Movie Maker 8.1 for Windows Phone gets substantial update, we've got 100 plugin codes to give away!

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, we've kindly been provided with 100 codes to snag a free plugin within the app from the developer. But you'll have to be quick!

Before any giveaways, first, let's see what's new in this latest update to v, as supplied by the developer:

  • 4K and 2K video editing and encoding (upscaling and downscaling too)
  • 100% rewritten Instagram encoder and uploader
  • Squared or centered formats for Instagram video uploader
  • Squared (1:1) encoding formats
  • Audio waveform on all the editing pages, for precise trim/crop/split.
  • Upload video to YouTube (IAP)
  • Download video from YouTube
  • Download mp3 from YouTube (extract the audio part)
  • Image duration can now be up to 33ms (1 frame), for perfect time-lapses compositions (by popular demand)
  • Media blocks in the timeline have now different colors depending on the type: video, title, transition, image, voice recording, audio track, etc. (for an easier identification).
  • New "video info" menu on the editing and sharing pages
  • The menu bar was reorganized to better handle all these new features.
  • New Lumia Imaging library (removed old Nokia one)

4K video is still only available to a small number of Windows Phones, but for those that can shoot it, Movie Maker has some great tools for you to actually use it. We're already big fans and there's some great stuff in here. It also uses V3 of the YouTube API, so we're already ahead of the game on that one.

Now, the codes. To grab a free plugin you'll need to be one of the first 100 readers to claim using this code inside the app:

  • wpcentral746

Have at it! And if you need some download links, you'll find those below.

QR: Movie Maker 8.1

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  • how to use the codes.. LOL
  • Menù 'external plugins' choose one, then. 'unlock code' :)
  • Hey David, absolutely love the new update!! I am very excited to see the new uses of it when making my music videos :).
  • Huge thanks ZackTheNever :) !!!
    Next updates will be even greater with new real time effects/transitions and new embedded uploaders (fb, vine, snapchat).
    Write me what do you think about the custom camera with manual focus /white/exp even while recording, perfect for "refocus" videos ;) !!!!
    It should support taking photo at the same time on some Lumia too.
  • Wow great!! I am very excited for that as well. Thanks David for being such a great, inspirational, and fair developer. I look up to you much and I am very surprised all the time at what you do next. Keep up the good work my friend!
  • I ll release two new apps this week, just in time before I fly to SF for the //Build conf :)
  • Really? :D wow, amazing!! I am incredibly excited to see this, am I the first to know (besides everyone else that sees this post)? :). I will be at the Build tour in Chicago :).
  • Meet me for some beers too :D
  • Haha I'm not of age (16), but I will be at the //BUILD/ tour In Chicago, not San Francisco :(. Hope you enjoy it though my friend
  • Don't worry ZackTheNever, I'll be your stand in. 
  • Haha alrighty, have fun you guys, be safe ;).
  • cool! we might bump into each other there :)
  • Nice and effective . But what about codes ?!
  • Read the article
  • Read it and I have knw ... Thnx ;)
  • Hmm... Did I hear code?
  • Keep getting "check" as well...
  • I would love to get a code :)
  • Read the post properly then!
  • Sold Out. Sad :(
  • Already got the app for free thru myappfree... but how to use the codes ?? Edit: Ok, so I tried the instagram uploader-> unlock a code & put in the code, nothing happens for a while & then a random Check your internet connection box pops up
  • Same thing...
  • If you unlocked the app by a code and uninstalled, download the TRIAL version again, then the first time you will run it, it will unblock.
    You cannot re-use the same code, but what you win will be preserved on reinstallations.
  • I go to buy the the Go to Store button   pick the unlock code option but it tells me my code can't be reused. WTH?
  • You can only buy one plugin. And maybe the 100 are used up already and you're too late.
  • I'm getting "Check your internet connection." I just updated and still have a working data connection.
  • I got the same thing...
  • The same on my data plan, worked for me under WiFi.
  • Best editor Video app in the store, worth it !
  • Absolutely! I love this application, I use to record my music videos.
  • Thank you :)
  • everytime I tried the code it would tell me to check my internet connection.  Oh well...
  • Same here. I'm on WP10 though.
  • Thanks for the code
  • Yaaayyy! I got my insta plug-in! Thx guys
  • Gotta try this code
  • Everybody is asking how-to questions when everything is in the damn article. So sad.
  • Code didn't work anyway "check internet connection" or "cannot be reused" so lame
  • Not lame. It was for the first 100 to claim. Wasn't going to take long
  • Yes, lame. Just cuz you're Johnny Come Lately to be a WPCentral Zealot doesn't mean we all were. Now go waddle over to the ice cream bar & shut up!
  • I guess the code is used up. Does nothing.
  • Thanks!Got Instagram uploader!
  • Just got one.after that code cannot be reused
  • Worked for me just now?
  • Gone lol perfect for my 1520!!!
  • ulocked trial and time limits....
    thank you guys :)
  • Who cares, I'm not a troll. I'm just so ridiculously tired of the disappointing Windows Phone news. This is every time I launch the app. I know my comment is WAY OFF TOPIC. I know that its been my choice to use the Windows mobile platform over the past 10 years. I know at anytime I can switch. But really, who wants to just walk away from something that you have invested in for so long? I just for once wish Microsoft can get it right with the mobile side of things. They invest more resources and time in other platforms than their own. Sorry for my rant, just a frustrated Windows Phone user. In regards to this article, this is a sweet deal and shouldn't be overlooked. Thank you Ventasoft for your continued commitment to the platform.
  • What's so bad about this article? This is generally related to Microsoft and Windows Phone, and its a well-known developer for the platform. I care very much so. As far as the point related to MS not caring about its own platform, your focusing so much on the negative. Them getting apps to other platforms is crucial for WP and for people to desire to use it. Also, think about all of the new things they have done for there own platform: Testing Windows 10 for various Windows devices, testing a new Office, creating an entirely new generation of technology with HoloLens and more.. You are the one overlooking my friend.
  • I get a connection error.
  • Doesn't look like it burns to DVDs yet....
  • Maybe Win10 version with USB support LOL :D
  • Venetasoft , can you add a stop motion features to the app so that we can create animations??
  • Blu-Ray or GTFO
  • I'm an hd-snob too, but this simple feature was lost over the years. My father wanted to burn a simple video to a dvd and found the feature was dead in his Windows 8 version.
  • Code worked for me... One of the best features of this app is that you can strip the audio from video files and save as mp3/wav etc! :D
  • And with this version you can strip a track directly from a YouTube video too ;)
  • I keep getting "check your internet connection" which is fine. If I pick pay using Microsoft account that shows up. I can pick others too but the code fails with check internet connection everytime. I tried everything but a reboot. Doing that now. Codes will run out...
  • (Lumia 820) Seems as if the Unlock Code option has bugs. Asks me to check internet connection every time.
  • Sorry guys I'm investigating...
  • I am a software developer and I can understand. That's ok :)
  • So, that's the code :)  if (NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable() == false)
       await App.DisplayMessage("Check your internet connection.");
       return false;
  • Rebooted and still says check internet connection. Thanks @venetasoft for looking into this.
  • Now I have had the code can't be reused error for 20 minutes but others are still getting plugins. Before that I had "check internet connection". I explained more below. Basically, I added more to my project and it seemed to work but won't accept the code now.
  • @venetasoft
    Sorry for side track. Cannot reinstall plugin and ask me to pay again. Email sent to support.
  • Worked perfectly for me, I just unlocked the Exclusive tracks :D !!!!
  • The video upload to instagram is pretty nice. I uploaded my 3d icon. This is what it looks like. The first one is Squared, second logo is centered so its saller in the windows.
  • I want my code!!
  • Now it says the code can't be reused, so maybe all 100 have been used. Well, I tried!
  • Sold out. Shame.
  • Booooyyyaaahhh just unlocked effects pack 2, cheers wpcentral :)
  • I already had this app purchased! But cool giveaway ;)
  • I need one
  • Please give me the codes
  • Code cannot be reused they say! I entered the code it didn't tell me if I unlocked the plugin. I tried again and now it says code cannot be reused. But plugin not unlocked.
  • Thanks, worked for me seconds ago.
  • Damn clicked on wrong one. Did trial option.
  • Kept getting the connection error, but did just win the Fx2 pack and Instagram uploaded using the "Feeling Lucky?" Method. That was cool.
  • Wow, got one. Thanks
  • Got me Effect Pack +7... Thx WC
  • Just unlocked the effects pack 2, thanks Windows Central!
  • I got 5 free spins when I used the code. Won the Fx effects plug in and then won the youtube one, but it couldn't download and said 'we couldn't find this in the store' what the hell?..
  • Entered code. it just did nothin. didn't tell me if my plugin is unlocked. I try again code cannot be reused....
  • Got 5 free spins and didn't win anything. Ahh well.
  • Sold out :-(
  • Am I too late?
  • Yes u are
  • Wow
  • I have the same problem as LiamBuckley. Been trying to download the YouTube plugin for the past hour.
  • Did i make it? Love this app
  • Sold out................
  • Appreciate the assistance venetasoft/David
  • How does the instagram uploader work? Can we log into instagram within the movie app and upload direct? If so where is that option? I have instagram plugin unlocked.
  • Click "share" from the app bar, then select the Instagram icon.
  • This article pulled me over the line for a purchase. Helas, the YouTube uploader with the code ... sold out :-( . But, with my next video project I'll give the app a spin. Could do with a good tool to cut a recording in several clips in one go.  
  • sold out. ugh.
  • Sold out ! :(
  • Great App!!! Code worked for me
  • Using win10TP on my lumia 635. Unable to install update.
  • Please try to uninstall and reinstall, that worked on my L1520 with wp10preview :)
  • Venetasoft , can you add a stop motion features to the app so that we can create animations?