MSN Direct Now Available for Windows Mobile - MWC

MSN Direct, once the favorite of nerd watch wearers everywhere, is finally available on a platform that people actually use -- Windows Mobile. The service, if you haven't heard of it, gives you quick access to news, weather, stock updates, and a bit more. It's basically a lightweight widget platform.

It's a free service, but of course you'll want to make sure you've got an unlimited data plan. It looks like, at least initially, it may only support Windows Mobile Standard.

Let's see: MSN Direct + Danger + Zumobi (Microsoft made a deal to distribute it) + Yahoo (assuming Microsoft can bully stockholders into overruling the Board that rejected their offer) == Windows Mobile is quickly getting positioned to be the premier platform for online services.

You data belongs in the cloud, not trapped on your desktop and your smartphone, painfully getting synced manually. It's looking like whether you're in enterprise or a consumer, it won't be long before Windows Mobile will be the best choice to keep you truly wireless.

MSN Direct, Press Release

WC Staff