It seems for every two steps forward Windows Phone takes it takes one step back. Although users see more official apps and even some unique exclusives, some companies just don't see the value in supporting the third largest smartphone. The NBA is the latest in the category, pulling support for their popular NBA Game Time application this week.

Heading to the Windows Phone Store users can find the app with a July 8th update. Nonetheless not only has the app not been updated for summer league, but the NBA left a little note claiming "The NBA GAME TIME APP on Windows Phone is currently no longer supported. Please visit to learn more."

Looking into the situation more, we discovered that the iOS and Android apps were updated in June for summer league and are still being actively supported. In other words, this is not a general change in mobile strategy, but a purposeful snubbing of Windows Phone.

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The NBA has had an app on Windows Phone since 2011, and it had a major update back in October 2013.

Windows Phone is gaining traction, but it is situations like these which keep it from hitting mainstream popularity, especially in the US where market share is low. Of course, we could always wish for a universal Windows/Windows Phone app from the NBA in the future. Hope springs eternal.

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