Movie Maker 8.1 goes free for the next 3 days to celebrate Italy beating England in the World Cup

Movie Maker 8.1 is a third-party editing suite for Windows Phone 8.1 hardware running the Preview for Developers. The app usually runs for $1.49 with a free trial and is the first to exploit new API features in Windows Phone 8.1 that allows direct editing of videos on a user's phone. To celebrate Italy beating England in the world cup, the developer has altered the price and is offering Movie Maker 8.1 for free over the next 3 days.

Here are some highlighted features:

  • Full HD 1920x1080 video support
  • No movie duration limits
  • Save and open videos from SD card and OneDrive
  • Titles: font type/color/size, background color/picture/video frame
  • Effects: SlowX10, Gray, FishEye, Pinch, Warp, Kenburns (pan&zoom)
  • Transitions: Fade In/Out/Cross, Slide, Stripe, Twist3D, Fold3D
  • Tools: frame grab, trim, crop, split, move, cut, copy, paste, delete, merge, volume levels
  • Unlimited undo(s) and redo(s)
  • MP4 and MP3 compressor with custom format
  • MP3 audio studio: easily create your mp3 compilation
  • Project save and restore
  • Facebook, Email, Messaging and Office sharing
  • Continue your projects from your pc with Movie Maker for Windows Desktop!

Movie Maker

This is a superb offer and one we strongly recommend everyone take advantage of before the three days pass by.

QR: Movie Maker 8.1

via: Plaffo; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I hope Italy wins the world cup!
    :p ;D
  • FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!
  • VIVA BRAZIL!!!!!
  • Netherlands bitches
  • After Netherlands beat Spain In that way...its go Oranje!!!
  • "oranje" means "plowing" in Serbian (specifically reffering to "plowing the land prior to putting the seeds in"). I'm finding it odly appropriate considering that Netherlands has played BY FAR the best football game so far. An no, Spain didn't play bad... it's just that Robin and a crew have shut down Spain like no one has done before. Wonna beat "tika-taka"? Well, this is how it's done folks... textbook material. Again I'm not a Netherlands fan but I didn't see a single team so far that can stop these guys if they keep playing the way they did against Spain. Oranje indeed.
  • Oh hell yeah!! Oranje Leeuwen! Italy goes home early. Netherlands wins WC.
  • It would be cool for them to win one. Those guys have provided some good Futbol over the years, but unfortunately have no trophy to show for it.
  • Netherlands won the world cup already. Well ages ago :) black and white tv era
  • They never have, they've gotten second place three times, but never first
  • They only ever won the Europa Cup, not the world cup. 1988 if i'm correct, so not the black and white TV era
  • Germany
  • Forza Italiaaaa!! :P
  • Argentina FTW!!!
  • Either Holland or Germany will win. Italy are garbage.
  • All hail for Italy!
  • Portugal FTW!!!!!! :D
  • Espanol
  • Forza Juventus!!!
  • Germany, send off true gentleman klose being a champion .
  • Let's wait a little to see how Germany and Argentina play. :D
  • Forza Italia!!
  • Thats cool and all, but why did my Windows Phone 8.1 update last night on my 920? No one is talking about what the update bought?
  • The update was mentioned a few days ago, you just finally got it pushed to you.
  • Hahah.. Me tooo!
  • VIVA MEXICO!!!!!
  • India !!!! . . .oh wait
  • LOL! I saw what you did there ...
  • Dai dai, Italia!
  • Thanks Italy! Haha
  • Thanks Prandelli, Pirlo and Balottelli, not me :D !!!!
    If you like this deal and have time, please leave a nice feedback on the Store page :)
  • Thank you so much for the free! But, how can I download the desktop versión? or is it only by payment?
  • Desktop version is free (by Microsoft) the console to let you continue your project from your PC is in beta now, but I have the final version that can upload the project back to your phone too !!
    I think I will publish the update this week, with UI updates and a BIG new feature. All news here on wpcentral ;)
  • Thanks a ton venetasoft for making it free!  Thanks to Rich for the news! Thanks Italy, I wish you win!
  • Non dimenticare Marchisio ;) Btw, building this kind of app requires a lot of knowledge on the new media editing APIs and I can't find anything online. Where did you get all the required infos? I know how to make something but, for example, adding the text overlay to a video is quite beyond my knowledge of those APIs :/
  • Thanks, go Italia!!!
  • England will bounce back and we'll go on further than Italy!
  • Roflmao Get ready pommie for another miserable WC campaign by your pumped up Premier league princesses.   This is awesome by the dev. Double win.
  • That's harsh
  • He sounds mad
  • Just like to point out that "pommie" is a racist term.
  • Is it really?
  • Not if you are Aussie :) I got plenty of pommy mates and never have they called me a racist :P Poor England overinflated egos that on the World stage time after time fail. I feel sorry for Gerard. He is the only player for England that commands RESPECT!!!!!  
  • Fuck Off Cunt
  • Thats what ITALY said!!!!! only it was plural
  • No 'we' won't. The English football team are an embarrassment.
    Become a fan of rugby - you'll have a far more enjoyable time when it comes to World Cup season :)
  • Unless we take it again. Go new Zealand!
  • I think ENG played a much better game yesterday than I've seen in several world cups. That youngster Sterling looks amazing on the ball before he got tired.
  • Yeah, I think so too. I was surprised. I expected less from them. Great game by them Yesterday.
  • Probably yes! And I say it as an italian rugby player.
  • Good one
  • We hear that every World Cup. In previous World Cups, they bounced back to their plane after first knockout stage.
  • England is a GREAT team, I agree. I m sure you will win next matches and pass, 100% ;)
  • Is there an England dev here
  • Ha ha that's the best reason I have heard for an app going free
  • +920
  • +1520
  • Thank you :D
  • +720
  • +820
  • Lol right :D I hope Italy wins every match
  • Nice. I regret paying for it now. Having said that, it's not that much money. If I am ever $1.49 off breaking even in life I shall be going after the developer... :P
  • Early adopters will be awarded with free new features, very soon :)
  • Thanks for the great offer! Out of interest, why is it not possible to install on SD?
  • Mainly for a performance reason, I found there is a delay when the app starts from sd so I forced the app to install on internal storage....MM is 7MB only but can both read /save on SD (and OneDrive too) so it should not be a problem I hope....
  • Sweetness! Thanks!
  • Also paid for it but no regrets :)
    Great WP developers deserve support :)
  • My news Edmund you are the man.....
  • Yeah he is a man.
  • I didn't find extract mp3 option
  • Click the 'save' app at button, then 'grab mp3'.
    But you first have to add clips with audio.
  • Do you use FCP(final cut pro)? You can take features inspiration from that software... My brother is a movie editor... He uses it... He is in Italy right now for an event...haha... BTW am a huge Italy fan... Maldini and gattuso are my alltime favourites... And I named my business on Italy... Its called Bellagio... ;)
  • Thank you !! Please contact me at, MM is 100% developed following user feedbacks (I am not an expert on video editing...) !!!
  • Forza Italia :D 
  • brazil win world cup argentina into final
  • This
  • LOL, they played bad in the opening match, acting out free kicks and penalty. Brazil won't reach the final, mark my words.
  • Actually no other team performs well in Brazil -_-
  • Holland?!!
  • Holland is my favorite team (and country) after Italy, so 2nd place could be ok to you...? ;)
  • Spain lost the opening match in 2010 (and in 2014) but still won the world cup...
  • Ah nuts, bought it already
  • This is a sweet deal!!!!!
  • That match was fun to watch, although I was supporting England. The best team deserved to win
  • Yeah Italy played well :)
  • Great app, but I didn't want Italy to win that. Lol.
  • :'(
  • 1: Italy 2: Holland 3: Brasil
  • Italy beats England in World Cup and we (Windows Phone users) are in for a treat. Who could have thought of that one. #FifaWC2014
  • I don't really care but COLOMBIA is winning the World Cup this year.
  • Has anybody else noticed that the download settings in the Store have changed a bit with the new update? For instance, if a publisher doesn't allow an app to be installed on the SD Card, previously we had to manually go and change it in the Storage Sense settings. But now it asks permission only for one particular app to be installed in Phone memory, while the default settings ie., SD card destination remains unchanged in Storage Sense.
  • Huh? That's been like that for a long time (at least for me anyways) when I first noticed it was a few updates back...
  • It wasn't like that for me before the latest update a couple of days back
  • It was like that for me as well, but for certain apps only. For others, I had to change manually.
  • Thanks Italy... I was planning to buy it.. :)
  • ;)
  • Give England spice boys another 100 years minimum before they can win the World Cup.
  • I second that
  • Friends pls help me to get this app iam using windows phone 8..
  • Developer preview application is your friend to upgrade to 8.1 pre release version, then you can get the app.
  • You have to have Windows Phone 8.1. You can upgrade to WP 8.1 via the Developer Preview program if you would like to. Bing "How to get Windows Phone 8.1" and you should find instructions on how to do so IF you want to. If not, just wait until your carrier/phone manufacturer releases WP 8.1 for your device. The 3 day promotion will be over by then but at least you will have Windows Phone 8.1 with little effort.
  • If you're too lazy to search it all here you go man, straight to the point
    And if you live outside the U.S. and really want Cortana here's the vid
  • Interesting the developer doesn't allow the app to be installed to SD cards.
  • For startup performance reasons, some SD are tooooo slooooowww
  • Are you allowed to install to SD if you have a good and very fast Sandisk Extreme SD.  
  • Thanks buddy to make it free. I have used trial version, now I ll get full version.. Thanks buddy..
  • Thanks Marchisio too :D
  • Friends pls help me to get this app iam using windows phone 8
  • Any shortcuts is there
  • Haha amazing
  • toolkit update available
  • england loses and we get movie maker for free :D
    god bless you dev
  • And Balottelli too hahahahha
  • Great England, you should pass alongside us to next step...
  • +1520
  • coolest dev ever  
  • Mounted !
  • Germany has the best team and so the couch.
  • +520
    Miroslave Klose..
  • England to win the world cup.. Thanks for the App though. Right boys since I've got the app you can setup it up. I have all the English developers on standby waiting to give their apps for free. Go smash the lot.
  • I am sorry but England not gonna pass group stage
  • Great English developers :D !!!
    C'mon free your app for the World Cup too !!! WP users are the best.
  • No man you're the best. I hope all the developers to be just like you and stop being greedy @$$holes.
  • Nice! I don't give a sh*t about the World Cup (yes, I'm European, yes I couldn't care less about football or damn Ronaldo) but I'm glad I'm getting the spoils of whatever happens there :P
  • Need 8.1:(
  • It's gonna take a few steps but I recommend you this guy called Clinton Jeff on YouTube. Here's the vid man that's the best one I could find
    Anddddd if you really want Cortana and you're not living in the USA this guy also shows you how to, he's indian i guess but still pretty cool. Here you go buddy
    Hope you can catch the offer before it's too late :)
  • Unable to download app.when clicking install.just stays there
  • Try rebooting your phone I guess? Take into account it's not a 100% stable version yet and a little buggy still
  • Grazie, Italia!
  • Thank you so much!! I have been considering using credit card to pay for the full version of this app..
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • What !!! Pfft !
  • World cup...?
  • ITALY GOES HOME, HOME I TELL U? They will loooooosssssseee! Need I to say more? Oh yes HOLLAND will win.
  • Deutschland! Deutschland! Deutschland! :-P
  • Love Holland too, maybe 2nd place ok :D ?
  • I'm rooting for NL, GER, ENG. For fun JAP and the states.
  • A slap to English folks.
  • I've watched a lot of dross from England in the past, but it was a great performance last night.  First Italian goal was precision (and a little fortunate), second - you never leave Balliotelli unmarked.  Big credit to Italy though, job well done - here's hoping we both make it through.
  • England was great, the match was extremely balanced and correct. I m sure you will pass too.
  • Couldn't care less who wins the football, care very much for free apps
  • Yeah wake me up for the Austrian GP.
  • Rats! Just after I paid for it!!!!!
  • Lol always happens like that
  • Writing this story had to sting a little for Rich.
  • LOL! Was thinking the same...
  • That's awesome, I'll be getting this via toggle right lol
  • Algeria
  • Is that a reason to get it free...haha dev must be kidding..
  • I m mad 4 football ;)
  • Doesn't matter had free app
  • Yeah, and its the best reason ever!
  • Hahahahaha about time I get something outta The World Cup ... Not a soccer fan.
    Grazie Signore !
    *insert tricolore jets here*
  • Football *
  • Viva the world cup !
  • This developer is really nice , we need more such good folks ;)
  • Agreed
  • Italy is pure class. Pirlo is the man. Go Portugal!
  • OMG
  • I'm and England fan, I'm downloading anyway.
  • The download status is stuck to "pending". anyone else has this problem?
  • Was facing the same issue here. Make sure you set your apps downloads to "phone memory" and restart the phone. It worked for me ;)
  • Why does this app require SD card if it can't be installed there?
  • It does not require it, but you can use it to store/load your videos there. The apps itself if 7MB only so I preferred to get it installed on internal storage 4 startup time reason.
  • He may of meant why does the app require SD access as in the user permissions as terms for download. Nonetheless your reply stands.
  • That's right. Many of my apps in SD card works way slower than those in phone memory. Although its a ultra fast class 10 SD card.
  • I can't find the animation. Effects.
  • Add a minimum of two clips,select the second one, then choose SlowX10, Gray, FishEye, Pinch, Warp or
    Fade In/Out/Cross, Slide, Stripe, Twist3D, Fold3D.
  • Thanks you , i realized that Windows phone is the best for making movies. Video editing. Thanks.
  • WP is the best in many many many other fields too :)
  • Go Italy!!!! :D:P
  • I found it on facebook news
  • I found it on Magnifier app.
  • I found it on twitter
  • I found it by watching it
  • Spoilt
  • While saving it says "short advertisement in trail version"
    Edit: reinstall work thanks for such a great app
  • Forza!!!! Thanks for the free app and go Italy!!!!
  • This app would be free to those who downloaded now even after deleting from phone. It will appear in owned list
  • To WP and England team fans: BURNNNNNNN
  • Jamaica!
  • Lol @ we Indians
  • oh boy!!! English football fans going to be so pissed off.. :P
  • England had a tough game against Italy and Pirlo's master class of passing. It was a really good game to watch. The equalizer goal was simply a perfect three man link. Sterling's pass was superb, Wayne's cross was spot on and Sturridge's finish was the icing on the cake. England need more of that. Netherlands had an hell of game against Spain, Costa Rica beating Uruguay and Japan were just indominatable before Drogba was subbed on. This is shaping up to be a pretty good competition.
  • Logically that reason makes perfect sense.
  • Doesn't matter had free app
  • Is it free for usage only in 3 days or free for life who download in three days?
  • Lifetime if you download in next 3 days :)
    Please leave a nice feedback on the Store page if you like the app...
  • Are you the dev?
  • USA ! USA ! USA ! Oh, wait, did you say soccer ? Nevermind.
  • Lol
  • Portugal
  • Thanks dev!
  • Wow. And to think I just bought it yesterday
  • Paid versions will have some extra features for free in next updates ;)
  • Thank you for this great offer!
    I really enjoyed the match, Pirlo is THE MAN even at the age of 35(!) as far as concerned for Super Mario Balotelli he is going to score big in this World Cup!
  • Pirlo is an alien, he can curve the time-space.
  • Hell ya!
  • Haha nice joke. I'm supporting the states just for fun tho
  • Thanks to venetasoft for this! Leave them a good review if you like it! I haven't tried it yet, but can't wait to!
  • Nice! :)
  • Venetasoft sempre i migliori!
  • can't find the desktop app in store in windows 8.1 store could you provide a link? thanks you
  • For every win one good app should go free
  • That's be awesome!!!!!!!!
  • espana! They'll make a comeback! Lo hicimos el Mundial pasado!
  • Y que lo digas. Es Como Una tradición.
  • I would like to know how to increase the delay secs for an image after giving it an fx?
  • So sad that no one support home team Brazil ;-)
  • Multilanguage version is under development ;)
  • Any idea why it wont install from the store? Am I the only one having this problem? It just says pending and never downloads. Tried rebooting and other apps are installing fine. Anyone?
  • I would rather pay for this app than join in celebrating Italy beating England ;)
  • I prefer myPlayer 3D+ free for Windows 8.1/RT . It's completely free and better and the developers have promised to make a Windows Phone 8.1 version for free.
  • I prefer American Football :P
  • American Football = hands and shoulder ball game!
  • VIVA Brazil!!!
  • Finally free!!!
  • With all these apps available for 8.1 only, I'm getting flashbacks to when I was still on WP7, and can't get any apps for WP8. :/
  • Huh spiffy. Congrats Italia FTW!
  • Shame to read so many stupid comments that have nothing to do with the fact that the app is free,seems that WP is getting popular among idiots,please migrate back to Android !
  • The app is free because of a FIFA World Cup game. Calling others stupid when they are talking about the World's most famous sport in the related post is not a wisest move either. If you are not interested, let others enjoy the moment. Peace!
  • Like I just wrote......immigrate back to Android,that's where you should be and stay,Peace to you too..
  • Proud paid user!! Go USA! I know...pipe dreams
  • Where are the developers of moliplayer from?? C'mon guys lets pray for their country!!! ;)
  • It's great news that Itally wins over England. But Lumia Cyan (WP8.1) havent rollout yet. Meaning I can't share the joy here :(
  • Yeah, Panamá .... duh...scratch that....our neighboorhoods are doing better...   LETS GO COSTA RICA !!!
  • I know this might sound off-topic, but that $.99 I spent for WPCentral when I got my first HTC Trophy phone has been well-worth the money. I have received at-least $100 of free stuff just by reading WPCentral articles day-to-day. I have near-700 apps (not exaggerating any of this) on Windows Phone... And I couldn't be happier. WPCentral, you rock!!
  • I take that back... Hundreds of dollars! I forgot about the info on Microsoft like its discounts on Xbox Music and Gold subscriptions, and contests too!
  • Every English dude should get it free and then give it a 1-star review for this little stunt
  • Wow, all this England hate. Did i miss something? I thought they were underdogs.
  • Now i am really really more loving my WIndows Phone due to This.haha,  For the Future Update, will it void the free License?