Nadella's 'iPhone Pro' demonstrates just how pervasive Microsoft is on iOS

Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella gave a hearty talk about the company's current and future plans at the recent Salesforce Dreamforce conference.

One humorous segment during his presentation is a useful demonstration of where the company is going. Specifically, Nadella showed what he calls an 'iPhone Pro', which is just a regular iPhone that happens to have all of Microsoft's software loaded on it. As it turns out, there are a lot of Microsoft apps much to the amusement of the audience.

Nadella highlights Sway, Skype, and Outlook as just a few examples of they are creating the best products and services even on competing platforms. Nadella even quoted as saying that this is what Microsoft "aspires to do".

Satya is also very quick to point out that this iPhone is not his phone, possibly avoiding some rebukes from die-hard Windows Phone fans.

Although it may come off as boasting, in fact, consumers have responded. Outlook on the iPhone is one of the top rated and most downloaded email clients available regardless if the user is in Gmail or Outlook. Such an exhibition naturally sets up the comparison to Microsoft's own mobile OS, which is barely holding on to its current low market share.

Microsoft plans to announce Windows 10 Mobile in October with two new flagship phones, giving them one more opportunity to convince users that the best experience is still on Windows.

Do you agree with Microsoft's near dominate presence on competing platforms? Will this help their image with the public? Share with us your thoughts!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This seriously boils the head of die hard windows phone fans :D :D
  • Perhaps. But Microsoft has always been about selling software: Windows on hardware made by anyone.  This is no different... services sold on hardware by anyone.  
  • It's microSOFT, not microHARD, afterall.
  • What about windows 10 mobile ? Isn't it a software? Why dies it lag so much behind ios? And why don't they develop apps for WP that are as good as android's and ios?
  • Because of two things. Priority is one. The other is that it's not finished. Get over it.
  • Win10mobile is a software. But I think they have the same plan as Win10 desktop. Making it a service. It's a software that can be used on most devices, and will be updated with new features frequently. Why does it lag behind IOS? well technically Win10Mobile isn't lagging behind anyone. It hasn't even been released as RTM yet. Its still in development. So its mot lagging behind, just preparing to be a challenge to the mobile OS market. (maybe it will work, maybe not. We'll see in the soon future)
  • W10 Mobile does not exist. It is not present. We live on with 8.1
    An average user knows that truth. We, insiders, live on with version 10. Stil is under development, until is commercially published. If it gets finished, spill all of your poison then!
  • Afripino Don't beat yourself up. We can't all have big oh wait software right...
  • Stole my joke.
  • That's what she said.
  • ^This
  • MicroHARD??? That's what she said!
  • True... That's a good point...
  • And that's exactly what Nadella told at the conf. "MS is a platform co. The likes of Google and Facebook were built using MS". I have pretty much everything that MS has to offer on my WP on my Android including cortana. In fact I've replaced every Google service with a MS service. There is no Edge on Android so make do with FF. In fact I'll one up that with Delve and Send being available on Android and not WP.
  • Outlook on ios and android is significantly better than the one they made for windows phone and windows 10 desktop
  • Well, they did atleast talk a lot about their phones in the past...  
  • who makes the Xbox? Is it a third party platform running an MS OS? Sounds like hardware to me... HOLOLENS?  same thing? MS will can dabble with hardware for a long while...
  • People like me, who have been on Windows Phone since the HTC Trophy. I have given up and am getting a 6S Plus. Microsoft just simply doesn't care. At the same time, things like this illustrate that there is no good reason to stay on Windows Phone.
  • @rjansen3, my circumstances and sentiments are very similar to yours. I've been with Windows Phone since the HTC HD7S which was released on AT&T in May 2011 shortly after the "Nodo" update. I even attended a Windows Phone 7 event in Los Angeles in October 2011. I've owned the HD7S, Lumia 900, Lumia 920, & two Lumia 1520s. In a week, I'll be switching to the iPhone 6S Plus so that I may enjoy all the premium & productivity apps I want and need including a full-featured Evernote, Box, Avaamo, SpiderOak, Disconnect, Chase Bank, Citi Bank, Sunrise, ProtonMail, Starbucks, and of course the Microsoft Outlook & OneNote apps. I've seen the Windows Phone platform grow & collapse. I still believe the Windows Phone OS is the best OS with modern, resizable live tiles, but I need app support & the premium app experience. I agree with Tom Warren, Senior Editor on the Verge, that I don't see the Windows Mobile OS ecosystem improving anytime soon even with Microsoft's Universal Application Program & Project Astoria. Will I return to Windows Phone in the future? I'm definitely open to returning but I want to see more support & enthusiasm from developers.
  • Out of your list of apps, the only two that I use are Outlook adn OneNote. It goes to show that the "App Gap" is a personal one yet the media paints a picture as if it affects everyone the same. Go where your needs are met and I see that you are doing that. Enjoy your new phone and the apps that you need. No one should be forced to miss out on anything. I came to Windows Phone for the OS, I already had 100s of thousands of apps available to me on my Android and iOS devices and the ones I need are also on Windows Phone but the Windows Phone and now Windows 10 OS is vastly different and as I look at my Windows 10 phones, Android phones, iPhone, iPad and Windows tablets, if I had to choose one OS and ecosystem, I would choose Windows as my only OS (it is currently my main) as the ecosystem covers more devices and screen types and has the brightest future of services and device form factors that span beyond simple smarphone and tablet screens of my Android and iOS devices. Let no one make you feel bad about your choices, they choices are yours and you have to be happy. Weigh what you are gaining and what you are losing by switching. You can always make another choice in the future, just as you are now.
  • You sir are the kind of person we need more of around here Deaconclgi. Very sensible post. I am actually playing with a Blackberry, and that really does have an app gap. But the truth is, the 2 apps I need *) banking app and *) spotify, one is on Blackberry store (the bank app) and one is on Amazon Store - Spotify. So I can survive. The OS itself is very good, as is the phone call part... you know, the bit no one mentions :/ WP app gap is blown out of proportion, but it will be interesting to see if over the long haul the gap closes. I think the new start screen might help also (full background picture). Really needs better branding though. Im gonna get an iPhone now, Windows 10 mobile beta is just turning me off, its so bad right now. But I might get a Cityman and 10 if they really turn things around.
  • I did make the jump to iOS a few weeks ago (not my choise) and I must say the (my) app gap is HUGE, both in quantity and quality. But the operating system on the iPhone lacks WP by miles! Actually the iOS doesn't really do anything but start apps. What bugs me the most is, that Skype works even worse on iOS than WP. I also miss my Cortana, but must say that Siri understands me speaking english a lot better.
  • I'm kinda in the same state of mind, I've been a die-hard MS only environment for decades (not years, yes) if MS made it I probably would buy that over a competing product because they made good stuff. Keyboards, mice, trackballs, touchpads, tablets, consoles, media players (zune), phones, etc.  But they have several places where they just don't seem to be able to get it back together.  I understand it's the company putting on a positive front when they say "We'll get it next time!" but there have been too many of those recently and its getting harder to want to wait for it to be the awesome I know it could be.  MS's biggest strength in the past has become one of it's biggest handicaps (hardware partners and partners in general that have too much input) they are trying to change it but it's been a long time coming.  Add to that the constant reboots so people don't have a chance to be completely familiar with a product before they've completely changed the way it works (again) from a user perspective, the phone situation where rather than releasing at least 1-2 high end devices a year to every consumer/service, they released sorta-kinda but only if you use carrier x type stuff that noone craving the next awesome cared about.  They release the framework for things on competing products (Wallet for instance) then expect someone else to do the part to make it actually useful.  All that does is allow your competitors to deny you access to the featureset (i.e. Google buying the only company even trying to give us pay by phone support).  I still love MS products and it's hard but I've just gotten to the point where I'm exhausted, not just tired, from living in a world where I'm constantly excited about possibilities while others are excited about actual functioning features.  I mean think about it, if I live to be 100 (not likely given my diet and aversion to exercise) I will have already spent 5% of my life waiting for them to catch up on features, seeing cool things only to have them snatched away by other companies and so on.  THAT IS A LOT OF TIME!  My windows phone (not including pre-7 days) could hava already had a college degree if it started with my HD7.  I love all the features they're promising in 10, none of them work in the preview, the ones that worked in 8 (hey cortana for instance) no longer work, things I've been waiting years for them to fix they decide to cancel. I haven't been able to get my 10 free songs for quite some time and the first reply i've gotten from my numerous attempts to contact them was the article the other day that was basically "So long, and thanks for all the fish!". I've started buying physical movies again because who knows when they are going to change something else and leave me high and dry.  This means I've lost trust in them for simple things.  I'm really hoping they can start earning that back with the coming presentation or I will do something I have sworn I'd never do and buy an iProduct and put up with my friends who've been there for years taunting me but not worry about losing my banking app, or not being able to get the cool automation toy of the week because it only has an app for IOS and android. I mean I expected to see announcements regularly about app wins that came from the new conversion tools they have, but aside from a couple of people that were probably paid anyway by MS, I haven't personally heard of any who even seem to care enough to try.  MS says there's been 75-80 million downloads of Windows 10, but do these companies even see that as a reason to want to get in like MS hoped?  We don't know, we won't know for probably another year.  I won't abandon MS (like windows desktop or anything drastic like that) but my dream of the MS life we are constantly promised will probably be over and I'll join the masses of "good enough" over "sometime soon".
  • Good grief that's a long reply, I'm sure there are still gonna be people who say "good riddance" even though I haven't gone anywhere and it's MS's play to lose at this point and they've made it easier by adding the apps I use to other, better supported platforms.
  • They are making WP almost pointless.... Really,,, what is the advantage left❔❔❔
  • A brilliant OS that works across devices with live tiles we all know and love. I don't care about what other platforms have that we don't, I don't care if a simple music app made by Microsoft is better on iPhone than Windows Phone. I like the Windows 10 design and I like the hardware and that's why I buy Lumias and Suefaces instead of iPhones and iPads. All suits me perfectly. Yes I wish we had everything everyone else has and no app gaps and peace and love across the mobile world but without that it doesn't change my choice of the Microsoft ecosystem and doesn't make me sit here everyday complaining how it's so unfair that iOS has Snapchat and "Microsoft should do more to get apps".
  • and what the heck is Snapchat? a chatting app? And people are blaming MS for that? There are DOSENS of alternatives, we better force our friends to use IM+ or whatsapp, or anything that is common on all three platforms than moaning and desperately asking for Snapchaaaat! They dont` like WP once? We dont like snapchat twice. It is not the end of the world, people wake up. Does Snapchat make coffee too?
  • Not to mention good hardware and a more open nature of late. They really have to push out apps that are as good or better than other platforms though. That and app parity are still a huge issue.
  • The advantages are what each individual user likes. I have been a WP user since with WP7 I completely understand the changes Microsoft is making with them going cross platform, still there is nothing that makes me want to switch to IOS or Android. It comes down to personal choice and preference. My preference is to use Windows phone into the foreseeable future because it does what I need, and I enjoy using it.
  • Reliability. 
  • While I wish Windows Phones were #2 or #3 in the market, I will NEVER own an iphone. NEVER. I don't need their hardware, I don't need their billion apps, I don't need their- anything. I'm still very happy with my 1520, it does everything I need. If Windows Phone fails, once my 1520 bites the dust I will go back to a flip phone. I don't want iphones or android phones.
  •     Never understood this type of blind loyalty to a corporation much less a cell phone maker. I think it's rediculous to take anyone's products "personally". There's more to life.
  • I hate Google, and I don't want to give Apple my money. The choice I have is between Windows or Blackberry. I'd do Windows, because BB doesn't excite me. However, if Microsoft continues it craziness of delivering better Apps on competing platforms, I think I'll either go to BBos or Symbian S40. Google OS or an iPhone are no choice for me.
  • All I could picture while reading your comment ,3DPiper, was an old man shaking his first saying "Get off of my lawn!" LOL!
  • So wait:  you're so committed to Microsoft smartphones, that if they fail in the market and are no longer available, you'll go buy a flip phone? Wow. I bet even most Microsoft employees use Microsoft services....on their iPhones.
  • My friend works for MS, and she uses an iPhone.. She says it's not her departments fault... But, the others just aren't doing what it takes to make her use her own companies product.... Pretty damn sad if you ask me...
  • See this is what happens when you don't market enough. Even Mircosoft's own employess aren't aware of Windows Phone. 
  •  I bet even most Microsoft employees use Microsoft services....on their iPhones
      Thats the irony. There are so many "loyal" fans fighting some ridiculous "war" when the company they are fighting for is calling the so called enemy their friend and doing all they can to embrace them. But you still get these bitter, enraged posts from the "true Microsoft fan". Definitely need to get a life, some people....
  • @Johnny Temaine I understood where @3DPiper is coming from.  You've taken what he said out of context.  Before I get my window phone 7, I was a blackberry user and before that I used window mobile 6.5.  When you said iPhone, for me personally, I choose others before iPhone.  If you can tell me that Microsoft would go under by some big corporation, then I would rather see what this company offers.
  • should go outside more often and play with other kids. 
  • Im with you on this one. I've been using WP7 when i had HD2. then i had 8x. Now i have Blackberry Bold 9900. I'm getting the Blackberry Slider in november~
  • I've done exactly the same. I've been on Windows Phone since the HTC HD7 and yesterday picked up the S6 Edge+. I will always love Windows (it's still on my Gaming PC and will always be) but the Edge+ is simply AMAZING. Simple apps (for me) like Barclays, Whatsapp are so much better on Android. The OS has clearly grown (since I used it last, Ice Cream Sandwich) and things I thought I'd miss like having my photos on a live tile, my weather and news on a live tile and my calender on a live tile are all there. The widgets work just as well, if not better in some cases. It feels very strange for me, as a HUGE Windows fan, to say I don't regret changing. The experience is lightning fast, the apps are of better quality and the handset is a piece of art. I'm sure I'll get the normal "Go away, you won't be missed" comments and that's fine. I'm just giving you my PERSONAL review. Windows Phone needs to seriously get a move on because the reality is, it's miles behind the competition. I think the best way I can sum it up, again, in MY opinion is - If someone is getting a smartphone for the first time, they'll love Windows but switching from Android, they'll miss a lot of things (not the quantity of apps but the quality of apps and functionality of hardware).
  • I switch to a Note 4 last November. While it was nice at 1st it's been getting worse as times goes on. Everything is starting to slow down. When I press the home button sometimes it works instantly, takes up to 5 seconds, or just doesn't work at all. The same goes for launching apps. Apps also crash often and run in the background eating away at battery life. The best apps I find are the ones written for Android, like Fenix. That app is worth every penny. It runs smoothly and never takes up a lot of resources. Don't get me wrong, there are things that I will miss, like smart lock and the fingerprint reader(the 1 on the Note 4 isn't as bad as they say it is)  but Android's instability is just driving me nuts. So while the quality of apps may be better I find the platform overall much worse. 
  • Jup, keep holding on to that thought, switching to an iphone will solve everything!!! /s Well good luck I say on your overpriced phone where you'll have to pay for everything you try to do....if you have too much money, go for it and stop complaining here. I for one would like to get my hands on the new Lumia 950. At least I won't be a sheep in the masses who value status over everything else.
  •   iPhone? Who said iPhone? My post clearly stated I just bought a S6 Edge+ and the top post stated he was also looking at the same. EDIT//Just seen what you're refering to, sorry about that!
  • And who said "everything"? Switching to an iPhone can only solve your modern smartphone related problems, like the ones you have on the WP. Two days ago I searched for an app to show me GSM signal strength. There was one, and it was a scam. Go and search for the same thing on Android or iOS. I'll give you an A4 page, try to fit the apps on it if you can. The app gap was already a struggle for us. Now Microsoft joining the opposite team is the cherry on top.
  • Maybe overpriced but atleast it works .
  • Of course there isn't:  Satya Nadella just demonstrated that for you.
  • Thats fine, get a 6S Plus, but dont you want to see what Microsoft reveals in like 3 weeks? Oct 6th I think.
  • There is a good reason for me to stay on WP: I like it and I don't like the 2 big alternatives for different reasons. I tried to go Android recently with the GS6 active and i came running back to WP in less than 2 weeks. I'm just glad to have an alternative that I can not only "stand", bit actually like. I may be in a tiny minority, but I'm not totally alone in that either, I don't think.
  • The HEAD of CEO of Microsoft is more bright than Windows Phone Future. 
  • LOL. yeah.
  • Yep. Lets set our reservations for the darkside. 
  • Not this one it doesn't. I like this embrace and conquer approach.
  • Die-hard Windows phone fans...
    Theese words sound terrible
    Even more terrible from Daniel
  • I dislike what he does with windows phone but he does seem to be the fresh air Microsoft needs.
  • Seems more like Microsoft has been breaking wind lately.
  • No, its the sound of Microsoft running past the competition. Honest mistake though...
  • Microsoft mobile division does seem to be traveling at the half the speed of smell... we just got passed by a kite!
  • All around positive reviews for Win 10, universal apps, Hololense, Xbox on Windows, positive reviews for Surface Pro 3... Besides mobile, Microsoft is looking pretty good theses days
  • Let's hope this wannabee Steve Jobs doesn't turn Microsoft into Microflacid...
  • It's always been smart thing to make apps for other platforms, but one thing you need to keep in mind is to take care of your own babies as well.
  • Microsoft seems more like the "eat your own babies to survive" type to me......
  • LOL :D
  • Well, I think we will have to wait and watch about that. The thing is that "You should always have that X factor to overcome others." Android has it's simplicity and easiness to develop apps(That's why small vendor is also making app there) and iPhone has it's PremiumShip. Well MS is coming up with that Android/iOS bridge to overcome app gap and also the continuum to test this "X factor". So let's hope for the best.
  • "Android has the simplicity and easiness to develop Apps" LOL another wannabe programmer on the internet.
  • Well, I think he's quite right. Tools to develop android can be.... anything! And it is really easy to get if you're not having that much money to buy.... let's say those fruity computers only to develop an app. And beside that, android is really open and there are so many other markets than Google Play Store, so again, in terms of financial efficiency, you can just choose any store you want that will allow you to upload app for a cheap price or even no price at all! But I think the "simplicity" part is a bit overrated, huh? :D But it is indeed easy to start developing for them.   Btw... I'm a Windows Phone user, so please don't bash me :D Just give you an opinion. (And I was a former IT college student [but dropped out and moved to another department] So I guess I can give you an opinion as objective as I can).
  • We are waiting too much, if it continues then we have to pass marathon of waiting to our children then to grandchildren.
  • Lol.. That's so true Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • All I'm saying!
  • It makes sense to make apps on other platforms in addition to your own platform. They're not doing that. Their Office tactic is clever, because the iPad Pro will have the Mobile version of Office, but the Surface Pro 3 will have both Mobile AND the fully featured version.
  • That's what they are doing.
  • Ms should first polish its apps to run on wp smoothly and then focus on other platforms. So much for Nadella supporting ios and what he "aspires to do"! Even wc is predicting doom for wp!!
  • They are polishing their own apps. The reason why MS seems so far behind on WP is because of that little upgrade called Windows 10. Ever heard of it?
    And can we now please stop these idiotic posts? If you aren't happy then take your business elsewhere. It's so hard for me go get why people cannot figure out that WP is in a giant reconstruction, which takes time...
  • Windows Phone has been reconstructing ever since WP7. Not complaining, just a fact.
  • And so has iOS and Android been since their first release. Don't kid yourself into believing that everything works 100% out of the box on the other platforms. I thats what people think,they will be very dissapointed if they make the switch.
  • Well but ms certainly try that their apps work better on ios and android than on wp. /s
  • But what you don't realize is that in most cases it has been limitations in the app model of Windows (both phone and tablet) itself that causes these feature gaps. Windows has not had the APIs or semantics to support the same robust app features as iOS or Android. Microsoft's product teams can't write certain things for Windows first because the APIs have not been rich enough. Windows 10 finally gets them in the ballpark on WinRT. We'll see if this pattern continues.
  • Yeah, the APIs for the mobile versions of Windows until 10 have been kinda weak and not as strong as iOS and Android. Now, they are much stronger in W10M.
  • My thoughts exactly. The team benefit of having a Windows 10 mobile will be more apparent once it comes out.
  • Hearing this since WP8, CEO is talking about "iPhone Pro", he should be talking about Windows Phone superior than any iPhone in Enterprise market.
  • Its been in Giant Reconstruction since WP7.... They build something nice... Say they are building from ground up... Building the base... The beautiful building is Coming SoonTM Then they thrash the place and start from ground up again.... Its their 3rd reboot in 5 years... While iOS/Android are adding more stuff to their platform and making it Robust/mature... Even MS sees no future for WP, thats why they have fired 95% of Phone division & stopped/slowed any good development for WP... Looks like they have 2 interns developing WP & apps for it... 
  • @visu9211  "Even MS sees no future for WP, thats why they have fired 95% of Phone division & stopped/slowed any good development for WP." I disagree: Microsoft decided not to go with Nokia's business model.. Their model seemed to be about throwing mountains of models into the marketplace hoping that some of them will stick. Such a business model inevitably results in extraordinarily high costs because every model requires a certain amount of retooling. Yet Nokia priced its products at the lower end. Nokia's was able to win market share with this model but ultimately was unable to make it sustainable. They divested the operation while it still had some value left. I think Microsoft's long-term strategy is only beginning to emerge. Hopefully Windows Mobile 10 will give developers the opportunity to create rich experiences that the current Windows phone 8.1 operating system cannot. By reducing the range of Lumia phones available, Microsoft makes the business much more sustainable. Perhaps they can emulate the strategy they are working with surface tablets. Surface tablets demonstrate what is possible on a tablet designed with a Windows platform. Their success has enticed other manufacturers to follow their design lead. Microsoft has a good track record in producing hardware in the past across a broad and diverse range of product categories. The pressure to push something out into the marketplace even though they were not strategically well-placed to produce a spectacular user experience has led to a series of technology reboots. With Windows Mobile 10 the next reboot will hopefully be a long, long way away.  
  • Thank you! I'm glad someone gets it.
  • He's addressing the larger customer base.
  • And forgetting his own child, poor child.
  • He is letting his other children grow as he tends and cares for his WP child. Its really loving if you think about it.
  • He is letting other people's children grow as he gives scraps of leftovers to his child.
  • So he's basically saying that an iPad Pro, like an "iPhone Pro", is just a regular iPad.
  • well, isn't it?
  • Nonono, didn't you see its a brand new thing! First device ever to have a pencil! First device ever to come with a keyboard! It's amazing!
  • My school journals came with plenty of pencils. *suddenly realises that has thrown away tens of apple prototypes as if they were mere paper notes*
  • Time to use an eraser! Alas! /s
  • Like!
  • The "Pro" in the iProducts comes from Microsoft I think is his point. That is brilliant =).
  • So if windows on mobile fails I should buy an iPhone?
  • Yes, with lots of windows apps, I 'm considering too. Isnt it great with cross platform apps ,lolz
  • Definitely, it has everything windows phone has.What's left was Cortana which is also available on ios, not to mention Mixradio,Here Maps/Drive
  • They have not brought Cortana to all English speaking countries yet on WP... but they are bringing it to iOS & Android... And I have more chance of enjoing Cortana in my country via iOS/Android before it appears on WP...
  • The only thing it doesn't have is the awesome pureview camera on the Lumia's
  • yup, honestly that's what I was waiting for lol before my lumia 925 I owned an HTC EVO LTE for 2 years so I'm not new to trying out different platforms. I went with thye 925 because of its camera which 2 years ago was amazing, now however Samsung and LG have caught up and surpassed it. I was hoping the new iPhone 6S would get OIS but they only gave it to the iPhone Plus again -_-
  • Better than buying something Google is in.
  • Agreed. I like Android way better than iOS. But Androogle I like the idea of much worse. So, if WP ever dies and there is no other option (like a CM version or something) then iOS will be my next phone. I hope I dont have to ever use an iPhone... =(
  • and call android pro
  • Yes, I will. Or perhaps a One plus two or is it three? I can never remember. 
  • If you like to waste your money yeah. iPhone doesn't worth its price. There are more powerful android phones and if you don't like google just put Cyanogen in it and be happy!
  • Well, you don't have the wait until Windows (on mobile) fails. The MS services are already available on iPhone.
  • That's where I would sadly go. Android isn't even a real consideration, even with how much I dislike Apple. Blackberry would be a possible choice, but it's like why bother? As is, I expect W10m to be around for at least a couple more years if things remain stagnant. If market share doesn't improve with the 950s and the Intel phone, I expect MS to try to move the division and focus on W10 and accessing your stuff from other devices.
  • I think we have to see how windows 10 mobile apps run when its final. Right now apps are still buggy/slow. If they can deliver the smooth experience on win 10 mobile, then apps on ios or android won't matter but if the better experiences of those apps are on ios or android then there isn't much reason to use windows 10 mobile. For example, skype on windows phone 8.1 is terrible and runs better on IOS. With win 10 mobile they need to make it much better, its not there yet with the win 10 mobile preview. Same with other apps.
  • Hope we can have something good for the October event!
  • "the best experience is still on Windows". No, is not. At least on Mobile, is not. All Microsoft apps are better on Android and iOS. I just installed OneNote on my iPhone's friends and started to be jealous. Outlook is gorgeous also. We dont have Sway... The headlines should be "Nadela demonstrates how Microsoft dont care about Windows Phone".
  • Agreed!
  • Agreed! They arent pushing enough w10m in my opinon
  • Really? I try to use OneNote on Android with Intel chip inside, and it just crashes on startup.
  • Agreed me too
  • All of those apps for competing apps were released ahead of W10 Mobile. May I remind you that it has not released yet. We don't know the precise context, yet, but I suspect he intended W10 Mobile and what is being finished for Office mobile.
  • Coming Soon™
  • For the past five years.  Coming Soon™...Coming Soon™...Coming Soon™...Coming Soon™...
  • Hey there. Damn, how do you install OneNote on an iPhone's friend?! Can't tell if that is useful or not!
  • Totally agree! I hope OneNote is one of the first apps they port over, because the Windows version is pretty bad. Anxiously awaiting the changes on windows 10 for mobile.
  • With phones becoming more and more powerful, if someone could just make a 12 inch screen, with a nice big battery and a slot where I can slide in my phone to become part of what would then be a tablet, that would be great.
    Just a thought...
  • Asus had that idea with the Zen pad. I can't recall if they made a follow up or not, and that I can't recall no other manufacturer has tried that approach. There was also the Moto Atrix that attached to a laptop like thing. I would really like that idea with a Windows phone, to attach it to a 10ish screen and have phone run it.
  • Note that there were also Padfone (or FonePad?), too, with the concept as you said.
  • That's what I was thinking, the PHONEpad. I got their names crossed.
  • Well, those names (either Padfone and FonePad) are available, however, making me confused which one which has a dock for a phone...
  • Conceptually, this should be much easier to do with Windows 10 and Continuum. I just wonder whether the lower processing power and modest memory storage on a smartphone will be sufficient to provide an acceptable user experience on a much larger display, particularly if they want to use a full desktop version of Microsoft Office.
  • I had one on loan, it was basically too bothersome to put the phone in the pad.
  • What if instead of a screen you had a desktop hooked up to a box with a keyboard and mouse and you could just connect your phone to the box and when you did the apps on your phone opened up on your computer like a desktop-centered app and you could work on it, even though it was on your phone. And that box could charge the phone as well and when you were done you could unhook the phone from the box and it would still have the work you did just the apps would act like a mobile-centered version. That would be pretty cool! ;) Please excuse the snarky-ness. I couldnt help making a continuum joke =). I actually like your idea too. It would be nice to have a "surface like" device that could house your phone in (or connect it to through miracast) and use it like a tablet. I would like that too! Tabinuum maybe?
  • I dont like this cross platform thing going on. WP users will abandon our platform for other and W10M will not succeed. Me too is considering buying next iphone flagship, with microsoft apps, if not Microsoft starts pushing features, apps and bringing "real" flagships to the table. I'm kind of tired of these "design updates" though stability have improved.
  • This is short sighted. Even withholding Microsoft Apps from competing platforms wouldn't guarantee any measure of comparable success. People won't just migrate for Office, for example. Microsoft core business is software. Not offering their software on competing platforms would be like cutting their nose off just to spite their face. This isn't about plan A or plan B. They go hand in hand. However, by not putting all of their eggs in one basket (i.e. relying on W10 Mobile) Microsoft lives to fight another day I the mobile software space.
  • Indeed, couldn't agree more! I for one can't wait to get my hands on the Lumia 950 and start working with Windows 10 Mobile :-D I've been a Microsoft fan for years, and still am. People here are getting so upset and think switching to an iPhone will solve everything. Well good luck I say on your overpriced phone where you'll have to pay for everything you try to do....if you have too much money, go for it and stop complaining here.
  • All MS apps are free on iPhone...
  • Well it sounds like make the rivals won the match later we steal the whole series. But practically doesn't seems to be anything like that.
  • You can't fault them for being in competing platforms, but it really gives Windows Phone users no advantage for having one.
  • We can fault them giving the other platforms a better experience and neglecting the Microsoft phone customers. Serving other platforms does make sense but WindowsPhone should always be at least an equal experience, if not a better experience. Isn't that just common sense?
  • Agreed, it is smart, HOWEVER, if you don't make your own soft ware work even better and more user friendly in your own eco-system phones, how is that going to entice users desire to even try to switch and use it instead? If I was an iclone user, and the software is beautiful and awesome on my iclone, but a windows phone version is so-so, where is my incentive?
  • When Nadella says, "Mobile first, cloud first", by "mobile" he means apps and services on mobile devices regardless of the OS those devices are running.
  • and so wp comes last !
  • You didn't let Nadella complete... Its Mobile First, Cloud First, Windows Last (if ever)
  • MS has either gone mad or lost all sense. It is good to have MS services on other platform but not on the cost of ignoring WP. Users of WP are disappointed.
  • Where have they ignored WP? W10 Mobile isn't even released yet? And all of the apps on competing platforms were recently released in their current forms. Did you want MS to focus on offering those to WP8.1 when W10 I right around the corner with not so subtle changes to UI in tow? It's fair to ask support in WP8.1 if that's what you mean. Otherwise, it makes complete and utter sense that they are focused on W10, possibly competing platforms, and then W10 Mobile. Why? Users!!! More people use all of the above than WP. And the more people see Microsoft software the more inclined they are to consider their other offerings. Which MAY drive business into W10 Mobile. That is the bet they are making. Focusing on Mobile right now to the detriment of all other things would be placing all bets on Mobile and out right ignoring the nearly insurmountable odds and very low hanging fruit of supporting other platforms.
  • Is cross platform apps some kind of PLAN B if windows 10 mobile not will sell well. Will they make phone in 2 year?
  • Plan A is ubiquitous software and Plan B is hardware.
  • Their plan B was Android.... But I believe iOS/Android is becoming their Plan A... and Windows Plan B
  • I hope that after MS releases Windows 10 on phones there wouldn't be anymore reason not to focus on their own mobile platform and create good apps. I wouldn't want them to say that they can't create apps because the API is limited. God, I've heard that overused reason since Windows Phone 7. Time to create good shit  MS!
  • This isn't why I dislike Nadella, and why I just ordered an Android phone. The best of Microsoft is not offered on their own platform.
  • I wonder why he had to borrow someone else's iPhone instead of using his own, He will need to borrow Ballmer's Lumia to demo continuum.
  • It's nobody's phone, it obviously belongs to the company for testing purposes and such
  • Thats cause Nadella is using Talkman and cant show it on stage because its not Oct 6th yet ;).
  • He's 100% correct in that in the future is not tied to the device. It's working for Apple right now but it's not logical to go all in simply on hardware. That will only hold people captive for so long. Most hardware today whether it be PC or mobile is largely the same, it's about the software and what it can do. Eventually Apple won't be able to milk it's cash cow customers anymore on hardware as everyone catches up. In the end, is it the actual phone that keeps people tied to iPhone or is it the apps? Most of apples native apps I would hazard hardly every get used and sit in an junk folder somewhere. With streaming music one can jump between three platforms if they want and really iMessage is a service that excludes those of us outside the walled garden from participating in group conversations (from my experience). So, yeah I do think Microsoft gets it that to keep it's customers it needs to be everywhere. Look what happened when they went all in on PC and neglected mobile. That won't happen twice.
  • I find this really funny, and somewhat a back stab to their ipad pro..... claiming that it wouldnt be pro without the microsoft apps. I am pretty sure that this joke is being rolled with this reference in mind. Which is in a way as if giving mircrosoft the last laugh. I enjoyed it.
  • Too bad your own eco-system is not ready yet... After all it's a business decision... If U can't sell cars, u can sell car accessories...
  • So far the app sucks on Windows 10 Mobile.  I can't even send an email, it just gets shuffled back to draft box and says try again later.  My second business email account takes almost 10 mins to sync and retrieve emails if it even does that before timing out.  I sent @GabeAul a tweet this morning trying to get a direct contact with the Outlook Email App team so I can try communicate with them and get some answers other than leaving feedback in the app. They really need to seperate the Mail & Calendar apps, so that in the case one doesn't properlly work the other is not hindered.  I can't even uninstall the app now.  I wish there was a reset email app option within Outlook Mail to flush any/all lingerings off the phone!!!
  • This stunt was simply an ad campaign for their ios apps on the heels of the iphone release. Users are most likely to change things like their email client when buying a new device than they are during normal daily use. It's a smart time to show this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Either make the wp better then other platforms or stop producing windows phone and continue to provide services for other platforms. Your cheating your fans and customers. :/
  • Bring back Bill Gates #satnadout
  • So when can I get an iPhone discount through the Microsoft Store?
  • Coming SoonTM  
  • There's an idea. An iPhone Signature Edition, preloaded with all the MS apps, and not the Apple ones no-one wants. ;)
  • I am jumping ship next week going to get an S6 My current 920s Screen Is cracked beyond belief and I don't want to waste my upgrade on the current crop of ageing windows phones! Microsoft make it ridiculously easy for me to jump ship. Hopefully I will be back in a year, but methinks the transition back to WP won't be as simple! This one fact alone makes it difficult for WP to hold onto any gains they make in the mobile market.
    Microsoft need to produce phones with the WOW factor to get the tight jeaned bespectacled media and literati set drooling
  • I totally understand you, I myself have a cracked and aging 920 whose performance and reliability are now somewhat sketchy for unknown reasons. The contacts in the headphone jack are even finnicky. I almost thought like you. I briefly considered android as I drive for uber, and could wave money by having just one phone. I even went into Best Buy and played around with phones at the Samsung section. But even though the hardware is nice. I just kept thinking "I reeeeally don't care for this UI."
  • I hate android OS as well hopefully I will only have to suffer for a year. However on the up side at least I can get decent apps for my smart tv and a decent listen again app for Radio4 not to mention a decent facebook and music app
  • I switched from my 920 in August to an HTC One M9 Android version and it's been great. It's a joke how easily Microsoft has made switching platforms. I had no issue whatsoever going to Android. I switched because I couldn't take MS putting more work into iOS/Android than it does there own platform. I too felt the Android interface was terrible and I'd hate it but I got use to it very fast and you can even download apps that allow you to make your home screen a windows phone home screen! It's great! Highly recommend switching.
  • Also three iPhone brand is becoming uncooler by the month with every other beer swilling cigarette smoking knob head owning or aspiring to own one.
    The twitterati are looking for the next cool unique thing in the mobile sphere! Microsoft want achieve this by releasing phones with year old tech,
  • I totally agree, but at the cost, unless you really need high performance on the camera, the 640 seems to work a champ. I've considered getting it as a short term solution.
  • I don't think people give enough attention to the fact that Microsoft is now "Windows as a service". I think that needs to be front and center in peoples mind when considering Microsoft's business moves. It's obvious that is priorityone, to permeate platforms and retake market share for their software solutions-turned-services. In that sense, of course they are going to have the best experience out on the dominant platform first. If they waited for windows 10 to get big, it back it all on that, they would not be diversifying their risk and their services would be stunted. But yeah, obviously they stalled on hardware.
  • Problem is when some think about that, they immediately think Windows 365. Windows was always updated as a service as you always got updates for free (since xp) as long you had a valid copy. Just that they had some what fixed o/s release cycles. The only difference now is that there aren't any fixed o/s release cycles just upgrade cycles. It sounds like there will be two major updates per year - TH1, TH2, Redstone 1 and 2.
  • The moment when nadella said "Its not MY PHONE but it is an iphone " .. Am i the only one who thinks that it a scoof of iphone's new advertisement
  • I think it's a good thing. If you have to choose, do you want everyone on windows using googles or apple services or the other way around. Platform is more and more irrelevant. Services I think is the key here.
  • Exactly where im going with it. Choice being the big benefit for users. And it means expectations for platforms and hardware are elevated, meaning companies have to deliver better products.
  • iOS platform is better served so...
  • first come first served ;). we will be served better at last
  • Well usually the people who get served last in a school cafeteria get left overs :P.
  • Microsoft needs to quit misleading people about their own first party hardware products and they should just stop selling them NOW.  It they want to be a software and services company first, then fine - they're in to make money after all; but don't mislead your fan base by promising the best experience on Microsoft hardware devices when in fact the best experience is on iOS and Android devices.  Sooner or later, usually later, the experience comes around to Microsoft devices, but it is not up to par compared to the other platforms.  I no longer recommend Windows Phone to anyone and that is all on Microsoft.
  • I agree 100%. It is a straight up lie to say that they best experience is on Windows. I too wish MS would just come out and say that they just want to do software.
  • ... They always maintained the hardware is to showcase the software... You bunch of arm chair analysts lol.
  • So, he doesn't use Microsoft apps on his own iPhone?
  • I'M ALL IN FOR THE WIN!!!!!!! Microsoft is making the right moves.
  • This article illustrates the vision of Microsoft. Look, I'm on WP because I am a Microsoft fan first and foremost. So that their apps are featured and successful on competing platforms is great news. If W10 Mobile fails, I won't die and neither will my data. All of my stuff and my data will live on in fully featured versions of their software on competing platforms. Now, don't mistake my tone for indifference, I've been WP since Samsung Focus first launch November all those years. My entire family had been exclusively WP in all of those years since. I want a Microsoft solution, or at least an alternative. I want W10 Mobile to succeed, but let's face reality here - the cards were always stacked against the platform (and ANY NEW OS that can emerge). This is why they had to get in while they could. End game was W10, now we have to see how this baby is nurtured. We ALL knew this was coming and this is the way it had to be. Microsoft is software, this new generation of hardware showcases what they envision, but they don't want to be nor have they ever wanted to be the sole platform vendor. I know people say, "we do this time and time again and keep being disappointed... Lack of hardware, lack of features, etc". Well, not I. I've had my expectations in check for years. For me, THIS YEAR is what counts. As I said, the One OS vision is near complete fruition. Let's see how this plays out! (P.S. I am one of those die hard MS fans).
  • How this baby is nuted haha
  • I want to see this in October at the big NYC reveal: I want to see them ask "So who is excited about the 950 and 950XL? (Waits for cautious optimism with maybe a few crickets...). Then, they say "Yeah, we weren't that excited either and we knew you loyal fans deserved a real groundbreaking product! We knew that if we wanted to avoid the inevitable leaks and feature copying from competitors, we need to produce some fake phones to focus people's attention on While... We... Did... THIS! (Curtain Rolls up, music starts, angels cry out, etc). Announcing the Surface Phone and Surface Phone Pro! Available at every Microsoft store, every Best Buy, every Staples, and at Amazon... TOMORROW!". I know I know. It's a fantasy world I've chosen to live in. There are fairies and unicorns here and free beer, at least. :)
  • Windows as a Service and Office365 and Cloud on Mobile First. Then we have the Surface range with phones and the Band along with the Xbox. The money and business succes is in the Software and Services. Microsoft had to get there before anyone else did, pure business decision. But, the Surface is doing well and will do well. The phone side will be supported by the rest of the company for now. The hope is they will create a phone that is successful like the Surface/Xbox and with Windows 10 to help it along.
  • @RayWP7, yes it's been a long time but they keep making silly decisions. Some of us understand why they took axe to the WP division but the timing... As laying off that amount of staff has just caused forest fire of negativity. How are you going to convince people to buy the next WP flagships when there is a lot of uncertainty, especially amongst those who don't follow the news or understand business? This is why I'm constantly saying the timing was way off. This is going to be used to shuttle people away to get the latest iphones by sales reps for their Christmas shopping. Not to mention they no longer have the resources to accelerate progress on WP10.
  • Their image might improve with this, but I worry MUCH more about the quality and prevalence of W10M. No amount of Microsoft app quality will save the next OS if they can't get apps from other developers onto their platform.
  • People like to bash MS but the truth is most use their products everyday.... Windows is great, office is great, exchange is great, windows phone is shit... been a follower since windows mobile days. I really hope they fix it with L950/XL amd WM 10 otherwise I think I have to get me-self an... Wait for it.... IPhone!!!!!! BLASPHEMY!!!!! Too expensive though - might have to steal it lolz /s
  • Well when you're technically a software company might as well be pervasive.
  • That is the thing. Microsoft is a software company and people are mad they aren't being exactly who they've always been and continue to say they are. I don't understand how some people can be so upset over this. Its not like Microsoft has ever claimed to be Apple. They want partners and platforms to reach the widest audience possible.
  • Isn't that but if have an mobile platform and want gain market then why you feed to your rivals instead of makes the platform windows phone be superior than the rivals, is amazing that they do superior software for Android, IOS than for their own platform because it's too complex to do or because is too limited. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Again, People are not Mad at MS for being Siftware & Services company and supporting competing platforms.... The issue everyone has that they are not supporting their own platform with the same zest & enthusiasm. Their apps/services are launched first & are always better than whats on Windows.
  • A software company still has to eat. What's the point of writing software everyone wants to use only to give it away for free?
  • LOL we have Samsung S4 minis here at work.  Mine is nothing but Microsoft apps.  Too bad the widgets don't look like Live Tiles. 
  • Am 1 of WP DHfans but i think MS z just too relaxed on sensitive issues (wch am nt going 2 state) that could boost 'em.
  • Die hard WP fan? Me! I literally frowned for a sec before reading that line ;)
  • This is bullshit we are getting peed on by microsoft, isn't our platform the one that should get the exiting stuff first? Microsoft get your shit together.
  • Our platrom is W10M. It has not been released yet. We do not really k now where these apps sit with regard to W10M.
  •   I got myself an iphone 6 this week cuz i was waiting for the lumia 950 and when i saw it on the renders i thought the same ,microsoft is pissing on us all ...and i ciuldnt wait for the surface phone so i tried apple and boy that shit runs smooth can say alot about apple but they know how to make a phone and this comes from an microsoft fan.. really!! but men they f****d up their mobile phones and mobile os. So now im here rocking that iphone with no frustration at all , waiting for the surface phone  
  • Nice..make apps for android and iphone...and for windows phone make apps later this lumia camera for windows patheticcccc...
  • Come on people, the sky isn't falling.   Microsoft has ALWAYS been software first.  They also have several other means of business other than their Windows Phone.  The reality is that things will be just fine under Nadella once all the Ballmer crap has been cleared out.   Windows 10 has been amazing, and the builds of TP of Windows 10 Mobile are a HUGE improvement over everything 8.1 was. The apps will trickle down to the phone once their bridging software gets released publically and the apps are universal moving forward.   They aren't leaving us (the die-hard fans) behind either.  Why are you going to sit there and create apps for an OS you're going to replace in a couple months.   You aren't, and he is simply showing off what you can do with Microsoft Software & Services on iPhone's.  BTW, i'm sure this is making the iSheep's heads explode.   So please, stop with the doom and gloom.
  • iPhone Pro?! Shut up and take my money now. I kid, I kid. In a long play stretch Microsoft is correct in having great offerings on iOS. We are fast moving towards a future where a decade from now the mobility of experiences Nadella likes to talk about is what really will matter. It won't be standalone hardware like iPhones but really a main thing that can connect to the world around it and your software available wherever you go. Giving users everywhere a great experience on their apps help Microsoft make the transition to whomever easier if they choose to do so particularly for business focused people.
  • oh yeah...How about new iPad pro is using Office for the productivity.  What happen if iWork appear on every window 10 as the productivity?  Every window supporter community will start world war 3.  I do wonder though, does Apple community upset over MS Office instead of iWork on iPad?  I mean some people here are upset because MS release apps on other platform first.
  • If MS doesn't provide the services someone else will. It's smart move on MS part to dominate on the software side at least.
  • ^ This guy gets it. Amazing how so many are hurt that WP is being ignored, or put on the back burner. The reality is that WP users are the 1%'ers (technically 3-4%'ers) of the smartphone world. WP will never make it on its own, ever, no matter what. MS is wise to get their products on iOS/Android since they have to win over those users and get them back to WinMo; existing WP users alone don't have enough pull to make a difference. If MS is to exist in a world outside of enterprise services then this is exactly what they have to do.
  • Wrong company Satya!!!! Great ideas of ballmer is used under his name shame shame shame.
  • So he made up an "iPhone Pro", but we can't even get a comparable "Windows Phone Pro" with all of those same apps available. smh TP1 --> TP2 --> HTC Trophy --> Nokia's been a rough journey.
  • WP fans have nothing against MS's services being available on other platforms as long as WP versions are superior/as functional.
  • MS as a software centric company, it makes sense to have your products on as many devices as possible. However the perception with WP users who have been on this journey with windows phone (mobile) is that of a person on the outside looking into a snazzy diner where everyone is drinking, eating and having a good time. MS should be using windows mobile to showcase its products or at least have parity of its own apps that are on other platforms. Lets hope windows 10 for mobile brings us a seat in that warm cosy diner.
  • :))) there you have it. this is how much care does MS for it's own platform :)))
  • "Iceberg straight ahead!!"
  • NADELLA DOES NOT CARE ABOUT WINDOWS PHONE..... How more obvious can it be.... From windows phone 7 to windows mango to windows phone 8 phone 8.1 the sentiment had always been just wait it will get better... Then after all that waiting for a real FLAGSHIP phone Microsoft dissapoints yet again and to ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE NADELLA DEMOS MICROSOFT APPS ON HIS IPHONE PRO!!! since he proposes iPhone pro I will take him up On that!!! At least Ballmer cared about the brand.... #fucknadella, #bringbackballmer
  • The writing was on the wall back when Microsoft took the $7 billion write-off for the Nokia acquisition. That's when you knew they threw in the towel for Windows Phone. Nadella probably deep down wants Windows Phone to win but like any realist he knows that Windows Phone is currently limited to being a niche product and will probably remain a tiny niche product for years to come. Really doubt that third party manufacturers will fill the void unless they want to lose money. So it's no surprise the best versions of Microsoft apps are showing up on iOS first. The money is in iOS (and Android) so that is where Microsoft resources will and should be focused. Obvious from corporate pov.
  • It's another Windows RT.
  • Well this just represent one thing this presentation will be the last for windows mobile just read behind writing
  • Microsoft won't have any switchers from iOS until they can make super hardware like that of the iPhone 6 and have a marketing department that can put together a compelling add
  • It's all good to me. I just ordered an iPhone 6S and I use Microsoft apps. They took my Zune pass away and made it a lot easier to be an Apple guy. I was thinking about coming back to Windows phone, but now I truly have no reason to. Plus iTunes will allow me to better manage the music on my phone.
  • Some of the comments here .... wow
  • Yes, nice one. Ios and Android will always end up having to do with MS
  • "Creating the best apps ONLY on competing platforms."
  • I understand the dig at Apple saying that Microsoft apps make it better, but the fact of the matter is that for most of the world, people won't be using Microsoft phone hardware to use Microsoft apps. I can't speak for the rest of the world but I'm in New Zealand and used to be a WP user (had a Lumia 820) but you can almost write WP off in this country now. New hardware is never promoted or advertised, customer and product support is non-existant and even the staff in stores that sell phones only suggest WP if you want a budget device. I eventually got fed up and got an iPhone. Perhaps Microsoft offering more apps and more integration into other OS platforms is their 'plan b' if WP 10 hardware doesn't take off? I guess they're more concerned with budget minded emerging markets than they are with serious mobile phone users anyway.
  • It's like watching SEGA in the last years of the Dreamcast. Two or three more games on their console while publishing titles on Playstation, Xbox and Gamecube.
  • I'm with most of you. There was a short period where MS was all but caught up with popular apps. Then ... radio silence. On apps. Flagship phones, etc. My old HTC 8x was awesome. I didn't jump on the other HTC phone because of the camera and because I was holding out for more. Banking went away, I dealt with it. I've tried a couple of the WM10 fast ring releases, which I enjoyed to a certain extent. So I held on. Talkman and Cityman specs got leaked, sweet ... I'll hold on some more. Then the mock ups (I'll call them that until we see real phones) got leaked. Disappointing IMO. I don't know if I can wait until sometime next year for their "business" phones to be announced.  If the October event is lacking, I'll jump ship. I'm still dedicated to the MS ecosystem. Their Work/Play bundle was genius and I hope they bring it back this holiday season. I just picked up my Forza Xbox One Bundle, can't wait to take it for a spin (pun intended).
  • This is a very joke, him doesn't use an lumia then how hell we are asking to Microsoft that improve the platform or by new flagships, or by the app gap, if them don't even use the products that they makes , by the way I moved to Android because Microsoft is playing with us Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If apple had live tiles, I'd be super happy.
  • honestly, now that it has Cortana and Groove Music, live tiles are all that's missing and the only thing keeping me on WP.
  • Honestly he's kidding himself if he thinks anything but the Native Gmail app was decent on iOS for handling Gmail, except maybe Google Inbox or a few Gmail-specific mail clients.  The handling of Labels is so terirble in Outlook that it isn't even funny, and that's the primary reason to choose Gmail over something like or iCloud - considering Outlook for iOS/Android/Windows Phone doesn't even support Exchange Categories... Microsoft also doens't seem to understand that the brunt of the smart devices market is driven by consumers, not businesses.  Blackberry found that out the hard way.  The average person at home really doens't give a shit about PowerBI and Sway. I've tried Accompli (and Outlook) for Gmail and it's simply terrible.  Hell, it isn't even that great for at this point.  I am not really sure how the popularity of these apps are measured (Accompli gave out a ton of free licenses so maybe that was exploited to gain users and use as a barganing chip in the acquisition talks), but that software is not nearly as good as he's making it out to be (nevermind, most businesses won't touch it due to how it handles your email and login credentials). The apps that I'd use from Microsoft on iOS take up almost 2.5GB of storage.  Just the Office apps are 540+MB each, except OneNote which is a 250MB+ install.  Skype and OneDrive are almost 90MB.  OneDrive has terrible Auto-Backup on iOS. I honestly think they should just cave in and create a custom Android distribution (similar to what Amazon did) and integrate their services into that.
  • Folks from what I have seen Microsoft is aiming to make a Pocket PC / Smartphone which would be a new catagory of product to enter the market place. the thing they have to do now is make them cheap enough for the adverage Person or low income Person to BUY !  That's the trick they have to pull off. There are rumors that Intel is going to make an Mobile X86 archetecture CPU that will work on a smart phone if they succeed MS full Windows 10 not Windows mobile will run on a smart phone. The "Pocket PC" will be a "REAL" Powerful device that will do more than any smart phone alone can do. such a device is the only type that will get die hard Iphone and Android smart phone users to consider buying a Windows smart phone    
  • Daniel, you're comparing home vs away team aka OS level vs just apps.  Sure Outlook function the best in apps wise.  As I watched the show, I noticed Satya elaborate more on WP then iPhone Pro.  Changes are coming, lots of it because of feedback.  I am sure MS hear about the cries of windows user about better apps on other platform and would do something about it.  Continuum are unique and only MS can offer it just like Surface Pro line and magnetic keyboard cover, which 3 OEM are following suit including Apple.  During the salesforce event, I heard Satya mention something about discussion about getting equal involvement towards his team, third party, and end user.  Data are what driving the future of windows (something of that sort). In short, MS have more data to drive their product forward or dare I say get what we want.
  • Hehehe... A platform company indeed where mostly everything was built in Microsoft iOS, Android and a few others. Everybody said ooh and awww and ran to them and now they are back to getting Microsoft products... That is a Microsoft win to me.... Hehehe
  • ,Fanboy's need to realize that if Microsoft didn't do anything for other platforms they'd be apple.
  • SWAY..... ? Microsoft have already lost it on this one, at least technically. Go to a conference and see what people are using for presentations..... It is Prezi which is away-like buy a lot cooler.
  • I don't think they are doing this from the goodness of their heart. They can no longer leverage windows to help people get on their office offerings so it is a necessity for them to have their office offerings available on most big of platforms that android and iOS are these days. Remember Office has surpassed windows as a cash cow for Microsoft and you can probably assume where the loyalties lie for any corporation.
  • My opinion is that Microsoft is moving to a more software (especially business software) centered company.....for iOS, Android and the PC market, that Windows Phone will be relegated to a low to mid-market offering and low sales. Microsoft does such a poor job of marketing the WinPhone and it"s advantages over iPhone and Android. Without the apps (not games but the quality apps afforded on the other platforms) and great marketing Windows Phone 10 will not succeed. The Microsoft Band being overshadowed by the Apple Watch, Apple TV going against Xbox. As a former owner of a small IT/IS business and a Microsoft fan since DOS I see where this is going and it's a shame. Nadella should go and another CEO who truly wants Microsoft to succeed with it's hardware offerings should be brought in. The new flagship will be my next phone (1520 now) and if things don't improve I'm afraid that an iPhone is in my future...2nd rate as it is. Apple Pay, Fingerprint unlock, latest Bluetooth standard, etc. Microsoft misses the boat, and Living Images? People and wireless providers I talk to never heard of it...but you can be they have heard of Apple Photos or whatever it's called, and they will believe Apple got there first. Forgive the rant but my opinion for what it's worth. I hope I'm wrong.
  • well MSFT is not doing much work in the countries where can suceed  and instead of do  all efforts for  tackle the  rest offerings still stuck thinking that  WINDOWS 10 will be the next MAC OS and IOS respectivelly but lack of lot of  vision of future and     creativity, thing that even insiders of MSFT   and windows have not, i recently     moved back to Android because   was sick of the   app gap and the instagram thing was the last stuff that to me just made think in move,   i got an Sony Xperia M2 AQUA and  is nice is few things that found that  i already in a post in this forum said like an    sound recorder that takes advantage of the HAAC microphones and that had  many profiles for recording etc,  and i recall that in the opportunity  everyone attacked me  by say and suggest those features  to windows 10 mobile, and   in an Android based phone found it the idea that i suggested  so still stuck  and without creativity for  add things to Windows 10  Mobile while  the team and the insiders do not  suggest new ideas then   Windows 10 mobile will be the next wreck of Microsoft, i by my part  would go back to Windows Mobile when  Microsoft do an great work  with the future OS and stop the  app gap and  improves the famous problem of  Microsoft push notifications and   i use the microsoft services  in my android phone although my old Lumia 820 have an excellent camera but what i get with an good camera if  need use third party apps for flickr and    is not  an proper voice, sound  recorder
  • The suite of apps for Windows 10, especially mobile, is really good. This is a triumph for Microsoft beyond platforms.
  • Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Satya knows this, and it will pay off in the long run.
  • this ceo will begin the fall of microsoft. maybe already is.
  • Poor WP users. Jump ship while you can. 
  • Seeing how iPhone and Android get most support from developers regarding new features and overall app availability, iPhone Pro might be my way to go. My 920 is wonderful, I loved the two years it served me, but it needs a replacement now. I'll wait for the flagships to come out, but if they won't be worthy successors to my 920.. Apple, here I come.
  • As a number one software company, you think that MS can accept to stand still sleeping on their own platform and seeing their own services/products marketshare get eaten up by competitors ? Satya makes the right choice, the only one, to survive the company. Nothing is perfect, sometimes you have to surrender something to  win something bigger.  Just keep the wp market as a 3rd player, then it will be fine. The key thing in MS is not WinPhone but the whole set of products and services, they need to spread it as wide as possible to all kinds of customers.
  • NO!
  • Wait a sec, can somebody explain this? Gulp!
  • YEAH! Treat Apple producs as PCs, because they are. :) Good job Mr. Nadella sir. Points goes to Microsoft for this one.
  • Fuck windows phone I'm gone
  • Microsoft would be smart to announce some kind of TV media device akin the Apple TV very soon. That could be in the form of a much smaller, discless Xbox TV device, or a whole new device called Microsoft TV. If Microsot doesn't act fast Apple will once again take another market away from them
  • It is maybe more convenient Apple to build source code and developer tools and Microsoft to develop app using this tools.
  • I just like the eco system Microsoft has. One account and I have email, Skype, Xbox live (phone, PC, and console) office, windows phone, PC, tablet, Bing, here maps, groove, ie or edge etc. its nice and convenient. No need for other accounts with other companies. No Gmail, no google, to facetime, no iTunes, no chrome browser, no playstation account, no steam, etc. Just one account and I have access to a lot. Sure some things are better on others,but its not enough for me to start creating multiple accounts for multiple things. Thanks Microsoft. And as for others,its nice yo have options,but I'm a one stop store kind of guy.
  • Honestly I think it's time for us die hard fans to love windows not just for the phones but for the services I mean after most iPhone and android users use windows devices. The phone may be just for us probably a good thing considering Microsoft will continue to be unique and not just get lazy as when they are dominant
  • We dont even have Sway on Windows Phones. Even Microsoft sees it as less relevant, why should other OEMs and app developers care about Windows Phone, when even Microsoft does not care?    
  • Yes, we all have a right to be pissed with MS. They themeselves have not been sure with mobile, they are late in the game, if MS looses in this game and abandons windows phone it will be be very unfortunate and death of a very good mobile UI.
    Here is one major reason I come back to windows phone as my daily driver (email, battery performance, thier notification system aka live tiles). The reason I like live tiles is because I can pin each email inbox, chat room, contact, app, news room etc... that concept sets you free, you dont have to be slave to your device, taking out your phone whenever you get a message or a chat ping. "when I feel checking email, chat conversations" i just glance at the home screen, i can see what is important to me( count of unread notifications, email content, messages etc). I don't miss anything
    Google may not implement this feature because their business model require users to interact with their phones more.
    IOS comes close to this with it's badging method of notifications, but not many apps implement this, and the design philosophy is not built into the system, it has come into the system more as an after thought.
  • Shots Fired
  • Satya Nadella is such a BULL SHIT Guy. Steve Ballmer was so good for the phone aspect. If Steve Ballmer was still the CEO, Windows phone would have gained its market share atleast a small percent without faling. Nadella idiot became CEO and killed NOKIA name and put lot of focus on rivals and obviously Windows Phone market share deprecated. Atleast he could sell Microsoft apps for certain price on Android and ios and offer the apps for free for Windows Phone user.