MyTube 1.5 gets new look and themes for some stylish YouTube playback

YouTube is one of those indispensable services on mobile these days, especially if you want to watch anything that is the current buzz. While Windows Phone users don’t have an official app any longer, there are some nifty third party ones out there that do it better. One of those is MyTube.

Today, version 1.5 has gone live in the store, a free update for the 99 cent app. It brings along with it a bunch of new features and even a new look. We have all the details from the developer, Christopher Blackman, so read on for the skinny.


  • New tile, title bar, logo and color scheme design
  • Titles for each panel are now shown in the title bar, which is also now persistent
  • New themes with red/grey by default. Users can find various layouts under Settings, including using your Accent color
  • Improved audio-only stream for the background audio (uses less data, faster to load)
  • The app now requests higher memory allocation from the OS, so less running out of memory and crashing on 512MB devices
  • Fixed Google+ comment loading issues
  • Issues with offline playlists fixed
  • Users on 1GB devices are now allowed to use "very high" thumbnail quality option
  • Fixed crashing with the "Open in myTube" feature
  • Enabling the "force HTTPS connection" in the playback settings may help the app work well on some mobile carriers

In playing around with 1.5, we really like the changes. As you can see in our lede photo, we opted for the YouTube theme of red/white, which does go a long way to make it feel like an official app. Other themes include classic, default, default light, default dark. We also really like the new Tile and logo, as it is much cleaner looking.

The audio only stream improvement should go a long way in making that unique feature even better than before.

Overall, MyTube still ranks as one of our must-have YouTube apps for Windows Phone. Its developer has been really focused on bringing unique features and a clean design through frequent updates, something that makes the 99 cent investment worth it.

Pick up MyTube here in the Store for Windows Phone 8.

Daniel Rubino

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