NASCAR Heat 5 updated on Xbox, fixes for career mode and AI

Nascar Heat 5
Nascar Heat 5 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • NASCAR Heat 5 launched on July 10 across platforms.
  • The first patch has already hit the PC and PS4 versions.
  • Now available on Xbox it fixes issues with AI and career mode.

Fans of NASCAR Heat 5 on Xbox will be pleased to know the first post-launch patch is now available with a few important fixes in tow.

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There isn't a massive amount to it and the patch itself is under 300MB, but the issues with game crashes and AI being fixed are most welcome.

It should be noted, however, that players on PS4 have been reporting a new issue with crashes in career mode that seem to be related to the final race of a season at Phoenix. Specifically, this scenario seems linked only to that circuit, so if that's soon to be you, buckle up.

The team is aware of it and are looking into it, but this patch was submitted for approval to Xbox a few days back and is the same as that released already to other platforms so it's possible the same bug could now be on Xbox.

In any case, the patch is live now and available to download next time you fire up your console.

Richard Devine
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