Motorola loses $291 million in Q1

We're not really expecting great financials from anyone anytime soon, and Motorola keeps that trend going. The Big M had a $291 million loss in the first quarter, with cell phone sales down 45 percent compared to the first quarter of 2008.

Moto made $5.4 billion in sales in the first quarter – $1.8 billion from phones – but failed to meet the $5.62 billion previously forecast.

Despite recent rumors of a new/old Motorola Windows phone headed to Verizon, we're really not expecting much else from Moto this year – makes sense, seeing as how Windows Mobile 6.5 is focused on touchscreen phones – and Moto's CEO says to expect "differentiated Android-based devices" on sale in time for the winter holidays. So, we'll hope for some new Windows Mobile love in 2010.

Via Moconews

Phil Nickinson

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