MySpace Music on Windows Mobile

We all know (and dearly love) the Full YouTube Plugin for Windows Mobile. The associated thread is still seeing a ton of action (and zbop, the creator of said plugin, is still chiming in and helping out). Where to next?

Well, I wouldn't have thought this, but where you go next is MySpace. Specifically, the MySpace music player that so many bands put up on their pages. Anthony Capobianco has taken the same basic idea - use TCPMP and make a flash plugin for it - and applied to the MySpace app.

Here's the funny thing - this plugin might make MySpace better on Windows Mobile than it is on the desktop. Whenever I go to a MySpace page, heck, any page that starts making noise without me asking it to I get all HULK MAD - presumably this method means that you'd be able to navigate MySpace without that particular burden.

Download: MySpace Music Mobile - thanks to Anthony for the tip!

WC Staff