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"My MediaCenter Remote" for Windows Phone 7 nears beta status

One of the more interesting and useful apps in development for Windows Phone 7 is "My MediaCenter Remote" which integrates with the Windows Media Center (an under-rated features of Windows 7). Well, it's useful if you don't want to splurge $10 for a physical remote, ya cheapskate.

The latest version by dgaust is near beta, although like other developers he's anxiously awaiting a physical device to actually run it on. The features so far completed are as follows:

  • View and play Recorded TV - done
  • View and play back tv stored by myTV - done
  • View music, and create album playlists - done
  • Remote control media centre - done

What's left is tweaking up some of the graphics, which are a bit dull or just missing at this point (placeholders). Overall though, considering we are still six months from the release of WP7, it's nice to know we should have some advanced media center functionality right out the gate. But we can't help but wish this could actually stream our content instead of just being a remote for it.

Check out the full video of the program's UI in action after the break

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  • I was wondering this only.I have a problem.I am not clear whether this hook? in to windows media center or not.
  • The only comments I would make are that the remote functionality itself seems pretty bland and the bottom menu bar underutilised (why not put some of the "remotes" functionality down there e.g. music, video links etc?). Altogether though it does look like a very nice app, essentially a windows media center extender in your pocket. If my media center TV setup is complete by the time this arrives it'll be a day one purchase.