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We've been asked to share with you which of the new Windows Phone 8 devices we'll be getting. It's a trick question on my end because I'll likely get two, maybe three of the new Windows Phone because of my work. To be true to the spirit of the question, I need to share which of the new Windows Phone 8 devices I'll be using as my daily device.

While the Samsung ATIV S and HTC 8X both seem to be quality Windows Phones, the photographer in me can't ignore the potential the Nokia Lumia 920's Pureview Camera has. Combined with a unibody design that I like and the 4.5" screen that my aging eyes like then the Lumia 920 becomes my choice for everyday use. I'm just not sure if I'll stick with my conservative black or take a step on the wild side and go with yellow.

And the choice also goes beyond designs and features. Nokia has a track record, that I have no doubt will continue, of supporting their Windows Phone devices. Nokia has set the standard, while HTC and Samsung has chosen to focus their support behind Android devices. It even shows in the new Windows Phone 8 devices.

While the Samsung ATIV S and HTC 8x are attractive phones, I see them as quick fixes to keep both companies in the Windows Phone Market. Granted HTC has yet to "officially" unveil the 8x but I'm not expecting much beyond a OneX body running Windows Phone 8 (or maybe the complete HTC One Series converted to Windows Phone).  For Samsung, I couldn't help but feel the ATIV S is nothing more than the Galaxy S III. I just don't see anything new being brought to the table with these two phones.

Nokia on the other hand worked to improve upon the Lumia line with a better camera, a "wireless" charging option, and more exclusive apps. It felt as if Nokia wasn't content with just installing Windows Phone 8 on an existing device, they wanted to introduce a new device to go along with the new OS.

Nokia just seems more invested with Windows Phone platform while everyone else views the platform as a way to diversify their product portfolio. For HTC and Samsung to have any success in the Windows Phone market, I think they need to step it up in how they support their devices.

For me, the new features coming to the table (really looking forward to the camera) combined with a proven design and company support makes the Lumia 920 the best choice. Now I may be slap out wrong and the Lumia 920 will make for a better door stop than Windows Phone. If that's the case then I'll be the first to share those thoughts but for now, the Lumia 920 will be replacing my Lumia 900 as my primary Windows Phone.  

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Black Lumia 920 for me with wireless charging stand for home, charging puck for work, and portable NFC speaker. All of this is contingent on the devices living up to expectations. I think they will.
  • Same here. I hope they have the great skins that had with the Lumia 800, then you can have the different colours, maybe even cyan when you feel like it.
  • I for one hope HTC surprises us with some killer new devices. But like most, I'm expecting a rehash of the one series. If that's the case, 8X for me.
  • I hope they suprise us as well.
  • They did mention that they have something original.Even then the exclusive apps Nokia has is a plus one for them.
  • Seems like Nokia is doing way better with support...
    Last exclusive app from htc to my Radar (which I like very much :-) ) was dated
    10. of november 2011...
    Not so very impressive!
  • I think its still a little premature to be jumping on the nokia bandwagon,,,when we still have yet to see what HTC,Samsung and even Huwei have to to offer,,of course everybody is going to say Nokia their the only company that have shown working models. But most of the stuff people are really looking forward to are mostly Nokia related like the camera and exclusive apps,,,you never know HTC or Samsung might introduce camera tech that rivals or even betters what Nokia has plus if samsung ports some of their stuff from android over to WP8 like swiping from left to right for screenshot or the boost button for volume when your on a call might sway people towards them. And personally speaking I preferf the Ativ-s's upscale slightly industrial look better than both nokias.
  • I'm in for the Lumia 920, and so are the wife & sis-in-law.
  • I'm just praying for an onboard eq for my music,...that's all the extras I ask for.
  • Nokia demoed an eq for their Nokia Music app, and you can use that for your own music as well so that should solve that issue for you.
  • Are you serious?!!!
  • Awesome! The 920 keeps leaping ahead in the race for my/our money, and loyalty.
  • I'm all in with Nokia for sure!
  • 920 for me and my family
  • Lumia 900 didn't live up to the hype. Still in beta test....just saying. Horrible camera to boot, even after they touted the Carl Zeiss lense. Even after the update, the camera still isn't good in lower light situations. I would really do a test when the 920 hits the market. It isn't a 808 pureview camera. But I guess we will see.
  • OMG there's actually someone that hasn't drunk the Nokia kool-aide. Smart guy
  • OMG, I hate kool-aide, and yet, Nokia is bringing out the best spec sheet. I have never owned a Nokia device, but because of what they have compared to the competition, I will try them out.
  • It's always a good idea to see what the devices actually do. But Nokia has a HUGE lead in features and support. They'd have to drop the ball in MANY areas, not just one or two, to put their phone on the same level as the competition.
  • Of course the device isn't final and out for sale yet, but did you see the hands on testing The Verge did with the 920 and a few of the other top of the line smartphones last week with low light image testing?  The 920 even beat out the 808 in that scenario.  Granted the 808 is superior in all other situations, but that's to be expected.
  • I think the reason is because Nokia only has Windows Phone to rely on. They need for it to be a success. Samsung and HTC have their other android things. So they do not feel the need per se to put extra efforts in Windows Phones devices. They should tho. I think Nokia is doing a bang up job! Nokia ftw!
  • Thank you. You win the mr. Obvious award. Ding ding ding
  • To be fair, George never mentioned that point in the article. So it seems valid to mention it here.
  • George is missing out on the captain obvious award then. Hehe
  • Sure.  Nokia does have a greater stake in Windows Phone than Samsung or HTC.  But does that make their support of the OS any less attractive?   Or does that give Samsung and HTC a pass for not supporting their devices worth a toot?  If it's important enough to produce, it should be important enough to support. I didn't mention it because I think in the end it matters little to consumers as to why the support is there, it just matters that it's there.
  • +1
  • Do you think the ATIV will have the same hardware features as the Galaxy S3? (i.e. the 20 camera shots in 2 seconds)
  • You can do that on a WP now
  • Samsung Ativ for me. Screensize is a major issue for me cause I have huge sausage hands. Will WP8 ever get a tabphone equivalent to the galaxy note?
  • You know what they say about guys with huge sausage hands?
  • They have a difficult time getting things from jars?
  • Nope! Because it smell like a winnie. :-P
  • I recall reading a quote from a Samsung exec saying they will have a "Note offering" for Windows Phone so I would expect a Windows Phone "Note" type phone from Samsung, hopefully soon because larger screens are a plus for a lot of people (my older eyes like large screens, LOL). I still will get the 920, though.
  • Why would they take away cyan from the lumia 920??
  • Probably for differentiation betwen the 920 and 900. I'd like the Cyan one again as well. lol. Maybe turqoise? 
  • I am also one of those people that wish there was a cyan lumia 920. IMO that was the best looking colour. Although the grey looks nice too. I just wanted to go with a bold colour this time.
  • I honestly don't think the majority of Americans truly know which phone will be theirs, since we don't know any carriers yet. I'd love to get a 920, but Verizon is my only good option where I'm located. I honestly doubt that Verizon is getting the 920 before Christmas.
  • Yup. Hoping Nokia will surprise us all by releasing all devices on all carriers. Wishful thinking...
  • I'm hoping for this too. But at the same time, I'm not getting my hoped up. I'd rather have low expectations and be surprised than have high expectations and be disappointed.
  • I'm the same.  I'd love to wax poetic about the phone I'm going to get, but the reality is I'm likely stuck with whatever Verizon happens to grace us with.  How nice of them.  The Trophy has been a fine phone, as the OS makes it for me more than the hardware, but it's hard not to notice that the hardware is lacking.  Whatever.  I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever they have.
  • Nokia Lumia 920 (Black) for me and family. Nokia's support and stance on Windows Phones is unmatched! Plus its beauty is a hands down win against the other OEMs.
  • I love my Arrive, one of the best keyboards I've ever used.  But HTC's support has been non-existant and it looks doubtful they will bring another slider tot he market.  That being said, I think Nokia will be my next WP (I loved their e73, so I am a big believer in their build quality).  THAT being said - the first OEM to bring an exceptional slider to the market gets my money, so Nokia, MAKE A DAMN E7/N9 SLIDER WITH WP8!!!!!
  • +1. I will stay with my Quantum indefinitely otherwise. Yes, I've tried the soft keyboards on WP and iPhone and hate them equally as much.
  • Let's all just roll with Nokia! Boy Cout Samsung & Htc...
  • HTC and Samsung have not had to differentiate themselves with software, services, and cutting edge technology, because on Android the UX is where they choose to compete. They are lazy because they can be. Google does all the hard work while HTC and Samsung play with shapes and colors. With WP the UX is fixed, so they are even lazier and just change the body some, where Nokia saw the challenge, and accepted it. Nokia, who had to worry about keeping modern with there own OS, can now focus those resources on hardware and software features.
    The only choice I have to make now is white or red. I urge all of you to go bold with color and do your part in supporting the OS of your choice, WP. I want people to ask me what I am using, and I will get more inquiries with a big bold red phone.
  • I think I'm going with the RED too because I like the look and want people to ask, "Hey what phone is that you using". I also like all of the different layouts I've seen with the start screen/home screen so far as well as vertical rotaion of images in WP8. I really thinks MS should do some minor customization with the lock screen, kinda like power point slide animations do when you go to the next  slide. When you unlock the screen, some animaion should occur. People dig that kind of stuff along with tile color customization. I think the tile customization should be used on devices that are sitting on store shelve instead of the static sceen that people see when looking at WP phones....AND PLEASE TELL ATT to remove those big orange tile of theirs that are on the start  screen by default; they're displease to my eyes anyway
  • I am still waiting to see what HTC brings to the table. Currently I own an HD7, Lumia 800, Lumia 900 and HTC Radar and the Radar is actually my favorite of them all. That phone is so comfortable to hold and has such a responsive screen. I do wish the screen was better but in most cases it is fine. As far as apps go, Nokia definitely releases the most wares but to be honest I haven't found a daily use for any of the OEM's apps. I do like the features of the 920 but I find the straight edges of their devices very uncomfortable.
  • having used most windows phone i think im going to stick with nokia seeing as how the brought alot of awesome tech specs into their phone. im a little saddened by the fact that you cant do anything about storage but all the other things thrown into this phone more than make up for it for me. i need an oem thats gonna support their product. and lord knows that isnt htc and sammy imho.
  • Lumia 920 for me, 820 for my daughter, she loves the purple case
  • I would probably opt for the Samsung.  I have gone from a Lumia 900 to a Focus S, and I find I prefer the form factor of the Focus S (slim and light).  Samsung and HTC should make an Android / Windows phone and just let the user pick which OS they want to use -- they have to pay Microsoft either way.
  • I like the look of the 920, but the weight...that is starting to get heavy:(  Do I really want to put 185g in my pocket to carry around every day...not sure I really want the camera though.  Arg, I'm still on the fence till I see all the new phones.
  • Lol. Man up.
  • The Samsung is a handset I almost envy owners of so it's not that bad that ativ s is a win phone version of that. I bought the Nokia 710 for my daughter, and vendor commitment really makes a difference, find myself trying out new nokia-stuff on her phone often. HTC seems to forget us who own the titan, not disappointed but they don't seem committed. Nokia is high on the list for me, 920 the interesting one.
  • It will definitely be the 920 for me because the camera is very important in a phone for me and I really need the low light capabilities that pureview in the 920 brings. Also the design will be unmatched as well as the build quality, screen quality, etc. On a side note, I´m now in the iphone 5 blog on imore to access apple fans take on the lumia 920 and many are impressed, but say I am pleasantly surprised. I think the 920 will sell more than most people think possible
  • Great decision. I'm also looking to get the Nokia 920 because of the same reasons although the body on the new Samsung is nice with a professional look & love there screens there is nothing new there. Nokia is sure bringing some good stuff to the table
  • Although I am leaning toward the Lumia 920 based on what we've seen, it's unfair to choose before HTC announces their device (rumours don't count). But even agree the HTC announcement, I'll be limited by whichever devices come to my carrier (T-Mobile). I'm not gonna switch carriers and pay more monthly just to get a particular device. I have a Radar right now, so I like what HTC has done. Really, picking the Ativ, the 8X(?), or either of the new Lumias would be good. I wouldn't regret any of them. But I would like Nokia to release the 920 to AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile (Sprint deserves to be left out in the cold for not supporting WP).
  • I'm leaning hard toward the 920 because of the Nokia ecosystem and how they continue to provide an awesome app eco.  However, I wish they would make a Nokia Blue 920 to match the Nokia Blue them they have on the Nokia phones.  I would like that better than the cyan.
  • Yellow 920 for me, just booked from ;)
  • Samsung Ativ for me..
  • I'm leaning heavily torwards the L920. This thig has some serious amazing tech behind it. In fact, Technobufalo ran a report not long ago citing some analyst who stated the iPhone 5 will be more of a defensive move by Apple as they don't see the iPhone 5 competing toe to toe with the latest Android and WP8 hardware. A welcome change of pace for a change.
  • We all hope the best for Nokia but they will not move forward because lack of carrier support.
  • I don't get this statement. At least in the US, they will have more carrier support than they've had in years (AT&T, Verizon, Tmobile). The only lame duck is Sprint.
  • Then all the carriers would carry 920 and they would push it through advertising and retail sales efforts. Which likely not be the case.
  • You see everyone has chosen the L920 on survey as their next phone. What percentage of those people are ATT customers. Another thing L920 on ATT alone against GS note 2 and iPhone 5. Good luck. Come on what percentage people flat out gonna bail on their carrier to get hands on L920. This is not kind of game Nokia should be playing if want penetrate US. US have no clue what Nokia is besides fans and techs. most know iPhone. They wouldn't have to switch carriers for it. Apple, Samsung, and HTC will outsell Nokia.
  • Your original statement: "We all hope the best for Nokia but they will not move forward because lack of carrier support" I simply responded to THAT and only THAT. Look at where Nokia was in the US a year ago. Nowhere. Look at them now. If you don't see an improvement than I don't know what else to say.
  • Red 920 to match my Torch Red Corvette. :)
  • 920 without a doubt... i am bored of black blocks... so yellow 920 this time :)
  • Red 920 on Verizon please!
  • With the exception of Apple, it is hard to deny the sheer effort Nokia has put into the platform over and above what we have come to expect from other brands. While this could change with Windows Phone 8, Nokia has been that leader in this eco-system. It means other makers will have to step up or get stepped on.
  • That bright yellow lumia 920 for me. Mainly because of the continues support provided by Nokia.
  • NL920 for me too.
    It would be nice to have data on how well each color sells... seems to me these color phones are much like fashion clothes... depend on season and don't let people get too attached to them (cian anyone...). I'll get black or grey (as I always do)... for me technology is not linked to that kind of fashion...
  • The one thing I find funny is that people call HTC lazy, when their camera on the Titan 2 has been better and they didn't have a mass reception issue. I always say that HTC is for the most part, good out of the box. The devices HTC puts out are no slouch. Its just that they lack support. And don't blame lack of Tango in HTC either. I asked a rep and they said ATT has had it for a while now. I like Nokia. I even HAD a Lumia 900 (ok, I had 3 of them). And I couldn't rely on them. I had to return two of them. My last Lumia had that looming WiFi issue. Sold it. Got a Titan 2 and don't regret it. Of course I'm not getting those exclusive apps, but I will live.
  • HTC have been great... it's the US carriers that suck. In Australia I usually get updates within 2 months of release. I've had tango (pushed out by Telstra) on my HD7 for a couple of months now (I forget exactly). We've had regular updates to the HTC apps, but they still need more. I would like to see some more offerings like Nokia is pushing out - some of the HTC apps are great, but some are just average to bad.
  • Im Nokia all the way...
  • +1000
  • Here's the deal, after 9 months my HTC Titan still has a piece of tape covering the top mic hole so my wife can hear me when she calls me.  I'll repeat that, 9 months!  NO FIX in 9 months!  HTC might make solid feeling phones, but the support is not there.  For sure, it will be a white 920 for me.
  • Before pulling any purchase triggers I need to see Nokia live up to the hype in person. They were foolish to use the term beta with the 900. We were the beta test! With that said, I hate Apple and I don't drink their over priced Kool-Aid. ;)