MS confirms front-facing cameras with Skype support

Just one day after spotting an Asus WP7 phone with what looked like a front-facing camera, Windows Phone NZ is now reporting that Microsoft has confirmed at Tech Ed New Zealand that Mango phones will indeed come equipped with them.  Furthermore, it was also said that Skype integration will be coming soon and that it will make use of them. 

Front-facing cameras have been one of the features that users have requested the most and we've seen hints in the developer tools before.  Now that it has become a reality, will we see them on all, most or some of the new Mango handsets?  With Microsoft's semi-standardization of hardware across manufacturers, we are willing to bet that most of them will.  It will be an integral part of WP7 competing with the allure of Apple's Facetime application. 

Source: WindowsPhoneNZ; Via: Windows Phone Network; Thanks, Smith, for the tip!

Seth Brodeur