Movies & TV updated with new features for Fast ring Insiders, Xbox Preview

An update has been announced for the Movies & TV app for Windows Insiders on the Fast ring and Xbox One Preview program members. Included in this update are features that should make some binge watchers happy, the ability to toggle between Dolby and AAC 2-channel audio while streaming, and much more.

Here's the official breakdown of what's new in this update:

  • When you start a video in the folders view, Previous and Next now skip to other videos in that folder.
  • When rentals expire, it's easier to rent them again.
  • You can now switch between Dolby and AAC 2-channel audio while streaming video.
  • Buy while you binge: You can pay for each next TV episode just before it plays.
  • On Windows devices, you can more quickly resume or restart movies currently in progress.
  • On Xbox One consoles, you can quickly delete a movie while viewing its details.

If you're concerned with version numbers, this update will bump your Movies & TV app up to version 10.16102.1020. And again, this is currently only rolling out to Fast ring Windows Insiders, as well as members of the Xbox One Preview program.

Download Movies & TV from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Movies & TV

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • All I ever wanted was the resume feature
  • They need to improve offline viewing of downloaded content. I bought many movies and if I'm offline for longer than a few days it won't let me watch them without first being online for a moment. This is crazy since if I purchased it, it should never require me to be online to watch it, if it's downloaded.
  • I am sure it is general requirement to appease the holders of the IP you are viewing. At least you have the option to download. This has not always been the case with much strictrer (draconian) DRM requirements of the past.
  • Are you able to cast any of this media? Or just via Continuum?
  • I am able to cast from the app on my pc and mobile
  • Yes, Movies & TV has a "cast to" feature.
  • I've never been able to get the "cast to" feature to work with my Roku unfortunately. Need to try it again.
  • I wasn't able to do that either but it seems one of the more recent versions may have fixed it.  I can now stream to my Roku 3 and did so last night for a movie.  I am not on insider builds for PC, just mobile. I used my Surface Pro 3 to stream.
  • Nothing here in Brazil
  • Previous and Next now skip to other videos is a really good feature!
  • Would be neat if Movies & TV showed you your cloud-only video files from OneDrive and let you steam them down (the same way Groove lets you stream your music collection from OneDrive).
  • I think that you can do that on the Photo app but would be nice to do it on Movies & Tv app
  • It would be a bad idea cause it will take lot of your cloud storage.
  • It would be great if MS develops something like Netflix service. Who would enjoy that?
  • you gotta keep in mind Netflix is global, whereas MS is always US only
  • Haha good one
  • That's is true. But I think it's still possible for MS to offer such service. Anyone in the world can watch movies and TV series from this app. Don't you agree? Sometime, it's too expensive to pay for a movie in the MS's store here in Brazil
  • if they open such service, I would be the first to join..
  • That ending version number though.... How to reopen the wound and remind me of my beloved 1020 which is now sitting in a filing cabinet collecting dust.
  • I just bought one a month ago to be a backup to my LG V10 and a nanoSIM adapter to actually be able to use it as a phone if I want and I gotta say it's still a great phone besides the old specs and old software.
  • Any word on whether they'll let you view content from OneDrive? I've started using the storage I got when I signed up for Office 365, and I'd rather watch stuff in Movies and TV than right in the OneDrive app...
  • I agree they should let you view your videos there. You can view videos from your phone in the photos app now. And if on pc and the videos are synced you can just open the video from explorer - Having it in the app would be much more universal and nice. Could work like Groove where you can stream or Download
  • Olby
  • It would be cool if you could upload tv recordings (hdhomerunprime) to your OneDrive and play them with the tv and movies app just like how you can upload music to one drive and play them using groove
  • Good idea. Did you suggest that in the feedback hub?
  • Instead of them fixing bugs or adding features that make it easier to buy content they should fix issues that cause it to be a hassle to allow downloaded content to be played offline. I have a tremendous difficulty when I have downloaded purchased movies and if I have been offline for more than a day or 2 it needs to verify my ability to watch them by requiring me to be online for just a moment before they will play. I think that is a huge feature to folks actually biting content. Any item that I purchased should be playable indefinitely if I have the have it downloaded regardless of how long its been since I've been on a network connection.
  • Do people actually watch movies and TV on their phones?
  • I don't but I know people who does it. I don't even play on my phone.
  • Not showing the update on my Lumia 950, BTW I updated latest RS2 build through change date trick.
  • Somevtime work in bakground some time no more
  • It's good to see these comments. They are a vote for Windows mobile.
  • Does anyone actually USE this app?  I have Hulu  and Netflix, and they're services are far superior.  I don't even both with this app.
  • I its not able to play hi end videos. Lagging too much,especially when playing .mkv files