MoTweets 2.1 for WP7 delayed

Panoramic Software reports via Twitter that MoTweets v2.1 for Windows Phone 7 has been delayed.  They have not offered up a timeline for the release, but they have made a list of features available:

  • More robust timeline Tap’n’Hold for quicker interactions
  • Fixed an issue with White theme post screen
  • Better handling of twitter errors in Tweet details and User details screen
  • Fixed Hashtag issue on posting tweets
  • Fixed List selection bug
  • Added “more” at the bottom of timelines to load older tweets
  • Option to keep 200 tweets
  • Better handling and more access to create DM’s
  • Showing new icon for new RSS items
  • Progressbar for translate option
  • After timeline refresh, animates to first new tweet arrived
  • Option for Vibrate on/off
  • Reply All option
  • Speed and stability improvements
  • Several smaller fixes

Update: Panoramic tells us that they are hoping for a Friday release, pending Microsoft's verification process.

Source: Panoramic Software (1, 2)

Seth Brodeur