Mozilla Firefox adapts to your life - uses one profile for desktop and modern UI app

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has come a long way from the days of IE6 and may even represent one of the best touch screen web browsers around. Other third party companies don’t want to be left out of the future though, and Firefox has been the strongest advocate as its beta version of Firefox for Windows 8 continues to be developed. Recently, a blog post by Mozilla’s Brian Bondy, revealed that one annoyance of using Internet Explorer on the desktop and modern interface, will be remedied.

For users who switch between the desktop version of Internet Explorer and the Windows 8 application, they know that their data is not shared between the two pieces of software. If you login to your favorite site (let’s say WPCentral) on the desktop version and then switch your hybrid device into tablet mode and pull up the Windows 8 app – you are going to need to re-login.

Mozilla has a solution for your problems though, initially they announced that they were going to use a syncing method in the cloud to keep the two applications matched. Today, it was announced that the company will be going another route – instead, Mozilla will allow the two different applications to share a single profile file on the local machine.

In essence, users who switch between the two versions of Firefox will not have to worry about their bookmarks, cookies, and other data being kept in sync. In a world where users are flipping, twisting, and detaching their devices – a synchronized system between legacy desktop and Windows 8 applications are needed.

Bondy released a comment about the recent change on his personal blog, stating that:

“We’ve had feedback around this, and we’ve found that a better experience would be obtained by sharing a single profile.”

The one downside? The desktop application and Windows 8 app will not be able to run side by side, but there may be a work around by using different profile setups.

Are you happy with Internet Explorer or are you waiting for Google/Mozilla to release (or improve upon) their own Windows 8 style web browsers?

Source: Brian Bondy; via Neowin

Michael Archambault
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  • I agree with them. I hope MS adds this function. 
  • I dunnoh, I like the way it is.. ie already does sync things like history and favorites, and I like having different environments for different uses. metro ie tends to be my news/consumption place, desktop ie for more work/productivity-related stuff.. nice a nice balance..
  • Yeah, this alone might make me look at giving FF metro a try. Don't know if I want go wait a whole year for ie12 to fix this.
  • I'm confused. If I log into a site on IE11 on any of my devices, it logs me in on all of my other devices too (including between Modern UI and Desktop). Does this not work for everyone else?
  • It works for me (bookmarks, favorites, etc).  Even my passwords are sync'd between the two.
  • Yeah, it seems as if Mozilla (and the article's writer/s) have never given IE11 a proper go.
  • Please hurry up with this Mozilla. IE still freezes randomly and fails to load pages even though the thumbnail shows the page. Very frustrating and constantly revert to Mozilla on the desktop.
  • I have the same issue, IE on the desktop crashes every single time but the metro IE works fine. It's really annoying.
  • There's a modern UI Mozilla?
  • It is currently in beta and can be grabbed here:
  • Cool thanx
  • Actually as you are limited to an either or option (Modern or Desktop) this is essentially meaningless.
  • And it's not available for RT ...
  • does it work on surface 2?
  • I downloaded it, but it is a desktop style app, doesn't look very metro to me. And I went in the settings, and couldn't find the option to make it metro. What do I do?
  • There is, but on my iconia W510 it's slower than molasses in January and choppier than a sous chef. Unusable.
  • I can't wait to adpat
  • FF is sloooow as f*** on my Surface compared to IE.
  • I thought Firefox beta didn't work on surface rt?
  • He probably has the Pro
  • Yes sir
  • Firefox lags behind all modern browsers in a lot of areas - namely, speed and sandboxing.   That being said, I find Firefox to be the most compatible and extensible browser out there, so it definitely has its upside.
  • I don't believe you.   FF is wicked fast.  Faster than IE at almost everything, for sure.
  • What are you using? IE6? I've seen snails run faster than FF....
  • I'm waiting for Firefox and Google to improve and release their versions. I only use IE where I'm strickly forced to do it. Meaning on the Surface. On the PC I've completely removed IE ages ago.
  • I have not experienced that in IE. As far as I can see everything does sync between the desktop and modern view. If you have to click login again, thats all you have to do, usernames and passwords will be filled and synced, along with history and favorites, not only across apps but across devices.
  • That was my experience too , it syncs b/w the versions
  • Agreed - yet another poorly informed WPCentral article. This one evidently does not know how IE11 functions. Just to make sure I was not imagining things, I deleted the history on my Surface Pro, even going as far as manually deleting in both Modern and Desktop versions, and then logged into this site using Modern IE11. Sure enough when I switched to the desktop version I was still logged in on this site.
  • Yeah, the issue is the enhanced protection mode that was added in IE10.  It defaults to on for the Metro Immersive IE 10 and off for the desktop IE 10.  With IE 11, it defaults to on for both.  Under IE 10 if you went in to the advanced tab of options and enabled it in desktop mode, all your cookies and whatnot would be the same between the two browser modes, just like they are for IE 11 by default. That said, it's good to see other browsers supporting the Modern UI paradigm.
  • Same here, if I log in to a site and switch to modern ie, I am already logged in.
  • Dunno why, but since last week, I've been having trouble streaming from sites on IE11. I was able to do this before on the same site.
  • Ever since 8.1, the escapist refuses to give me the html5 video player in IE and I don't know why..
  • I am happy with IE as a rule of thumb but I like options so looking forward to Firefox updating because as it stands Firefox is awful on my surface as it stands as is chrome...
  • My hunch is it will take MS five minutes to add similar functionality to the Metro & desktop IEs.
  • It already exists. Apparently the staff of this site are unaware of that little fact.
  • Was it added in the 8.1 update?  I haven't tried the desktop IE in a while.
  • Yep, it was added along with tab syncing and all the other synchronisation that IE11 brings. I don't know how WP Central and Firefox have missed this, considering it was pretty big news and Microsoft made a big deal about it.
  • I personally donlt care for modern Crome much, but would love modern Firefox. Maybe I should finally take the plunge and install the nightly!
  • That's a modern Chrome?!? God bless, I didn't know that. Found it! Thanks!
  • These modern alternative browsers will only work on full windows 8 correct? Not RT.
  • Sorry, not only it isn't exist but also it never gonna coming to RT
  • I have had major issues with IE on my surface RT. One of the main issues is going back a page is extremely slow!!
  • But the cloud version would have been better because this way it won't carry over devices as far as I understood
  • Any new app is welcome, especially one with a large profile as Firefox.  IE11 is still buggy for me.
  • I was happy with IE10...actually extremely happy. They took that happiness away with IE11. I'm having numerous problems with certain sites on the modern app, while the desktop one works as it should. IE was one of the things I enjoyed the most within the modern environment, so I hope they fix the problems soon.
  • Kind of tired of using IE, many sites i go to say they are optimized for chrome and when i say i can't do some things using IE, they reply back with "because you are using IE, that isyour problem".  Im no developer or no anything of coding, but seems IE has trouble with many sites.  For example, on my RT, i go to yahoo, there is a section that scrolls news, but once it scrolls to the next five, it is blank.    Other forums, cant reply or use the embedded chat boxes.    on windows phone, the forum i go to cant stream embedded youtube vids, but android/iphone you can.  very annoying.    No longer people optimzing for IE, they are optimizing for safari/chrome and i think that is a huge issue
  • IE doesn't need optimization since version 10, but many lazy developers don't know or don't care. I think as IE users we have an obligation to inform the devs so they can get their act together.
  • The biggest issue in my opinion is that you can't have two metro browsers active at the same time.  You have to constantly change which browser is the default.
  • I use IE daily. I used FF religiously for years before and still do for dev work, but its nowhere near as fast as IE. IE11 's new F12 dev tools simultaneously is an improvement and a step back. No perfect version of a browser yet so keep the competition going.
  • Happy IE11 use here
  • One profile to rule them all, one browser to find them, one memory leak to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.
  • The reason I love Firefox so much is because it looks like a real Windows application. Even IE has weird things that don't allow it to fit into the desktop environment quite right.  Also, the fact that the bottom of the back button in IE is "cut off" absolutely pisses me off.  Unfortunately, Firefox is moving in that direction.  Alas, I will have to switch to IE when Firefox goes to its "UX" UI.
  • Will it ever come out for Windows RT?
  • "instead, Mozilla will allow the two different applications to share a single profile file on the local machine." Thank you, I was afraid another company would pull the cloud BS when you can just as easily use local storage.  
  • Firefox sucks... Less.
  • This is awesome. It infuriates me that IE isn't consistent this way. I find Modern IE very limiting overall.
  • Ie11 is far better than chrome/FF on my PC however, the only down side about it is that the lack of extension.. I would like have Adblocker/ Adblocker plus on my ie11 As I do on other browsers.. 
  • Correct me of I'm wrong but didn't google buy off the people behind ABP? Sorry, I just recall reading that somewhere. I'll assume you're already using the tracking protection add-ons. But i also highly recommend you look into " Diladele Web Safety " its available in the store.
  • Oh I never knew google did that.. Anyways Tnxs for the advice, will try to install it cuz adds r annoying these days..
  • Is firefox coming/planning to come to windows phone?
  • I'm still a bit unclear on how the Firefox thing is going to work. Is it going tob e installable on Windows RT devices, or is it going to work similar to Chrome, in taht it has a "Metro" version, but you can only install it on x86/x64 devices? Right now, the alpha/beta/whatever version of Metro Firefox works in the same way that Chrome does. I really hope they change this, because while I actually enjoy using IE11 on my tablet, Firefox would be a great option, especially if it has support for extensions.