Movie Quizz, a motion picture poster trivia game for Windows Phone

Movie Quizz is a Windows Phone trivia game that tests you skills at identifying movies through their posters. The game takes a bit of a casual approach with seven level of movies to identify that are grouped into movie genre or leading actor categories. Movies range from the more current titles as well as those from 50's and 60's.

Movie Quizz is available for low-memory devices and while it takes on movie trivia from a slightly casual approach, the game is an enjoyable way to pass short bits of time with.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Movie Quizz's main menu offers the customary options of jumping into game play, rating the game in the Windows Phone Store, viewing your local scores and accessing the game's settings.

Settings cover a wide range of topics that include language selection, muting the sounds, suggesting a movie category, visiting the game's website, viewing the tutorial screens, contacting the developer and view the other games offered by the developer. There is one slight glitch with the settings menu. Regardless of your language choice, the game confirms a correct answer in French - by no means a deal breaker but a bug that needs ironing out.

Game play with Movie Quizz is spread out across seven levels. Five levels are easy in difficulty and two are medium in difficulty. It appears the developer has left room for more medium levels and hard levels to be added to the mix with future updates.

Within each level you will find a group of three movie categories, each focusing on a movie genre or leading actor. For example, the first pack or level has movies featuring Cats, Christmas and Seas/Ocean Themes. You also have a grouping focusing on movies starring Jennifer Anniston, Sandra Bullock and New Year's Eve movies.

The game comes pre-loaded with the first level of movie posters and each additional level will need to be downloaded. The levels are not locked so if you get stumped on that one movie poster that you have no clue on, you can still progress through the game.

The mechanics of Movie Trivia presents you with a movie poster with the title blotted out. It is your job to correctly type in the movie title from letters appearing below the poster. As you type out the words, incorrect words will be highlighted in red and correct words receive a green highlight. Enter the correct title and "Bien Joue" will appear and the game transitions to the next poster.

Movie Quizz does allow you to skip posters by swiping left or right at the screen. You still have to identify all the posters to complete the level though.

If you need a little help guessing the movie title and don't have access to IMDb, you can tap the green light bulb button at the bottom of the screen. This will flash the letters in the first incomplete word in the movie title. You get one hint every thirty seconds and while it won't give away the farm, the hint button will push you in the right direction.

Overall Impression

Movie Quizz isn't a Windows Phone trivia game that will knock your socks off but it will grow on you. I liked the simple layout and the movie posters aren't all as easy as you would think. Sure… just about everyone will recognize the poster for "Jaws" but what about the poster for "The Spy who came in from the cold"?

The game can be a little deceptive with some movie titles having words that are split between lines. It gives you the impression the title has more words than it actually does. Movie Quizz is ad-supported, which can be a little distracting but does help keep the price of the game down.

All totaled if you are a movie buff or just like trivia games, Movie Quizz isn't a bad option to try. The game is currently unrated in the Windows Phone Store and I'd place it in the 3.5 to 4 Star range. If you try Movie Quizz, let us know what you think about the game in the comments below and do not forget to rate Movie Quizz in the Store to give the developer a feel for things.

George Ponder

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