Over at "Doug's Blog" (you all know Doug, right?), he's taken the time to write a very detailed article on multitasking and Windows Phone 7.

A lot of the article is insider baseball, but it's more architecture than programming, so it's okay for even the part-time geek to understand . He focuses on how WP7 handles memory, background operations, suspending and resuming software, etc.

Really interesting stuff.

The big news though is what he reveals as possible with WP7. Some choice quotes to demonstrate: 

"The Windows Phone team made waves when the platform was introduced by indicating that, at least initially, Window Phone would not multitask 3rd party applications. The answer sounded pretty absolute. The actual implementation isn’t."

"So, while true multitasking doesn’t exist on the Windows Phone, applications can ‘borrow’ some background processing time as long as the system is lightly loaded."

Whether or not such "worker thread" caveats can be exploited by developers and get by the certification process by Microsoft remains to be seen. Overall though, it's a great read and a must for any of you enthusiasts out there.

Read "Windows Phone and Multitasking"

[via @windowsphone]