Mystery Windows Phone: Nokia Lumia 800 or something else?

We have a little discussion going on amongst the WPCentral writers concerning the Windows Phone used in Microsoft's Hotmail advertisement.  At first we thought it could be the HTC Titan until we noticed the Nokia apps (Drive, Maps, and Music).

We now have two schools of thought. One side of the coin has this being the Nokia Lumia 800 and the actress has small hands (hobbit hands was the description actually used). The mystery device appears to share the 800's buttons and silver strip on the back.

The other side of the coin calls for this to be a new Nokia, maybe the Lumia 900? Should the actress have average hands, the screen appears to be much larger than the Lumia 800 and the backing seems more gray than black.

So, what do you guys and gals think? Lumia 800, 900 or something else?

source: Windows Live UK (opens in new tab) Thanks goes out to Dan (the other one) for the tip!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Definitely a different Nokia. She's average sized and the phone looked pretty big in her hands. Couldn't see the phone back as we (using beta WP v2.0) but I'm guessing 900. Didn't see front facing camera either ;-)
  • It looks like the 800 to me..
    And the back of the phone can be seen when she takes it out of the bag.
    Its blury but it looks like the back of lumia 800.
  • It got the Nokia Lumia 800's back, but to big to be the Lumia 800!
  • The coffee looks pretty big too.
  • There's no way thats an 800. It's far too big.
  • It's the Nokia 1000
  • Cant the nokia apps technically be used cross manufacturer?
  • Well technically, yes. Like running the Nokia navigation apps on other devices - but there is no way that a competing manufacturer would bundle anothers' apps. Plus that stripe on the back looks very Nokia-like (well, based on the 800).
  • It's a Lumia 800, but looks bigger, probably to show it off better.
  • I think it's the 800. From the renders we've seen that allegedly depicted the 900. The capacitive buttons would've been lower and wider apart. This one has the same odd layout as the 800 where the capacitive buttons are too high, the only thing I dislike about the 800's design. It also has the same metal strip in the back, although it is true the 900 could have the same thing. I'm not sure Microsoft would've been stupid enough to put an upcoming product about which they are being secretive in one of their ads though. It just wouldn't make sense.
  • Pretty much my thoughts. Not just the kind of thing that shouldn't happen to you, but: there are likely only a few (Nokia) prototypes around Microsoft, so why (and how) in the world would the people doing a Hotmail commerical have gotten their hands on one?
  • Maybe they're taking a page out of Nintendo's playbook and issuing a Lumia 800 XL?
    Furthermore, this ad is wierd to me. How has she been using this phone (presumably for a while) without ever signing in with her Live ID?
  • It looks like the actress is pushing the power button, that is on the right side of the phone?
  • At 47 seconds, if you look closely, you can actually see it say "Nokia" over the screen, where it does. It looks like it might have been blocked out some, but it is clearly there.
  • Definitely looks like Nokia in the close-up, but much bigger than the 800. Perhaps they are showing us the 900? In the wide shot you can see it's a very thin phone.
  • This is definitely a new Nokia phone.  It is too thin and wide to be a L800, right?  Anyone have any idea what is up at the top-left at around 0:24-0:26? :)
  • Note, actually, around the 20-30 second mark, you can clearly see 4 different buttons on the right side of the phone. A 2 volume rocker, a button right below that, and another button further down; which is the layout for the current Lumias. That, with the Nokia logo! But, it does look different then the current phones, that is for sure!
  • It's a Nokia phone because there's a "Nokia Mail" option in the "add an account" menu (25 second mark).
    Also, the phone looks much larger than the 800...particularly at the 42 second mark.  Most "rumored" images i've seen of the 900 had the camera button higher than this phone, and the 800.
  • After watching again, I think it is an 800. At the 45 second mark her finger is about as large as the live tile. I think the live tiles would look much larger that her finger on a bigger screen.
  • Well I'm holding the nokia lumia800 as I'm watching the video. And that's not the Lumia 800. Way too big a screen.
  • I think it's an 800, and she is very tiny.  She's sitting at a restaurant style table, and it comes right up to her chest.
  • I love phones, but the first thing I noticed was the girl! Lol.. Nice tan...right? Anyways, this is definitely a mystery to me. I always hoped the "900" would be of the same build quality of the 800, but with it's own personality. I like how HTC sticks to a specific theme for their devices, but adds different touches to each device. Also, the approach that Motorola takes, like using Kevlar on the back cover of the RZR, and a water proof nano coating on the internal electronics, is what I'm hoping for WP from some vender. I really think that WP could have greatly benefited from Motorola's creativity, instead its a shame it's all going to be wasted on Droid devices. I want WP to be considered "for the tech nerds" as well as the everyday user, and I think this is possible as Android "closes"... Come on Nokia, Go-Go-Go!.....does anybody have her number!
  • I think that's not 800 and also not 900. Its too big to be 800. Also its too similar to 800 to be the 900. So I will say "Nokia Lumia 810" !? :)
  • Either way, she is hot, and has a nice giant rack for sure...
    but I want that phone.
  • Agree and agree. That isn't an 800. Bigger.
  • Too big for a Lumia 800! Its hot, the phone I mean :P
  • just a Nokia phone anyone know the liveliness that if the 800 comes to the us that it will run on more than atnt Verizon I want one on T-Mobile here
  • Isn't there a chance that the screen images were rendered in post-production? Albeit, CBD would seem to be more recording friendly.
  • You guys do realise that they dont necessarily use real phones in their commercials unless its for information purposes(think the woman showing off mango). It is very apparent in the Bing Voice search and definately obvious in the commercial for Xbox Live with Dan and his sexy dance.
  • I'm guessing Nokia 900.
    Remember, there is a reason that Nokia isn't bringing the 800 over to the US in a wide release- the screen is considered too small for America.
    They are making a 4" plus  screen for the US flagship phone, and I'm guessing this one is it....