool ,um thing in front of me...It's got four wheels! very cool! it has a thing called a steering wheel conveniently placed in front me of while I'm sitting in the drivers seat....very forward thinking...I would love to take it for a test drive, but I dont have the manual....and the color, it's a red I've never seen before....Awsome
  • I cannot STAND those thick, tacky acrylic nails. They are so not in style anymore, guess she missed the memo????
  • Looks like my iPhone!