More Windows Phone Tango updates being reported

Man, you guys are quick! It's only been a couple of days since our Tango carrier roundup and already we have another list of carriers and phones that are reportedly getting Windows Phone Refresh (aka, Tango). The Tango update shows up as version 8773 or 8779 and, for most devices, brings minor enhancements, bug fixes and features. But for those of you with any of Nokia's Lumia line of phones, you should see some bigger changes.

According to our faithful readers, these phones have also been receiving Tango update notifications:

  • Nokia Lumia 800 in India (carrier not specified)
  • Samsung Focus on Rogers
  • LG Optimus 7 on Vodafone Denmark
  • HTC Titan in Brazil (carrier not specified)

We haven't verified any of these (nor will we) so don't blame us if you don't see the same results. If you are feeling especially antsy, you can go ahead and try to force the update yourself. But be warned, this is for experienced users only.

Thanks to everyone for the tips. Keep 'em coming!

Seth Brodeur