Navigon for Windows Phone updated with new panorama view in 3D and more

There are certainly some choices when it comes to navigation apps on Windows Phone. HERE Drive is arguably one of the more popular choices among Windows Phone users, mostly because it’s free. But there are plenty of alternatives in the Store that provide features and functions you won’t get with a free app. We recently compared some of the top navigation apps on Windows Phone, but one of them just got updated today – Navigon. Let’s check out what’s new.

The last update for Navigon we covered came in mid-August. That update put the app on version 4.8 and brought some new features. Most notably traffic information about your route could now be read (TTS) and you could click on a POI for more information. Today we’re looking at version 4.9 in the Store, this is what it brings:

  • Panorama View 3D (in-app)
  • EULA/Privacy
  • Bugfixes


This update applies to Navigon USA, Navigon Europe, and Navigon Australia. So if you’re on those you should definitely update for the new features. An updated end-user license agreement/policy isn’t the most exciting change, but is new.

There’s also a new in-app purchase for you. If you want, you can spend an extra $10.99 on top of the base price to get a new Panorama view that’s in 3D. Any takers?

Navigon is available for Windows Phone 7.x and 8. The USA version costs $49.99, the European edition goes for $99.99, and Australia can be had for $59.99. Want 

QR: Navigon USA

QR: Navigon Europe

QR: Navigon Aus

  • Here definitely needs lane assist like this!
  • I agree. Even turning is so much easier with navigon.
  • +1, I have been suggesting that to Nokia for months. Lane assist it the main feature I am missing.
    It would also be great if they implemented 3D maps like Garmin has fir elevation changes, etc.
  • Finally!!!
  • Had navigon on my iPhone. But HERE drive is perfect for my Lumia 1020 and iPhone is in trash forever.
  • No don't trash it, keep it and show people the big mistake WE all made by buying into this icrap.
  • Well not everybody, I got with the ms camp from winmo5
  • Trade your iPhone in for money, that's what I did. A 4G and my iPad mini. There was enough money to buy a Surface 2.
  • The price tag is not that bad for GPS but I would love to have a time trial say 5 days, $49.99 is fairly decent......
  • I've seen sales for $29.99 at least 2x a year.  That's what I paid.
  • How good is the panaroma, I bought this when I had arrive for the offline nav, and I knew I could use all my life (until they are around).
    So I want to know how the panarona works
  • Navigon Europe cost about 100€ here in Croatia! Way too expensive!!!!!
  • Well that's what you get from joining the EU, stuff gets expensive :)
  • Nas ce uvik gledat zajebat...
  • Navigon is a great app on WP. One thing that I'd like from the GPS companies is a license that is transferable to devices of different platforms. Even a subscription model that I could pay yearly to use the navigation on my choice of device would be nice. I also think a short term package to access the country I will travel to is a nifty idea. Anyone know of anything like this? Please share. I'm still waiting on waze though it may come out of beta soon if the recent WMPU report is true.
  • CoPilot GPS has this. If you had CoPilot on Android or iPhone, you'd be able to get all the full features on the Windows Phone version as long as you used the same email address. It also lets you buy and download maps from multiple regions, although not on a short term basis as you are describing.
  • WP7 users should note that the license transfers from WP7 to WP8   I started using a Navigon device years and years ago when they sold GPS hardware, and it was by far the best device on the market.  The software version is virtually identical and it seems they are trying to stay ahead.  Their lane assist was brilliant back in the day and still holds advantages over other navigation products like Nokia Here.   Navigon was one of the first to offer comprehensive Speed Limit information, and is still the most accurate, which is handy on trips through small towns where the signs are less than prominent for speed traps.   I wish that it would accept an Address from contacts, so we don't have to manually add in addresses as it doesn't parse the string. The 'walk through' of adding an address was a nice 'feature' on GPS devices that didn't have contact lists, but on a phone where we can launch addresses from contacts, Apps, Browser, it is cumbersome, rather than a feature.
  • I purchased this new panorama view feature. Turns out the city and the state I live in are extremely flat. So I can't even tell the difference. Only used it on demo mode though. Maybe ill notice when I'm actually using the device.
  • Lack of Google services is killing our OS.
  • Microsoft services run circles around Google's... If you want google buy an S4
  • If we actually needed google services, I say let this platform die a natural death. But I won't use google's BS platform.
  • Which again, is on Google, not Microsoft. I for one have no need for google services on WP.
  • At $50 cdn (48.49) with no trial, I'll stick to here drive...
  • Here Drive is perfectly fine. I drove across the states in summer only using my 920 for navigation.
  • I am also trying out CoPilot right now. Seems pretty good...
  • I'm going to get the panorama. It should look cool in Vegas.
  • Is here drive free for everybody?
  • Too expensive nokia navigation is free
  • While Navigon, Sygic and Tomtom are good on other platforms i use Here Drive on my 1020, it is free and has made major improvements since the release of WP(8) and is on par with the competition. I am not saying it's perfect they could add lane guidance and improve the whole app a bit but it is for free.
  • Navigon always takes me to worst directions ever, no matter what options. Here is best in Lumia an id worth it. Uninstalled
    Navigon after i literally cried,, Lol last week
  • Here Drive is not free on Samsung ativ s in Romania. Price tag - aprox. 50$. "sigh"
  • Is it really?
  • Yeah, in some countries in Europe you have to pay for HERE Drive but in others like here in the UK it's free of charge.
  • Didn't know that, that's crazy.
  • Anyone who bought the 3D view fancy to share a screenshot of it?
    Wonder what it looks like :)
  • Way, way way too expensive. They shouldn't be allowed to charge so much more for Europe than they do for the US. Even the US price is insanely high.
  • I was using Navigon until it started crashing my Lumia 925 phone. I would be listening to Podcasts, Audible, or my own music library and running Navigon at the same time. Then all of sudden the music would stop and a few seconds later my phone would reboot. Or other times the music would continue to play but Navigon froze and I had to do a soft restart to get control of my phone back. Currently I use the Nokia Here Drive + app and it hasn't crashed my phone but there has been some hiccups with tasking away and coming back. I just downloaded and I will give Navigon a try again. I am glad they keep updating the product. I was lucky to only pay 19.95 when they had a special when I was running Windows Phone 7.
  • ^^This.  This is how I got it. 19.95 deal. I wanted to get this for my wife but she is waited too long to catch the deal.
  • I actually bought this a month ago. The visuals are TERRIBLE. You can hardly tell which road you are on and the screen is way too busy.
  • Garmin street pilot is $28.99 with a free trial. Haven't tried it yet but I have a Garmin GPS which is awesome so I assume this app should be good. Unfortunately does not support offline navigation.
  • It also does not work in the background.