Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord known bugs and early access issues

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (Image credit: Windows Central)

TaleWorlds Entertainment's sequel-prequel to the popular Mount & Blade game is currently in early access on Steam and as such, it has a few issues that need ironing out. Since the game was released on March 30, the development team has worked hard to roll out a patch almost daily to fix reported problems.

With Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord here, there are a few issues you may encounter as you traverse the continent of Calradia. We've rounded up known bugs, early access issues, and glitches impacting the game right now.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord bugs, issues, and glitches

Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Hundreds of thousands of players have already bought the game and loaded up Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, but the successful early access launch hasn't gone without issues. Some players report frequent crashes, performance issues during specific parts of the game, as well as a whole host of imbalance and glitches.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord crashes

Crashes and overall game stability in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord remains to be one of the more popular issue players continue to experience. TaleWorlds Entertainment is working on rolling out fixes in the frequently released patches, but still to this day you may encounter a crash here and there.

A bug reporter should open up once Bannerlord crashes, allowing you to send a report to the developer for them to look into the problem. It helps if you could provide a sentence or two about what made the game come to a sudden halt.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord performance

Performance in the game can be a hit or a miss. For the majority of your game time you'll enjoy butter-smooth action, but should you get into a hectic siege battle, your game will slow down considerably. Various reports from players seem to point to AI pathfinding, which seems to be causing most of the siege-related issues but you may encounter stuttering and sluggish performance elsewhere.

We recommend you ensure your GPU drivers are up-to-date as well, to help eliminate any potential problems.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord corrupted saves

There have been numerous instances of save games becoming corrupt. Always have more than one manual save up-to-date, just in case. If you're on the newer alpha or beta branches, this should be carried out to prevent progress loss. Some have found disabling Steam cloud synchronization to help, but your mileage may vary.

Other Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord bugs and issues

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Last updated: 10/28/2020 — Patch: e1.5.4

We're not tracking every bug here, omitting minor fixes and improvements. Be sure to keep an eye out for patch notes.


  • Acknowledged: The game can sometimes launch selected with integrated GPUs.
  • Acknowledged: The game can rarely crash when exiting the game while calling for a UI element.
  • Acknowledged: The game can rarely crash while quitting the game.
  • Acknowledged: The game will crash if you paste anything in the character creation screen.
  • Acknowledged: Game crashes if the players do not enter any settlement and attack a neutral settlement while mercenary.
  • Acknowledged: Crashes in bigger battles are being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Assaulting Oristacarys Castle, attacking after destroying castle walls causes the game to crash.
  • Acknowledged: The game might crash if the quick talk is used to talk with Radagos on the Rescue Family quest.
  • Fixing: Massive performance hit in sieges due to AI pathfinding and other issues.
  • Fixing: Sometimes the muter mesh visuals of certain scenes will not render as intended.
  • Fixed: Game can crash when executing prisoners.
  • Fixed: Some performance spikes in certain missions.

Visual & Audio

  • Acknowledged: 'vlandia_town_a' map has misplaced props in the air.
  • Acknowledged: Some of the villages have spawn points problems.
  • Acknowledged: Northern Sloven Leather armor on the female model is (quite literally) broken.
  • Acknowledged: Using a ballista sometimes shows incorrect animations for the poor sod using it.
  • Acknowledged: Rarely, victory shout triggers indefinitely after a battle among soldiers, causing headaches.
  • Acknowledged: Item stat differences displayed in the UI (red and green lights) may disconnect from the game.
  • Acknowledged: Occasionally, tooltips may join your forces and travel with you everywhere.
  • Acknowledged: The patch version is shown incorrectly between game modules.
  • Acknowledged: Incorrect number may be shown when prisoner ransoming.
  • Acknowledged: Some of the sliders do not have text inputs.
  • Acknowledged: UI bug regarding persuasion not showing correctly in some cases.
  • Acknowledged: Character creation UI issues are being investigated. (And no, it's not the babies!)
  • Acknowledged: Sometimes, when loading a campaign save, the game may switch names around.
  • Acknowledged: No error messages for failed save and load game states.
  • Acknowledged: Weaponsmith animations have some issues.
  • Acknowledged: Some of the character creation child animations are bugged.
  • Acknowledged: Sitting on log animation is not working properly.
  • Acknowledged: Sitting ground idles animations have wrong upper body animations.
  • Acknowledged: Face animations in encounter scenes need polish.
  • Acknowledged: Fishing rod model disappears from the animation after a conversation.
  • Acknowledged: Players can crouch just before hideout cinematic causing the camera goes inside the player's body. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: Companions play villager idle animations when on village scenes.
  • Acknowledged: Banner on the settlement menu does not get updated after the settlement is taken by other factions.
  • Acknowledged: The kingdom we create is not shown on the Kingdom tab of the encyclopedia.
  • Acknowledged: Clan banner does not get updated after the clan tier reaches level 2.
  • Acknowledged: Some beards/hair won't render on thumbnails.
  • Acknowledged: The wrong banner is shown on the tournament screens.
  • Acknowledged: Encylopedia will scroll up if you click the back button.
  • Acknowledged: Beards are not showing on portraits.
  • Acknowledged: Troops that are ready to upgrade are not shown as ready to upgrade on the prisoner window.
  • Acknowledged: Very long names can hide information in certain menus.
  • Acknowledged: The second brother not showing up in the characters tab.
  • Acknowledged: South Empire's and West Empire's faction biographies are missing in the encyclopedia.
  • Acknowledged: Form Fitting Athletics skill perk effect is not applied to UI.
  • Acknowledged: If the tutorial is not finished, the movement tutorial will be shown in the deploy phases of sieges.
  • Acknowledged: Notables wear different civilian equipment or their combat armor on quick talk. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: Item preview screen close buttons clickable area is not what shown in the game.
  • Acknowledged: Game shows an incorrect number of wounded troops in some cases.
  • Acknowledged: Portraits are occasionally generated without facial hair. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: Character's voice type selection is not saved. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: UI elements disappear after talking to a companion in town Keep
  • Acknowledged: String Error for "Enable Tutorial" is known.
  • Acknowledged: Long Named Tournament Prizes Overflows the UI Box
  • Fixing: Sometimes character portraits in the encyclopedia can have visual glitches.
  • Fixing: Trade report before hitting Done can block the whole screen.
  • Fixing: Kill icon is displayed instead of the incapacitated icon.
  • Fixing: Wrong crossbow holster position when entering a scene. We are investigating this issue.
  • Fixing: Missing notifications on companion-led missions, such as 'Gold Gain', is being investigated.
  • Fixing: Inconsistent quest icons on UI elements causing you to go on wild goose chases.
  • Fixed: Some weapons can be shown as two-handers twice in UI, requiring you to grow a further two limbs.
  • Fixed: UI buttons in the order screen menu can sometimes be located behind the UI.

Campaign Map

  • Acknowledged: Crossed Swords icon on the campaign map might not disappear after loading screens.
  • Acknowledged: Campaign map navmesh related issues. These are being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Arrmonac Villiage production icons are wrong.
  • Acknowledged: Stuttering camera movement on the campaign map is under investigation.
  • Acknowledged: AI has issues regarding patrol behavior.
  • Acknowledged: Villiage of Armonac has the wrong production icon on the campaign map.
  • Acknowledged: There are two Aserai villages named 'Aiwalitas' in the game.
  • Acknowledged: Some of the assets in the world map is misplaced.
  • Acknowledged: Campaign map camera gets stuck while moving automatically
  • Acknowledged: When besieging Flintolg Castle, the walls are seemingly located in the nearby river. It has no actual effect on gameplay.
  • Acknowledged: Flying houses and textures in the world map are known.
  • Acknowledged: Hakkun Castle Siege artillery slot detection outside of the slot.
  • Acknowledged: Siege Engines Pitching Rocks in the Ocean (Oristocorys Castle)
  • Fixing: The character icon in the map might change to someone else besides the player model.
  • Fixed: Map notifications can leave the game.
  • Fixed: Parties may keep moving when stationary, producing footstep sounds.


  • Acknowledged: Customized formation in the party is not saved.
  • Acknowledged: Sometimes, the game will open a siege mission instead of opening a field battle.
  • Acknowledged: In some rare cases, the camera gets locked when the ballista is destroyed.
  • Acknowledged: Horsemen are using javelins in melee mode after ordered to hold fire. They should be using spears.
  • Acknowledged: In some siege scenes, AI is having problems using the siege ladder.
  • Acknowledged: Defend wall behavior on AI has ... issues too.
  • Acknowledged: Infantry with Javelin freeze if a friendly troop stands in the line of fire.
  • Acknowledged: When all primary siege devices get broken, Attacker AI might not work as properly.
  • Acknowledged: Sometimes the battle order might not work as intended. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: The AI logic issues while defending in Sieges are known and being investigated
  • Acknowledged: AI formation issues regarding the Defensive Circle order are known. This issue is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: AI agents are retreating when they are near the scene borders even if they are following enemies to attack. This issue is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Soldiers slowing down while changing formation. This issue is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: AI gets stuck in the broken battering ram. This is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: AI behavior noticeably different when left to their sergeants' command. This is being investigated.
  • Fixed: Simulated battles provide more troop experience.
  • Fixed: No Combat AI difficulty settings.

Character & Party

  • Acknowledged: Trait leveling doesn't work properly.
  • Acknowledged: Some of the companions do not have any focus points allocated to their related skills.
  • Acknowledged: Character creation child animations are being looked at.
  • Acknowledged: Some hair and beard selections do not work.
  • Acknowledged: Efficient charcoal maker perk is not working properly.
  • Acknowledged: Facekey randomization not working properly across all game modes.
  • Acknowledged: Character creation pose issues are being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Food consumption problem causes the party to get stuck.
  • Acknowledged: Sometimes the clan screen role selection is not shown correctly.
  • Acknowledged: Poachers don't have banners.
  • Acknowledged: Borrowed troops are counting in party size. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: Issues related to companion party creation. This possible exploit is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Some banner icons are incorrect in the banner selection screen.
  • Acknowledged: Player hero name does not get saved when they change it.
  • Acknowledged: At the start of the tutorial, the player is paying a wage to the brother. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: When freed prisoners recruited they exceed the party size limit of the companions' parties.
  • Acknowledged: Some companions can spawn without traits.
  • Acknowledged: If the player updates the banner color while they have a clan party, the parties banner does not get updated.
  • Acknowledged: Companions take former prisoners to party over the limit. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: Allies can recruit troops in enemy towns. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: Companion Party disappears when disbanded, instead of adding to the garrison. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: Sometimes enemy clan members can reside on the player's castles as a free man. We are investigating this issue
  • Acknowledged: Can't manage elder brother's equipment while in a party. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: Clans with no live members cannot be kicked out of the kingdom.
  • Fixing: Extra focus point issue on the character creation system.
  • Fixing: Some perks may not be working properly, including those from the trade skill.
  • Fixed: In character creation, if a player has a male with a beard and decides to change gender, the beard is deleted when the player changes gender again.
  • Fixed: Ending your mercenary contract with a kingdom results in a loss of relationship with the lords of the kingdom.
  • Fixed: First trading perks break item comparison color tooltip feature.
  • Fixed: Skill progression requires too much experience.

Kingdom & Diplomacy

  • Acknowledged: There is no mercenary leave option while talking with lords. This issue is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Executing any lord decreases relations with random 5-6 clans. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: Sometimes the Settlement Owner election starts with a delay.
  • Acknowledged: Decision support percentage is incorrect in some cases.
  • Acknowledged: Kingdom War and Peace decisions are being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Investigation ongoing regarding war score calculations.
  • Acknowledged: Council of Commons law effects aren't working properly. This issue is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: In some cases, proposer clans do not have enough influence to propose kingdom decisions.
  • Acknowledged: Fief awarding votes are being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Relations with clan members don't decrease when we expel that clan as a king


  • Acknowledged: After alt+tab, clicking anywhere on the barter screen cancels the barter. This could lead to a crash when you try to start barter again.
  • Acknowledged: The prices in stores sometimes can be very much off from the value of items.
  • Acknowledged: Transferring prisoners in bartering has issues.
  • Acknowledged: Shop labels might be shown as duplicate.
  • Acknowledged: Aserai faction bonus doesn't affect every caravan.
  • Acknowledged: Negative progress in settlement projects
  • Acknowledged: In certain towns, large NPC groups are spawned next to each other.
  • Acknowledged: In some rare cases, the Hideout Boss party might go missing.
  • Acknowledged: Some of the troop skills are not finalized yet.
  • Acknowledged: Overall armor and equipment changes for NPCs are on the way.
  • Acknowledged: The player gains food while starving.
  • Acknowledged: Vlandia culture boardgame has broken visuals.
  • Acknowledged: With certain tattoos selected, your character might not be rendered.
  • Acknowledged: Bannerlord icon does not appear on the taskbar after the launcher is closed.
  • Acknowledged: Some pots will break again in the training area when entering and quitting audio options.
  • Acknowledged: Some texts and some variables are still missing from the game.
  • Acknowledged: Can't reassign or unassign a key that's already assigned.
  • Acknowledged: Some of the guard dialogue texts are missing.
  • Acknowledged: Save game corruption.
  • Acknowledged: The player can gift empty barters to other lords.
  • Acknowledged: Player's brother is listed in the marriage barter screens. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: Marriage barter can sometimes show unintended characters for marriage.
  • Acknowledged: No access to item inventory while persuasion bartering a lord. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: The issues regarding the Tannery workshop are being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Shops might be selling user crafted weapons even if the player did not sell those weapons. This is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Companion parties constantly lose morale except we take him to our army.
  • Acknowledged: Some of the mercenaries battle equipment is missing.
  • Acknowledged: Daily gold change occurs immediately after loading a save. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: Sometimes the towns can have 0 prosperity. This issue is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Settlements' garrison/militia are not affected by food stocks.
  • Acknowledged: Villagers deliver goods to the wrong locations. This is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: The players are getting tributes from kingdoms way stronger than theirs. This is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Crafted items ending up in shops and tournament prizes. This is under investigation.
  • Acknowledged: Vlandia and Empire tournament nearly always reward Helmets. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: Layered Robe and its derivatives weigh too much. We are investigating this issue.
  • Fixed: Main Hero and his brother's ages in the logs are not logical.
  • Fixed: Crafted items can lose stat changes when loading a save game.
  • Fixed: Lack of any higher tier armor in towns.
  • Fixed: Skill levels lost when loading old version save game files.
  • Fixed: Prisoners like to smile.
  • Fixed: The income from the town workshops is unbalanced.
  • Fixed: Unable to recruit Aserai Recruits from Aserai Settlements

Quests & Dialog

  • Acknowledged: The landowner needs access to common grounds quest gets timed out right after getting the quest.
  • Acknowledged: Stop Conspiracy quest is not finished.
  • Acknowledged: During Train Troops quest, if you lose a few of the borrowed troops and send the rest back trained, the quest doesn't end, it just stays under active quests.
  • Acknowledged: Train Troops quest might disappear from the list even if you fail.
  • Acknowledged: In Rival Gang Quest, vlandia_town_a loads as it is in Siege.
  • Acknowledged: When the players lose one of the raider parties in the location and rescue tutorial quest, the opposite party are not getting exhausted. Hideout problems are being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: In Rival Gang Quest, aserai_town_a has wrong spawn points.
  • Acknowledged: Army Of Poachers Issue related bugs are being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Rival Gang Moving In issue can not fail in some situations.
  • Acknowledged: When Extortion By Deserters issue fails, the deserter party disappears.
  • Acknowledged: In the Rival Gang Moving In quest, party screen shows only the prisoners instead of troops.
  • Acknowledged: Merchant Caravan Escort issues reward is not specified.
  • Acknowledged: Capture NPC quests completion time is really long.
  • Acknowledged: Family Feud quest target can offer the same quest.
  • Acknowledged: There is a possible conversation loop on paying for peace.
  • Acknowledged: There might be an error dialogue box when leaving looter conversation.
  • Acknowledged: When we talk with NPC named Tacteos in the tutorial, he can be taken as a prisoner.
  • Acknowledged: Players can be stuck in settlements after accepting a safe passage barter offer with lords.
  • Acknowledged: Bribery dialogue does not open when you speak to the lord's hall guard. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: Making peace is cheaper than the safe passage option. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: Hero parties join the enemy parties when attacking looters.
  • Acknowledged: Brother does not recognize character during the first interaction. This is not the intended design.
  • Fixed: The Spy Among Us has some issues (wrong health, spy skill, disappearing candidates, etc).
  • Fixed: After discussing the "Battle of Pendraic" with related nobles closes the conversation completely.
  • Fixed: Some issue quests' days remaining as a negative value.
  • Fixed: Some quests to fail immediately when activated.


  • Acknowledged: Prison Guards are disappearing when entering and exiting an interior scene in a town. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: The game sometimes names children the same name.
  • Acknowledged: Player character's eyes don't focus on the agents at the beginning of the conversations.
  • Acknowledged: Having tournament arrows might change the damage type of your whole army. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: The copy and paste function doesn't work in the in-game encyclopedia.
  • Acknowledged: Some agents in the scenes are walking too fast.
  • Acknowledged: Troops that died in rival gang quest gets resurrected after the fight.
  • Acknowledged: The game might crash when invoking console.clear in Dev Console.
  • Acknowledged: Prisoners in besieged castle become neutral after the same castle is besieged by an enemy. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: The construction time calculations are wrong. This is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Pressing F1 right before the hideout boss cutscene causes the order icon to show in the dialogue screen.
  • Acknowledged: Prisoners donated to the settlement disappears immediately. This is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Tutorial Refugees only have one face preset. This is not the intended design.
  • Acknowledged: There is a bug that prevents workshops from spawning the most expensive equipment. This is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Imperial board game AI issues are being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: When the player has an unmounted companion in a cavalry&horse archer formation, horse archers are referred to as Footmen.
  • Acknowledged: Mounted unit morale rarely breaks. This is under investigation.
  • Acknowledged: When our ally attacks the enemy that is attacking our settlement the text on the notification says s/he is attacking instead of defending. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: Wanderer locations in the encyclopedia are sometimes wrong. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: Entering facegen via '' V '' reduces body build and weight to 0. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: Sometimes the same companion can spawn twice. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: Clothing problems between quick talk and regular talk options are being investigated.


  • Acknowledged: Backend analytics data issue fixes are ongoing.
  • Acknowledged: There are some users that can't log in with empty Login Failed dialogue boxes. This issue is being investigated.
  • Acknowledged: Missing server database lock for battle server states.
  • Acknowledged: Lobby players can see party invite UI elements for the players who are not playing Bannerlord.
  • Acknowledged: Siege map Skala Landing issues are known.
  • Acknowledged: If players' Steam names have special letters, their names on chat will be bugged.
  • Acknowledged: Suggest to party UI does not change when the player becomes the party leader
  • Acknowledged: Sometimes two different players can show with two different names on the server. We are investigating this issue.
  • Acknowledged: Merlon text is shown whenever the players look at the merlons.
  • Fixing: Some of the troop idle animations for Multiplayer are broken.
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