Moto Napoleon - the phone that won't die

A bit of a fuss is being made today over the emergence of the Motorola A4500 at the Federal Communications Commission. But here's the thing: The new documents we're looking at – radio specs and a bunch of pretty pictures – were all submitted back in October and just made available today.

Now allow us to put on our tinfoil hats for a minute: We know the A4500 (or Napoleon, or Q9n – whatever) made its way into the wild after a brief production cycle for a government contract. Hmmmmm. Government contract, docs not made available until exactly six months after the first submission ... See where we're going here?

The long and the short of it is we're really not expecting to see this thing out on Verizon – or anywhere else – anytime soon, if ever. That said, we could also be dead wrong and so we reward you with more pictures after the break, just in case.

PhoneScoop via BGR

Phil Nickinson

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