MyTube 1.5 gets new look and themes for some stylish YouTube playback

YouTube is one of those indispensable services on mobile these days, especially if you want to watch anything that is the current buzz. While Windows Phone users don’t have an official app any longer, there are some nifty third party ones out there that do it better. One of those is MyTube.

Today, version 1.5 has gone live in the store, a free update for the 99 cent app. It brings along with it a bunch of new features and even a new look. We have all the details from the developer, Christopher Blackman, so read on for the skinny.


  • New tile, title bar, logo and color scheme design
  • Titles for each panel are now shown in the title bar, which is also now persistent
  • New themes with red/grey by default. Users can find various layouts under Settings, including using your Accent color
  • Improved audio-only stream for the background audio (uses less data, faster to load)
  • The app now requests higher memory allocation from the OS, so less running out of memory and crashing on 512MB devices
  • Fixed Google+ comment loading issues
  • Issues with offline playlists fixed
  • Users on 1GB devices are now allowed to use "very high" thumbnail quality option
  • Fixed crashing with the "Open in myTube" feature
  • Enabling the "force HTTPS connection" in the playback settings may help the app work well on some mobile carriers

In playing around with 1.5, we really like the changes. As you can see in our lede photo, we opted for the YouTube theme of red/white, which does go a long way to make it feel like an official app. Other themes include classic, default, default light, default dark. We also really like the new Tile and logo, as it is much cleaner looking.

The audio only stream improvement should go a long way in making that unique feature even better than before.

Overall, MyTube still ranks as one of our must-have YouTube apps for Windows Phone. Its developer has been really focused on bringing unique features and a clean design through frequent updates, something that makes the 99 cent investment worth it.

Pick up MyTube here in the Store for Windows Phone 8.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Seems faster!
  • STAHP!
  • *whispers* I will never stahp. >:(
  • His name is so weird.
  • Mine? :/
  • Yes.
  • Why? :(
  • Just, that name is so weird.
  • You make me sad. :D
  • lel
  • That's because it is faster. And kudos to the dev!
  • Hahaha
  • Glad to see this new update.
  • Competition is always good! This is like a shot fired at metrotube. Wonder how they will response?
  • Metrotube have just updated their app. They will be releasing a new update again though to fix some bugs.
  • Great! I can see MyTube & MetroTube having a Very Nice UI .. So it's Real !! 2014 is the year to make the apps better :)
  • Am I only the one who dose not like "category" page?
  • I didn't like it much either to be honest. But as I used the app more I got used to it and don't mind it. Now it looks good to me.
  • You're not the only one brother
  • Heh, I've been growing away from it for a while now. With the new design, it especially doesn't fit anymore. The category page's days are numbered (sad to say because I got the idea from a really nice person a long time ago).
  • I think if you let the categories retrieve thumbnail images instead of preset ones, it would be fresher.
  • Been thinking about that, but sadly I think it would cause the subscriptions to load slowly on launch.
  • Are you the dev? I'd yes, I hope you improve the section and not remove it completely.
  • Now there's a fair competition between MyTube and Metrotube. I like it
  • Microsoft, watch and learn. This is how you make metro beautiful.
  • I'd rather have the old UI back.
  • You can choose it in settings.
  • Tried it...doesnt change anything...mentioned that in another comment.
  • Close the app from the appswitcher and reopen and it changes.
  • I know, I followed the prompts, and even if it didn't prompt you, its not my first rodeo, but unfortunately it still doesn't change anything.
  • Not sure why MS will have to watch and learn, considering they're the ones who made the metro design language.
  • The design language is pretty lose. And there are very few apps that has the small visual effects that this app has. Just compare the fast forward function in this app with for example Xbox Music, which one do you prefer? None of Microsofts own apps has the overall fluid feel this app has, and MS should work on this through out the entire OS, its all in the little details and that is why for example iOS feels so smoth. Nuff said.
  • Mytube will always be my YouTube client. Dedicated Google Sponsored YouTube app be damned.
  • If we get an official YouTube app, which I doubt, it will be filled with ads and shiz. This, I like, because ads suck.
  • In short scroogled Rubin
  • Didn't mytube always have an audio-only stream option?
  • Yes. Now it's better. Before it grabbed audio from a 360P video. Now, it does not do that.
  • Sweet!
  • The title bar is an example on how WP apps should look like. I thnik that some of the titles are to big and wasting screen space, People hub for example.
  • +920 :D
  • They're going to redesign the People Hub so the headers don't take as much space, according to leaks, if course.
  • +1020
  • Only panoramas have huge headers. And the lower space makes things easier to reach.
  • I should go ahead and buy this app to show support. But idk cause I never buy unofficial apps.
  • This is better than even the official YouTube clients on iOS and Android. So, I say go for it!
  • Thank you. I just did
  • Unofficial apps, on many occasions, are much better than the official ones. 6tag, which is an unofficial Instagram client, is a better app than the official one, even those on iOS and Android. Besides, we always want more developers here and supporting them by buying their apps makes it better and easier for them to keep working here so they can offer us more great stuff. I love buying apps.
  • Why does everyone point to tag? I've uninstalled that app three times because on launce it inexplicably cuts my music off! Rudys 6vine has the option, nice touch!
  • Dope! Support developers!
  • I love it!
  • Nice. Like the UI and new logo. Keep up the good work Christopher!
  • Thanks Sam! :D
  • Is there a chance we get the audio imported into the phones music folder? You know what i mean (:
  • Maaaaaaybe lol. Allowing users to take copyrighted content outside of the app will also give them the ability to share that content with others, and I'm not 100% if that's something I'd want to do.
  • No Risk No Fun!!!!!  Hhhhh Dont rush into decisions! Hhhh Anyways, thank you for making it free, i am sure 95% of the users are broke 18yr olds but would spend the dollar first on myTube, like I did. 
  • Haha, I bet. Thanks! :D
  • Eh...i like the older was way more slick and appealing. This one doesn't seem as polished and pretty. I still think its the best Youtube app that we have tho, so no complaints there.
  • Looks so good!!
  • Wish it had 1080p video.
  • Blame Google :/
  • Yeah I know..
  • What's the reason it can't play 1080p?
  • For 1080p videos, the video and audio are served as two different streams by Google. Windows Phone has no native way to bring these two streams together. So the app can either play the video stream with no audio, or the audio stream with no video, but not both at the same time :( On the bright side, the audio stream came in handy for the background audio feature.
  • Maybe WP8.1 will provide the APIs for this?
  • Maybe, but it's not there in WinRT 8.1 either. I won't get my hopes up :(. If I could find an H.264 MediaStreamSource for Silverlight or WPF, I may find the answer. Guess it's time to start back Googling for it lol.
  • From one of our other articles:
    "One stream is for video, while the other stream is for the audio. Windows Phone has no native way to bring the two streams together into one, so myTube (or any other YouTube apps) won’t be supported 1080p videos from YouTube anytime soon. This is also a limitation in WinRT, so don’t expect 1080p support in the Windows 8 version of myTube."
  • Its the only reason why I haven't paid for any other YouTube app. I know its not the developer fault.
  • Godzilla! Can't wait!
  • Love this app, use it daily, so this update great. However, I still have one issue (though this may be due to my carrier) I can't load any videos on mobile data. Every time I try to, I get a tethering message from ThreeUK. Does anyone know a work around, or is the only option to contact my carrier?
  • Mind turning on the HTTPS option in the playback settings? There's a chance that may help.
  • Thanks for the tip!! It's working perfectly now. I read about HTTPS in the article, but since I couldn't find it in the settings, I just assumed it was enabled by default. I can finally use myTube when I'm out, guess I have no use for Metrotube now.
  • Glad to hear! :D
  • Can you record and upload with this app like on YouTube HD???
  • The beta has 1080p video(I'm on it and its awesome!!) but sound doesn't work because audio plays on a different stream and wp cannot support that.
  • Yup. Looks great on an Icon too.
  • The iOS OFFICIAL YouTube app doesn't even have that! :D
  • Does it have record video and upload to YouTube right from the app?
  • ya
  • Good improvements. Thanks
  • now im w8ing WPCentral to support myTube, when i klick on video i get the chance to choose myTube... this looks better and its even faster than MetroTube   and when WPCentral does the same style as this myTube and support it, ill put 5 star to windows phone store for WPCentral and ill buy this myTube
  • Will definitely buy now hated the crashing on my 520 thanks!!
  • Does HTTPS connection do anything else besides what wpcentral described? What are the pros and cons?
  • I'm not sure if it does much else. It's probably using SSL encryption and handshaking to help protect your data... or something lol. Maybe someone who knows more about the protocol could help lol.
  • So no cons in enabling HTTPS?
  • Not as far as I know of :)
  • I
  • Still using the dev unlocked version of the Microsoft built app
  • There is a YouTube theme in this update, so it looks similar to that now. :)
  • I hate to ask this, but due to the recent updates for both apps, which is better MetroTube or myTube? Are there benefits to one rather than the other? And finally, do either allow me to watch videos not available for mobile on my Lumia 920?
  • I think MyTube is better because you can stream the music from a Video and watch Videos which aren't available for mobile
  • Mytube is better, but the new UI is ugly. I like the older UI better. It seemed more polished and slick. This new one is very amateur looking.
  • Have you used the beta? This UI is way more polished, it looks different on screenshots but in real life its awesome
  • Haven't used the beta. I've tried signing up a few times but never got an invite. When u say "This UI..." do you mean the beta or the new design in this update? If you mean the new update, I am basing my opinion on using it in "real life", not just screenshots.
  • It's really faster and comments are finally working
  • It's nice, but MetroTube wins.
  • No it doesn't. :)
  • Thanks Christopher
  • Ugly! Very
  • I love mytube :) I use it everyday to catch up on tech videos (like mobiletechreview,MKBHD, and Detroitborg lol). Its uniqueness is easy to love. Good job developer.
  • I don't understand, why isn't there any YouTube app that displays annotations and captions? Does Google enforce restrictions on WP or is it simply something which developers don't care about?
  • Love it
  • So, i have MyTube already, will i need to pay again for it? Nice.
  • MyTube is simply the best. Metrotube lacks in comparison.
  • Switched from metrotube after this update.
  • I like how they have the option to open YouTube links with myTube now... Always hated when I clicked on a YouTube link and had to watch it in the browser
  • Wow I'm really liking this app.
  • I don't know...i think this UI is a step backwards. The older one seemed more polished and professional. This one seems more basic and amateur-ish. Just my opinion, tho.
    EDIT: As I re-read my post, I feel that the use of the word "amateur-ish" comes off as insulting, and for that I apologize to the dev for. That wasn't my intent. So I will throw in the usual "for lack of better term" disclaimer until someone can suggest a better term. Sorry, Chris. And I'd like to say, that its still the best, and the only Youtube app on my phone.
  • Yeah I hate the new logo
  • Still crashes on my phone whenever I open the app. :|
  • Yeshhh
  • Prefer the classic design to the new one...the best youtube app for me on any platform (better than the best on ios and android).
    and i just bought this..good stuff chris
  • You can switch back to classic design. Or switch to youtube design. Thats the one im Using now. Makes it seem like an official app
  • Checking the"classic design" box in settings didn't change anything, for me.
  • I'm using metro tube
  • Try mytube. I switched a month ago. The ability to play youtube videos in the,background kills metrotube. Also mytube plays more videotypes.
  • Superb! Love the option to turn the style into regular Youtube! Love the background music player! Love how its as smooth and animated as a native app! Microsoft look at this dev if you want to show other devs have to make amazing apps for WP. Nothing like this exists on Android or iOS!
  • I am enjoying the new UI. My only feedback would be to make the motion a little more subtle. I fear it will run the cycle of 'cool,' 'cute,' 'annoying' otherwise. Nice work.
  • I hate the new theme. Gimme the old one back.
  • superb!! Never regret bought it! the update bring more faster performance and smooth animation good job for the developer I love it
  • Wow! That was a good looking app. I've been using metrotube the whole time but now I'm gonna buy this app. Metrotube feels outdated after using mytube.
  • Are the "default" and "default (dark)" themes the same? I couldn't see any difference between the two.
  • Been with that app since the very begginning, never switched, best youtube client over here. Thanks a lot for your work ;)
  • Love this app.