MWg Zinc II Slider: WM6.1 Pro is Fast

New to us: Phonemag brings us a link to a review of the MWg Zinc II at TrustedReviews. It's a quad-band GSM WM6.1 Pro device, with a sliding keyboard and a wicked-fast 500MHz Processor. Since a small player like MWg isn't likely to get carrier pick up in the US here, the story here is actually that Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro is pretty quick and nice. We (and Microsoft too) have devoted most of our attention to the improvements to WM Standard Edition, but there are a couple of benefits to the Touchscreen side too.

The features for Pro that might get the most attention are Threaded SMS messaging, a new Task Manager, and the slightly improved Pocket IE. Still, it's good to know that WM6.1 adds “teh snappy” too. ...or at least it does on a 500MHz processor.

WC Staff
  • Ever notice how people say that WM is "fast" or "quick" on a brand new device with not much loaded? Many people said the same thing when they updated devices from WM5 to 6.0. Which, of course, may be true but how much over WM6 is 6.1? So, let's say for giggles my Cruise gets an upgrade should I expect it to be faster?
  • tsk - tough to say. According to these folks, yes. According to me: just enough to possibly notice, actually. And battery life, especially for exchange users, should also be sig. better.
  • That atrocious keyboard should be an automatic deal stopper for many...