MultiTouch coming to WM? Yup.

Looks like Flick Software has made a program that successfully emulates the iPhone's patented "MultiTouch".

For those curious, even devices like the HTC Touch line (including the Diamond) all use resistive touch screens i.e. less cool than capacitive like in the iPhone.

The two programs, iSwish and iZoom, are still in testing and unfortunately looks like Flick Soft's website is down:

We'll keep you posted on any new info.

Via: Electricpig

WC Staff
  • I don't know that this is truly multitouch. In fact I'm sure it's not -- it's got to be some sort of fancy thing software trickery, but I can't figure how it works.
  • Hehehe...At one point it looked like he was squeezin' her boobs.
  • I'll bet that you place one finger down first, then the other, and when it registers in the middle, it just doubles that distance in the right direction. Software trickery indeed