MrMobile gives a long-term review of Microsoft's Surface Duo 2: 'I keep coming back …'

Fisher Duo2
Fisher Duo2

What you need to know

  • Michael Fisher (aka MrMobile) gives a new long-term review of Microsoft's Surface Duo 2.
  • Fisher last reviewed the phone upon release and like many reviewers, was frustrated with its software issues.
  • Five months on, Microsoft appears to be finally figuring out Surface Duo 2's software, though other non-software issues remain.

Microsoft's Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 are some of the most fascinating phones to come out in the last few years, which made reviews of them so disappointing. While many praised the hardware, the software execution was … rough.

We recently re-visited Microsoft's dual-screen phone and noted that the last three updates have substantially changed the product for the positive. It's now, basically, where it should have launched back in late September. That's perhaps a low bar, but it's progress nonetheless and something we find encouraging.

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Michael Fisher, better known as MrMobile, is also taking another deep dive to investigate Surface Duo 2 in his 13-minute video "long-term review."

Fisher is, as he admits, "so predisposed to embrace the unconventional," that he can overlook a phone's shortcomings for "doing something no other device does." And that is the crux of Surace Duo: It lets you multitask on a pocketable computer that's simply unlike anything on the market.

The video gives kudos to Microsoft for enhancing the pen functionality and, in general, improving the overall software experience.

Of course, not all is perfect, either. Fisher still believes Surface Duo 2 is too expensive, with $999 feeling more appropriate. As many have noted, the cameras are still below expectations for a device in this price category. Typing, something even we said, could still be much better. And, of course, Android itself is still in its infancy for the dual-screen/foldable world (something which Android 12L should begin to rectify later this year).

The video is, as usual, an excellent, balanced look at Surface Duo 2 five months on with lots of insight. But the bigger story is the conclusion that Fisher reaches: he "genuinely thinks the idea of a dual-screen phone deserves to exist," even if he believes folding screens are the way to go.

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