myTube adds YouTube video playback speed support with latest update

The myTube app has received a new update that adds a way to change the speed of video playback on YouTube clips. The new 2.6 version is now available for Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 for PC and mobile,

When users play a YouTube video in MyTube, they can tap the settings button on the player controls to change the speed by tapping on the 1x button. The speed of the video playback can be cut down to 0.25x or go as fast as 2x.

The new version of myTube also adds support for YouTube's MyMix feature, which offers music recommendations generated automatically by the user's previous selections. It's available in the mixes tab in a user's playlist.

Finally, the new version of myTube has some bug fixes, including a fix for its Cortana integration in Windows 10, along with improvements made to its translation features.

Download myTube from the Windows Store (99 cents with free trial)


John Callaham