MSI packs 8th-gen Intel horses into compact and sleek-looking gaming laptops

A number of notebook manufacturers have announced new hardware today, all sporting shiny new process from Intel. These laptops come packing 8th-gen CPUs and some even with a mobile-friendly Core i9 with a total core count of 12. Here's what MSI has to offer.

GS65 Stealth

Three new laptops have left the MSI camp and each one will surely turn heads with design and specifications. First up is the GS65, a super-slim gaming notebook. And this thing is slim at just shy of 18mm thick. And the bezels are fairly small too, coming in at just 4.9mm. This is a laptop that will surprise those around you after revealing just how much horsepower is available. You will pay for the luxury, however.

The panel is a 144hz 1080p IPS display, the processor can be configured to be up to an Intel Core i7, and a GTX 1070 can be thrown in for good measure. If that wasn't enough the laptop can support up top 32GB of RAM and rocks a bunch of ports for connecting all the things. In a package so compact and good looking, I'm sure those who value thickness and design over raw performance will want to give this beauty a looking.

GT75 Titan

MSI GT75 Titan

The Titan has always been a beastly machine and not one you want to use as a laptop but more of a portable battle station. MSI claims to offer up to 70 percent more performance with this laptop, compared to previous generation Core i7, which is largely due to Intel releasing a Core i9 for laptops. That's right, this laptop sports an Intel Core i9 processor. Not only will you be able to game comfortably on the GT75, but also do a little streaming on the side too.

Other specifications include up to 64GB of RAM, GTX 1080 GPU, and a 4K display, backed by fast NVMe PCIe storage. Thankfully, for those who weren't fans of the strangely placed trackpad, the design of this Titan seems a little more conservative and less aggressive, especially when compared to the GT83VR which was just crazy. If you need something to take to LAN events or a gaming rig that will sort you out at hotels, this will be more than enough.

Pricing will hit you hard, with a 4K and Core i9 configuration hitting $5,000. There's an 8th-gen i7 version available for just shy of $3,000.

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GE Raider RGB

This laptop should be called the GE Ridiculous Raider since it's all about the jazzy RGB lighting that is everywhere. If you're not a fan of lighting look away right now, but if you do enjoy having some bright lights on your laptop, the GE Raider RGB Edition is for you. Any laptop can have an RGB keyboard so MSI has taken things a little further by adding 24 zone lighting to the lid, and there are even lights inside the USB ports.

But don't allow the lighting to make you believe that's all it offers since the GE Raider RGB Edition also comes rocking 8th-gen Core i7 processors, up to a 4K display, GTX 1070 GPU, and support for 32GB of RAM. It's every bit a gaming rig than it is a rave machine. Should the design of gaming laptops leave you wanting more, this may be what you've been looking for all along.

Other laptops

MSI is refreshing a number of laptops, including the GS73 and GS63, as well as the GT83 and GT63. More details can be found

Rich Edmonds
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